What is your least favorite group behavior?

Let’s do something different.

I’m gonna ask you… straight out, no wriggling out of it…

What, of all the behaviors you’ve seen displayed by people in a group event, what is the one that pisses you off the most?

I’ve mentioned a few PUG stories recently, I’ve read some on other blogs, and you’ve shared some of your stories in the comments, and there are some reoccuring trends in instances and raids that just blow me away.

Now, I’d expect to get some great stories in the comments from this one, and that alone is reason enough for the post. Great stories, by definition, are ones that allow me, the reader, to mutter “oh, that’s just amazing” in tones of horrified wonder and awe.

But I think there’s more to offer about the topic than just the entertainment value.

I think that if you give me your personal pet peeves about things people do in groups, whether small instances or large raids, and I catalogue it and put up a poll with those choices to see which ones people hate the most…

Maybe, just maybe, someone that DOES them will see it and freaking STOP!

Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Let me toss a few of the behaviors into the ring just to kick things off.

Remember, these are just different behaviors in general that may or may not tweak you, and I’m looking for the bulk of the list to come from YOU…

Showing up with broken gear, or gear so close to broken that within the time it takes to reach the first boss fight, the person says, “I need a break, I have to go to a vendor to repair.”

The person that wants to go on the run, but once invited, makes no effort to get to the instance entrance on their own. They just automatically expect someone else will, and will summon them. I’ve even seen this for Violet Hold, believe it or not. Oh yes I have.

The person that dies in a fight and makes no effort to actually get themselves back to the instance on theirย own. They wait for a ressurrection, regardless of whether the entire team wiped and has to run back, or whether it’s in Trials where you can run back in during the encounter itself and your team might need you, or whatever.

An addendum to that last one would have to be the person that dies in a big boss encounter, and walks away from their computer immediately for a drink or something without a word. You find these folks out when you battle rez them and they never respond.

Someone that never, ever brings consumables, they count on someone else bringing a Fish Feast to the run, or lending them a flask or potion. And they don’t help getting the fish.

The person that ‘tunes out’ in a run, they don’t really try and play the best they can, they figure they’ve got great gear, so they can run the whole way using autoshot/auto attack while chatting with friends or spending most of their attention watching the new episode of Army Wives.

Someone that insists on talking about the strategy on the next fight, even though everybody on the run has been doing this same fight together the last four months (this would be me… yep, I do that).

Someone that doesn’t spend two seconds discussing strategy. They might, if you’re lucky, ask if everyone is ready before they pull the boss.

Those are just off the top of my head examples of things that may or may not irritate you.

I’d sure like to hear yours.

I’m going to take the answers I get over a week, and see if I can put together a poll for you to vote on the worst of the worst.

So let’s hear those stories!

God, I love your stories.

I think, if possible, the person that came up with the most popular idea will get a button or a shirt mailed to them. So don’t be shy…


136 thoughts on “What is your least favorite group behavior?

  1. i was tanking a recent run through ToC regular where upon the the first drop was the epic ilvl200 tanking pants. that’s when the pally healer says in chat “OMG, tanking gear is the only reason why i came here. i’m rolling need!” i responded by saying that if he was here for tanking gear that he should be tanking and that he should roll greed for any off spec gear as the tank should have first priority at tanking gear. the second boss also dropped tanking gear and he rolled need again explaining that its not off spec gear for him because one day he is going to be a main tank. i told him he’s lucky i didn’t need any of that gear because i would be raising a big stink about it if i did. we down the black knight and sure enough the black heart drops, my lovely pally healer immediately rolls need, i also don’t need this piece of gear but i whisper the warrior in our group and say if he is ever planning on tanking he should roll on it, he does and he beats the pally. i am very happy.
    one of the most annoying practices i see quite often in pug groups is there always seems to be 1 guy who constantly asks for recount to be put up, he more often than not is the lowest in dps. i know that every time he sees his sub par dps that he is going to start getting more aggressive to try and pick up his numbers. i will usually throw my vigilance onto this guy because i know he’s going to jump the gun and end up pulling. i hate having to use vigilance on a low dps’er but meh, i probably shouldn’t be pugging anyway.


  2. My Main is a warlock. My biggest peeve in game has to be people who accept my summons, and then just stand around waiting for me to summon the rest. If you come through a summon, PLEASE summon at least one person. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to spam the raid channel looking for just one person to click… with 15 – 20 people sitting next to me in the raid, jumping and asking “what are we waiting for?” Or summoning a person several times, only to have em complain when the raid starts without em. Try getting the recount heroes to stop and summon then!


    love the blog B^3!


  3. Mana is for healers and buffs are for bosses. I’m not gonna stop for you to wipe your blades dry every time we kill a wolf in UK. If we can’t beat the next trash pull with 34-75% mana then we can’t kill a boss with 100%. If we can’t kill the next trash pull unless you have kings and not might then our situation is for too tenuous for me to believe we should continue on to greater challenges. “Omg, the tank just charged a critter without doing a readycheck!” Get out of my group now. The blue hole to hell is back that way. Most heroics can be done in 20-30 minutes if we aren’t stopping to say prayers for the rogue to find his contact that fell out during that last pull or the hunter’s mom to stop lecturing him about the crusty socks under his bed. Heroics can be done from start to finish with 3 people (2 if your tank has high DPS or your DPS can heal while fighting). I think the 4 of us can handle a hall of trash while Johnny Branmuffin pinches a loaf. This is a fire fight not a bubble bath. Let’s go people…

    Oddly enough, I hate gogo people. If I stopped, believe me, there’s a damn good reason I stopped. I will kick your butt out and demonstrate the 4 manning option discussed above.

    I also do not care that the tanking gear that dropped is better than what you have on now for DPS. If this is true than it is more of an indictment of you for wearing your current gear than an endorsement for you taking mine. Maybe this post sounds upset but damn’t, that was the point right?

    Lol, see you at the last boss.


