What is your least favorite group behavior?

Let’s do something different.

I’m gonna ask you… straight out, no wriggling out of it…

What, of all the behaviors you’ve seen displayed by people in a group event, what is the one that pisses you off the most?

I’ve mentioned a few PUG stories recently, I’ve read some on other blogs, and you’ve shared some of your stories in the comments, and there are some reoccuring trends in instances and raids that just blow me away.

Now, I’d expect to get some great stories in the comments from this one, and that alone is reason enough for the post. Great stories, by definition, are ones that allow me, the reader, to mutter “oh, that’s just amazing” in tones of horrified wonder and awe.

But I think there’s more to offer about the topic than just the entertainment value.

I think that if you give me your personal pet peeves about things people do in groups, whether small instances or large raids, and I catalogue it and put up a poll with those choices to see which ones people hate the most…

Maybe, just maybe, someone that DOES them will see it and freaking STOP!

Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Let me toss a few of the behaviors into the ring just to kick things off.

Remember, these are just different behaviors in general that may or may not tweak you, and I’m looking for the bulk of the list to come from YOU…

Showing up with broken gear, or gear so close to broken that within the time it takes to reach the first boss fight, the person says, “I need a break, I have to go to a vendor to repair.”

The person that wants to go on the run, but once invited, makes no effort to get to the instance entrance on their own. They just automatically expect someone else will, and will summon them. I’ve even seen this for Violet Hold, believe it or not. Oh yes I have.

The person that dies in a fight and makes no effort to actually get themselves back to the instance on their own. They wait for a ressurrection, regardless of whether the entire team wiped and has to run back, or whether it’s in Trials where you can run back in during the encounter itself and your team might need you, or whatever.

An addendum to that last one would have to be the person that dies in a big boss encounter, and walks away from their computer immediately for a drink or something without a word. You find these folks out when you battle rez them and they never respond.

Someone that never, ever brings consumables, they count on someone else bringing a Fish Feast to the run, or lending them a flask or potion. And they don’t help getting the fish.

The person that ‘tunes out’ in a run, they don’t really try and play the best they can, they figure they’ve got great gear, so they can run the whole way using autoshot/auto attack while chatting with friends or spending most of their attention watching the new episode of Army Wives.

Someone that insists on talking about the strategy on the next fight, even though everybody on the run has been doing this same fight together the last four months (this would be me… yep, I do that).

Someone that doesn’t spend two seconds discussing strategy. They might, if you’re lucky, ask if everyone is ready before they pull the boss.

Those are just off the top of my head examples of things that may or may not irritate you.

I’d sure like to hear yours.

I’m going to take the answers I get over a week, and see if I can put together a poll for you to vote on the worst of the worst.

So let’s hear those stories!

God, I love your stories.

I think, if possible, the person that came up with the most popular idea will get a button or a shirt mailed to them. So don’t be shy…


136 thoughts on “What is your least favorite group behavior?

  1. You nailed one of mine with the fish feast. It’s gotten so bad, that I no longer allow fish feasts on my guild runs. They are not the best buff for every class anyway. Bring your own consumables, or I will find a raider that is willing to go the extra mile to help the group. I’ll even cook them for you! With MY SPICES! I also will refuse rezes on lazy people, and will not allow others to rez them either. If we wipe as a team, we run as a team. Simple as that.

    Here’s one that happened, just yesterday. Running a TOC 25 man, half guild, half pugs. Doing…not to bad. Right after Jaraxxus (the 2nd boss) I have to go say hi to the wife real quick because she just got home. I sit back down, and the loot is still being handed out. None of it was for druids anyway, so what ever. I get a whisper “Thanks for ninjaing my axe you dick”

    I was not raid leader. I was not loot master. I was simply tanking the boss. I did however, as I always do, make use of an add-on called Loothog. When a roll is detected, it starts a count down, and displays the rolls on my screen, and at the end of the count down prints them to raid chat. There is NO QUESTION who wins a roll. And it works as long as it’s loaded, with no input from me whatsoever. I checked, he had in fact rolled 2nd highest, and there was proof right there in raid chat.

    Regardless, a HUGE pet peeve of mine is when a person QQs about loot. And to do it in a whisper, to who he must have thought was the loot master was total bullshit. It’s even worse when they whisper the person that won the item. Oh man, it peeves me. If you have anything other then “grats!” to say about somebody getting loot, then you will be told in not very polite ways to leave. And if it’s a guildie of mine, my officer wrath will be upon you.

    NOW, sometimes things are handed out incorrectly, or perhaps somebody rolled and didn’t realize they couldn’t equip that weapon, or perhaps they already have something better. A polite “excuse me….” And then an explanation is fine. But calling somebody a ninja to their face when they clearly didn’t? /kick


  2. When a dps pulls aggro off not one, but two, tanks before a lacerate/sunder is applied to the mob by either tank, backs up still attacking when the mob runs at them, continues dpsing when one tank taunts, gets aggro, contunes as the other tank taunts, gets aggro again, finally dies, and says, “omg u tanks suck so bad! wtf!!”


  3. The bullshit I see most frequently are VoA pugs who still don’t understand how to single target dps down the charged add on Emalon. When I call them out with a recount report (damage done to/top damaging skills) they just act all tough and say “you don’t know shit about [insert class here]!” But lo and behold, on the next (successful) attempt, we have no more mind sears/volleys/foks.


