I'm up, they see me, I'm down!

I wanted to talk briefly about what I’ve been doing, aside from testing lower level Bear tanking by observing a low level Bear in it’s natural habitat (ie in the middle of a big group of mobs).

What I’ve been doing is playing an alt. An alt I know absolutely nothing about. And I ain’t researching how to do it on a blog.

I’ve got a little Rogue, oh yes I do. It’s my “I love Craft of War: Blind” obsession toon.

It is my Heirloom sink. I have both Heirloom swords, one with Crusader and the other with Fiery (because it looks pretty), the leather Emblem Hit Rating Heirloom shoulders, and one Haste Rating Heirloom trinket.

Yes, I do want the Heirloom chest armor and one more Haste trinket. I just haven’t sunk the Emblems into it yet. Besides the fact that it’ll benefit this toon, it’ll position me well for a Worgen Druid when Cataclysm releases in 2011 ( I try not to get my hopes up.)

But what I do have is a full set of Defias armor to go with my shoulders and neat glowy swords.

I’ve been leveling Combat, and I’ve been trying to tackle stuff solo, no run throughs.

Around the mid-20s, I tanked for a Shadow Priest of appropriate level in Lakeshire, and that felt very challenging. Holding threat on multiple targets is tricky as a Rogue, oh yes it is. Especially when doing the escort quest in Redridge Mountains, taking that wounded Corporal Keegan through the caverns filled with Blackrock Orcs, and everything has respawned, and those little bastards Imps are fireballing you from everywhere….


No, really, it was! I just wish I had a “cause excess threat” move on a Rogue, because Shadow Priest damage can be pretty powerful.

We get Feint, I think we should also get the “Inigo Montoya” move. When you activate it, your character pauses, flourishes his/her weapons, and the enemy freaks out and charges like a crazed berserker.

Anyway, I only thought that lakeshire was challenging.

I found the pinnacle of challenging fun this weekend.

I was in Wetlands around level 28, and went to help those besieged Dwarves in Dun Modr against the Dark Iron Dwarves.

They wanted me to help them out by killing 10 Dark Iron Dwarves, 5 Saboteurs, 5 Demolitionists, and 5 of some other damn thing.

Now, I’ve got a choice. There is that fort right there in front of me, shooting and throwing explosives at the Dwarves… or I could go find some of the camps over where Belegar has an ear waiting to be taken.

The choice? Fight in close quarters, room clearing operations in the fortress, or do nice peaceful ranged pulls in open air with plenty of line of sight.

Oh hell yes, cover me boys, I’m going in!

Damn, that was awesome.

I went in straight at first, I’m 28 and they range from 28 to 30, no Stealth, swords held high.

I pulled one, took him and his friend, took the first two adds that came running, and the next one, and then the one after, and then started looking for the damn Vanish button. Whoops! Too late!

Okay, after I rezzed and ran back, it was time to re-evaluate.

Maybe, and this is just a thought, maybe I’m not a leather wearing dual wielding warrior. Maybe I should try a slightly different approach.

I went through my button bars and started looking for abilities to arrange in combat mode. 

I activated Stealth and arranged my bar there for sneaky abilities.

Hey, I’ve got something called Gouge! Neat! Hey, what the hell is Cheap Shot? When did I get that?

Oh wow, this looks shiny!

I went back in with a brand new bag.

I started out in Stealth, used Distract, Sapped a mob, Cheap Shotted his buddy, burned him down before he had a chance to touch me, Gouged a third running in and tackled another, and DAMNIT I had a blast!

I felt like a frenzied whirlwind of destruction.

But a quiet, sneaky little frenzied whirlwind.

I cleared the whole place just for fun, sneaking past mobs with a Distract toss in the appropriate direction to slip into the bar, clearing over here, Cheap Shotting over there, Sap-Sap-Sapping away.

I actually Pickpocketed a mob! No, for reals!

Having to deal with lots of mobs, each of which were individually tough (those Demolitionists are tough little hairy buggers), all of whom are close together with lots of patrolling buddies just within earshot, made me have to do something horrible.

I had to learn2play.

Seriously, it was challenging, it was new and different, and the abilities I had available were just what I needed to get the job done.

More than anything else, it was memorable.

I can burn down Raptors in seconds, and it doesn’t really feel that powerful. It’s just doing what you do for a quest. Pull, attack, dead, NEXT!

Struggling against crowds of mobs all your level, knowing you’ve been given the tools to get it done, and that if you fail, it was because it was your skill and wits that didn’t measure up. That is what made it memorable. 

And this wasn’t in an end game raid. It wasn’t in a new Heroic.

It was just me and a little level 28 alt.

I don’t know, I’m starting to wonder if I should branch out, try a different tree. Maybe get myself a pair of Daggers, and begin exploring the esoterica of Mutilation or Subtlety.