  4. All of the above drive me nuts (as a healer, especially the res thing) but the thing I can’t stand is just plain old nastiness, people putting other people down just because they’re anonymous, all the name-calling, noob l2p, u fail etc…it’s just bullying plain and simple and I absolutely detest it. One thing that did get up my nose recently was trying to do a timed CoS run with a druid healer…we wiped on the 2nd group of dragons because our healer was still downtairs skinning the group we’d just killed ^^ I don’t mind people skinning in instances but there’s a time and a place!
    .-= Hulan´s last blog ..LFM Need Tank =-.


  5. Biggest pet peeve of mine would be the unprepared. While this is mainly a guild issue sort of thing, I have seen it in PUG’s as well. When I do a PUG or raid with the guild, I like to inspect people’s gear (not everyone’s just a few, and mainly the DPS), not becuase I am a gearscore snob, but because A) I have a 80 Lock and Mage, plus a up and coming DK and would like to see possible gear upgrades for them and B) to try and guage ahead of time if I should be expecting any over-zealous non omen installing RECOUNT noob aggro monkeys trying to pull threat off my fuzzy butt on purpose to stroke their ever shrinking E-PEEN (hmmm guess I came up with a second complaint as well LOL). It just annoys me to no end to open up the inspect window, start scrolling over the pretty epics this person has managed to aquire only to see EMPTY gem sockets and NO enchants. I always hear the same excuses as to why it is like that when I mention the fact: “I’m Broke” ZOMFG do some dailies and go get some green quality gems to stick in there until you can save up for that nice EPIC gem cut, SOMETHING is 100 times better than NOTHING. “No one in my guild is a JC/Enchanter or will help me out”: Hey, there’s a new invention on WoW, it’s called TRADE CHAT, try typing in it once in awhile, it actually does work occasionally. I have seen some people complain about someone using the wrong kind of gem, but to me thats just a lack of knowledge, which can be corrected, at least they have something there. Having no gem is just plain laziness, not much can be done to correct that.


  6. It hasn’t been brought up, but it irritates me.. people who whine about repair costs.

    If you can’t afford to repair, then go earn some gold already! And its worse when its a guildy, if you need for repairs just ask, don’t complain! It is easy to earn a hundred gold these days, we wipe, just form up again and repair if you need to using the bot that some kind soul put even more gold into making so you have the convenience.


  7. People clicking ‘yes’ and then typing WAIT in raid chat right after…just click no for chrissakes.

    People leaving after Koralon in VoA. It is rude to leave 20+ people without a main tank or top dps, just because YOU got a chance at the gear YOU wanted.

    People that zone out in a fight and stand in fire, ignore raid warnings, etc. Focus and pay attention for the 5-10 minutes of the encounter.

    Undergeared people that ‘sneak’ into higher raids. Yes, we see you doing 1500 dps, below the tank, you just look like an ass down there at the bottom of everyone’s recount window. Even worse when they start offering advice after a wipe or get rude.

    People that die one minute into the fight and yell out “Brez me!”, or “brez?”. Always a dps. If it was your fault, its not worth rezzing you to die again, and if it was a healer’s/tanks fault (rarely) the rez is better saved for a tank or healer unless you are absolutely needed for the encounter. Its like they go in expecting they get two lives, why bother being careful around fires and adds?
    .-= David´s last blog ..The Problem of ‘ilvl Creep’ =-.


  8. Can’t help but dig up this old post of mine from a journal long since dead.

    Etiquette to DPS’ing in a Pick-Up Group

    1.) Obviously if a tank or healler is pugging they’re overgeared, so it’s alright if I’m way undergeared. I can come to the dungeon without gems, enchants, consumables, etc. . . because the tank and healler could duo the place if they needed to while giving me things like innervate and fish feasts.
    2.) Tanks get bored easy. With this being a proven fact it is my job to make sure to hit mobs before they do, hit my taunt button as often as I can, use aoe moves like starfall to pull extra groups, and stand right beside them with aoe pulsing debuffs.
    3.) Heallers get bored easy, this is why I’ll throw any damage reduction spell off my bar like anti-magic shell or barkskin. I will never use a potion (those get expensive!), warlock cookies will sit in my bag, as will mage food (but don’t forget to demand it, you might find it useful later when you’re questing!) Will push them to their limits by eating nova’s, standing in fire, hitting my taunt button and moving into whirlwinds.
    4.) Since nobody’s dps is as leet as mine (if they’re above me on the chart it’s obviously buff fault, bad luck with polymorphs, or the class is overpowered and if I played it, I’d do -way- better.) I should always get a summon, never bring reagents, and everyone else should have a repair bot ready to drop if I need it since actually making it to a repair vendor is way too much trouble.
    5.) One of the tricks to having leet dps is of course to save your energy, so make sure anything you type uses as few letters as possible. ‘you’ obviously becomes u, please obviously becomes plz or pls, but you can get creative! good can become gud, enough, can become enuf, and with all that energy saved, you have more energy to hit the taunt button!
    6.) Dungeons are easy, so knowing the fights is silly, especially since with such overpowered tanks and heallers I’ll never have to move, only mash buttons.
    7.) The other non-leet dps should get the adds, you obviously need all of my dps on the boss. The time and energy it takes to hit the tab button is time I could be hitting the taunt button.
    8.) Leet dps don’t die unless the tank or healler screwed up, I’m in all purples, and the tank and healler pugging should obviously be better geared than me no matter what so if I die I have every right to get angry, somebody was slacking. Since I died it’s alright for me to sit here and wait for a ress, it’s the least they can do since they let me die.
    9.) Loot could be gold, and gold is worth more than shards (guild enchanters should give me everything free, I mean, look at my dps) so I must greed every piece of loot at least, though needing it is better, if I can’t use it, I could sell it
    10.) If anybody gets upset at me at any point in the run, or if I die at all, or if I don’t get that +1000 damage mace, it’s my -duty- to run to the nearest city, and spam how much the group sucked, specify names, and say nobody should ever group with them, ever.


  9. My fav is when I ask is everyone ready and all say yes. I pull and only 4 of us are fighting. I guess I wasn’t clear about being ready to “FIGHT”


  10. Fun suckers.

    The guys who spam recount.
    The guys who then bitch about person X’s dps being too low (yeah i know its bad too, but I’m not the RL PS avg raid dps is avg dps)
    The guys who bitch about how undergeared person X is, even though they may kick ass
    The guys who hate on person X who allow raids to happen at all ‘why did you invite X’ Or some other crap. ML. Put on Epic. Yeah, those things are important, but throw it in a whisper.

