Picking the perfect cross faction alt

I have mentioned, briefly, that I’m dallying a bit on the Horde side, seeing what quests those mysterious folks on the opposide side of the tracks get to do.

I’ve created and deleted quite a few alts on the Horde side, as I start one, play it for 10 to 12 levels, then dump it in search of the perfect alt to play for some casual fun.

Orc Shaman – dumped. Just… remembering how long it took to get to what I thought was fun, dual wielding and Windfury… nah, I wanted fun right now.

Blood Elf Pally – regrettably dumped. Not because I really wanted to play another paladin, but because I thought he looked cool. At level 12, I had an entire matching set of emerald green armor, plus a cool green shield! But, I needed the character slot, so he went bye bye.

Orc Rogue – eliminated with undue prejudice. I expect Rogues to be hot, sexy beasts with style. My Orc Rogue? Sorry, my aesthetic values wanted him to be dual wielding chainsaws, not dainty little daggers.

mmmMMMmm… hey, Gnome Engineers, get to work making me some mudderflumpin’ chainsaws to dual wield, stat!

Troll Hunter… okay, now we’re talking. Finally found the character on Horde side I’m really grooving to. Leveling, killing, exploring, it’s all fun. Plus, my purple raptor matches my purple mohawk.

Amusingly enough, it’s one of my two mains on Alliance side, too! Maybe I should have chosen one of the classes I knew I loved long term in the first place…

Hey, wait a minute.

What if… and I’m just brainstorming here… what if I made a huge Tauren Druid?


Well, I never!

What an original concept… it couldn’t possibly be fun to play a Druid, could it?

Well, son of a…

Hey, guess what? I like playing Druids, too! Whoda ever have thunk it?

I’m now having fun living the Tauren lifestyle, just hit 13 last night. Who knows, maybe I could learn to like playing Druids! We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Oh, a few things I’ve noticed this go around…

Leveling from 1 to 20 just sticking with ranged Balance spells is far easier than pulling with spells and then switching into Bear to finish them up… but Bear is still perfectly viable, and fun. It just feels a little slow.

After 10, I was mixing things up a bit, pulling with Wrath and hitting adds with Entangling Roots, burning down on the run, popping a Moonfire when they got in my face, switching to Bear…

I even started in Bear and just ran on into groups and used Nature’s Grasp when I wanted to pull an add off, pop Nature’s Grasp, let some get wrapped up, then back up and keep attacking whoever wasn’t wrapped.

It just feels, at these early levels, faster and smoother to hang out in caster form the whole time, blasting like crazy and finishing off with a big honking two handed mace, and gearing for Int/Wis/Spellpower appropriately.

Things will change drastically in my playstyle at level 20, with the advent of kittyform, and I’ll look for different gear. But what the heck, this is pretty dang fun.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll just hang onto the playstyle long enough to try the Moonkin dance?


12 thoughts on “Picking the perfect cross faction alt

  1. Oh, and rarely have I had that much fun playing level 1 – 5. I made this awesome male Tauren with this lovely brown fur, and wide gray horns, and after I bought my starter leather set from the vendor I equipped everything but the chest armor, and I bought a one handed club… which looks like a two by four with a nail stuck in the end. I ran around just auto-attacking stuff, admiring the buff cow beating holy heck out if the birdies and mountain lions with a stick.

    I think it was at that point that Cassie walked away, muttering something about idiots. I have no idea what she was talking about. Must be something about all the roofing people that want to replace our roof after the last hail storm. Yeah, that’s it.


  2. Thats awesome to hear and the best thing about WoW. Fancy a bit of a change, roll the same class but different race! The game keeps on giving.

    I got my girlfreind in to WoW about 3 months ago. She rolled Space Goat Hunter, I rolled Human Paladin. She’s stuck at 52 because she doesn play as much as me. I’m about to hit 80.

    As a change we decided to roll Tauren, she likes the female Tauren eyes, big eyes and curly lashes apparently. So I rolled Tauren as well so we could level together. I’d go slower since it was just an alt. Both rolled Druid.

    Woah, we’re having so much fun. Hit 11 after a couple of nights playing, up to Thunder Bluff, its an awesome city, we both love it.

    Her first Druid, my umpteenth but I think I’ll stick with this guy rather than deleting him like the ones before.


  3. I am delighted to hear you enjoying your Horde alt. I am a diehard Hordie… on a predominantly Alliance server. Apparently the Alliance can’t get the Achievement for winning Wintergrasp while having Tenacity on my server, since they never have Tenacity.

    Also I die a little inside when I contemplate that all my favorite bloggers are Alliance. So it gladdens my heart to see people taking the first step toward the dark side!


  4. Leveling 1-70 as balance I have one word for you: Ouch. That’s how I did it, and if I had it to do over I would have gone cat and then switched when I got to high 60s or to 70.

    By the time Wrath came out, I had every kind of gear set for every spec, and I went cat form to level even though I hate melee dps. At 78 LWs can craft a very nice set of blues for every spec a druid could want.


