Things that make ya go whoops!

Last night, logged in on Windshadow, sicker than hell, thought I’d hang out for a few before an early bedtime.

Of course, the best laid plans, etc, etc.

Soel of Redrum whispered me asking if i could come heal some 10 man Ulduar for a bit.

I plaintively asked for how long?

“Oh, about 3 – 3.5 hours.”

Ummm….. no.

“Well, how long COULD you come?”

About an hour and a half, tops.

“Lemme ask.”

[Insert Jeopardy music while I pray “please say no please say no please say no”]

“Okay, that sounds good. Invite incoming.”

Crap. Now I have to make the little brain cell that’s still alive work.

About two minutes later, Cassie comes downstairs.

“Whatcha doing?”

I’m about to heals in Ulduar.

“Do they know you’ve never healed in Ulduar before?”

They didn’t ask.

“Where are you starting?”


“Do they know you’ve never seen these bosses before?”

They didn’t ask.

“Aren’t you deathly sick?”

Your point is?


We teleport straight to the Antechamber, and begin pulling trash. Redrum has done this way too many times before, there’s not much work for a healer on the trash.

As I heal, I’m happy with my new Idol, Idol of Flaring Growth. Sucker is up ALL the time.

Rejuve, pop. Regrowth, pop. Lifebloom, pop. Wild Growth button… Wild Growth button…

Why the hell ain’t there a Wild Growth pop? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering Wild Growth pop!

Son of a bitch, I bet VuhDo’s last update wiped my custom settings!

We clear trash and at a break, I ask for a minute to resolve some, ahem, “Technical difficulties.”

I open VuhDo’s panel, and check out Control, and then look at Right Click. There it is, Wild Growth.

Hmm, how come the other spell names have the word “Spell” next to them on the panel, but Wild Growth doesn’t?

I flip open my Talent panel.

I scroll to the bottom… something I apparently did NOT do when I did my respec testing last week.

Why look, there’s the Wild Growth icon… all greyed out.

Son of a bitch.

You know, the last time I respecced, I boasted to Cassie that I was able to buy every Talent I wanted, I had magically found the pefect spec. Not a single thing shorted a point like usual.

Hmm, I wonder how I ended up with that extra point.

Gee, I wonder.

I then proceded to have to heal Kologarn with no Wild Growth. It was like someone had chopped off my right arm… and then my left arm… and then my right arm…

Look, here’s a screenshot of a moron facing Kologarn! See if you can pick out the Druid without Wild Growth! Woot!


I proceded to heal Kologarn and Auriaya before we took a break long enough for me to teleport to Moonglade and do a hasty respec. Then it was back in to down Ignis the Furnace Master, and then it was past time for me to go to sleep.

But at least I got to heal Ignis with my damn Wild Growth! Things really heated up once I had that spell on hand.

Damnit, I did that once on my Hunter, too. Respecced Beastmaster moving things around, and said to myself, “Wow, I managed to fit everything I wanted in. I found the perfect spec.”

“Hey, how come I can’t summon my spirit beast.”


19 thoughts on “Things that make ya go whoops!

  1. BBB, Talented is great. It lets you import builds from Wowhead or…um…another one I can’t remember for some reason, by pasting the URL into the template. You can nab builds off people you inspect, and you can set a goal, and it will fill the tree as you level.

    I haven’t misspent talent points like that, but I did run into Azeroth’s Most Obscure Bug back at 2.0 when we got mangle… Druids talent points were refunded and I didn’t realize until halfway through a fight. While I was running back to my body, I went through and respeced… had everything exactly the way I wanted, with mangle and omen of clarity and everything… except mangle wasn’t in my spellbook. And OOC wasn’t procing.

    Turns out, at the time, if you respeced while dead, it only read 31 of your talent points. They said it was a known problem and that they’d fix it for me… a week later, I got tired of waiting and paid to respec (25g was a lot of money back then. 😛 ) and right after I did they sent me an email saying they were glad they could help.