    People who don’t summon. Ever. They sit around in dalaran. Or they continue questing. Or whatever they are doing.
    People who dont run back.
    People who blame the tank for dps pulling aggro
    People who blame the tank for the healer drinking at 80% mana and not cathching up to the tank. Yes, i’m sorry, I guess I am supposed to hold the healers hand.
    Guildies who do horrible dps and don’t do anything, zippo, to improve it.
    People who just dont care (then why are here? Oh wait, to suck my fun. thanks).


  11. I think my peeves have all been well covered here. Have something that irked me today, but it was a new thing entirely, so doesn’t necessarily qualify as a peeve yet.
    Got into an Ony25 PuG today since my internet crapped out last night when the guild was going to do it. Lots of people trying to do the leading, without much coming from the RL in raid chat (okay, that’s a bit of a peeve, if you’re forming the group, please actually know what’s going on and be a leader). We finally get the ready check off, and I’m bounding in to piss off a dragon. We get her in the air, and gather up the whelps. So far so good, then the other 2 tanks die to go knows what. I’m running all over the place trying to collect whelps and warders, and as I’m heading towards one of the caves to collect spawning whelps, I see someone running out. WTF, deciding to go spelunking in the middle of the raid?
    In the end, it seems that a couple of asshats decided to sabotage the raid for their own amusement, because there were about 60 whelps out when I finally was killed. To make it worse, the hunter in this group feigned on the wipe, and proceeds to aggro Ony while we’re rebuffing and getting ready to go again. I think that a mage and/or rogue were in on the fun too blinking in and going invis, or stealthing in and then vanishing, because we had two wipes of this sort before the raid collapsed due to mistrust and aggravation.
    Okay, so hunters feigning on bosses in raids in general is a peeve. Yeah, you’re saving yourself a repair bill, but make damned sure you aren’t doing it on a boss where it’s going to cause it to bug out and create further problems.


  12. You mentioned one of my major peaves. People who just expect a summon. Boy does that annoy me, they are sitting in dalaran with their “high and mighty attitude” just occasionally saying “summon”. I can’t help myself and have to call them out on it. I think it just shows that people have no idea what the social side of this game is all about. They have no idea that the whole point of a MMO is for a group of people to come together and help collectively to achieve a goal.

    Another peave of mine is the “GOGOGOGOGO” attitude you get from DPS in pugs. I am reasonbly geared on my Paladin tank nowadays and occasionally have to take a short break for a drinky as mana can be an issue on some pulls. But i regulary get the “GOGOGOGO” or “MOVE” or WHATS THE HOLD UP OMG” from one or more of the DPS. I’m like whats the bloody rush??? The game is here to be enjoyed not to speed run through every instance as fast possible at break neck speed.

    I will say though some of my most fun times have come from pugging instances. Occasionally you get lucky and grab a excellent, polite & fun group of people. And those runs turn out to be an absolute pleasure.


  13. The “Rez me pls” or “heal me!” shouts in party or raid….if I am the healer, I know that you are dead, I saw that you died and if I had any chance of saving you, I would have.


  14. I personally do not like the hyperactive chatty people that repeat every 30 seconds they need a certain item from a boss. Its like ok dude we heard it the first time! The damage-done-spammers who like to brag after each trash mob how high they were with damage done ( but forget to mention how mana damage they took and also made the tank have a wonderfull time with doing that). But most of all I annoy the hell out of those people who concider themselves ready to do a heroic or raid while they are serious blind folded and cant see they need to gear up first. And those people never concider that it is them who made the group wipe, but it is always the healers fault. Ah well the longer I think the more things pop in my mind that can annoy me, think this was my top 3 ๐Ÿ˜›


  15. I apologize if someone else already mentioned it but I’d like to add:

    People who sign up for the most-recently released raid without:
    a) bothering to research the fight at all
    b) bringing any food
    c) flasking
    d) being ready to wipe

    I know people will cite “farm content” as reason not to use consumables, but if it is the newest raid (e.g. ToC or Onyxia) it is reasonable to assume it isn’t on farm yet. And, with the possible exception of Onyxia, it is reasonable to assume that if it is a newly-released raid, you don’t know the fights. Read up.

    But the thing that frustrates me the most is going into exciting new content, wiping, revising strategy, trying again (and getting further), wiping, revising strategy, and having people bail because “this is taking to long” or “I can’t afford all these wipes”. 2 wipes and your broke? You didn’t even drink a flask. You can’t be bothered to fish/farm your own food? Why on earth did you sign up for a progression raid?

    Which brings me to these two handy macros I found on WowWiki:

    List raid members without a food buff:

    /run nfb=”[Eat!]: “;for i=1,GetNumRaidMembers()do for b=1,40 do ua=UnitAura(‘raid’..i,b);if ua==”Well Fed”or ua==”Food”then break;elseif b==40 and ua~=”Well Fed”then nfb=nfb..UnitName(‘raid’..i)..” “;end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nfb,”raid”);

    List raid members without a flask buff:

    /run nf=”[Flask!]: “;for i=1,GetNumRaidMembers()do for b=1,41 do ufl=UnitAura(‘raid’..i,b);if ufl then if strfind(ufl,”Flask”)then break;end;elseif b==41 then nf=nf..UnitName(‘raid’..i)..” “;end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nfb,”raid”);

    There are also versions of these macros that just list the slackers in your own chat window (rather than spamming raid) at http://www.wowwiki.com/Useful_macros.

    I only use these on attempts at new content because, as I outlined above, there is no excuse for volunteering to try new content without actually being prepared.


