Alliance of Northrend, tremble in phear!

Hello John, A Character Faction Change for the character “AnonymousPally” on the World of Warcraft account NOIMNOTSTHATSTUPID is now complete!

The character is now ready to enter a special faction change interface in the World of Warcraft character selection screen. Below is a summary of the transaction, which you may want to keep for your records.


World of Warcraft Account Name: ISAIDIMNOTTHATSTUPID AnonymousPally – Level 73 Dwarf Paladin on Kael’thas to change factions from Horde to Alliance Date and time payment completed: 09/03/09 02:51 PM UTC

It has begun! Phear the Pally, who shall now betray the Alliance that spawned him in order to kill in Battlegrounds! Phear, I said!

And yes, if you look at that copy/pasted email from Blizzard, you’ll see that my Dwarf changed from Horde to Alliance. I guess I got my change in before they fixed all the typos. 🙂 Either that, or I had a Dark Iron Dwarf and didn’t even know it.

Now, here’s the deal. Let’s talk about Faction Change decisions, shall we?

$30 is a lot of money to our family. I’m sure that for some folks it’s a chuckle or guffaw, and for others it’s a deal breaker. For me, I felt that it was a lot of money, enough that it’s a real big decision. Not something to take lightly at all. But still, doable for the right benefits.

My decision to change one character from Alliance to Horde was based on several factors.

First, direct benefits of a high level toon moved as opposed to simply having fun leveling one up as normal.

A low level character is a lot of fun to play, but I’ve been playing for over four years now. I have not only grown accustomed to having a strong support network from my higher level toons, but I’ve come to resent NOT having those high level benefits. The benefits of easy gold frmo daily quests, of easy greens and cloth and gathering mats from doing run throughs and mailing them to low level alts, and of course running my dear wife’s alts through things and vice versa.

I love playing alts. I just don’t like the “Okay, I dinged, now to grind for the next 15 minutes to get enough silver to train”, and let me tell you, paying 15 gold for a single useful green upgrade is flat out not a possibility.

I hate that enough that when we had people creating low level alts on our server to join the guild, people who had only had Horde characters before and couldn’t server transfer, I sent their new low level mains 4 high capacity bags and some gold to kick their career off. It seemed to surprise them, but good lord, how can you expect someone to level all over again with nothing? Oh ick, hells no.

So yes, I love leveling, but having a single high level toon at least is, at this point, simply helping me enjoy the game the way I’ve grown accustomed to doing.

Well, what about Death Knooblets?

Great question.

I DID make a Death Knooblet on Horde side to be able to help Cassie when she’d like it, and to farm in Outlands when my low level alts wanted stuff. That character is level 61, and to be honest, I think the character, a Tauren, looks AWESOME, but I dislike actually playing him. A LOT. I really, really don’t like the playstyle. Wierd, but there you go. I’ve got a mental block. And I can’t delete him, because he’s the coolest looking bastard I have on my Character List.

So, I would really like a character that is high level on Horde side to help Cassie, and also to be powerful enough to get things done and even earn Heirloom items for other toons, and get me gold and gear and yadda yadda yadda.

Second, what kind of high level to bring over?

I didn’t want to put any character over to the dark side that I had a rich, full history playing with my friends.

Windshadow my Druid, Windstar my Hunter, even Windburn my Shadow Priest, each has a very rich history playing with my friends in the guild in large group activities. Granted, my Shadow Priest hasn’t done so since Karazhan… but that doesn’t matter, Windburn raided and played with my friends a lot. There are shared experiences there. The characters have a persistent ‘life’ in my mind associated with the Alliance and Sidhe Devils.

So, a high level (70+) character that also doesn’t have a lot of shared history with friends. Someone that mostly has only ever soloed.

Third, the someone must be a badass on his own. Someone that can solo stuff well, hold multiple mobs, generally kick some butt. Maybe be able to heal or tank as well, but really, I don’t want to send my Shaman off at level 72 to try and take a level 60 through Ramparts. Someone that can shephard others through instances, even high level Outlands ones.

Finally… the character has to be self-sufficient in terms of money and materials. Someone that doesn’t need a network of crafters to keep them in the money.

This is serious, since I’ve been known to have a high level Skinner/Jewelcrafter before. Yeah, that works cheaply when you ain’t got a Leatherworker to give skins, or a Miner to provide ore.

I personally chose my level 73 Dwarf Paladin as a character that perfectly fit all the characteristics of what I wanted.

The character is a Paladin, and if I can’t bring my Druid over, that’s really the next best thing to me. All my love to Hunters, I love my own desperately, but my Paladin is already Dual Specced, and has Healing and Ret sets. Putting together a tank spec and gear won’t be that difficult, and learning to tank as a Paladin actually sounds pretty damn fun. 🙂

The character class can certainly fulfill the ‘helps out whatever needed’ role admirably.

My Paladin has balanced Professions already. 415+ Mining and 442 Engineering, with both Ret and Healing goggles made and on hand. That’s not too tacky, eh? Already got the best stuff I wanted done.

