Ghostcrawler; epic thread, epic guy

There’s a pretty great thread going on, at least for it’s amusement value, for anyone that is able to think a little objectively and appreciate what it must be like to have a job you love… and have to deal with people who love to tell you that you suck doing it.

Think about that.

What an amazing gig it must be to work for a company like Blizzard, using your ingenuity and creativity, along with your skills and talent, and get paid for it.

There you are, going full bore kicking ass, taking names, and loving life…

You take a step away from your normal duties and do something completely unprecedented in MMOs. You take the time to visit the official community forums, read the customer feedback you find there, and provide as best you can constructive insight into the entire process. You try and bring a little light of understanding into the way things are planned and implemented to the community.

And time after time, as much as some folks love you and want to have your babies, a large community rises up, seemingly united in telling you that you suck because you have it in for them, or haven’t listened to them, or responded to them, or heeded their advice, or whatever. 

I write a blog on the internet, and I still can’t imagine dealing with the official WoW forums day in, day out, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

But he has bothered. He’s cared that much.

He cared so much that he read that shit day in and day out.

It’s been said that police officers may start out with a myriad of opinions about human nature… but after enough time spent getting sent to one trouble call after another, seeing nothing but humanity at their worst hurting each other, they start to assume that ALL people are like that. It’s all they see at work, all day, every day, people hurting each other, or being petty, selfish and downright evil, and pretty soon, if you’re not a cop, you’re just another person that ain’t innocent; you just haven’t been found out yet.

My dad was a police officer for over twenty years. I’m not making this up. All I knew, for the most part growing up, were cop people. Seriously. I’m not making assumptions about a small group of people based on limited sample sizes, here.

Want an eye opener? Read any of Joseph Wambaughs books. If reading the Choirboys doesn’t make you cry at points, and not in laughter, then nothing will. Want a gentler presentation of the message? The Delta Star is actually extremely funny… and no less brutally honest.

That being said, what do you think the impression someone who reads the official WoW forums would have of WoW PLAYERS, if they read those forums all day, every day, for the last two years?

I’m not saying Ghostcrawler is a saint.

I will say he’s a much better person than I am.

After a while, I think I’d start to plan nerfs that make no sense, JUST to screw with the idiots. I’d nerf something that nobody ever used anyway, and then add a fight somewhere where that one ability would have been very useful, but since the ability was just nerfed, it won’t get used for it, and watch people have a cow.

Like the way the Hunter’s ability to take control of their pet directly used to be used in Molten Core to send the pet a long way ahead and pull Baron Geddon back to Garr’s room so you wouldn’t risk pulling Shazzrah early. Some cute but tactically nearly useless ability that they could finally use… and nerf the duration to like, 3 seconds. OR make it a 15 yeard range. Something evilly obvious.  

I’d do it. Oh, don’t even think I wouldn’t. I’d take great pleasure in finding the pet peeves of the most hideous and nasty of posters, and make their bullshit paranoic fantasies actually come true.

Two years of daily reading of those forums and taking all that is said seriously? As Val Kilmer once said, “It’s a moral imperative.” But without the popcorn and orbital death ray lasers.

I’d find it amusing.

Oh, and just for fun…

Temerity Jane, the blessed TJ, the goddess and a half, recently wrote a beautiful post entitled ‘The #1 Peril of Blogging”

I think I’d like to change that just a bit, to be the #1 peril of sharing your actual feelings or thoughts on the internet.

In my opinion, the #1 peril of sharing your actual thoughts on the internet, is that there are people who live to tell you that you suck, you are wrong, you don’t know shit, or you are too ignorant to have a valid opinion. And it doesn’t matter what you said. The very fact that you took a position is enough to ensure somone will take the opposing positon, even if they have to invent one, just to tell you that they know you’re wrong.

I love TJ. Have for years. She says what she thinks, and hell take the hindmost. Nobody will ever accuse her of taking shit from anyone.

But as part of her awesomeness, she cares. Her heart is out there. And the peril in this whole blogging, public posting thing is that when you say what you really think, someone is gonna be looking to cut you if they can, just to see if they can make you bleed. Just for grins and giggles.

