What are you expecting to hear from Blizzcon?

I’ve been kinda curious myself, so I thought I’d ask you folks, the smartest and best informed people I know.

With all the information that keeps coming out about patch 3.2, with the Community Class Q&A sessions, with all the things we are informed of every day…

What do you think, if anything, will be the big “wow! That’s awesome!” news announcements coming out of this years’ Blizzcon?

Thanks to the MMO Champion posts, there seems to be some speculation about a possible expansion announcement, plus races… Goblin and Worgen.

That is, of course, about as spurious an easter egg if I ever saw one, speculation on new races based on art for two new Halloween masks being datamined up. But hey, when you dream, dream big!

Me, I’d love to hear about a new expansion… and a new Heroic Class, a healing class that had as epic a starting quest chain as Death Knights, but that starts their real life in WoW at level 68, not 58.

That’s right, flood my life with overpowered healers. The horror… the horror.

What crazy off the wall things do YOU hope get announced in Blizzcon?

28 thoughts on “What are you expecting to hear from Blizzcon?

  1. I suggest that it will be about the next expansion. There was the big happening of Blizzard grabbing up trademark rights to “cataclysm” or something of that nature which was another word in the WoW lore for what created the Maelstorm….the one thing left on the ye ol grand map we have not ran with. This also leads us back to the Emerald Dream so it would be a wrap up of a lot of plot and so it makes sense.

    I think this will be the big WoW announcement. Some of commented that the trademarking came at the same time…roughly…that Blizzard trademarked Wrath of the Lich King. I think there will also we an announcement of the new MMO, which I have had two ideas of where it falls.

    World of Starcraft or WoW2. Both make sense really. If it is WoW2, I believe it will try and reinforce the fact that your character is one of the greatest warriors of their individual races, which would be awesome. Coming back to places like Thunder Bluff and actually having interaction with my tribe in the advancement of Tauren affairs and have it just be that place I go to get a hoofprint from Cairne.

    World of Starcraft also make a ton of sense as the MMORPG world still has not really perfected the SCIFI area of MMOs which leaves it open for Blizzard to dominate an area once more and Starcraft has about as much lore as Warcraft does, and is very much beloved and has some very interesting possibilities.


  2. I like the idea of hero classes… I’d like to see the next one be a druid, with combination forms (tank/healer, bear with bark and leaves, that gets middle-weak but AOE heals from being beaten on; melee/caster dps, owl-cat that claw-claw-moonfire)… synergy between classes, like with the druid’s mangle and the rogue’s 69,105 bleed attacks. Maybe support characters, like a partial-stealth in combat cat that doesn’t do a lot of damage itself but helps others do even more. (Hamstring causing bleed and slower attack speeds plus less dodge; Sand in eyes causing lowered hit rate, stuff like that.) A mage that casts amplifier spells on other casters that make theirs hit even harder, a shieldbearer that helps tank without being the main tank. Cooldowns that work on other people, like the shieldbearer can plant his shield to allow the tank a moment to bandage or something.

    I’d love to see updates for old engineering stuff, like foo-reflectors (SO funny to see a mage blow himself up with that gymungus trinket-talent-fireball…). Inventing, where you make items and put them together and get something random specific to you. (I put together a thorium widget, an adamantium frame and three elemental blasting powder and get a small robot bomb, you do the same thing and get a little hovering pet that occasionally explodes, he does it and gets one-shot rocket rollerskates) An updated version of the Force Reactive Disk shield for AOE tanking. New addons similar to the sharpening stones, like a rocket that mounts on a hammer, so when you swing it it has a chance of firing and making you hit a lot harder. For the engineering fail chance, it could end up spinning you around (a non-damaging whirlwind = stun) for a moment.

    A differentiation between ‘physical modification’ and ‘enchantment’. There’s no reason I can only put a weapon chain OR some magic on my weapons. An enchant OR a shield spike.

    Long, epic quest lines that do things for your class. One concept that I liked from Lord of the Rings Online was the epic quest; you got one when you first started, and it went on and on and on, as you leveled, more of the story opening as you go. One enormous questline. Maybe druids could specialize even deeper into bear, getting a different model and preventing the use of the cat form but being even better tanks, mages deep specialize in frost and can’t cast fire spells but get more frost and side effects… that sort of thing.

    Flight in Azeroth would be nice, but they’ve said it’d be just too long a process to fix… But let us use our own mounts on the flight path. Pick one of the flying mounts randomly, or let you specify which. No other effect, just instead of $GENERIC_WINDRIDER, you get to see your netherwing dragon as you fly from Org to Ratchet. Let us use them as ground mounts. I love seeing my big proto-drake running along the ground.