  16. Time to vent some PUG fury. When I was tanking on my Belfadin in Wailing Caverns, not a hard instance, just a long one. Was boosting a friend through it and another guy was standing outside the instance and asked if he could come. I said sure as it was just going to be a quick boost run. We were clearing the first chamber and just got to the bridge going across to where Anacondra had spawned. However, this guy proceeded to try and pull every mob with his DoTs and Voidwalker rather than let me pick up stuff. After he’d done this a few times I just left the mobs alone, he died and didn’t come back. We finished the instance. During TBC instances I was playing my Priest and was a healer for groups. We did one run of Shadow Labs and were happily going through the instance. However, we had one over zealous guy, I can’t even remember what class he was but every thing we CC’d a mob he’d head right for it like it was his own personal DPS target. After a few pulls of him doing this I said in party that if he broke CC again I’d just not heal him… things went a lot better after that. I have memories of Violet Hold on my Shaman. We were there going through the groups up to the first boss when the Hunter declares he has to go for dinner and logs out…. we’d only been in there for a couple minutes….seriously, how hard is it to NOT start an instance when you know you’re going to need to go eat and won’t be returning before we finish. And my final one, I was on the Shaman again trying to get a PUG for I can’t remember where. I get a whisper from a DK and join the group, there is just me and him in there, he gives me leader and then goes AFK…. not a word passed between us to ask if I minded recruiting the rest of the group.
    .-= ZombiePirateXXX´s last blog ..Conventions In Gaming โ€“ Sportsmanship =-.


  17. Ok so, I’m told by the warlocks in my guild that life tap, when glyphed or something, increases your spellpower for a short duration. So as I understand it, tapping it once before a pull will give you a nice little burst of damage at the start of the fight.

    So you’re going to reduce your health pool…..

    …. and then cause a lot of threat in initial stages of a pull.

    ……. and then die.

    ………. and then bitch at the tank/healer for not holding aggro/keeping you alive.


    The best kind of DPS out there are the ones that understand threat mechanics, like our resident rogue who has died to many times that you can now actually see her counting to four before she jumps in with a blade flurry + killing spree on a trash pack. She learnt the hard way I guess, but she hardly dies anymore.

    (Oh and for the record, Rank1 Life Tap triggers exactly the same spellpower bonus and reduces your HP a negligable amount. Use it. Your healers will thank you.)

    I also can’t STAND when a tank runs and pulls Emalon trash while people are still looting Koralon. I do VoA 10 and 25 on both my healers and I tell ya, by that point we’ve usually hardly had the chance to mana up again yet. Besides that, we may be the one doing the master looting, or we might wanna stick around for a second to roll on something. If you go pull, without noticing there’s no healers behind you, and you die, it’s your own stupid fault.
    .-= Niadyth´s last blog ..Perspective =-.


  18. Top 3, in order of most hated:

    1) Recount whores.
    Seriously. Your DPS and gear are just numbers. Show me some skill if you want to impress me. Chain trap something. Save a healer. Friggin DO something. Stop compensating for your lack of genitalia with a bunch of numbers.

    These guys also tend to be aggro whores, and proud of it. Honestly, I am NOT impressed by your ability to pull aggro off of the tank. Really. Ask any tank, it takes far less skill than you think.

    2) GOGOGOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The guy who is “OMG HAF 2 LIEV IN LIEK 5 MINITS!!!!!!!” but still joins a group for an instance. Usually I either tell them to cut it out from the start or go find another group, and boot them the second time they do it if they’re really annoying. I hate being chased through an instance by some bunny-hopping, ADHD moron jumped up on too much sugar. If you don’t have the requisite time or patience to do the instance don’t sign up.

    3) People who use ‘u’,’ur’ and ‘plz’
    It’s annoying, it shows a sloppy attitude and means you’re probably 14 or under. I don’t need to put up with ‘u’. ‘Bai!’

    The rest:
    Yeah, I hate the guys who will aggro mobs in an instance because they’re so focused on getting to that chest and opening it before anyone else. Or the guy who refuses to find out how his class works and also won’t take advice because “OMG U CAN’T TELL ME HOW 2 PLA!!!!!” Hate the guy who says he knows the fight when you ask if anyone needs it explained, but clearly doesn’t. Dislike people and groups that cannot understand the concept of ‘assist’ or why it’s important. People, use your damned ‘F’ key.


    I had an experience almost exactly like yours. I can totally sympathise. I’ve since learned never to play with real life friends. People on the other side of the net that are idiots and jerks I can ignore. I can’t ignore people I see every weekend.

    The advice on the loading screen “Bring your friends to Azeroth” don’t follow it. It’s bad. Bad advice. You will almost always regret it. Meet people in game that are cool and make them into Real Life(tm) friends, but not the other way around.


  19. I suppose the most annoying thing for me on any PUG is when people don’t have patience. They expect you to be an expert in your class, the instance and the specific strategy required for each boss. Hands up people who claim to be all 3 for every instance they’ve PUG’ed?

    This manifests itself in a lack of tolerance for mistakes – which, if we’re all honest, we all make. It also manifests itself in the inability to try to coach people into doing better. Note the word ‘coach’, because the specific type of person I’m thinking of is quick to criticize and make statements that will offend the person they’re aimed at, but slow to try to help them in a nice way to correct it.

    On the other hand, I’ve met some really great people, who have helped new tanks, new healers and new DPS’ers learn their craft without complaining about the repair bills that come with the inevitable wipes. These are the same people that when you say ‘sorry, I’m still learning’, they say ‘that’s fine, we all started at the beginning’. Its those people that make WoW the game that I love.


  20. Army of the dead!!!!!!! oh i hate that abilty dk’s seem to only use it on bosses that have frontal cone ablitys ingvar and the dragon form vh .
    Seriously stop using it !!!!!


  21. I’v got one from the RL side of the screen, so it does not realy qualify for this post, BUT it is very annoing. When you are in guild that recuires a minnimum raid attendance of 50%, that translates to 2 nights a week for me, that is somewhat simmilar to having joined a sports club (be it basketball, hocky or martial arts) then you have an obligation to turn up for traing/raiding, but somehow people(family, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend) around you does not acknowlege that so they keep desturbing you trying to get you to drop playing that evening. They would never do that if you said you were going to practice with your soccerteam or any other obligation as long as it is not 24-7 you are doing these things.

