Another podcast… where will it end?

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep 2 is now available, striking while the whole Patch 3.2 thing is hot.

Bre, Lady Jess and Myself tackle the important topi…. oh, who the hell am I kidding, we just gossiped about what we liked or didn’t like when we logged into a WoW with 3.2 in it.

Next Wednesday, we’ll try and pry some sordid details out of Ratshag… about what? Heck, we’d settle for ANY sordid details. We’re that kind of crowd.

3 thoughts on “Another podcast… where will it end?

  1. After some deliberation, I have “formed” my “opinion” and shall share said “opinion” with you.

    You have created the candy floss of podcasts. It’s created at slightly sordid places of fun, it has almost no nutritional value, but is soooooo very sweet…

    .-= Leafy´s last blog ..Recipe Day (Patched) =-.


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