Gratuitous Beefcake!


This one is just for the ladies, to make up fer yesterday’s sexist noise. Who says we don’t do fan service?

Ain’t he the handsome one, though?

Oh yeah… and patch 3.2 goes live today!

15 thoughts on “Gratuitous Beefcake!

  1. @ Ursiheil: Was it “punnage?” Or was it … “VERBAL PWNAGE?”

    For serious, though. Tauren are my favorite race, period. I stand by the assessment I’ve seen tossed around elsewhere that they remain the only truly “good” race, except maybe the Draenei by a loooooong shot. (Eredar, anyone?)
    .-= Badger´s last blog ..Hunter’s Rise … ? =-.


  2. @Badger… Yikes! I think the punnage just broke my genre.

    Man Cows and Orcs are my favorite hoard races… so nothing wrong with them… then again I usually play the hulking looking class on alliance (Draenei and Dwarves… except for the druid of course… and if druids ever become available for any of the two previously mentioned, I’m rerolling in a heartbeat)


  3. Welcome to the good side! Yes Taurens look great in armor. I love my druid dearly and am looking forward to seeing him in some better looking gear as well. Here’s a shot from Naxx months ago with his Silence of the Lambs helm:


  4. Yay for not being able to pllay WoW until 6:00PM!

    It’s funny, considering I haven’t wanted to play WoW for the past week or so, there’s nothing I terribly want to do in the patch, yet just because, I know I can’t go on, even if I wanted to, I’m staring hungrily at the clock…


  5. Taurens have the best dance emote in the game IMO. Ever since the ROFLMAO video from Oxhorn I can’t help but hear the lyrics every time I do the /dance.


  6. Wait till you have him in some good gear… Taurens look badass! Tauren warriors and DKs look awesome in their plate gear too.

    Oh and do a /charge or /silly … love the Tauren emotes. 🙂


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