    My in game peeves is people that dont kill my priority target even when marked and then complain about getting agro/killed, especialy when they claim that they are just aoe’ing and their dps is around 2k. If they only do 2k dps when aoe’ing then there is no way your blue geared ass can pull agro from me when I keep my swipe on constant CD.


  22. Haven’t seen this one in awhile, mainly because I’ve stopped pugging but when the DPS decides they should pull instead of the tank.


  23. The one thing i can’t stand is the leecher.I am part of a casual guild,filled with a few really good players and a bunch of socials.I have come to terms with the fact that some of them will never reach the maximum of their dps,they will die from the same fire over and over again.I am okay with that.The guy that does all that and has a full epic gear without enchants and gems, i can’t stand him.The guy that whenever a 10 man is forming for anything he is the first to ask for an invite,yet his gear is mess.


  24. -Hunters who don’t bring ammo. That one just makes my head explode a lil bit. When you whole job is to shoot at stuff, you’d think you bring ammo….to shoot it with!! (related favorite: “Crap my bow broke”)

    -The enchanter who needs on every green, because he NEEDS them, for enchanting.

    -And his best friend. “Guys I need (BoE epic), ok?” Group leader: “Dude, it’s BoE, we all roll on it” Guy: “No, you see, I NEED it” I just saw this in a Direbrew run. The guy NEEDED the Tankard O’ Terror for dual wielding and he would appreciate it if we didn’t roll on it, thx.

    -Taking a summon to heal dungeon X, the one I put myself in lfg for, while the group quietly switches it out for dungeon Y as if I wouldn’t notice. I am most likely saved to dungeon Y.

    -Low level characters who beg you for runs in broken 133t speak and, when politely told that you are busy with the thing you make up on the spot, they beg and beg and beg and finally start cursing you for being such a horrible, if polite, person for not running them, a total stranger, through VC until they leveled.


  25. (I haven’t read the replies yet, don’t want to sway nor change my answer)
    As a tank, the dps who say “GO, GO, GO” constantly. I’m watching my healer’s mana as he/she sits & drinks, then I hit bear form for rage, perhaps enrage (and wait for the armour debuff to wear off). I know when I want to pull, I know if that pat is coming around the corner. I don’t want to be told when to pull by anyone except a mentor in a new instance.

    Leading on from that, the dps who think they’ve waited too long, so pull anyway. Case in point a shammy in H ToC5. 5k dps for the run, but they pulled a mob of 3 in the 2nd part. I grabbed just enough agro to out-threat the healer, the dps died, we continued.

    The DE ninja. They say they’ll de the drops, greed everything then leave the party at the end of the run. I have spoken to the GL of one of these. The ninja was on trial with one of the top 3 guilds on the server (a few of my ex-guildies were in that guild too). Hope the 20-50g he made off that run was worth not end-raiding, as he was in a different guild next time I saw him on-line.

    From a healy Priest’s point of view: the over-confident tank. “Ha Ha Ha, we’re creaming this, lets pull the whole room” mentality. That is fine if you know everyone is cruising (or you know everyone & just do it for a laugh on vent), but if the healer is JUST keeping you up, using all their cooldowns, not such a great idea to step it up by a factor of 10.
    Alternate over-confidence: Warrior tank in H CoS, using charge from one zombie to the next in order to get to the other side of the map where the next mob spawned… Um, Hello! Healer back here running as fast as I can. “Please don’t get out of range” “Ha Ha, no worries I’m using my cd’s”. By the time I get to him, he’s at 1/2 health or less, I spam everything, keep him up. Popping mana potions the whole instance. Off he goes again to the other end. I catch up, have no cd’s, he dies. We survive (dps pally tanking), rez the tank, sit to drink, and he’s gone as I sit down… H CoS is not rocket surgery, stick together, get the extra boss.

    Yes, I have put these in order of hate. “Normal” ninjas, gold sellers, low level hangers on who you helped once & think you are their slave for life, people who swear in vent; all these are lower on my agro table. The “gogogo” dps just irks me THAT much. (is that irrational?)


  26. A guildie died on ignis and our druid attempted to battle rez him. He didn’t accept (so battle rez now on cooldown for no reason) and come to find out he went to Wendy’s to pick up dinner only to return 20 minutes later! WTF, why do you leave to get food in the middle of an instance.

    Or last Friday a different guildie signs on for Ony 10 for which we have too many so other players have to sit out. He if afk for 2 fights because he is in class and has the nerve to feel butt hurt because we chastised him and were going to replace him. Other folks were available and would have been there 100%.

    I am an engineer and I will not be pulling out Jeeves for you after the first fight because you did not repair dumbass.

    People asking my shammy to heal when she is clearly enhancement (level 80). Take a sec to look at my spec before you ask me to heal people.

    If you were the only one to die, I am not putting out another fish feast just for you, bring your own damn food for those times.

    If you dare to put out a train in the middle of Hodir, you will be /gkicked. I don’t care if 1/2 of us have a train wrecker, buh bye. As a matter of fact, just stop even joking of putting the train out.


  27. I’m right with you on the pet peeve about people who expect summons. I don’t know what it is about that one particular thing, but it drives me up the wall. Especially since, on my server, the Alliance is severely outnumbered by the Horde so that during peak hours it’s almost impossible to use a summoning stone.

    Just this very morning I joined a group for direbrew and no one had the remote. One guy actually joined the group from WSG, and continued to play it until he finally received a summon.

    If I had been the leader I would’ve kicked him for being so rude.


  28. – People who beg for buffs when we’ve just pulled the boss/are about to pull boss. This especially gets me when the guy spams for the buff. We get that you want it, so shut up about it and let the person get to it when they can!!! (It also irritates me even more when the person doesn’t say thanks for it afterwords.)

    – The huntard who’s pet can never seem to stay alive. I was in a Mara group awhile back and the huntard’s pet was rarely alive and when was, was left on aggressive.

    And this is more of a mage personal thing, but I get irritated when I offer up my conjurables, get no response, and then get begged for them right when we’re ready to go. If you want them, give me a head’s up when I ask who wants them and save me my time and ever dwindling patience.