  5. My Tauren druid is the furthest alt I’ve leveled along by myself just about. It’s relaxing to go back and play a lowbie again, only knowing what you’re doing. And I found the same thing: switching in and out of bear form is clunky. I’ve been sticking with wrathx2, moonfire, melee, with only going bear with multple mobs are pulled (oh swipe how I missed you) or for hitting up elites.


  6. My first Druid, my first character in fact, as a total nooblet, I started a feral/balance hybrid and stuck with that until sometime in the mid-30s. My MO was mostly what you describe: Pull, roots, blast away until they got into melee range, go feral on their butts. It was tons o’ fun. Ironically, it was playing my 2nd Druid, a resto, that I decided to make my first one fully feral. Just killing things on the Feralas coast in a set of Feral gear I’d been collecting I decided I really liked watching mobs’ health bleed away. I wanted to see Mangle’s effect on it. And it was very, very nice to just kill & move without ever having to make mana stops.

    So I switched druid #1 to pure cat and love it. I have, like, no mana and no spell power, but heals = no downtime and unless I’m way in over my head, even my minimal mp5 is enough to keep up mana between heals.

    So balance . . . I set aside balance entirely until I could dual spec and went resto/balance with Druid #2 since both specs can use the spellcasting gear I already had.

    balance v feral pro:
    Bigger numbers. My feral and resto/balance druids have never been the same level, so I don’t how dps compares straight across . . . but I have noticed feral dps comes mainly in many small hits and balance in fewer but bigger hits. And big numbers are fun. I know. Not a significant “pro” . . . but dangit, they are.

    Range. Ranged dps is just easier. With a tank, there are a lot of fights where you just don’t have to move. You stand there and blast away, change targets will casting the final kill spell and queue up the first spell on the new target. No, “target is out of range” when they run or the tank moves, no wasted combo points while you switch targets . . . just bam, bam, bam.

    balance v feral con:
    Mana. Mana, mana, mana is a huge issue. It took exactly one instance run to realize where “oomkin” comes from. Holy Jeez I was out of mana so fast so often it slowed everyone down and I felt horribly guilty. Went straight to a trainer and respecced to include Dreamstate (10% INT mp5) in the build. And I’m still slower regenerating mana than I’d like (being accustomed to Resto’s 50% mp5 continuing while casting), but it’s better.

    So now I’ve decided, for grins, that I want to level up a balance druid. Levels 1-20 tend to follow the pull, root, feral MO. Once I passed 20, though, just slamming down starfire and taking hits to the face generally kills things faster than changing to feral. Mana is still an issue. I can’t pick up Dreamstate until level 35, but believe me, I’m getting it then. Which is saying something when the other choices at that tier are Balance of Power(+4% hit) and Moonfury(+10% dmg). Just, going oom midcombat sucks that much. In the meantime, at level 26, I picked up a point of Moonglow(-3% mana costs), eat sagefish(2mp5) like a fiend (yay hillsbrad!), keep mana oil(4mp5) on my weapon instead of wizard oil(8 spell power) and keep 2 stacks of drink in my inventory.

    Means I only have to mana up every 4-5 fights instead of every 2-3 while out solo questing. Man, I can’t wait for Innervate at level 40.


  7. I love my baby horde druid. Seeing things from the other side is interesting to say the least. O yeah, done the feral and resto thing so this guy is balance all the way…


  8. You have seriously crossed the line, B3; you are not “out there”, you are “beyond”.
    First healing, now Horde!!!
    /shakes head in amazement
    (is this your version of a mid-life crisis?)

    Welcome to the “good guys” /flame-suit on



  9. Definately the good guys now. 😀

    My druid grew up balance, 1-60, long before the first expansion. Even main tanked up to UBRS (with a clown whispering me that I couldn’t possibly main tank, while I was doing it. The rest of the group whispered him back that I was doing fine, and to STFU and quit bothering their tank) as moonkin.

    My favorite bit as moonkin; winning a duel with the dance. Outside Org, someone challenged me, and I blow at pvp in general so I was just going to have some fun with it… It counted down, and at 1 I started dancing.

    He just stood there.

    After a few seconds, I pounded him with starfire and such, and he lost, still having just stood there; I asked what happened and he said he was laughing so hard he couldn’t move.

    One of us… One of us… come to the light side, BBB…


  10. JUST in time too BBB – when the servers are back up today, you’ll be able to enjoy the awesome Tauren feral forms. 🙂


  11. I’ve gone back and started poking at Alliance alts. It’s really awesome to do a bit of a switchover, check out the other side, get a feel for the other quests and lore.

    My Nelfdruid hits Entangling Roots, Wrath x2, Root, Wrath, Root, etc ’til dead. I can kill stuff pretty damn quickly that way and have been trying it on my new moodrood, too. Enjoy the moos! The boys are kinda awesome.
    .-= Matojo´s last blog ..Oh, Weekends. You Silly Things. =-.


  12. aren’t you a tauren druid already? Or am I in that mine field? Speaking of – how about just running some bendable duct to your side of the bed and using of all things – duct tape : )


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