Holy crap, MMO Champion blasted Cataclysm wide open!

MMO Champion has just released a spoiler-filled compilation of what they call “information gathered from reliable sources”, and that this is the real foshizzle.

Spoilers ahoy, so watch your step, matey.

That rumor you’ve been reading about Worgen and Goblin races?


But even more, the level cap, class info, FLYING, and what is going to happen to Azeroth is all broken down.

This sounds insanely cool.

I have been trying to wrap my head around the Onyxia awesomeness, and one thing they’ve said?

Onyxia is only the beginning.

The name Ragnaros WAS, in fact, mentioned.

OMIGOD how cool is that?

I know Dechion thinks people are gonna piss and whine about revamped content, but I have to side with Jess…. this is the coolest shit ever. This makes me excited to have a gear reset from Emblems and Heroics. Hells yes.

Deep Breath?

Bring it the hell on.


10 thoughts on “Holy crap, MMO Champion blasted Cataclysm wide open!

  1. Worgen as a playable race have me worried. My server (Fenris) is already unbalanced in favor of the Alliance by a wide margin, and now everyone’s gonna reroll werewolf? Say it ain’t so.


  2. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people I run into on my server (US Hyjal) have only started playing since TBC. I’ve had a lot of fun explaining to them how you could stand on the “ledge” in onyxia to avoid the fear, and how paladins were the preferred class to heal Razorgore in BWL. I ran UBRS the other day for the heck of it, and man was that fun. What I’m getting at is that there is a huge portion of the player base that never even stepped foot into MC or BWL so a lot of that level 60 “vanilla” content would be brand new to them if it was revamped. And for those of us that started playing during the “vanilla” phase, it’s been quite a while so it might be a lot of fun to go back and actually have Gerneral Drakkisath be a challenge once again.


  3. I have been dreaming of Troll druids since release, I kid you not. I have no idea how it would work lore wise… Although, trolls have been around at least as long as Night Elves, so maybe they picked it up somewhere. If you have wowmodelviewer I suggest making a troll druid character (That is to say, put trolls in druid gear) They look amazing in my opinion. Possibly even better than Tauren druids. I would also like my troll druid cat form to be the Green Tiger with Orange stripes model. However, I’m not sure it’s really going to happen.

    PS If you have wowmodelviewer and have done as I mentioned above, use the animation drop down to make the model do the troll version of Cannibalize.


  4. I know you already said it, but holy crap.

    I can only hope it’s true. I will totally be enough to keep me around. Sure there will be QQ, but there are folks who could hit the lottery and whine because it was “only” 200 million.

    I wonder if the Worgen will get hunters……
    .-= Dechion´s last blog ..Just shut up and eat your vegatables =-.


  5. I’m expecting Worgen to have druids if horde gets troll druids. However, the wow.com doesn’t list what classes the new races will be able to play…

    In generall, I’m just waiting for Blizzcon to hit and for us to get some actual real information out of the mouths of blizzard’s staff…


  6. I was hoping for one more playable Alliance Druid race but I suppose it hard to make it fit with the cultures. Then again we have shamanistic draenei with their space totems. One could speculate that druids exist in outer space too 😛


  7. Okay, seriously though…. Troll Druids? Weeeely? REALLY?

    I have to say, I may have posted a gushing believefest, but personally I have to think that Boubouille either has the Word as passed down from on high, or is, in fact, high.

    Boubouille does, in my opinion, have some insane credibility… but Troll Druids?

    Ah well, I have already seen flaming masses of QQ about it, including Cassie herself who thinks this is some serious lore BS if true.

    Me, I would love to see it all make sense, somehow, but Cassie says the only way it could work is if it truly is ‘the end’, because if things are destroyed this completely, how the hell will new players start?

    Excellent points… I’ve got no freaking idea.

    Oh, and… Tauren Paladins?


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