An Emblem of things to come

This is all pretty interesting to me, this whole Emblem thingie.

Both the 10 and 25-player instances of the Crusaders’ Coliseum drop a new Emblem of Triumph.

Any dungeons that previously dropped Emblems of Heroism or Valor, such as Naxxramas or Heroic Halls of Stone, will now drop Emblems of Conquest instead. Emblems of Conquest can still be converted to Valor or Heroism.

The Heroic dungeon daily quest will now reward 2 Emblems of Triumph and the normal daily dungeon quest will reward 1 Emblem of Conquest.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the item levels for each dungeon:

Trial of the Champion (5-player) normal mode: Item level 200
Trial of the Champion (5-player) Heroic mode: Item level 213
Trial of the Crusader (10-player) normal mode: Item level 232
Trial of the Crusader (25-player) normal mode: Item level 245
Trial of the Grand Crusader (10-player) Heroic mode: Item level 245
Trial of the Grand Crusader (25-player) Heroic mode: Item level 258

In addition, successful tribute runs (Trial of the Grand Crusader only) will result in higher item level rewards from the tribute chest at the end.

Emblems of Conquest and Champion’s Seals will not drop in the Trial of the Champion (5-player dungeon) on normal mode, nor will there be a daily dungeon quest associated with normal mode, though the items that drop in normal mode are quite good compared to other level 80 dungeons.

One Emblem of Conquest and one Champion’s Seal will drop off each boss in Trial of the Champion Heroic mode. There will also be a Heroic daily dungeon quest added to the rotation for this dungeon that awards two Emblems of Triumph.

So, correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems to me this means you’ll no longer be getting rep with Factions from the normal dungeon daily quest, you’ll now be getting 1 Emblem of Conquest.

Currently, there are four possible normal dungeon daily quests, one each for Oculus, Culling of Stratholme, Halls of Lightning and Utgardt Pinnacle. The quests can currently be obtained at level 78.

Seems to me it’ll be possible for a level 78+ player to begin doing the normal daily dungeons and be getting some Emblems of Conquest in before they ding 80.

I’ll grant you, the number of days it might take you to go from 78 to 80 ain’t that much, maybe you’ll only get in 5 or 6 dailies/Emblems of Conquest before dinging… but it’s still something that needs to be pointed out. And of course, for those that are already 80, an extra Emblem of Conquest ain’t nothing to bark about.

The next interesting thing, of course, is the fact that, while doing a Heroic instance will net you Emblems of Conquest as drops from the bosses, doing the daily Heroic instance quest will get you two Emblems of Triumph as well, which will normally only drop from the Crusader’s Coliseum raids. 

Oh, FYI yes, there are currently 12 different “Proof of Demise” Heroic daily quests, one for the last boss of each Heroic Northrend instance. No, I have no idea why there are only four variations of the normal dungeon daily quest. And yes, they are adding a 13th Heroic daily quest for Trial of the Champion.

Let’s look at this new 5 man instance, Trial of the Champion.

Trial of the Champion will have a normal mode and a Heroic mode.

The loot from normal will all be iLevel 200, the loot from Heroic mode will all be iLevel 213. Yes, this is Magister’s Terrace redux. Not bad, eh?

The Newsflash; normal mode will NOT drop Emblems of Conquest or Champions Seals. It will still drop some pretty nice gear, though.

ONLY HEROIC MODE will have Emblems of Conquest and Champions Seals drop from bosses. And of course, no Emblems of Triumph as had been speculated elsewhere.

So yes, Emblems of Triumph drop in 10 or 25 person Trial of Crusader/Trial of Grand Crusader raids… and from doing the Heroic daily quest. That is it. End of story.

It may take a long damn time to get your Emblems of Triumph just from doing dailies… but get them you will. And Emblem of Triumph gear comes in two flavors; iLevel 232 sets, and iLevel 245. Or is it 245 and 258? I can’t seem to get a clear picture if the Totally Triumphant gear will also be purchasable for Emblems of Triumph.

Either way, holy cow.

So start planning your gear lists and priorities accordingly, my friends.