  4. Another one of mine, happened yesterday (was a bad day apparently). It was late at night, and I was running out of space on my bank alt. I send all BOE items that I get on my hunter to my bank alt to be DEed later. I wanted my bank space back, but no guildies were on to DE stuff. What ever. I ask an enchanter that is advertising in trade to DE 20 items for me for a 50 gold tip. I immediately get a “YES!” to it, and he meets me in org. I trade him some of the items (he couldn’t hold them all at one time), then he starts his DE. It’s taking a long time. He asks how many I gave him. “Uh oh” I think. I always keep track of the results of party DEs when a stranger does work for me. I trade the rest to him. He takes a long time again. Finally, he is done. So then he asks me….”How many of what do I owe you?” I face palm myself in real life. Seriously.

    I had kept track, and he owed me 18 infinite dusts, 3 greater comics, and 5 lessers. ( That is close to the real numbers, but it’s hazy now. I know those were the correct mats though, everything I gave him was from Northrend) I tell him this, and he hands me 20 arcane Dusts, and some planar essences. I tell him “Um, dude, that’s BC enchanting mats, and that’s not from what I handed you.” I did this nicely. A long pause goes by. He says “I’m filling nice” and proceeds to give me ALL of his enchanting mats (all low level stuff from BC or before). He did not however give me what he owed me. Stunned, I’m not sure what to do. Did I recall wrong? I’m sure I counted correctly. But it late, and I had a drink when I sat down (that was at that point currently empty). I scroll up in my chat frame, but alas…..too much trade chat had gone by, and I could not scroll up to his DEs. I ask him if he is SURE. He tells me he only has 5 infinite dusts in his bag, and he gives them to me. At a loss, I tip him 100 gold for the “extra mats” I got and logged off. If indeed I was wrong I paid him for the extra mats. If I’m right, he used and abused me, and took his time so I couldn’t scroll up and prove it. I’ve never been screwed like that before by enchanters, but now I’m very wary of a transaction I’ve done 50 times before.


  5. Asking for to someone to post recount numbers after every fight. Gawd i hate that. If they are that interested they can take the 15 secs to install it just like I did. I’m going to just start posting activity or some other number than dps until they get the point.

    Running back after wipes. If you don’t run back, you are just telling me that you are much more special than I am, so you don’t have to do the unfun stuff in the game. And it actually takes more time to run back and then rez some idiot than if everyone ran. An officer and I caused some guild drama after telling a raider that runs are mandatory after wipes.


  6. Bear – Your examples and Copey’s example are all good ones, but my favorite group disruption is when a pug member suddenly announces that he or she is going to go have some breakfast/lunch/dinner right in the middle of an instance. I don’t care if people ask for a quick bio break or want to grab a snack after downing a boss before moving on in the instance, but when I was leveling my druid I was in a group to do regular UK and the death knight tank suddenly decided he needed to go get something to eat after the first boss and told us he’d be back in half hour. Luckily, we had a mage in our group that the was the alt of a well-geared 80 orc warrior, so he switched toons and we easily four-manned the rest of the instance.

    Last weekend, I was looking for a group for regular UK, AN, or OK on my lock alt and I got invited to an AN group by someone who found me in LFG. As soon as we had a full group, he passed lead to me and said he was going to go get something to eat… We figured he meant he’d be back right away and since he wasn’t the tank or healer and both our tank and healer we’re level 76 or 77, we decided to start without him and then I’d summon him when he got back. After 15 minutes we kicked him from the group and found another DPS in LFG.

    Sure, I’m a pretty casual player and WoW is a game, but there should still be the expectation of common courtesy and respect for your fellow group members. How many people would just walk off the court during a pick-up basketball game and say I’m gonna go get something to eat, but I should be back in half an hour? Any organized group in real life or a game will probably let anyone who asks take a quick break or even leave for longer to do something important or take care of their kids if you ask, but it seems pretty asinine to not ask for a break and to just think noone else will care if you disappear for half an hour or so since your time is obviously more important than their time.


  7. I hate dealing with Prima Donnas. Drama Queens. Bossy Bessies (ohnoes I’m being Un-PC hang me from the nearest tree).

    Sure, they’re in everything in WoW, from the Auction House to the lowliest questing zone to Roleplay – but they are particularly annoying in an instance.

    When I first started DK tanking, Unholy, when Unholy Blight was a great AoE ability, there was another girl that had an 80 DK tank for her main. On this particular run, she was the healer – a Holy Priest that only seemed capable of greater heals and got me killed a few times ’cause she couldn’t judge her casts appropriately – and we had a brand new guildie, a Frost mage with BC raiding experience, in the run. To start, she claimed dibs on the hood from Keleseth (if it dropped, which it did) and I was too damned tired to tell her “Yeah, we don’t do that in my groups”, so I left it alone (stupid mistake #1). Throughout the instance she was telling people what to do, and on Dalronn it really reached a head when she said, “Everybody stand close so I don’t have to heal you,” something like that.

    Honey, you’ve been standing close the entire instance, much to my chagrin (Peeve 2: Healers not understanding the concept of proximity aggro – the closer you are, the more you generate), and who died and made you party leader? Not me, for damn sure. This was all shit I was going to TELL the party myself, but she was constantly bossing ’em around and I was just too “Bleh guh kill me now” to argue.

    The mage didn’t stand close. He took some damage, he used his ice blocks and his shields and it didn’t seem to be a problem. Next thing I know, the healer is raging at him for not listening to her, he drops group and hearths out after they have a little argument in /p over her conduct, and the rest of us are left looking kinda like this: “O_O”

    She also bitched at him in private, telling him that he should feel lucky he got in on her run.