And finally… not only has my Paladin already gotten the Dual Spec training, but also has Flying and the Cold Weather Flying Heirloom training to tool around Northrend on a 150% speed Gryphon. He’s already got all the tools he needs to be fully self-sufficient. He doesn’t need my ‘mains’ sending him cash anytime in the future.

It’s funny… I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the process goes when I log in. I’ve even got my Heirloom PvP Gun already in inventory, ready to hand to my Troll Hunter.

Now to see what it looks like when I go from short and stumpy to tall, thin, and desperately needing a sammich!


14 thoughts on “Alliance of Northrend, tremble in phear!

  1. Your Paladin sounds alot like my Warrior. But he’s on another server… and if $30 sounds like a bit much, $55 is out of the question.

    Too bad about the Blood Elf, though. Tauren Paladins may seem a little odd, still, but they at least LOOK decent. Blood Elves… /shudder.


  2. Will you be doing a race change come Cataclsym to Tauren? I must say Im looking forward to making a Tauren pally, because Holy cow I can not wait to unleash some Bovine Retribution:D Make sure to let us know how your adventures Horde side go!


  3. Yes Eluniar, I will probably go Tauren Paladin once the race changes go live. Which, to be honest, I do not expect until the expansion, because of the added artwork changes for something like Paladin plate on a cow hide. 🙂

    Maybe it’ll be only a few pieces that need new artwork so no big deal, but I don’t want to wait.

    I WILL choose a new name for my Horde Paladin that will be race neutral, though. That way, Tauren or Blood Elf, I’m good.

    And I do like the LOOKS of the Blood Elves, I just mock them because they are the Paris Hiltons of WoW. They LOOK like they go to great lengths to look as good as they do.


  4. Hey BBB, I have read your posts regularly since I started my feral druid alt (“Drooiz”) a month ago. Now hes lvl 38 and lovin’ it! Anyway, my main is a ret/holy pally (with a naxx25 prot set as well) that I have played for years. Recently, I’ve had a great time exploring the bear tanking mechanics and comparing them to that of the paladin. Maybe this alt you have will give you some ideas that you could post regarding the diff between bear/protadin? Would be interesting. As a healer, I would BY FAR rather heal a bear than anything else so has been fun for me to actually play one, even at a low level. Bear just feels so organic, you know? Maybe its just the looks of a bear, not sure. Anyhow, let us know how pally tanking goes!


  5. First comment… my level 73 blood elf, upon arriving in Silvermoon City, checked into the flight master… I had every flight point there.

    Oh, and all my specs, bag, gear, gold, bank stuff and bags, pets, everything was perfection itself. Just so you know. Even macros, and custom chat channels.

    I traveled by zeppelin to Northrend… cehcked in with Flight Master in Howling Fjord…

    My 73 Paladin now has every single flight point in Northrend for Horde. I had only gotten dalaran, some of Dragonblight, Borean Tundra and a couple in Howling Fjord on Alliance, but it gave me every single one for Horde in Northrend. Just FYI.

    Oh, and all the Howling Fjord quests seem available. I don’t know if EVERY Horde quest is open to me, despite quest progression in Alliance side or not, but I’ll soon find out. So far, seems at level 74 i get to do Northrend from scratch.


  6. Okay, follow up. All Horde quests are available, because you ain’t done ’em yet. But any quests that are from Neutral factions, such as the Kalu’ak, if you haven’t done them, then they are there, and if you did them already, then they ain’t.

    Seem fair?


  7. Doh I got really excited when I saw this but it’s not live on EU servers yet 😦

    Can’t wait to bring my priest over to the good side xD


  8. Well BBB I think you got lucky. The Website states you only get the flight points that match you origanal faction’s flight points. Thank you for giving updates on the transfer. I personally would have been happy being a Tauren I think there lore rocks and have you seem thunder Bluff it is beautiful. But everyone I know in RL is alli side.

    For what you want the toon to do I think you made the best choose. When it is able to I hope you let us know how the race change go also.

    Have a great day!


  9. Welcome to the Horde. I play both sides as well. I also have a level 80 BElf Protadin, and I love tanking as a paladin. In my opinion its easier to tank than on my druid, but it’s more fun. As far as the race changing to Tauren, I was thinking about that too, but I thought I read that we wouldn’t be able to race change to any of the new race/class combos because they didn’t want the 1st Lvl 85 Tauren Pally to be a former Lvl 80 Belf/Dwarf/Human/etc. Pally. However, we’ll see. I would to have that extra HP and War Stomp while I’m tanking.
    .-= klaki´s last blog ..Sakuri for President! =-.


  10. Welcome!

    ALthough i kinda disagree with starting out being painful. I think its a challenge, but thats just how i roll. Economcis is just as fun as leveling IMO. I’ll have to try it on my next toon, but you dont need 1000g when you are 10 or 20 or whatever. In fact i’m pretty sure if you can carry all of the greys that drop, you have just enough from vendoring everything to make enough to train, not including the white items that you sell at AH. What would suck is leveling w/o the BOA stuff, i need my 20% xp!


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