I sure wish I knew a couple folks that played a Rogue, so I could ask some questions. Sigh.

/ducks the thrown knives of Kaelyn, Jess and Cassie.

Oh, and I’m on vacation starting tonight, and going through to the weekend. I’m gonna be swimming in the Wisconsin Dells, so until then… have fun, everyone!

Bear tanking mini-guides will resume this weekend. Bye!


14 thoughts on “I'm up, they see me, I'm down!

  1. Not sure if you’re still following this post, but i would recommend leveling as Subtlety (sp?)

    I have a 80 Rogue on a old server and instead of paying to Xfer him i decided to get some heirlooms and start a new one. I leveled my original rogue as Combat Swords… it’s not bad, but kind of boring.

    On this new alt, i got the Heirloom Dagger and Sword for weapons, shoulder/chest/trinkets/bow for stats. O… M… G… Sub. is sooo much more fun. You know all those little tricks you just discovered???? Well Sub. is all about the little tricks. Not to mention the fun Ambush Crits. But when your CD’s are all down to 2 min. and a 5 min. CD that can reset them all, you are using CD’s like they’re no one’s business. If there’s a 2 mob pull, i’ll sap one, kill one, and then vanish so i can ambush the sapped one just for shits and giggles.

    Anyways, now you’ve got me excited, need to head home and play my rogue :o)


  2. “I just wish I had a “cause excess threat” move on a Rogue”
    You want threat? Take up engineering. AoE damage from bombs, a plethora of trinkets, mage-like teleports, slow-fall parachute cloaks, threat management Target Dummies…..
    You just have to make sure to level it to the max whenever possible, otherwise its extra damage is pathetic compared to your own.


  3. Welcome to the world of rogues.

    The play style is fun. I’d advise that you stick with combat tree for now (I think I assumed correctly that you’re in the Combat tree?) and go for Mutilation once the tier becomes available with your talent points. You could of course try the Subtlety tree – it’s great fun and gives you a lot of utility needed when you’re soloing (it’s more useful on a pvp realm, but it’s still nice).



  4. When I saw the title I thought we were going to get another BBB in the Marines story, about movement while under fire. Good times:

    I’m up

    I’m running

    They see me

    I’m down

    Course I always had the knack of landing on the ants nest when I went down. 🙂


  5. 🙂 I love the idea for the Inigo Montoya move (great movie). They only reason I kinda figured out how to play a rogue was with kitty form on the druid. Even that is not the same just close.

    Well have lots of fun on vacation. Enjoy!!


  6. Keefmoon, my lvl 80 rouge is the alt I play when I want to be alone. I never felt comfortable in groups with him. Roguery just seems to be a loner silent type thing and there are times when that is what I want.


  7. ^
    chopped liver 😛

    No really, rouges are kul.

    I really enjoyed leveling Melpo. I was normally solo, did many group quests on my own (before heirlooms), and loved stealthing in and taking out a named mob or rare. The one thing that I get sad about is that at level 80, a number of my cool abilities (gouge is one I can think of off the top of my head) aren’t really needed anymore. Thanks to this, I’m actually considering that when Cataclysm comes out my worgen will be another rogue. Maybe.


  8. You can still buy them with Emblems, you can just also get them with Seals.

    Oh man, I wish I’d realized the trinkets weren’t unique! Oh well, my mage is almost 80.


  9. Rogues have such a neat toolkit of abilities, many of which I haven’t even used lately. Reading your article made me miss soloing with my rogue. Unfortunately its not much of a challenge anymore with the gear I’ve acquired. I need to take a break from her for awhile, because that spark of excitement is really gone when I play her.

    I leveled as a combat rogue, and then switched to mutilate upon entering heroics (when I realized that combat daggers wasn’t going to cut it). I found it a bit more challenging, and actually more fun. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – I won’t throw knives at you 🙂

    Guess I won’t talk to you until next week, as we’ll be gone for a wedding this weekend. Have a great time at the Dells!


  10. Put Kayeri on that list, too, on behalf of my uber-FUN 80 rogue, Rhiane! lol Rogues are just SO much fun, it’s unreal! 🙂 I was combat all the way, although I do have have a good set of daggers to go Mutilate with if I ever decide to try it out. Mutilate rogues tell me it’s harder to manage than combat, but just as much fun. 🙂

    The funniest thing lately is last time I was in Naxx with her… A tank went down, but was rezzed and back in the fight…. but Rhiane was dead a few moments later… Checking the combat log, I found Rhi had taken four Hateful Strikes, but dodged the first three!

    Enjoy your rogue, they are just awesome! And yes, keep up the low-level feral guides, I am studying them for baby Kay. 🙂


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