    … I stopped instancing with her after that.

    TL;DR: Instance Queens suck. Stating “Dibs” on anything sucks when there are other people in the group that can USE IT. Etc. etc. Mat is a crank.
    .-= Matojo´s last blog ..[Grin’dal’s Corner] Grin’dal for Warchief! =-.


  8. My biggest beef – people who can’t take the time to find out how to play their class – especially when those people are my friends!

    And I have 2 friends, was 3 until I straightened him out – at least he took feedback about his class and made improvement.

    Basically, the group consists of me – priest, my husband – boomkin, hunter, druid, and either dk/warrior.

    My husband used to try and tank for the group but they always pulled agro off of him and he basically said no more. Can’t say I blame him. The hunter was a huntard, he’s gotten better but still has some issues but at least not with threat and he’s gotten better a dropping traps to save me when agro goes south. I played a hunter heavily though bc and knew how to play one for the most part.

    These other two though… they’d rather play dps and their dps is way low – especially since they buy tons of decent gear. Occasionally, they have volunteered to tank and I usually die quick because they just don’t understand how agro really works and that if they don’t do aoe’s – you end up with a dead squishy which usually means a wipe and they get mad at me when I say I won’t let them tank because they aren’t spec’d/geared properly. I can’t offer them any kind of guidance because then ‘I’m telling them how to play their class’. They won’t research anything about their class. Heck, the druid I pointed to your site back in the day and I got back ‘I can’t read all that’ – I was hoping she would look at your quick links especially on how to max cat damage and had mentioned them to her.

    It’s gotten to the point where I don’t play on that server anymore because its not worth losing the friendship over and I just get too frustrated wiping to mobs that should be a no brainer. I’d love to be doing heroic 5mans with them and maybe some pickup raids but it just won’t happen.

    Frankly, I’ve had more bad experiences playing with my friends that most pickup groups are awesome 😛


  9. One of my pet peeves? Receiving a /whisper from some random asking me to heal or tank an instance when I’m already quite clearly in an instance or raid. I was running a 10-man Trial of the Crusader recently on my eponymous altadin when a level 70 warlock asked me to come tank Zul’Aman.

    I tried to be polite. “Sorry. I’m in a raid.”

    He was persistent, if rather laconic: “Pls.”

    “… Sure. Let me just drop this raid — you know, the one I’m doing with my guildies so we can get some nice, level-appropriate gear — so I can tank an old instance for someone I don’t even know.”

    Alas, my sarcasm was wasted on the little lockling.



    I won’t repeat his response. It was /not/ nice.
    .-= Elleiras´s last blog ..Riding the Bench =-.


  10. Mine is in VoA, and I suffered it again today while watching 4 of my guildies accepted. The raid leader was a butthead rogue who would not have one single other rogue in the entire danged raid so any rogue loot goes to him alone… yet it doesnt bother him in the least to stack paladins 6-thick. I went back to Kayeri and put this jerk on my ignore list, vowing I will NEVER heal for him, ever… It also took over half an hour for this lame-ass to assemble the group because of this…

    Welcome to only the 2nd spot on my PERMANENT ignore list in three years of playing, douchebag…

    Gee, I don’t sound too awfully peeved about it, do I?? 🙂


  11. …I have to pick *one*??

    – People who don’t bother to eat the fish feast when it is down, but ask for it after it’s already disappeared.
    – People who died to trash pulls and ask for another feast, then get upset when one is not planted for their sole consumption.
    – Mail/plate users rolling need on leather or cloth gear, and taking it out from under leather and cloth users. Especially when it’s a hunter taking leather expertise gear from a rogue or druid, who then attempts to explain that it’s still an upgrade for them and if they can equip it then it was obviously meant for them.
    – Anyone who lies about whether or not they died in the fire. Especially when their corpse is in a pool of lava.
    – Anyone who lies about dieing to a cleave. Especially when their corpse is on top of the tank.
    – Tanks that spin their cleaving, tail-whipping, or cone-breathing adversaries in circles, then yell at the dps for getting cleaved/tail-whipped/breathed upon.
    – Tanks that drag their cleaving, tail-whipping, or cone-breathing adversaries into a group of healers or casters, and then blame the healers for the wipe.
    – Raid Leaders who order the raid to stay with the group, and then lead the group straight into a flame breath or cleave, and then yell at the raid for not getting out of it.
    – People who agree to come to a long, involved raid (usually in the case of a pug), but can only play for 30 minutes, and leave after the first couple bosses.
    – People who think that someone else would be happy to come into VoA after Koralon has already been killed, and we should have no trouble filling their (tank) spot should they leave, because they don’t want to hang around the 10 minutes it will take to kill the other two bosses.
    – Healers who think that if they don’t get a healing assignment, then they can just wand at stuff, even while the raid is wiping.
    – Warlocks who life-tap while at full mana.
    – Anyone who thinks that purple pixels are an indisputable measure of skill.

    …I’m sure there are plenty of others I can think of, but I’ll stop hogging the soapbox now 😀


  12. “The person that dies in a fight and makes no effort to actually get themselves back to the instance on their own. They wait for a ressurrection, regardless of whether the entire team wiped and has to run back, or whether it’s in Trials where you can run back in during the encounter itself and your team might need you, or whatever.”