    More portals. At least one from Shat to Dalaran, it’s pathetic that I have to port to Org, run halfway across the city, and wait for a blimp to get back to Northrend if my hearthstone is down if I want to do the fishing daily in Terrokar. Yes, it makes the world seem smaller… but I’ve seen it. The first fifteen times I flew from Moonglade to Thunder Bluff was cool, with all the swoopy over the scenery… the other ten thousand times, not so much. I just want to get where I’m going, not spend literally fifteen minutes reading a book or something while ‘playing’ a game.

    Make fishing less mind-numbingly boring. Add in little mini-games that pop up sometimes that get you more fish with one cast. Not necessarily every time, but goddess, click, wait, click, loot; over and over and over and over… As with the travel above, a game that one plays for enjoyment should not require you to have something else to do in the middle of it to prevent dying from boredom. (See how often people say “Oh I just watch TV” or something while they’re fishing. This is a Bad Thing.)

    Add in AI mercenaries. Rather than spending hours in the trade chat spamming ‘lfm healer’, hire a healer. The game has the AI in it to do that, there’s a quest in Grizzly Hills that it works pretty well in.

    For that matter, make the trade channel a trade channel. I personally would like to see any bozo crapping a chuck norris ‘joke’ into it get beaten with baseball bats covered in fire ants by a team of blizzard commandos with a streamed video feed, but I’d settle for a general worldwide channel that they can spam with peener ascii art and I can turn off and not be bothered by. When people who are actually trying to trade things in the chat are told ‘lol u nub tat not what trade is for lol’, that’s a load.

    How about a central message board in the game that people can post on? “We’re going to be running 25 man X on Y date, need this, that and two of the others, sign up below’ and the person who posts it gets an email with the people who signed up. Or ‘want to buy’ ads. “I want to buy 100 Small Eggs, paying X per” with the ability to send mail from there and be paid immediately. Preferably for partial ones, like a lowbie came up with a stack of 20, he sends them to you and gets a 1/5th X payment kind of thing. Rather than having to spam the trade chat constantly, being unable to do anything but stand around in a city. Aion has the ability to set your character up as a trader… the character sits on a stool with a flag over their head that you can put words on, and others can click on you and see your inventory that you have to sell. Even something like that would help.

    Bigger friend lists and a better organized way of adding notes. As is, if you put a note more than a couple of words on someone, it ends up running off the side of the window and looks rather dumb. Something like guild info for each person, saved on your computer.

    The faction transfer is apparently going to be just ‘pay money, poof you’re a whatever’… but it’d be cool if it was a long questline that converted you. Even if it cost the money too. Maybe you get charged a little less if you go through the whole thing…

    As a hunter, I want my pet to run along with me again. The game knows the difference between flying mount and ground mount. It’s possible to set up macros that will put you on a flying mount in a flyable area or a ground mount if not with one click… have the pet despawn if you mount a flying mount. Shouldn’t be that hard if the functionality is already built into the game… I liked having my chosen pet run along with me.

    I have to admit, I like the new druid forms quite a bit, although it’s going to be odd to get used to them… I’ve always been a white cow, and now I’m going to be changing to a red one. 😛

    The Wall of Text crits! You die.
    The Sorry-About-That Spirit wants to resurrect you. [Accept] [Decline]

    This has been Bubbles in the Stream of Consciousness Theatre, please return the 3d glasses in the marked bins.


  3. I agree with the comment about having a “melle healer” spec, namely, “monk”
    what i would like to see with this is, a very strong healer, but with VERY short healing range. thus causing the healer to traverse distances between characters to actually “touch them” and give them said heal. would make for a difficult concept in battles where distance must be kept between people.
    the other idea (branching off into what type of healer i would make should I buy Blizz tomorrow morning) is a combat point style healer. the idea at first seems difficult, but consider it combat points on the HEALER that are created with every small heal / big heal, and then expunged, to buff the characters healed with HOT’s or possibly heal% increaser’s. just some idea’s 😉


  4. I know this is a little Off-topic – this is regarding “Hero classes” but I personally think the idea of Hero classes should be like this:

    Death Knight – Same as it is now (starting level etc) BUT it should ONLY be a Tank. It should be able to level solo the same way a prot paladin does but in Raiding/Heros it should only be a viable Tank. 3 Talent specs – 3 different ways to Tank.

    The next Hero class should ONLY be a viable Healer. 3 Talent specs – 3 different ways to Heal.