  29. I also dislike people who leave pugs after the first wipe, even though you got the boss down to 3%. “OMFG, we’ll never get it… *leave party* *hearth*” Koralon cry babies, ftw!


  30. i’m getting a little annoyed these days now that heroics are getting easier. see, too many dps seem to forget about some basic things like “wait for the tank to pull” and “don’t run up to loose mobs” such. nexus run a few days ago, and this one hunter was always shooting before i would charge, throw my sword, etc to start the fight. really annoying. likewise, that portal in VH where the mobs split? i’d think by now that people would realise that it might be good to let, you know, the tank pick them up before going all out.

    oh, and then there was the healer who face pulled in VH. i mean, c’mon! facepulling as a healer? i mean, if you were melee dps and eager to start damage, i can understand it a little, but as a healer that is an epic fail of group position awareness.

    i also get annoyed at the “I can tank too!” folks, usually dk and ferals (sorry BBB), no doubt conditioned from soloing stuff who, instead of acting like a dps should and letting the tank tank stuff and focus on dealing, decide that they want to tank XYZ mob continue to try to tank it after the real tank taunts it off (i’ve even seen feral kitties who have switched to bear taunt stuff back)… this usually happens when someone isn’t following a kill order. and lest you say “well, you must be a crappy tank to loose aggro,” i have no problem keeping threat against good dps. wearing lvl200 blue chest/shoulders/helm (since upgraded), i have no problems in heroics whatsoever. the 4k fury warrior in culling? np. makes me stay alert and not just tclap/cleave mindlessly, but no real problem. the almost 2k hunter who doesn’t know how the *blank* to play? he can be a problem, even in the same run as a 3k shadow priest…


  31. I tank on my druid and my fiance heals on her pally.
    This just irritates me when pugs do it, but when guildies do it, guildies that know that the healer and tank are in the same room and can communicate with each other without typing it pisses me off royally:

    Let the TANK pull!

    If you’re dps, your job is to kill the mobs on the tank.
    If you are a hunter who has misdirect and has worked out beforehand with the tank that you are to pull to him based on some sort of arranged go-signal, that’s great. If you are some asshat who thinks that the tank is pulling too slowly (I’m no slouch btw, I usually chain my way through instances) it’s not your job to go get the mobs and bring them back and/or die in the process whining at the healer to res/heal you because you were stupid.
    I can make my way through an instance in almost record time because of the ease of communication with my healer. I usually (sometimes I forget to) communicate this to the group as we are forming. So that means, if I stop pulling, it’s for a reason. I may be waiting for the healer to get some mana, she may have dropped her mouse, I might be leaning over and high-fiving her because of the awesome healing she did on that last pull where someone was standing too close to the edge of the platform and aggroed another group which brought a patrol with it and somehow miraculously (usually due to her healing) we survived.
    Regardless of why I stopped, I’ve stopped. So sit tight for the next 5-10 seconds and the amazing chain-pulling madness will begin shortly as the Feral choo choo pulls outta the station again.
    /rant off


  32. I hate the fact that a new recruit in the guild demands gear and a raiding spot. I hate when you get the asshat tank who stands in fire, slime, poison and then blames the dps and the heals. Then says I havnt tanked in a long time. Why am i not surprised that on my server the sudden increase to asshats is a result of a bunch of obnoxious children who switched to Horde. Worse yet they are now in my guild and I have to mute them so i dont blow a fuse.




  33. Was healing on my Holy Priest in a ToC5 group with 1 Unholy DK, 1 Fury Warrior, 1 Tankadin and a Warlock. Everyone was geared up with T9 or Conquest gear so I was psyched that this would be a fast and easy run. It was taking forever to down the trash and the first bosses and the Fury warrior kept pulling agro and dying to the Bladestorm and the poison on the 3 bosses (it was mage, warrior, rogue). Finally I inspect him and he had switched over to his tank spec. I called it out and he said he was tired of dying. Eventually we talked him into switching back to DPS spec but that whole instance took forever and we had multiple wipes because the DPS was almost at the level of the tankadin.


  34. @ Suxxy – with an over-confident tank, I feel your pain. But with a correctly confident tank, it keeps things fun. Did UK hc the other night with a well geared guild group, the tank was a guild initiate who basically chain-pulled the entire place two groups at a time. He did Line of Sight me a few times and cause some stress, but from a slow start (seeing as we didn’t really know each other) I thought he judged the tempo really well.

    @ all the recount mentions – I’m feeling slightly embarrassed now. After a guild run of AN hc last night I did post a damage meter – after apologising first. But in my defense I don’t usually dps so it was a nice change for me – and I did do 50% more damage than the next highest person ๐Ÿ™‚

    A couple of personal peeves – both really just plain rudeness –

    First example – tanking AN normal on my level 73 tank, with everyone else level 71. I could once tank well, but these days I suck, mostly just really badly out of practice but also I was stuck in a “prot grinding” mindset. Did the DPS adjust to compensate or offer constructive criticism? No – just a group disband after the second wipe, followed by some unpleasant whispers.

    Second example, from a Kara raid (back when it was current) – won’t go into details, but after a wipe which was partially caused by me making a misjudgement but was also down to group setup and a few other things, I got a whisper from the MT / RL saying something like “why did you deliberately wipe the raid?”. I know raid leading is stressful, but it’s not always a reason to forget there’s another person behind the character. Closest I’ve ever come to /leave raid /gquit /logout.


  35. The ones that piss me off the most are the ones that get into a group and insist on running through it.

    One example: My son and I were playing our mid 30s characters and wanted to run Scarlet Monastery for a couple items. We didn’t have any guild mates near that level and really wanted to run it with a group the right level, so we pugged. One of the guys that we got was a hunter (unfortunately most of the real asshats turn out to be hunters) that was constantly complaining when we would pause for the healer to get mana or even for the mage to get mana when evocate was on CD. We hadn’t even gotten 10 minutes in and he started pulling as soon as the last mob died from the pull before, and once even before then.