    I cannot stand this. When I’m healing and someone doesn’t run back with everyone else I will get to their corpse, say, “AFK” and wait to see how long it takes them to get back. If I know the tank I will tell him to continue pulling without them. Sometimes, if they are nice and ask for a rez while they go to the bathroom, take care of their child, etc. I don’t mind as long as it is the exception rather then the rule.

    “Someone that doesn’t spend two seconds discussing strategy. They might, if you’re lucky, ask if everyone is ready before they pull the boss.”

    I prefer this, but I can’t stand it when someone says they’re ready even though they’ve never been there and have no idea what to do for the boss. If you’ve never been through the instance before, please give a warning to your group so that they can spend a moment giving you some valuable instruction. If you run into an …. who kicks you from the group for it then you are probably better off not running with them.


  13. 1. Typhoon/Thunderstorm/Blast Wave unglyphed.
    2. Any DPS that taunts off me. Not pulls off, but taunts. Usually a DK with DG. Only time I’m fine with it is when they pull a caster into melee range for me.
    3. DPS that pulls trash/bosses before I pull. Not try to tank it or anything but pulls it and runs to the group.


  14. People who are clearly skilled players, but consider themselves to “leet” to adjust their playstyle in any way to accomodate others: tanks who chain-pull whole rooms while their healer has no mana and begs for mana breaks, healers who think their tank is too slow and run ahead aggroing adds, and so on.

    People whose first reaction to anything going wrong is to publically berate others. “Sheesh, are you tanking with your eyes closed? Your dps sucks!” etc.
    .-= Shintar´s last blog ..The story of a sad, burnt out raider =-.


  15. Apathy.

    I can cope with drama, ninjaing and so on. But running a guild where 90% of the players expect the other 10% to work miracles to keep them entertained was gruelling.

    The whole 20 people spamming Wintergrasp with “inv” and no one inviting makes me want to just log off.


  16. I’m having too much fun with this topic! How about reading this in trade: “LFM for (Insert raid here) PST stats and achievement”

    You armory that person, and more then half the time they THEM SELVES don’t have the achievement. Ask to be carried much? If you are on your alt, as most of them claim when I whisper them to send me thier achievement first, then what are you looking for? People on thier mains to carry you? Is your alt the only alt allowed? Weak sauce.


  17. “1. Typhoon/Thunderstorm/Blast Wave unglyphed.”

    I don’t mind if they don’t have it unglyphed…. As long as they don’t USE it while I’m trying to tank the mobs. But if they come into the nice tight little pack of casters that I’ve gathered into a corner and blast them away…… /SCREAM

    Or, even better if they do it as the mobs are coming around the corner that I’m pulling to. /sigh /disband


  18. For me the thing I hate most are people trying to ride my coattails

    Someone trying to raid but they’re in full greenies

    Someone who hasn’t read the tactics. Whose gear is grossly inappropriate for their content they’re trying to take, who may even have ebayed a character and have no clue how to play it

    I want to play with people. I don’t want to cfarry them. I hate being used


  19. Burakku’s suggestion of people who run away from the tank is a good one, but I’ve been dealing with that so long I’m mostly desensitized to it.

    The one that still gets me, and got me just last night, is premature whining about deaths. I’ve run plenty of groups where nobody died, but sometimes shit happens. To use my most recent encounter as an example, complaining at length that you’re “sick of dying” after one individual death and one wipe means I’m not inviting you to another group. WoW is a highly fatal game. There are few repercussions to death, and we’ve all died innumerable times. What’s a couple more?

    Of course, if you’re dying repeatedly because someone is screwing up, then there’s reason to complain. But complain about the screwup, not that you died.


  20. So, mine is long, but it involves a few different examples I see from my friends/guildies who I run with frequently, that they still do and it pisses me off. First off we have a dpser who never has any repair money, any food, bandages, or other consumables, so after a death he always just sits there and finally after 2-3 mins he will ask me if i am going to heal him, to which i say “no, everyone else had food and got themselves to 100% health again.”

    2nd is people who don’t release after wipes, which is a very common one judging from previous commentors. I flatly refuse to rez after a wipe, saying that if you had released at the same time as me, you would be alive by now. As Raid Leader, I have made it a rule to not allow rez’s after wipes, and if a healer rez’s someone after a wipe I will /w both the person who did the rezzing and the rezzee saying it is the last time, or they wont raid with us anymore.

    3rd; Our GM is what we affectionately (amongst the officers) refer to as “Jack of all trades, master of none.” He has 9 80s: Warrior (tank) Paladin (tank) Priest (holy) Druid (tree/bear) 3 mages, a hunter and a DK. When he tanks he has horrible aggro issues and refuses to install any addons. As a healer he will never follow his assingment and usually always heals the MT even though I (paladin healer) was on the MT. I have finally given up on ths issue, and I always take raid heals as a paladin because I know he cant handle it. In addition to this, whether he is on his priest or druid, he has horrible mana control. He will mostly spam healing touch/nourish or greater heal, and even though I have talked to him about it several times, it never gets through, so he will always *always* use a mana pot, ask for an innervate from another druid, or ask our shaman to drop their mana tide totem, and usually he will have done all of these by 50% through the fight, leaving us with an Oom healer the rest of the way. The last thing he does that drives me and our tanks crazy, is when he is on his fire mage he LOVES blastwave and frost nova. He will run into a melee range, blastwave the mobs out of the tanks range, then almost always follow with a frost nova to keep them spread out, making it a nightmare on tanks. When he sheeps something, he will always break the sheep before the tank is ready, pulling aggro, then iceblock b4 the tank can recover, and I or another healer quickly finds themself in trouble. It got so bad that I kicked him from a heroic run after he blastwaved a group of mobs and caused a wipe. I have since forbidden any knockbacks in runs.