It’s very true. If you can’t have a sense of humor and laugh at things, if you can’t step back and see that an asshat is simply an asshat, no more and no less, and unworthy of your time, you’re gonna get hurt. 

And if you don’t blow off steam sometimes or take a break from it, it’s easy to start thinking everyone is like that. 

You read that stuff Ghostcrawler posted… that sounds to me like someone that has a great sense of humor, and can still keep in mind that the way some asshats do things on the forums does not represent the opinions of all players.

I hope that I can continue to post on my blog, and keep in mind that, while asshats are very vocal because they need an audience or the whole point of being snarky is wasted, they don’t represent everyone. They don’t even represent most of the folks. They might not even represent a few of the folks. They just represent themselves. A single asshat, hating themself so much they look for people to hurt, to take down, to feel a little better about their life.

I’ve read that GC is planning on taking a break from posting for a while.

I say, good. I know it’ll drive TJ nuts, but I love getting advice from my readers, and I’ve got my own unsolicited advice just for Ghostcrawler.

By all means, take a break and get the hell away from the official forums. That crap will rot your brain. In fact, why not just go make a new Troll Hunter, head for Barrens and hang out for a while.

I think you’ll find the chat there a relaxing diversion, full of thoughtful conversation and interesting discourse.

As long, of course, as you know where Mankrik’s Wife is.

But while you’re there, why not whip out a fishing pole, ease back, and while you’re leveling fishing skill…

..and think about nerfing something just totally outrageous right into the ground.

No, really. Try it. I bet it would be a lot of fun!

Hey, can any of my readers come up with advice on what he could nerf? Or better yet, something GC could buff that would really send someone over the edge?

Come on, I’d love to hear it!

23 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler; epic thread, epic guy

  1. @Chris:

    I love the food expiration idea! I would purposefully leave food in my bank until it went bad and started growing over the stuff in neighboring slots…just so I could watch 24 people puke in raid.

    Maybe nixx the debuff part, though.

    And yes, I also love to put down Great Feasts in battlegrounds just to see extra-huge cows come storming out of the start area. 🙂


  2. I’d create two dailies for an obscure faction like Hydraxian Waterlords. One of them would be in Silithus and the other would be in EPL so no flying mounts. The only way to get rep would be to do the dailies for 1000 rep per day. Next, I’d make some epic caster, dps and tanking trinkets available at exalted. Then I’d wait for about 38 days before nerfing the trinkets.

    If I was feeling nasty I might try one of the following:
    Nerf bags – nothing says fun like 10 slots max
    Add a lifespan to mounts and pets – after all, why shouldn’t they grow old and die?
    Add an expiration date to food – you know all those fish feasts that you’ve got in the bank…let them sit too long and your entire raid pukes and gets a 3 hour debuff.


  3. Blue Post-
    “Yes, Rogues are the best in PvP for killing quickly. That is not a game flaw, that’s just how it is. Somebody has to be the best at it, so stop bitching. Further QQ will make us buff them until the point is made. Have a nice day.”


  4. I think Deyndor got it right – a buff to Eye of Killrog is in order.

    Not only is it a buff to a mostly useless spell, but it’s a buff to a WARLOCK mostly useless spell.


  5. A re-addition to the mind vision thing, instead of nerfing, buff it!

    Any target affected by mind vision takes 8000% more smite damage from the priest casting mind vision. Since mind vision is channeled and they obviously can’t smite people would spend hours trying to figure out how to smite and mind vision at the same time (I see people playing with surge of light)


  6. I was thinking, “Buff Healing Touch by 20% healing…. increase cast time by 5 seconds…. and then make it not work with Nature’s Swiftness.”


  7. OKay, the ‘buff fishing’ idea is galactic in scope.

    I like it.

    And I say that, when I don’t have a single character with fishing over 350. It’s just so full of win!