    I was the tank and group leader and when I told him to stop, he said “Then pull faster.” I told him that if he did it again he’d be gone. He immediately did it again and I booted him from the group. As always in these situations, he started swearing at us and then pulled the entire next room and timed it so they were at our feet when he was yanked out of the instance. He then started whispering us telling everyone to drop group and go with him. Everyone put him on ignore and we then 4-manned the rest of the instance with ease.

    Just last week I had a rogue do almost the same thing in a heroic pug (with the same paladin, now 80) and my son was there for that as well. Again, when booted for pulling when no one was ready, he called me horrid names and pulled mobs, only to vanish at out feet.


  36. If I may add another that I just thought of…

    My main is a Resto Shaman, and it always annoys me when people call out for heals as soon as they get hit, or ask for a rez immediately after they die. I have raid frames and I never take my eyes off them. I know you took damage, and I will heal you. This kind of behaviour is exactly the same as me constantly telling a mage to dps, which is of course ridiculous. Two examples:

    1) Ulduar PuG last week, fighting Ignis. A DK gets put in the pot and starts yelling over vent “Heal me! Heal me! Big heals on me! Heal me like a mother &@#$er!” over and over again. It didn’t take long for the raid leader to tell him to shut up, but it was still annoying.

    2) H AN PuG. First pull, tank pulls a mob and a clothie attacks a different one, getting aggro. He gets hit, yells for heals, but is dead before I can do anything. The very instant he died, while we’re still in combat, he demands that I rez him. I mean, not only do Shamans not have a battle rez, why would we waste one on a random trash pull?


  37. The tank who keeps pulling even when the healer is basically OOM and asked for a sec to be able to drink. Even more entertaining after a pull where the healer has died and just been rezed. No health…no mana….No Problem! Let’s go pull the boss!


  38. PUGs, O’ PUGs…

    I enter LFG for 10M Trials, and after a few minutes get a /w asking what my GearScore is and if I know the fights. I reply with my numbers and a ‘Yes’ and get the invite. There are only 4 others in the group at this time, but we have 2 healers already and 2 tanks, so we should be able to load up the rest quickly. After about 40 minutes I finally ask what the heck is taking so long to gather a Shaman and 5 DPS and get a response that he cannot find people that are well geared enough (looking for 4400+ GearScores). I tell him if he doesn’t fill up the raid in the next 5 minutes I am out.

    He gets it done.

    We buff up, do the quick recap for strat on Northrend Beasts and get the party started 1 hour and 10 minutes after I was invited. No worries we have started and everything looks to roll on through. We start the encounter and with Gormok at about 18% the OT DC’s and can’t taunt him off and the MT goes down. Not a big deal. I call the wipe (as no one else is saying anything and we have no tanks), and the OT says in vent that he is almost reconnected.

    The RL that started the whole thing, leaves the group. No message, no vent response, no nuthin’! The OT reconnects, I grab another DPS from the rank and file to fill in and we proceed to one shot our way to the Twins and call it off as people are needing to go.

    Now here is the /really/ fun part. I look back at the RL and find his GearScore was only 3554! Remember he was looking for 4400+ and admant that you KNOW the fights! Gah! AND he nerdraged and dropped the group on a wipe that was uncontrollable after wasting 1+ hour getting a group together that he was selectively coordinating!

    And the extra icing on the cake? I put myself back into LFG for VoA 10/25 and Ulduar 10 and who do I get a /w from? The RL asking if what my GearScore is and if I know all of the fights to Trials 10M?!?! Needless to say, I did not respond…

    To sum up my super special group behaviors?
    1) Relying on GEarScore for skill measurement
    2) Not trusting someone who says they have done the fights in an instance, because their GS is low
    3) Wasting everyone’s time by getting a group together and then dropping as soon as anything goes wrong (real or imagined)
    4) Not paying enough attention to what you are doing to drop/kick/otherwise force someone from a group, and then later send a /w to them for help



  39. They show up in almost every battleground: “OMFG you #%@((s are a bunch of losers! y cnt u kill?!!! y do u die?!!!!” Which is especially annoying when we’re actually winning the match.

    Yeah, buddy, whatever. Maybe you are the only one that knows the “right” way to win this. But I doubt it.

    I guess, in general, people who assume that if you are not them, then you are a moron. You need their input or you will do it wrong. I mean, I don’t mind advice. Advice can be constructive. But telling someone, “you’re doing it wrong, let me tell you how . . .” is rude. And you’re not always as smart as you think you are.

    PuGging some BC instance on my DK tank. I don’t remember the details . . . one of the Auchindoun instances, four of us were in the mid-60s range. A level 70 mage joined us. A couple fights into it he tells me, “You need to use Death and Decay every pull.”

    “No I don’t.”

    “Okay, whatever, I’ve just got a level 80 DK I raid with on another server. I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about.” Then he proceeded to try and pull aggro off me every fight. Just to prove I needed DnD, I guess. As if it’s hard for 70 dps to pull aggro off a tank 4-5 levels lower than them.

    Look, I don’t know about you and your DK on another server. But I do know tanking with my Frost specced DK . . . well sure DnD is some awesome threat generation. It’s also a rune-hog. Give me a second to establish aggro at the beginning of the fight. Let me take a couple swings (you know, like good dps should) and if Killing Machine procs I can spike some awesome initial threat, even better than DnD, with a Howling Blast crit. And it will be more rune efficient, let me slide right into a nice rotation more easily. If KM doesn’t proc, well then I’ll drop DnD.

    Re: ungemmed, unenchanted gear.

    SOMETHING is 100 times better than NOTHING

    I totally agree. It is better. Mathematically speaking, though, something is infinitely better than nothing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  40. Offtanks taunting off you, offtanks with ego problems, offtanks screaming “Taunt! Taunt!” over Vent. Backseat gamers. Oh, wait, you said PuGs? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Melee DPS who DPS from the front. I parry enough for myself, thank you very much, I don’t want yours too.
    DPS who stand in fire then complain about not getting heals.
    People who are always trying to bring in undergeared alts expecting to be carried.