  21. Waterwalking or using path of frost to kill people on anub’arak. Nothing pisses me off more than intentionally killing other people and slowing down a raid.


  22. To make it short and sweet.

    Posting damage meters unasked really burns me up. I can see recount as a useful tool for self-improvement, but not as an epeen compitition. You want to have a compitition with someone fine, keep it to whispers.

    Expecting a rez when everyone else ran back is unacceptable.

    Lastly folks that demand folks be way over geared for whatever they are building the pug for. I actually saw someone today in trade wanting the [epic] achievment before you were good enough for thier Direbrew run. >.<
    .-= Dechion´s last blog ..Grouping with others =-.


  23. – I hate it when someone drops a toy train while we’re discussing strategy, it’s noisy and distracting.
    – Warlocks Life Tapping themselves half to death.
    – People asking for recount data, install the damn addon already.
    – Mages that raid in Frost.


  24. Disingenuity in pugs. It’s ok to tell me you don’t want another caster in your PuG cos you want all the caster loot for yourself. Really! That’s fine, it’s your pug and you can run it in whatever manner you please (incidentally, this also allows me to counter with the fact that I am probably just looking for exp and would be happy to pass on caster boss drops). But saying something like “we already have a shadow priest and don’t need another 8-(” strains the limits of credulity, especially when we’re talking about something like reg UK.


  25. The guy who acts as if a 30 min instance run is about 29 minutes longer than his attention span can handle. When you’re ready to pull he’s across the room (or in a completely different room) trying to jump onto a vase. When you’re discussing tactics he’s spamming emotes and spinning in circles. When you pause because the healers/dps need to drink he runs ahead and stands at the very edge of aggro range jumping up and down. Throughout the entire instance he’s jumping, jumping, jumping.

    It’s particularly special when this is the tank…


  26. Ok this isn’t nearly the same as anyone else’s comments but it still gets under my skin every time it happens.

    1) Using macro’s to spam some stupid message stating you’re using an ability and/or have aggro as DPS. Seriously, I don’t care when you use your skills and I damned sure don’t care when you have aggro Mr Huntard that doesn’t know how to use your cooldowns properly to drop threat.

    2) Announcing in raid and/or vent that you died as the DPS, or saying you’re low on health as DPS. Thanks, but I’m fairly certain that our healers have party frames and can tell when someone is low on health. If you died (esp due to #1), you should seriously consider figuring out what YOU did wrong and stop filling up Vent so that when the tank needs to announce something (like a tank-switch), he can be heard.


  27. For me it’s the person who has the completely inappropriate tactics for a boss. Two examples from two different raid leaders:

    10-man Sarth, 0 drakes, 3 hunters being asked to somehow co-ordinate their tranq shots to dispell the enrages on the adds instead of the one rogue using his poison and fan of knives, as it would harm the rogue’s DPS too much (let’s not get into the logistics and DPS loss of the three hunters managing to pick 3 different targets first time out…).

    25-man Flame Leviathan, 0 towers, all 5 passengers being thrown onto FL to destroy his turrets with the result of almost no pyrite being used the entire fight… AFTER we spent 5 minutes shooting down everything we could see in the air.

    The other thing that drives me up the wall, onto the ceiling, and down the opposite wall is when DPS refuse to attack the adds. The worst offender has to be part one of Northrend Beasts, when a Snobold can be beating on a healer standing directly in front of a ranged DPS, who makes no attempt to help. Got to love people who get snobolds on their heads who then run around the edge of the arena for no reason at all.


  28. Apologies if somebody already mentioned it but.. manners. That’s my biggest pet peeve. Those people that demand “summon” “inv” and if you’re lucky you might get a “pls” or a “plix” .. which is as good as not saying it. You all wipe, and one guy doesn’t run in, immediately “res druid”, like these characters don’t have names? To be very honest, if anyone calls me hunter in a run it’s not even laziness it’s downright rude, my character’s name is ‘Fae’ >.> Things like that, I have no specific story because feck me they’re everywhere!


  29. I don’t group that much but lately there’s one thing that’s been annoying me. I’m a hunter with a fondness for tenacity pets. I can’t have them tank newer instances but for old world and the weaker Outland ones, my pet can do the trick. But the problem is that the healers will ignore my pet when it’s tanking. Most of the time, I can keep up the healing on my pet but sometimes, it just gets annoying. If you’re going to use my pet as a tank, buff it and heal it like you would do to a tank.


  30. @Kae “- Warlocks who life-tap while at full mana.”

    The warlock Life Tap glyph gives you a nice spellpower boost and as a resultlocks with it tap at the start of the fight just for that reason.


  31. A complete and utter lack of spatial awareness. Standing in stuff, pulling extra mobs, not paying attention to what others are doing such as the tank.

    I like to avoid pulling anything I don’t have too to save time, which in places like halls of lightning can be a little dangerous if people don’t look at the mobs around them before wandering into them. I hate to just pull the extra mobs because how will anyone learn to look around them if there isn’t any danger.

    I also know a few healers that will die in any type of ground AOE 90% of the time (the other 10% they heal through it). Totally annoying.

