Awww, he's so cute!

Just a short note here.

We did another Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast on Wednesday, “WoW, unscripted”… also known as “Wow, train wreck…”, with the Lady Jess, Bre and myself. Ratshag was unavoidably detained. As in, he ran far and fast.

If you’re interested in our WoW podcast and haven’t heard it before, you can find it at Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and it’s also available (I still get a laugh out of saying it) for download at iTunes.

Every time I see our podcast on iTunes, I feel like a Pirate. “Arrgh, we’ve hijacked yer nice clean Apple image, matey! Off the plank with ye!”

If you haven’t heard it before, really, I’m gonna warn you. It’s truly not scripted, nor is it edited in any way. Not even if I blow the bloody intro 3 seconds in, we just keep rolling along until someone whispers me, “Wrap it up, I got a nap to take!” We don’t even pause the thing for potty breaks. If you want something thats totally not ‘politically correct’, or carefully worded so as to not offend someone, if you just want to kinda “sit in” on a vent chat while playing or farming herbs or skinning or fishing, then this is the podcast for you. If you want hard hitting news… umm, no. Just, well, no.

I won’t go into a blow by blow here, but I’d like to say, I saw the cutest damn thing ever while we did it.

We decided to do the podcast while running a couple normal instances, just the three of us, me tanking, Bre healing, and Jess melting faces, and when we were done with the third boss and were going to jump down into the water, I was still in Bear form when one of the two Priests “floated” me.

There I was, a big ol’ Bear, floating in place… and my legs hung down kinda paddling in the air. Cutest widdle thing ever!

THEN someone tossed a Baby Spice on me, and I becamse an itty bitty cute widdle floaty Bear the size of a pet!

Screenshots were taken, and if you’d like to see one, go check out Lady Jess’ latest blog post.


10 thoughts on “Awww, he's so cute!

  1. Shrinking/floating bears – a popular pastime. I haev demonstrated the floating bear on occasion, and it is a standard cry on our raids ‘Okay, who shrank the bear??’ Okay, the entertainment in the shrinking might be the whimpering cry itself, rather than the teeny bear… but i don’t think so. The RL had to ban shrinking the bear midcombat, because it messes with hit boxes, in the end.


  2. you are very very amusing. i stumbled upon your druid blog by accident doing a search on Bear Tanking stats. i loved the post on Bear Tanking Creed. it was awesome lol. i am now reading all your older post also. nice to see a player whos not bent on calling everyone a noob or loser. rock on dude!


  3. Yay, just the motivation I need to get my mp3 player and get out of the house for a bit. (And then I can come home and log back on, refreshed – I want to see if I can break 70k gold by the end of the weekend)


  4. Ursiheil… yes, yes that exact question was brought up and answered on the most recent podcast, #4. Somewhere in there, we talked about whether we were going to actually kick Worgen out at level 1 and if so what class, or transfer existing max level toons to Worgen, etc. Yep, gotcha covered!


  5. That was TOO cute… 🙂 Made me want to pick him up and cuddle him like I do our kitten… lol

    I’m up for an adventure… Kayeri, the tree from her first talent point and leveled as resto all the way to 80, has obtained, gemmed and enchanted a tanking set and will attempt to be a decent bear this very weekend… 🙂

    I just need to find some guinea pigs to go with me… ::chuckle:: and a really good healer… 🙂


  6. Another cute thing is going into tree form, bring out your little tree non-combat pet. Then put baby spice on you and then you dance when it dances…. quite cute and hilarious.
    .-= klaki´s last blog ..A Second Wind =-.


  7. Meh! Trust me, Bear… there are alot of podcasts that are far worse then yours… one comes to mind that is basically some hoard chick whining about how much Blizzard hates her and her class and her faction and how everything Blizzard does is to piss her off. And some guy with her that occasionally tries to have an opinion… not well.

    Keep up the good work, and just remember that we can’t take our eyes off of train wrecks, no matter how hard we try 🙂
    You may have a bit of a train wreck, but at least it’s full of circus animals, balloons, and candy.

    Here be a question for a possible upcoming episode (keeping in mind that when I write this, I haven’t listened to the new episode yet)… with the Worgan becoming a playable Druid alternative… and if they offered a service to switch your race on the same side, would you switch to Worgen with your bear butt, or stick to Night Elves?


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