I have no f’ing words for this one.

Except maybe… “When the frak is December gonna get here?!?”

I loved the guy early on wearing the olive drab t-shirt with the muted old skool Eagle, Globe & Anchor on it…. damn, that sent a little thrill through me.

No, hell with that, I’ve watched it like 5 times now, and yes I DO have the words.

Watching that trailor, for the very first time since a day in a movie theater in Atlanta in the mid-eighties, I feel that exact same thrill race through me that I felt when watching Aliens for the first time. Watching, and knowing that what I am seeing is not only up to my expectations, but has blown way past them to set a new freaking benchmark.

That feeling, sitting there and watching, unable to form a coherent thought other than “Omigod that is so cool, that is so cool, that is so cool, that is so cool.”


27 thoughts on “WTFUSMCOMGBBQ?!?

  1. Liking the movie or not, James Cameron proved himself in “Titanic” when we all walked in already knowing that the iceberg was going to win. He is all about special effects, and I am sure he won’t disappoint with this latest movie.
    .-= Trixie´s last blog ..Why you, I oughta! =-.


  2. James Cameron has actually been working on that movie for years. It’s only now getting the publicity that it really deserves, though. Personally, I can’t wait to see “Avatar” hit theaters.


  3. You know Mark, I thought about the Dances With Wolves vibe as well, especially with the scenes of native romance, of induction into the new culture, and of course the massive fight scene of mecha versus dragon at the end of the clip. It does look as though, totally assuming the timeline of the trailer follows that of the movie, which shouldn’t happen in a Cameron film in a perfect world, in the end the aborigines turn on the humans.

    I guess I looked at it and thought, since usually trailers aren’t really in the same timeline as events in the movie, that that big dragon versus human battle could have been early on. HUmans with techno war machines think they’re going to steamroll the primitive savages on their way to the objective, and then get their asses handed to them. And it’s only after getting walloped that the humans fall back and punt a plan B, getting a human into the aborigine culture to win their hearts and minds.

    I don’t know, I agree with you Mark, whatever the story is, I trust that it’ll rock.


  4. Hate to say it, BBB, but I agree with the cynicism. Hollywood, in general, hates the military and will go out of their way to show why the military is “bad”.

    Not that the trailer doesn’t look awesome.


  5. You guys didn’t know about Avatar?! *tears*

    I’m a HUUUUUUUUUGE movie buff and this one’s been working behind the scenes for some time now. The sad part is, imo, the trailer is totally not up to the level of hype that the movie has built in the movie nerd world.

    Some others to check out that have flown under the radar:
    (sci-fi action), Gamer (sci-fi action), Extract (comedy), 9 (sci-fi animation), Jennifer’s Body (horror/dark comedy), Zombieland (horror/comedy), The Informer! (Cohen bros.), Law Abiding Citizen (drama/action), Where the Wild Things Are (drama), The Road (drama), Surrogates (sci-fi drama), Pandorum (sci-fi horror), The Box (sci-fi drama)


  6. It may be exactly as cut-and-dried as Fnarth predicts — though I doubt he’ll wind up protecting both sides. The Dances with Wolves/Last Samurai vibe is very strong, though I am liking your idea about the Lawrence of Arabia concept. But James Cameron doesn’t have a history of making very complicated movies from a storytelling standpoint. You’ve got heroes and villains and you typically can tell who’s who.

    And it doesn’t matter; his movies are dynamite. Efficient stories that are not anywhere near as dumb as the Bay/Bruckheimer set (even his stupidest films aren’t THAT stupid), with spectacular pacing and effects that have consistently reset expectations of what great special effects are.

    If the Bay bashing didn’t give a clue, I’m a complete snob, by the way, and had to be physically girlfriend-dragged to a couple of Cameron’s movies (Titanic, True Lies) because I either wasn’t interested or thought they’d be idiotic. But after leaving both movies smiling, I gave up questioning the guy. He’s just Midas.


  7. I’m thinking more of a sci-fi version of dances with wolves (ie. he went native). it appears that the injured marine’s new body interacts with one of the native girls at a very personal level..


  8. Yes I saw this trailer when my Hubby was looking for the trailer to Avatar(last airbender). Yes very excited to see if. I would love to know what it is all about 🙂
    Thanks for adding this. I don’t want to miss it.


  9. Sorry Fnarth, I just don’t see it as nearly that cut and dried. Your take on it sounds plausible, but cynical as heck. Yes, certain Hollywood directors take that approachon human motivations in war films, but there is also another possibility…

    How about a re-imagining of the classic Lawrance of Arabia, where there is a primary foe the humans must battle, the humans control the high ground (the orbitals) and of course have high tech and th potential for using overwhelming force (kinetic strikes from orbit against terrestrial targets are about as high ground as you can get), but in order to use that overwhelming force against the true enemy, the local indigeous population of aborigines would be slaughtered.

    However, by sending in trusted people disguised to look like the aborigines, they could get close to the locals, learn of their culture, warn them of the situation and unite them in either getting them out of the path of destruction, or in bringing them together to use their knowledge and mastery of the local environment to join their forces WITH the humans agasint their united enemy.

    Perhaps the enemy has even sent emissaries of their own to woo the aborigines, and the humans must show through strength of character who are the ones telling the aborigines the truth, and who is speaing with the betrayers voice of Wormtongue.

    I guess I just don’t see why we have to assume that the military in the movie is automatically sending a wounded Marine to infiltrate the enemy, gain their trust, and then betray them from within.


  10. My hubby and I already have it planned that we will be going to Chicago sometime this winter to see that in their domed IMAX theater at the Science and Industry Museum. Hubby has never seen an IMAX before so this is a great first.

    The movie is Avatar and no ones really heard much about it because James Cameron has been super top secret about the filming so there hasnt been any leaked photos or videos. He wanted to make this a long time ago but has been waiting on the technology and now that he has perfected it he will be selling the programs used
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  11. Wow… just.. wow… Now THAT is how you make a scifi movie!
    I can’t even imagine the amount of CG and special effects that have gone into a movie like this.
    This is a movie I need to see when it runs.


  12. Really? Seems kind of expected to me. Guy in wheel chair is able to have mind control over blue creature. Humans attack blue creatures races and guy in wheel chair is conflicted about which race to side with. Battle between humans and blue people. Guy in wheel chair, controlling blue people, figures out way to protect both. The end.


  13. Sherlock looks interesting but I like Downey…but Jeremy Brett owns the Sherlock Holmes role jmho

    I think Avatar is IMAX material…looks like it’s gonna be awesome. I just hope the storyline and scripting measures up to the CGI


  14. Call me confused, but I never go to movies, and had no idea what that trailer was *for*… i saw something that looked vaguely like a night elf floating in a tank and was like… zzhwa…? is THIS the World of Warcraft movie or something…? wtf is up with space marines etc etc?



  15. Well, I’m really looking forward to Tron and Sherlock Holmes too, I was a big fan of Robert Downey back during Air America, let alone the new “Iron Man” cool, I think he’ll be awesome.

    But I’m with Wintersdark, this Avatar thing came outta nowhere as far as being on my own personal radar. Mannyac just mailed me a link and said “Looks cool.”

    well… duh.


  16. o.O

    Maybe I’ve been under a rock, but I don’t remember anything about such movie… but omg, I just watched that a couple times and now I *must* see the movie.



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