    Oh and a bonus annoying thing, resto druids that don’t use rejuvenation. I know of one (also falls under the die in a fire category above), well geared and heals at a sub heroic level due to spell rotation alone. Gentle hints don’t seem to work.

    I suppose in general my biggest pet peeve is people that don’t learn. Not slow learners mind you, people that will make the same mistakes over and over, month after month.


  32. Naxx 10 run with guildies – we’re actually all RL friends that have since been spread out across Canada and other parts of the world. As such, we never bother to set a loot master because we’re all courteous with each other. (This, as you can likely guess, was our first mistake.)

    Anwyay, we were one short. 3 people in LFG. We decided to bring a mage as we didn’t have one in the group and it provided a nice 3/3 balance of ranged/melee dps. We’re not gear elitists, but I checked any way (I have an 80 mage, too… it’s always nice to see what other kids have!) Reasonable mix and could easily break 1500 dps for Naxx 10 runs. We asked if he knew the fights and he said he did. Good enough. Construct wing was our goal that evening.

    Patchwork went down, no problem. Mage put out decent dps and won two pieces of gear because no one else rolled.

    Grobbulus was another story. He didn’t bother to move while injected. So we wiped. We explained the fight, where to run, etc. Still didn’t bother to move while injected but we managed to finish the fight. Item got sharded because no one wanted it. Rolled for shard and this mage won the roll. I politely asked him to pass it on to the 2nd highest roll as he had already one two pieces of gear. Fortunately, he did.

    On to Gluth now, and because of how Grobbulus went, we explained the whole fight. He continued to show his lack of thought process because he would AoE the zombies being kited while decimate was NOT active. Total waste of dps. Anyway, somehow we managed to get through that fight. Mage/Rogue/Druid/DK tier gear dropped. Shoulders, I think. He won the roll on that, too. (Haxx, maybe? :P)

    Thaddius, well, he of course couldn’t figure out how the polarity business worked, despite it being explained twice. He died, of course… but fortunately, we had enough to down Thaddius and no potential Mage loot dropped and nothing was sharded.

    We basically said we were done for the night and let him leave the group and he logged off and we got a guildy (who popped on after we started) to help us finish up the Military wing.

    So, yeah, it’s maybe a bit our own fault for not setting loot master or establishing loot rules (there’s never been a need for it before). But it still pisses me off to no end when someone doesn’t have the sense to have some courtesy. If you’ve won some loot, at the very least ASK if someone minds if you roll for another upgrade. If other people are rolling, then pass. You got some phat lewtz already. If it’s tier gear. Roll until you won a piece. Then pass until everyone’s won a piece.


  33. Recount posters – I generally post cleanses or fails if I’m healing, or TPS if I’m tanking. Hey – those are the stats I’m watching.

    Run after wiping. It’s gotten so ingrained that I have to remind myself to not release on a boss when I’m on my newbie mage.

    Summoning…If I see you moving towards the instance, or at least making an effort – I’ll summon you. Yeah, I’m a Paladin on a Rusted-Proto, and I’ve got my Northrend Transporter to open wormholes – so I’m usually there faster – but I’m putting the effort to get there. I will rarely summon more than once, figuring you were just afk when I did it.

    Rolling on DEs. No. It’s my enchanting skill – not yours. You get to keep herbs/skins/ore – I get to keep the shards. I will happily roll greed on everything, and then DE something for the group at the end for a fee – but unless someone inspects me to see that my rings are enchanted and brings it up – I never mention that I’m an enchanter.

    Failing to appreciate the carry. Nothing like someone getting carried through a heroic that acts like they were a star. When I get to go on my mage (not so much any more – but you get the picture) and I knew I was just one step up from dead weight – I knew the fact that I’m on an alt of one of the best geared paladins on the server doesn’t matter. You act humble and thank folks for the opportunity to tag along.

    Getting on “noobs”. Yes – there are idiots in the game. The feral druid who puts spell pen on his gloves (gem) becuase it’s either that or stamina to get his 6AP socket bonus. Educate first – then if they just don’t get it – go ahead and mock them. Harping on someone who doesn’t know a fight but has the intestinal fortitude to ask will just get you kicked from my group. We had a preist (PUG) complaining about a PUG rogue in a 25 ToC we were hosting because the guy didn’t have epic gems in his blues/naxx gear – and didn’t have the best enchants. It was obvious the guy was trying – so so long priest.

    Many more I’m sure – but I’m taking more than my share of space 🙂
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..Our perfect night – almost =-.


  34. A few choice ones from recent times:

    1) Guildies who think they’re too good for the raid group that we’re currently participating in, who spend time laughing and making fun of the way that the fight’s being explained by the Raid Leader, who may go AFK during said explanation, who encourage others to take part in the making fun (all in secret, as this is a multi-guild raid, and this is all going on in guild chat), and then after the Raid Leader is done ask “Ok, so who am I healing/DPSing?” Especially since this happens every time we raid with this particular guild, and they feel that the guild running the raid isn’t that good, yet they accept the invites every time.

    2) DPS who think it’s a source of pride to be able to generate so much threat that “no tank can hold aggro off me”, and who may even find it funny to play ‘aggro games’ with the tank, especially when they haven’t let the tank know they’re doing so intentionally. (Worse yet is when they say they’re ‘not even going all out, just enough to pull the aggro’.)