    For example – Vampiric healing (similar to Shadow priest but the % of damage to hp is higher. So it doesn’t need to do much damage to do much healing (thus not being a damaging class)

    Standard healing similar to holy priest/paladin

    HOT healing like a druid? or maybe a new mechanic.

    I think Hero classes at the moment are too much like normal classes so I think to make them actually different it would of been wise to make them more specialised. This would of also stopped every Tom, Dick and Harry rolling one as only people prepared to Tank would of rolled a Death Knight.


  5. Well,
    Considering how incredibly well Warhammer Onlines’ healing/DPS classes work. I would hope that Blizzard would figure out something similar. Otherwise perhaps changing around an existing class to do this, like Shamans or Pallys. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out Shamans over on the Warhammer Online page. They are the greatest class ever created!


  6. I have to say, a new hero class is probably the one thing I’m not expecting. The expansion and new races for WoW, open beta for Diablo or SC2, maybe even a teaser for their new MMO… (Note to self: look into getting access to blizzcon stream for the murloc)


  7. I think it’s almost a certainty that the new expansion will be announced, but knowing my luck they’ll announce that this is the last one, and hint about it merging with a new ‘World of Starcraft’, and I’ll be crushed, since they’d be ruining my perfect game!!!

    Goddamnit, if I wanted a sci-fi MMO I’d go play Star Wars: The Old Republic!


  8. I don’t think we’ll hear anything about the next expansion, since in the year between TBC and WOLTK we didn’t hear anything – it was all SC2.
    So I expect more SC2, maybe Diablo 3, maybe the WoW movie.
    Maybe a teaser about the new MMO.


  9. What I expect and what I’d like to hear are two different things.

    What I expect is a teaser for a new WoW healer class and a hint or two for the next expansion, tons of D3 and SC2 promotion (and speculation fuel teasers), and some incidental promotion for the WoW spinoffs (the CCG and minis game). The next MMO probably won’t get much more than shadowplay and puffery.

    What I’d like to hear is that Middleaged Mutant Ninjas are the next hero class in WoW, that the “old world” is either going to be opened for free forever play or revamped to make it relevant again, and class-change options will be in 3.2 along with faction changing. I’d like to see new Druid forms for the Travel form, Swimming form and Tree of Life forms. I’d like to hear that they were just kidding about excising LAN play from SC2, and that they were very sorry for the dumb joke and that they will never do that again.

    I’d like them to open a studio close to my alma mater, so I could apply for a job without being required to work in friggin’ Irvine, CA.

    I’d like them to admit that yes, while The Lord of the Clans was a less than stellar product, they will be making a new Warcraft standalone adventure game… and that they have hired oldschool Lucasarts staff to do it.

    I’d like to hear that either WoW or their next game will have dynamic content and a player-driven (and player content-created) economy and crafting system.

    Yeah… that’ll do for this year.


  10. I predict a focus on SC2, more information on Diablo3 or 4 or whatever number it’s up to.

    And the next WoW expansion. My prediction: Maelstrom. It gives us another Old God to deal with and a central role for the Naga, possibly some more information on the history of what became the Night Elves and Naga. And of course there will be a troll zone or two, because they put one in every expansion.


  11. I’m hoping to hear about the next expansion, and the date so I can plan accordingly. Honestly I think WoW people are going to really need some data at blizzcon as to why we shouldn’t jump ship to another game. So, hopefully they won’t disappoint.


  12. I’ll grant you, Blizzcon is coming…

    I think it’s horrible that I subscribed to the Blizzcon webcast for one reason; Grunty the Murloc Marine.

    I’ll spend time watching the panels, and enjoying what they ‘cast, but there is nothing that I know of right now that there is buzz about them announcing. Last year, there was buzz about what they might share from the expansion.

    Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, a new MMO finally revealed (maybe?), but unless a new expansion is announced, I’m just not sure what they will be highlighting about WoW.

    Realistically speaking, though, I think that with two new properties in development in two of their franchises, maybe they really want to crank the heat up under the dancing chicken, get some serous high profile attention on what’s coming in the Starcraft and Diablo universes, and WoW won’t be the shining star this time.

    It makes sense to me, anyway. And it IS Blizzcon, not WoWcon.


  13. I would love to hear them say that they are going to stop making the game easier and easier and just tell people that life is hard, you have to earn a level 80 character, deal with it and STFU. It will never happen and they will continue to pussify the game until I probably eventually quit and they lose my money but by then they will have gained several loser type noobs to take my place I’m sure


  14. You know, datamining up some Halloween masks reminds me of how we extrapolate from archeology in the real world. We find completely random crap buried in stone and soil and we dust it off and say, “Hrms. Was probably a religious artifact.” No basis for anything.