  2. roflmao … great story! Thanks so much for this great blog. I’m raising up a feral druid and want to tank/heal, so this is just awesome stuff. I’ll be checking back ad nauseum … hope you’re feeling better …

    Mage tank ftw


  3. Haha, oooh, how I’ve been there before. The joy of getting all the talents you’ve dreamed of kind of fades when you notice you don’t have the one’s you actually need. It feels good tho, before you know you’ve been the dumbest respeccing person in Azeroth.
    .-= Naïve´s last blog ..Goodbye for now =-.


  4. I’d say I found the perfect Feral spec. When Ulduar first got released, and we made our way in in a mix of T7s and iLvl200 &213 epics (and crafted shoulders and belt!), I was Meat Shield for Razor, XT, Kolo, Auria , Thorim and with a gear switch (off spec gear) was pulling 3.5K+ dps on Hodir and Mimiron. Which is great, cos I get to use my dual spec for healing for relatively easy runs like OS10.

    It’s wonderful how, with a bit of tweaking how a druid can perform credibly in anyrole (cept of ranged DPS, I still haven’t figured that one out yet).

    “Druids, one respec away from doing your job better than you can.” 🙂


  5. I did that on my DK the other day. “Oh, hey, I got all those, and that, and.. nice!”

    I was a DW DK who forgot to take the regular DW hit talents. -.-;


  6. When you first said you couldn’t hit wild growth, I thought it might be a problem I’ve been having recently. I use healbot, and usually just have to right click a name to toss Wild Growth on the neediest and nearest people. Lately though, if I have a target that is dead, or out or range, Wild Growth won’t work. It just doesn’t happen. I have to deselect whatever target I have before I can get it to work. I try to remember not to target things, but it really gets annoying on fights like Paletess where she randomly targets me, and then I auto target her, and then I suddenly can’t get my heals off. Bleh. Another guild member says he has the same problem, so it’s not just isolated to me.

    Anyway, awesome story. I don’t pug, and I tend not to respec very much. But it’s probably about time I went and re did my tanking and tree specs!
    .-= gmazeroth´s last blog ..Yogg-Saron. Finally Defeated. =-.


  7. Redaurora… thank you very much!

    Kayeri… WOOT! You go kick some big old butt tanking, let me know how it goes!

    Boize, BlackDragon and Trazor… well, at least it ain’t just me. 🙂

    And Christopher… I’ll be downloading that addon when I get home. Thanks!


  8. .. And why does those mess-ups always happen when you join a PUG? …
    It would just like if you log into your DK, after a few weeks of gearing your main, and then you get asked to tank .. lets say VoA 25 in a pug.
    You zone in, go frost, buff up, answer the usual; “who’s tanking? mark them, plox”, run down the stairs and notice your relatively low HP, stops to check that the gear is as it should be … ponder … check that the right spec is chosen … what spec? Remember that you have not been playing your DK, since you were gearing your main from the new badge-system, vaguely remember having read that DK’ got a talent-refund … look back at 24 people anxious to get going … /facepalm a red face that is
    Needles to say, this example is completely imaginative … completely …


  9. I had that experience once – and wouldn’t you know it, it was on my BM Hunter =D

    Re-specced, allocating talent points… and hey, I have an extra talent point! Now I can max out [insert talent name here] and gain an extra 1% DPS!

    …wait, why can’t I summon my pet Devilsau- oh DRAT! /facepalm

    /forks out gold for re-re-spec
    .-= BlackDragon´s last blog ..Important Notice! =-.


  10. ::laughing:: I was tweaking my new feral tanking spec *again* today and looking at some stuff, and thinking WHERE are those two points I should have??? After MUCH looking I finally found them in something I’d accidentally clicked…

    And yes, I DID actually tank! Heroic UK and Heroic DTK! I wasn’t perfect, but its a learning process. Got decent gear, but now have to learn to use my skills to their greatest effect. 🙂 Btw, Bear, thanks for your Guide! I have the Rotation Advice printed out and sitting in front of me every time I do this until I feel I have the hang of it. 🙂

    I am still a Tree at heart, though. 🙂


  11. Oh, I know the feeling. Changing my Balance talents around because of the T9 2pc bonus, I was sure I got a great spec without missing anything.

    The next day another druid in a 5-man instance run asked me, “Hey, how come you don’t have Omen of Clarity?”

    I facepalmed.
    .-= Boize´s last blog ..Hilarity for Hilarity’s Sake =-.


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