16 thoughts on “An Emblem of things to come

  1. Hi Daniel, i made the assumption that people will run naxx every week and a daily heroic every day. So, make of that what you will. If you run every single heroic every single day, yeah you can gear up quickly, but who is going to do that? I anticipate that for myself for a single toon I can get pretty well T8 geared in two months without setting foot in ulduar. I bet alot of other casuals are the same way. This is a good thing, the reset, and I esp look forward to the naxx10 gear raining like candy. It also gives us a reason to really push for full clears of naxx and will hopefully get some more people and better geared people. Still gotta know the fights though. Last night we couldnt do helgan, actually our guild has a very hard time doing it. Really not sure why. I think partially because we are older and the twitch reflexes are not as great. Also lack of raid experience. Only two guys ont he raid team (me and the RL) have prior experience. Anyway that’s another topic.


  2. Xentropy.

    I can’t help but think that the current set up for EoT cannot last. It’s going to get patched. They know it’s going to get patched. They just want to get 3.2 out the door.


  3. Right now, the Emblem of Triumph system seems pretty borked, unless the new raid instance bosses drop more than one emblem each.

    RAIDERS are being forced to run 5-mans every single day to get their gear, because the vast majority of emblems gained will come from heroics, not raids. How so?

    Week one, only one boss will be available. Running both the 10- and 25-man raids, that gives you 2 emblems. Running the daily heroic every day gives you 14 more, for a total of 16.

    Week two, two bosses are available. 4 emblems from raiding, 14 from dailies, 18 total.

    Week three, 6 + 14 = 20. Week four, 8 + 14 = 22. Week five and after, 10 + 14 = 24, and if you are successful in killing all 5 bosses the very first week, you unlock heroic, where you can possibly get more emblems. But people in “normal” raiding guilds, not top-end raiding guilds, who can clear normal mode bosses but not heroic mode bosses will get 10 emblems per week from running both 10 and 25 normal, and 14 emblems from running 5-mans every day.

    Am I the only one for whom this seems insane to? As a raider, it’ll be MORE important for me to do heroics every day than for me to show up for raids. And the T9.25 is pretty expensive, at that…75 emblems for helm, chest, or legs. That’s 16+18+20+22=76, 4 weeks for the first piece of 245-ilvl tier, IF your guild completely clears every available boss in *both* 25 and 10-man *and* you run the daily heroic *every single day* for those 28 days. Second tier item takes 3 more weeks (a little over, actually; 22 days).

    And meanwhile the non-raiders get the exact same items in 75/2 = 37-38 days. Raiding doesn’t even shave that much time off of it.

    Full tier set will take a raider that clears everything except heroic modes 14 weeks. A raider that doesn’t want to run easy, boring, old heroics and *only* raids will take 33.5 weeks. A non-raider just running heroics will take 22.5 weeks.

    3.2 is the patch o’ heroic dailies. The heroic daily is the fastest way to the best new loot, no matter what content you have access to based on your guild’s progression. Hope you like Northrend’s dungeons a LOT! 🙂


  4. Rob. I think you got it wrong. Directly from wowwiki “In patch 3.2, this item will drop from bosses in all level 80 5-man heroic instances.”

    As I understand it, running heroic five mans those *bosses* will now drop Emblems of Conquest which will allow you to buy level 226 gear (Tier 8.5) that before you could get only raiding. Most instances currently drop 3-5 Emblems of Heroism. With 13 heroic 5 man instances you should now be able to loot 52 EoC a *day*. That mean you should be able to farm the whole 226 set in less than a week.

    The daily 5-man heroic quest will reward you two Emblems of Triumphs but EoT will only reward you level 232 gear. If you want to get higher than 232 you will need to do the new raids to get the Trophy of the Crusade item. True, 232 is now technically Tier 9.

    So assuming I never set foot in a 10 or 25 man raid.

    Level 226 complete set. 4-5 days.
    Level 232 complete set. 3 months.

    Am I just wrong. That simply seems bizarre to me. While I am not on the PTR it doesn’t seems like the stat difference between 226 and 232 can be huge enough to justify such a huge difference in time commitment.


  5. Neil’s gear list serves to show what we already have a suspicion about. Its going to take a long damn time to get tier gear via the emblem mechanism, if you are not in a naxx clearing guild. Basically you want to be running naxx10 or naxx25 every week and a daily heroic every day. I think that would end up being 14 + 7*3 = 35 EoC and 10 EoT. Some of the small things you can get one a week given this schedule, and dont forget if you can do naxx and the new instance you have access to level 200 at least if not 213. Lets assume that you can get drops for ilvl 213 or 200. That leaves:

    iLvl 226 T8.5 Helm, 58 EoC
    iLvl 226 T8.5 Chest, 58 EoC (or iLvl 200 T7 Chest, 80 EoH)
    iLvl 226 Gloves, 28 EoC (or iLvl 200 T7 Gloves, 60 EoH)
    iLvl 226 Neck, 19 EoC
    iLvl 226 Belt, 28 EoC
    iLvl 226 Crafted Boots, 60 EoC (Runed Orbs)

