Rolling Hawts for the win!

Seriously, this is the absolute win!

You’ve got to just love this post by Rolling Hots… Cassie and I enlarged the image and just giggled. Pure win.



4 thoughts on “Rolling Hawts for the win!

  1. lol BBB! Glad you guys giggled, too. Seriously… the beak… wtf???? lol! and the G.I. Joe Utility pouch… those shoulders are like GI Joe drove home drunk from an S & M Ball and crashed into a hood ornament. They seem to lack a) coherence, b) cohesion, c) any shred of anything that might make someone want to sport them about through a full tier of content. Be sure to head back to the site if you get a chance, as the horde version is up, as well. =)


  2. And they want us to be in caster form more often so we can see our ‘cool’ armor. 9_9

    Have to admit, though, it’s not as bad as the hunter t6. All those moving eyeballs all over the place…


  3. Priceless…

    Just Looks Soooooo.. ummm… errr.. Designed by a 12yr old maybe?
    Certainly noone with fashion sense.. lol


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