When do YOU like unwrapping presents?

I am, according to Cassie, simply HORRIBLE at keeping a secret.

Well, that’s true to a certain extent.

After all, I’m only horrible at keeping the secrets she knows about. 🙂

The types of secrets I mean, are when I’ve got a present, and I know what it is, and I want to give it to you… and I really, really want to like, give it to you naw, damnit! I want to see the look on your face when you see what it is!

I’m the guy that wants the kids to at least open SOMETHING Christmas Eve rather than wait until Christmas morning.

Tradition? Hey, we can start a new tradition! Open something, damnit!

In Cassie’s case, I’ll buy her something, and then I have a very hard time not cracking early and revealing what it is. Hints and stuff kind of… spill out.

And she gets annoyed because she likes a surprise, and I ruin it!

I’m fighting that feeling right now.

See, I know what the secret project is. And I know that whatever it is, it’s happening tonight. And I know how very, very close we are to unveiling the surprise…

And I want so dearly to bust it open now.

I actually let the kitty out of the bag at the end of the WoW Insider podcast… after the recording was over, but before we shut the mikes off.

After a WoW Insider recording is in the can, the show goes on for a little, just chatting with the folks in the live chatroom.

We were chatting, and I made sure the recording was shut off, and I told the people that had hung in there what the secret was.

See? I can’t keep a secret to save my life.

Well… I said in general what the secret was. The particulars… the devious little particulars are still secure.

I know they are, because the website we designed has encountered zero page hits. It ain’t been found out, nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Tonight, great evil shall unfold. A crime against blogging professionalism will have been committed.

And tomorrow, well, a bunch of folks will have some news to share with you.

Either that, or I’ll be digging out my backup passport from my cold drop and hitting the road, two steps ahead of the law, and a raving horde of pissed off readers.

Heck, either way tomorrow ought to be amusing.

6 thoughts on “When do YOU like unwrapping presents?

  1. You would enjoy Christmas with my parents. We open everything Christmas Eve. My dad is generally so excited, he’s telling people what presents to open when.
    I’m the same way with my husband. When I buy him a surprise, I want to give it to him right away. And he will torment me by not opening it for minutes.


  2. alrighty then, this sounds like fun =)

    The only question is whether to grab the confetti and popcorn or the “just in case” bag and head for the bomb shelter.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to it.


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