    3) Guildies who complain about raid lockouts to me, about how I’m not thinking ahead when I go on a raid with another group, while they do the same, and then say “Well, I can do that – I have multiple 80s. You only have one, so you have to think about the guild schedule first.” (Especially when there’s nothing on the guild schedule for the week, but come back with “Well, we would have done something if you hadn’t gotten yourself locked out – we have no tank now.”)

    4) Guildies who focus on Recount stats like DPS or Total Damage, love it when they come in top, but always have some sort of ‘reason’ why they weren’t top if they weren’t. This refers to – “Oh, my Mage can’t compete on Total Damage with DKs, since they have DoTs and pets and lots of AoE.” or “I wasn’t top DPS because the Raid Leader had me on (insert utility function here) that took away from my DPS.”

    5) Healers who make it a point to say outright in chat/Vent – “Oh it’s so easy to heal [insert Tank name that isn’t me],” when that someone else is tanking, and may say “Oh, it’s getting a little easier to heal for you.” to me when I’m tanking. =p (Ok, maybe that’s more of a personal, rather than general pet peeve.)

    And that’s just a few, and I think three of them happened last Saturday alone.

    I’ll be interested to see what other peeves this leads to, BBB.

    My 2 yen,

    .-= Akiosama´s last blog ..Resistance is Futile – You will be Assimilated =-.


  35. As a Tank, I’m always amazed when I run into melee who haven’t figured out to get *behind* the boss.

    My wife’s pet peeve (no pun intended) is getting bombarded by whispers about one of her Spirit Beasts. “Where’d you get that pet?”


  36. “The guy who acts as if a 30 min instance run is about 29 minutes longer than his attention span can handle. When you’re ready to pull he’s across the room (or in a completely different room) trying to jump onto a vase. When you’re discussing tactics he’s spamming emotes and spinning in circles. When you pause because the healers/dps need to drink he runs ahead and stands at the very edge of aggro range jumping up and down. Throughout the entire instance he’s jumping, jumping, jumping.

    It’s particularly special when this is the tank…”

    Hey, that’s me!

    Bouncy bouncy bear…

    The jumping jumping part. You kno what I mean. Brown bears CAN jump!


  37. It’s gotta be a toss up between melee who can’t be bothered to watch their agro (aka mages and huntards) and probably recount whores. Also people who don’t talk out their problems in a group but instead pst all the other players about how the other people suck and I gotta add the dk who cant tank and…I need to make a blog just so I can vent sheesh


  38. People who ignore me when I ask if I should bother dropping a Fish Feast in a 5 man. I don’t mind dropping one, and don’t care if I don’t, but don’t ignore me.


  39. Um… Dirz… Melee who can’t watch aggro? Y’might want to rephrase your aka. A bit of a headscratcher to me – not sure if you meant ranged who can’t be bothered to watch their aggro, or meant “aka Rogues, etc.”

    Though I wiill have to agree about Mages, Warlocks and Hunters having trouble sometimes keeping an eye on aggro.

    And fortunately, at least from what the people around me say, I am a DK that CAN tank. =p [I am, but I’m just kidding with ya.]

    My 2 yen,

    .-= Akiosama´s last blog ..Resistance is Futile – You will be Assimilated =-.


  40. On bosses where you have to manoover the boss into a certain position before you can start properly getting aggro, but dps decide to start nukeing the hell out of the boss before youve managed to get an aggro hold and are still positioning, then scream at you when they get aggro and sometimes die.


  41. One of my biggest is dps who go in right before or right as the tank does… pull aggro and then expect the tank to taunt it. We had several dps that would rather get a moment of super dps in then die rather than gimp their dps by actually letting the tank pull… Hence my philosophy – “You yank it you tank it.”

    And as a Raid Leader – someone that constantly whispers and whines about everything. You change one thing to suit their desires [mainly because you see it as a raid improvement] and they whine about that.

    Or people who decline to show for raids because “they have everything already” [why are you rolling for that awesome trinket then?]. Or “you won’t let me bring my alt”

    Or the people with a bunch of viable raiding alts [heck I have several myself] who come on one toon and whine when something their other toon could have used. Every piece of gear in these instances can be used by an alt of mine… seriously… and I’m not whining, so they should have no cause to!


  42. Hmm can’t say just one.

    I can’t stand asshats that think they are so leet that they’re better than everyone else. Especially when they have to butt in and try to hurry things along in a raid when they aren’t living up to their standards. We have a guy like that in our 25 man raids. I don’t know how, but every single time he opens his mouth it automatically = a pissed off bear tank. I can’t stand him. My raid leader says he’s a really nice guy, but in raids he has to be an asshat. I know he’s trying to make the raid better, but I absolutely can’t stand his style – especially since he’s not the raid leader.

    One thing that pisses me off is the lazy jerk that can’t be bothered to type out “you” or “please”. I can’t stand seeing letters strung together in a travesty of a sentence. “can u rez plz tk” is so annoying. If you say plz because it’s shorter than please, then I say no because it’s shorter than yes.

    Loooong story incoming.

    Another pet peeve: drama llamas. I can’t stand people that make drama. If you make drama in guild/party/raid chat, you’re getting kicked. I don’t put up with it, period. You’re an adult, work it out yourself *behind* the scene. Take it to whispers. Just don’t act like you’re more special than everyone else.

    My best friend and I knew a chic that we moved guilds with frequently until we finally made our own guild and invited her to join ours permanently. I didn’t know her very well until then. As time wore on and we ran Kara and such together (yeah, this was a long time ago), we started to realize just how sensitive she was. That’s fine, I can understand someone who’s a little sensitive. Then she started getting onto one of our own friends we brought along to help fill out a guild run. She told them in vent, and in raid chat, how they were a horrible healer and how one wipe was all their fault. That was BS and we never, ever, ever pull crape like that. We always insist on doing any kind of correction in private. With her being so sensitive, she should have known better.