  8. Those that follow the WOW forums before Ghostcrawler remember Tseric, who was doing things very similar to Ghostcrawler, but more as a community mod rather than a designer talking to the community. He tried to be direct with players and cut through any bullshit. He tried to direct conversations toward constructive debate rather than trolling and agressive ‘STFU noob’ behavior. And one day after a lengthy bout of fighting trolls, he left with a final post basically saying rather eloquently (paraphrased here) ‘This is impossible to keep up, the forum community is too trollish and its a waste of everyones time in the end’. And he never posted again. Maybe once as a ‘goodbye’ joke. But the point is he flat out stopped, and I think he moved to another job in Blizzard or in the industry. I think Ghostcrawler tried to come into the forums with the same intentions, but more to pick player’s brains about what they think about the game. And they wore him out too.

    It’s the part of the community I avoid and at times want to punch in their collective face for their idiocy when they try to beat Blizzard at their own design game. It cant be done, for the simple reason is its blizzards games, and while they listen to the community, they never make final design decisions based on someone’s forum post. Until people realize that and try to build a community in the spirit of sharing (Lololol, good luck with that) Blizzards reps will find themselves beating away unruly forum posters like a zombie horde at the end of a horror movie.


  9. @ Bruski
    Take that, plus take fishing back to original, where you could not fish just anywhere, you could miss and had a longer timer. So people would have a hard time catching up and using the great fishing buffs.
    Moar QQ


  10. Mind vision, all the way, nerf mind vision to a 40 yard range, then make a gauntlet with 2 paths and a lot of turns, far enough away tracking is useless, with a ton of stealth detectors, and make it so the goal or boss is down one of the paths randomly, and it’s a 5 minute run through the gauntlet before even tracking can tell you you went down the wrong path.


  11. If you really wanna tick someone off, Give bears a meaningful interrupt like maybe reduce the cool down on bash. That would piss a lot off. And make me very happy! Nice Post B, I agree with you totally. Hats off to G. C. I couldn’t do it.


  12. To really piss people off?
    Buff fishing.
    450 fishing skill allows you to enchant your helm, making it look like a fishing hat and providing double the stats the rep enchants do.
    The “Salty” title increases players HP, Damage, and Healing by 1%.
    The forums explode from QQ.


  13. I dont have any right off brilliant ideas, but I agree with you, Bear… Ghostcrawler is a remarkable man. He posts every day, even KNOWING his posts are going to be taken apart and made into things he never said or implied and he STILL does it every day. He does it with honesty and humor and because he loves the game. He also has to walk the careful line of what he CAN’T say, because of things that havent been decided yet or they’re simply not sure of yet. He’s also said it straight when they’ve messed up and they need to fix something! And he is THE most kicked around member of Blizz there is, hands down. I honestly don’t know how he’s stuck with it as long as he has! I’d’ve lost it a long time ago and thrown in my hands and walked off. When I saw what the staff had gotten for T-shirts this year, I laughed so hard, the “Ghostcrawler promised me a pony” thing was brilliant. 🙂

    Some time off certainly wont hurt, and may help. I know I’d hate to lose him posting for good, because he does talk straight to us about things in the game. You may love or hate what he’s posting about, but you can’t say he isnt trying to get the word out. I give him FULL marks for that and for all the shiploads of crap he takes every day because of it. If I ever got to meet him, I know I’d tell him his efforts are appreciated and not to let the asshats get him down.

    My one wish from him?? Make Lifebloom useful again… ::wistful smile:: I use it so rarely now it may as well not exist and that’s a sad thing. uh oh… I better stop or I’ll start complaining about the Tier 9 set bonuses on the Resto Druid gear… ::going to find a late-night munchie:: 🙂


  14. Hmm, nerf or get rid of a hunters Distracting Shot, then make a boss where hunters make the best tanks for whatever crazy reason.


  15. Great post B^4!

    He should buff bandages. I can guarantee SOMEONE will be see it as an indirect buff to rogues and be mad as all hell.


  16. Well, a nice ‘Piss People Off’ starting point would be giving Druids either shields or a hunter style pet. Ooooh, they could also lower the mana cost of all resto spells by 50%… I can hear the QQ already.


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