  41. Here’s another. I was asked to heal for a group doing the daily heroic Old Kingdom. I told them I didn’t have a lot of time so probably shouldnt join the group. They said they are “leet DPS” (which should have been my first clue). I join group and see that all of them are guildless (which might have been my second clue). There is no tank so I ask if one is coming. Then the mage says “my daddy is coming to tank”. Then after many “lols” and “whos your daddy” jokes they then start arguing and boasting about who is oldest and how soon each would turn “16 yrs old” (turns out they were all 15 or younger). As my tripidation increases, I get to the stone and see a lot of horde are there getting reading to do the daily as well. Since I’m on a PVE server its not a big deal. The rest of the group, except for the tank who hasn’t logged in yet, decide they are gonna have an epic battle and proceed to flag themselves and repeatedly get slaughtered by the overwhelming horde numbers. I ask when the run is going to start and the only reply I get is “we need heals!!!” I politely inform them that I joined group to heal the instance and not PvP and since there was no tank and no word on when this run would start, I would not have the time to heal it anymore. I left group and hearthed back to Dalaran and simultaneously added each of them to my “Ignore” list due to the multitude of hate whispers I was receiving.


  42. So many examples already of my pet:

    Playing with the selfish.

    My classic example (story’s been told before) was the warrior who asked my healpriest to join he and a friend as we cleaned up an area. I agreed. He put loot on f4a, then he and his bud looted as soon as they killed – and they were rolling as I spammed a variety of heals to keep them up. About the eighth or so kill I ran forward to get some of the loot myself, and was yelled at. “You’re not killing, you’re not contributing, you don’t get loot.” I unjoined, they started dying, ’nuff said.

    But so many examples above are all cases of “me first” (and often “me only”). They’re all my pet peeve.

    I truly hate playing with the selfish.


  43. I can’t stand people who forget that WoW is a MULTI player game. They treat everyone else in the raid/heroic like we are all just there to help them get what they want, and we don’t deserve the basics of courtesy or respect. My friends and I generally refer to these type of people as playing a single-player game. The rest of us are just not real to them.

    Recent Example:
    In TOC25, and one druid needs a rez after every single wipe. This druid is also afk for every single ready check. She also was totally bossy about telling everyone else how they were “Doing it Wrong” (TM), when her healing numbers were not all that great. I could have ignored the bossyness if we hadn’t wasted one third of the raid time waiting for her to get back to her keyboard.

    Older Example:
    In a guild I used to be in the main warrior tank was not great. He was ok at holding aggro, but only on single targets. He also had a terrible habit if asking the alchemists to make him potions and flasks just as the raid was supposed to be starting. This was shortly after we had all hit 80, and the alchs didn’t have that many mats. However, he couldn’t be bothered to supply stuff, the items on the AH were too expensive or he didn’t have a hearth up to go get mats right then. Um, hello planning?

    But my least favorite behavior ever is when someone feels like they deserve something. They have put in so much time or effort or who-knows-what and so they deserve things.

    Recent Example:
    A guild I was in fell apart because one of the officers brought his 3rd alt, a DK, to ULD25. When the lovely axe dropped from Ignis he and another alt DK got into a fight over who would get it. The officer was clearly in the wrong and had been afk when the loot rules were laid out. But he still behaved like a 4 year old who was told he can’t have another piece of candy. I was so embarassed.
    .-= Teltanara´s last blog ..Tabard of the Achiever =-.


  44. Each class in WoW is a combination of a direct skills (heal/damage/build threat) and utility skills. When somebody cannot properly use the former, I just don’r care. Doing 1k dps in a Heroic as a DK is something beyond my understanding, I let it go. (Yes, I’m sure he wasn’t watching TV โ€” except his face, maybe, was put on the keyboard.)

    When somebody doesn’t know or care about his utility skills, it makes me mad. Silent, but very mad. Hunter that is too busy pewpewing and forgets about Misdirect. Rogues (!) who dies drawing aggro. I mean, rogues. What the hell.

    What makes me wanna bash my head against a wall, is when somebody doesn’t know another class, but just won’t shut up about “l2play”. Yes, there is a cooldown on MD and ToTT, build your own threat! No, warlock cannot summon people alone, bring your ass to the dungeon. Yes, Disc priest will leave if you command him to raid heal. No, druids cannot take magic debuffs off you! No, hunters don’t need dodge on their gear more than tanks!!

    If you can’t play your class, no cookies for you. If you are too arrogant to let others play the best they can, you go far and dreadfully away. And stay there for a really long time.


  45. I have only been playing since TBC came out. I have a pally healer, geared pretty well, but I was tired of healing. So one day I come across this BBB guys blog and I roll a druid…tank and thunder chicken.
    My main peeve is that I am starting heroics and begin pugging a lot of groups. I do H UK a couple of days ago. The healer is a geared holy pally, DPS is mage, DK, pally tank and me in thunder chicken form. We get to the last boss and that great epic spell ring drops and I am like GREAT!, so I need roll. The holy pally (remember geared from Ulduar) also rolled needed on the ring…and he won! Then….he disenchants it right there for the shard. I said what the hell, that would have really helped me…he kicks me from the group and then whispers me saying I am such a dick for complaining. I was pissed.


  46. What really gets to me is when people get into a group, get to the instance (one way or another), start the instance… and begin unloading about their awesomeness. Really… when it’s a guildie, I like to hear about the progress they made, the piece of gear they got, etc. because I do care and I’m happy for them (and most of my guildies are really decent players). When it’s a pug I will never likely see again…

    I don’t care this is your 5th alt and this is why your DPS sucks, and that your main cleared all current content. If you group with me, please don’t expect me to carry your alt in greens through heroics. I really don’t care how good your main is… Make sure your alt is geared (at least somewhat!!!) for the content you are attemping to do. I don’t mean ilevel 245 epics, I mean please no FULL greens. Or if you are in greens doing 1k DPS at lvl 80, please be humble and don’t give me attitude. You are NOT all that and a bag of chips.

    Oh, also the “ya I know this fight, it’s just that I’ve been so busy raiding ToTC on my main that I forgot what the boss does in H UKeep” is NOT a valid excuse for completely failing in the instance.

    That’s my biggest pet peeve… People flexing their e-peens… Wait, can one even flex it? Don’t think there is any muscle in there…


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