    For some reason I think that’s awesome. XD

    I am looking forward to the possible new areas, however. I think they mined up a couple of 1-10 and midlevel zones, but that’s pure rumor.


  15. I want to hear that the new MMO is WOW2. Not wow 2 as in Everquest 2, but a re-build and overlay of the curretn world.

    Think of it….phasing. The old world updated to what it is after all the expansions. And only veiable to people that have completed the required quest chains. Then new leveling for peopel that already have a max level or a 70+ level. The phasing would allow this. New enemies in BWL. Motlen core has been taken over by some new evil, STV is being deforsted, and we have to stop it. Thereamore is now grown, and is bumping into Orgrimar territory.

    All overlayed on the old world with phasing. You get to keep your toons. You get a new leveling experience and a graphics overhaul. It would be awesome.


  16. I’m not all that certain I am interested in new playable races in WoW. I think I would be more interested in a new class.. I’m not sure, at least for me, that a new race would add enough of a change other than maybe new starting areas.

    For WoW:

    For Next Expansion: I’d love to see a new hero class. I’d love to see some “change” happen to the old world that would make exploring it fun again. Obviously new zones, instances, raids, levels, etc.. I think Emerald Dream will be either a Raid instance or a battleground.

    General WoW: maybe finally showing the dance studio? (not that I care that much, but it was an idea at one point) Guild housing, personal housing.

    And then just generaly want to spend time with Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (lots on D3) and maybe there will be more info on unnamed IP/MMO.. 🙂


  17. More Diablo 3 stuff. Classes, abilities, gameplay details, etc.

    My interest in StarCraft 2 has waned, though. I loved the first StarCraft more for its storytelling single player than I did its multiplayer (I’m a freak, I know). Now that we know they are going to be telling the SC2 story over the course of 3 games… I’m less interested than I was.

    For WoW I want to see the official announcement of the new expansion (and yes, I am hoping for Worgen and Goblins :)). I’m hoping they will also announce rated BGs for patch 3.3 (though I bet it will get pushed to the next expansion). I feel like the classes have had a ton of attention lately, so really not sure what they can add there.


  18. Ah I’d love a hero healer. I’ve been wanting to try healing for ages…. but well, who can be bothered to level 1-80 all over again.

    Personally, I’m hoping for news on their brand new mmo. Wow is still a beautiful game, but I feel its loosing its spirit & its inspiration/edge.


  19. Wow, Kattrinsaa really has some cool ideas! As a mage, I really would like a cool elemental mount.

    Personally, I’d like to hear what’s going on, if anything, with the WoW movie they talked about a couple years ago. From the little info I can find on the internet about it, it keeps getting pushed back. I think if it was done right, that movie could be really awesome! I’d be happy if they just stuck with CG animation like they use for their cinematic trailers. That’s my big thing though. I’d really love to have a WoW movie!


  20. I would love to see each class have a epic quest for their own mount. We druids had not one but multiple quests to unlock forms (prior to them nerfing those quests into oblivion) the quest for the bear form, angry sealion form, and for the epic flight form. made obtaining those forms mean more than. ohh time to go see the trainer again.

    Pallys and locks both are given their horses.
    DK’s are given a fast horse via quest in the starting area, and can buy a rather cool flyer.

    For hunters, I would love to see a quest to convert one of their stabled pets to a ridable mount.

    For Mages, I would like to see a summonable elemental to ride on (earth for ground transport, and air for .. air transport)

    I’m not sure what we could do for a rogue, perhaps a mount that can ride stealthed?

    No Idea for warriors and shammys.

    for a new heroic class, perhaps a ranger. The stealth of a rogue, the aimed precision of a hunter, (no pet) and draws on the forces of nature to serve his bidding. (summonable single attack creatures perhaps?) to maintain the stealth, would wear leather only. Deadly with his daggers at close range, can shoot a fly’s wings off at 1k yards.

    I’d like to see a playable dragonkin race. (no inherent flight ability, but perhaps they could glide (slowfall)) To young to breath fire, but the animation could have them leaving a trail of smoke wherever they went. (would make them being a stealth based character difficult) Dragonkin could make powerful magic users, or weapons specialists. perhaps an epic racial quest for a full flying dragon form (with fire.)

    I would like to see aerial combat. the jousting at the tourney is fun, but imagine it up in the air? the loser plummeting to the ground?

    well that’s all i could come up with offhand, most of it is impractical for the game, but we can dream, no?


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