    Anyways, not long after that, she & her boyfriend and my best friend had a drama filled falling-out which broke apart the guild and caused him (my friend) to leave the game entirely for almost a year. He finally came back a while after LK came out. A couple months ago, I find out that this chic is back in guild because he invited her in. O.O I completely boggled. I couldn’t figure out why he invited her back in, but he’s as bad as I am about being a forgiving softy. I never really forgave her for being such a drama llama and breaking up the entire guild (which I had to put back together by myself – no, I’m not bitter at all…), but apparently he did. So I said sure, everyone deserves a second chance.

    Not but a couple weeks went by, I’d been inviting her to the guild runs and such, and one night comes up where we need a healer for Ulduar. So one of our guildies says this chic is on an alt and I say to ask her if she wants to come along tonight since she’s online. I noticed she hadn’t accepted or declined the calendar invite for that week. So she pops on her main in guild and starts in on this big spiel about how she’s not going to come on my run if she doesn’t get put on the invite list. Huh? I know when she came back I put her on the calendar list. So I check the list for that week, and she’s right, she’s not on it. But she’s on the list for the previous week. Somehow, and I don’t know how since I copy/paste the list every single week, her name didn’t end up on the list. I apologized and said I didn’t know what happened, but she’s supposed to be on the list. Instead of asking me about it, she decided to throw a tempter tantrum in /guild. So I said screw it. After that she definitely wasn’t coming on my raid. And then 3 days later she randomly left a 25 man that our guild joins because someone said her name on vent and mentioned that it sounded like a druid name instead of a priest. Someone else made a joke about furries – very much *not* directed at her. And she just left vent and left the raid because they thought they were making fun of her. So whatever, she left guild after that and I’m glad of it.

    Also, I’m totally guilty of being the bouncy bear. It’s not my attention span though, more of an annoying nervous tic. 😛

    The 25 man I attend is also guilty of killing each other. The frogger before Mimiron? Yeah, 3 hunters all misdirecting the bombs to an annoying raid member. (He totally deserves it, he’s so damned annoying.) Our pally tank also has a horrible habit of bubbling and dragging a bomb into the raid. It’s hilarious as long as the rest of the group finds it hilarious. 😛 I’d never pull stunts like that outside of that specific group though. It’s really not funny to kill people on purpose when *they* don’t think it’s funny. But if you can’t stand getting your chain jerked you’re not going to last in that group very long. (See above example with the drama llama.)

    Whew that was a long post.


  43. too much haste, not enough speed.

    i.e. Raid leaders/group organisers rushing when some members of the group do not know what is required of them. Be it me or anybody else, I hate it (and as the tank, I can slow it down, explain it properly and fix it.)


  44. One of my biggest gripes is during group formation… while the

    “The person that wants to go on the run, but once invited, makes no effort to get to the instance entrance on their own. They just automatically expect someone else will, and will summon them. I’ve even seen this for Violet Hold, believe it or not. Oh yes I have.”

    is frustrating (and it definitely gets listed as a pet peeve), its the:

    “Thanks for the invite… now expect radio silence for the next 5, 10, 20 minutes while you make your way to the instance.”

    They frustrate the hell out of me because more often than not you would half clear the instance in the time it takes for them to appear.

    Mind you, your

    “Someone that insists on talking about the strategy on the next fight, even though everybody on the run has been doing this same fight together the last four months (this would be me… yep, I do that).”

    has broken my group of friends into 8 separate units now.
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Skipping (old) End Game Content =-.


  45. I don’t PuG, so I don’t have to deal with some of the above. That said, my biggest irritation is people who expect others to stand around waiting for them. I don’t care if it’s people who didn’t repair before hand, people who sign up for a raid that aren’t ready because they jumped into a instance run 20 minutes before start time, or people asking for drink break 5 minutes after someone else asked for a bio break. I mean, really, you couldn’t take care of this during the last time we all had to wait around? My favorite was a hunter formerly in our guild (a truly special person who once rolled on, won, and equipped the tanking sword from H UK) who asked, right in front of Noth, if she had time to go down to the store and get a pack of cigarettes! Seriously? You expect the rest of us to wait around while you do that?!

    I understand that people can’t (and probably shouldn’t) go on a 5 hour raiding spree without leaving the computer. That doesn’t excuse wasting the time of 4-24 other people just suit your arbitrary schedule. Most groups schedule or allow breaks at intervals. Take advantage of them, ok? What bothers me the most is that it seems so common among guildmates and friends that you would expect to be somewhat courteous. =(

    To comment on the above, life tap for the glyph can be a rank 1. If you’re using max rank at full mana, you’re being lazy. If you’re using rank 1, no one will notice anyway. The warlocks that really piss off healers are the ones that wait until right before a pull at ~20% mana, then Life Tap back to full right as the tank pulls. Bonus if they open with Seed or some other AoE before the mobs even reach the tank.

    The one I’m guilty of is lack of food (I bring my own Flasks, Potions, Reagents, and Water to every run). There are always fish feasts around in raids anyway, and I tend to provide enough guild services on my toons that I haven’t been too concerned about pulling my weight on that one. I have finally started to work on my fishing and cooking on my main though. =)


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