    which is 194 EoC (skip the runed orbs – buy on AH). So assuming 35 badges per week if you are really pushing, you can get half T8.5 stuff in 5.5 weeks, and are good to run colloseum or ulduar 25 for the last half of your set. If you can field 10 guys/gals like this, its reasonable to assume that after 4 weeks you can run colloseum10. Bottom line, if you are a new 80, run the new dungeon and heroics for say two weeks, run naxx+heroics for 4 weeks, and then you are pretty much ready for colloseum.


  6. Unless it was changed, you could buy both T9 and T9.25 purely with Emblems of Triumph. Only T9.5 required the Emblems of Triumph and the dropped piece from 25 man Heroics… if my memory serves me correctly… I will jump on the PTR and take a quick look.


  7. “So, correct me if I’m wrong here, but it seems to me this means you’ll no longer be getting rep with Factions from the normal dungeon daily quest, you’ll now be getting 1 Emblem of Conquest.”

    Those quests could be rewarding an Emblem in addition to the current rep token, rather than instead of it 🙂

    As for gear lists, here’s my quick rundown of Emblem-purchasable epics in 3.2. EoC = Emblem of Conquest. EoV = Emblem of Valor. EoH = Emblem of Heroism. Remember that, by and large, iLvl 200 epics are from heroics and T7 10-man content, iLvl 213 epics are from T7 25-man content, and iLvl 226 epics are from T8 25-man content.

    iLvl 226 T8.5 Helm, 58 EoC
    iLvl 213 T7.5 Shoulders, 60 EoV
    iLvl 226 T8.5 Chest, 58 EoC (or iLvl 200 T7 Chest, 80 EoH)
    iLvl 226 Gloves, 28 EoC (or iLvl 200 T7 Gloves, 60 EoH)
    iLvl 213 T7.5 Legs, 75 EoV (or iLvl 226 Legs, 39 EoC)

    iLvl 226 Neck, 19 EoC
    iLvl 213 Cloak, 25 EoV
    iLvl 213 Wrists, 60 EoV
    iLvl 226 Belt, 28 EoC
    iLvl 226 Crafted Boots, 60 EoC (Runed Orbs)

    iLvl 213 Ring, 25 EoV
    iLvl 200 Trinket, 40 EoH
    iLvl 213 Relic, 25 EoV

    So, with 116 Emblems of Conquest, a new toon could get two pieces of T8.5. With another 135 Emblems of Conquest, that new toon could buy 135 Emblems of Valor and then buy two pieces of T7.5. And then there are myriad options for other pieces.


  8. I do believe as the earlier poster pointed out, for some of the Tier gear , you will still need need the object to turn it in.

    Plus you can still convert the Triumph emblems back to Conquest badges. (cant remember where I read it.)

    so, At the very least, I can gear up alt’s to near tier gear, frankly I dont like PVP, but I understand that some people are being used to wipe the walls with because they dont have the same gear level as people who have been raiding as long. Or, just dont want to use there main for PVP.

    My guild seems to always be one short, so we grab a few guildies who havent been through naxx or Ulduarr for one reason or another. they seem to just have enough time in a week to run through heroics and log.

    I expect all these changes will help get more people geared well enough to raid, without having to go into naxx and then ulduarr so they can try the trials.


  9. As I understand it the Totally Triumphant gear can be brought, But you can only buy 1 peice for Emblems of Triumphs, the other peices you trade in that peice plus something else, gold plus a crusader orb I believe but I cant find evidence on wowhead to back that up.

    I did two of the level 80 dungeon dailies on my last alt at 78 but decided at 79 to race for 80 as it was too much hassle/distraction competing with 80’s for spots and missing the level 80 gear. Long damn time describes my resto druid alt, currently 3 weeks from getting a t8.5 chest and 4pce t8, Emblems farmed from VOA 25 and Uldaar 10 hard modes.


  10. Planning gearlist and priorities you say? …. Impossible! I want one of each, and I want it nau.
    Being from a casual guild where most of use never have had enough Valor emblems to actually get something from them – you can expect us to hit them heroics pretty damn hard.
    New shinies, yay!


  11. “No, I have no idea why there are only four variations of the normal dungeon daily quest.”
    These are the level 80 dungeons. They’re also the only ones that can be used for championed rep in normal mode.


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