Looking for a little photoshop master halp!

top_secret_50Here’s the deal.

I’ve got a little project going on, a little evil side action, a fun little thing, and I’ve got a couple of freaking brilliant bloggers conspiring in it with me.

The one thing we don’t have is a brilliant photoshop guru to help us nail this cool image thingies we wantd to do.

If you would like to help out on a secret project that shouldn’t take much time, and can keep your mouth shut, and have some wicked photoshop skills I ask you to please email me at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com.

Serious folks only, please. We’re moving fast and we want to nail this down while we’re still laughing our butts off.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

And remember… shush!


Aaaand, thank you all for responding…

I got exactly what I was hoping to get, a couple of fantastically wonderful images, courtesy of Wulf at Wulf’s Blog!

Thank you VERY much, Wulf, just awesome pics! Hehehehe.

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