What is your least favorite group behavior?

Let’s do something different.

I’m gonna ask you… straight out, no wriggling out of it…

What, of all the behaviors you’ve seen displayed by people in a group event, what is the one that pisses you off the most?

I’ve mentioned a few PUG stories recently, I’ve read some on other blogs, and you’ve shared some of your stories in the comments, and there are some reoccuring trends in instances and raids that just blow me away.

Now, I’d expect to get some great stories in the comments from this one, and that alone is reason enough for the post. Great stories, by definition, are ones that allow me, the reader, to mutter “oh, that’s just amazing” in tones of horrified wonder and awe.

But I think there’s more to offer about the topic than just the entertainment value.

I think that if you give me your personal pet peeves about things people do in groups, whether small instances or large raids, and I catalogue it and put up a poll with those choices to see which ones people hate the most…

Maybe, just maybe, someone that DOES them will see it and freaking STOP!

Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Let me toss a few of the behaviors into the ring just to kick things off.

Remember, these are just different behaviors in general that may or may not tweak you, and I’m looking for the bulk of the list to come from YOU…

Showing up with broken gear, or gear so close to broken that within the time it takes to reach the first boss fight, the person says, “I need a break, I have to go to a vendor to repair.”

The person that wants to go on the run, but once invited, makes no effort to get to the instance entrance on their own. They just automatically expect someone else will, and will summon them. I’ve even seen this for Violet Hold, believe it or not. Oh yes I have.

The person that dies in a fight and makes no effort to actually get themselves back to the instance on their own. They wait for a ressurrection, regardless of whether the entire team wiped and has to run back, or whether it’s in Trials where you can run back in during the encounter itself and your team might need you, or whatever.

An addendum to that last one would have to be the person that dies in a big boss encounter, and walks away from their computer immediately for a drink or something without a word. You find these folks out when you battle rez them and they never respond.

Someone that never, ever brings consumables, they count on someone else bringing a Fish Feast to the run, or lending them a flask or potion. And they don’t help getting the fish.

The person that ‘tunes out’ in a run, they don’t really try and play the best they can, they figure they’ve got great gear, so they can run the whole way using autoshot/auto attack while chatting with friends or spending most of their attention watching the new episode of Army Wives.

Someone that insists on talking about the strategy on the next fight, even though everybody on the run has been doing this same fight together the last four months (this would be me… yep, I do that).

Someone that doesn’t spend two seconds discussing strategy. They might, if you’re lucky, ask if everyone is ready before they pull the boss.

Those are just off the top of my head examples of things that may or may not irritate you.

I’d sure like to hear yours.

I’m going to take the answers I get over a week, and see if I can put together a poll for you to vote on the worst of the worst.

So let’s hear those stories!

God, I love your stories.

I think, if possible, the person that came up with the most popular idea will get a button or a shirt mailed to them. So don’t be shy…

136 thoughts on “What is your least favorite group behavior?

  1. “Undergeared people that ’sneak’ into higher raids. Yes, we see you doing 1500 dps, below the tank, you just look like an ass down there at the bottom of everyone’s recount window. Even worse when they start offering advice after a wipe or get rude.”

    perfectly describes my biggest pet peeve.

    raiding since BC with the same group so you should automatically just be able to log in once a week with gear that isnt even ready for Ulduar?
    jeez im SOOO glad you think that those engineer’s googles look cool… it makes me even happier to know that your 2.5 DPS with your gear makes you moderately skilled at your class….

    especially when the mage that didnt get invited can do 5

    and we have enrage timer issues on Anub.

    but glad you came… so you can interupt the GM/RL’s instructions and call out “heroism” whenever the fuck YOU feel like it.




  2. 1.Has anyone had problems with players going afk and leeching conquest/triumph emblems?
    Myself and 3 guildies pugged in a warlock to hoiroic vh. After waiting for him to come back from afk for 15 minutes we decided to 4 man until he got back. By the time we got to the first boss he still wasn’t back, im pretty sure his toon should’ve auto logged off by now if he was really afk. So after the first boss i kicked him, saving him to the daily heroic.

    2.Yelling at players on vent/nerdrage.

    3.Almost anything said anymore in Trade chat

    4.High level players grabbing low level mining or herb nodes from my lowbie alt, or any player taking mining/herbing nodes while im fighting a mob on top of it.

    5.Players not eating after fights, expecting me, as a healer, to sit and get mana, heal them, then sit again and get mana. This blows my mind. Food is cheap.


  3. To Augurs; /w healer “Don’t heal him, I’ll pick them up once he’s dead.” Then protect the healer until the huntard is lunched, finish them off and ask him ‘Now what did we learn?’

    I’ll be nice about it once; maybe he spazzed. That happens to me sometimes, I hit the wrong one of the three identical icons I have for misdirect and MD my pet instead of my tank. We finish the fight and I apologize for it, and it’s done… But more than once, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s being stupid.

    The thing I hate most in the World…of Warcraft: The fact that Trade chat has turned into the Barrens/dimwit channel. It’s impossible to actually try and buy or sell anything, because of all the idiots who think it’s their private channel, chattering about how they did this, how their guild did that, spamming ‘beep beep i’m a jeep’ macros, chuck norris ‘jokes’ that weren’t funny the first time 20 years ago and have gotten less funny since then, etc.

    Another is ‘lf 50,000+ dps for Wailing Caverns, must link achievement and have better gear than Arthas’, and you find out that they’re all in green crap and expecting you to carry them.


  4. My new pet peeve is anyone running a Gearscore mod who doesn’t have the sense to be quiet about it. Spam a gearscore in party and I will consider hearthing. I will definitely hearth if that person brags about a high gearscore and their gear is all mis-gemmed and mis-enchanted. You want to hear something shocking? iLvl 187 blues and old BC epics were all the first wave of players had going into heroics the first few months of WotLK.

    Hunters who can’t control their pets have always been a pet peeve. No, it’s not fun if your pet runs off and chews on the next pull while we’re still killing this one. (Although the time a pet pulled the entire audience in Opera was hilarious.)

    Raid leads who spend 20 minutes discussing a boss strat. Damn it, my overpriced flask and hard-fished food are ticking off and we could have had at least two solid attempts during that time. If you can’t explain a strat in 5 minutes, people aren’t going to pull it off anyway.

    Loot – People who roll greed when there is an enchanter in the party. People who roll need on BoE gear and then don’t equip it. People who roll against mainspec for offspec without saying anything in advance. Raiders who try to roll/bid on wildly inappropriate gear.

    Anyone who stands in the fire. One day I might just let you die.


  5. People /w me for a battle rez when i have a now 24 man raid depending on me to tank a boss that you couldnt move out of the AOE for! especially when its the guy pulling 900dps.. yeah right, i wouldnt rez you if we werent in combat! you arent doing anyone any good, in fact you are just hurting the group by taking healds from the people actually doing good!


  6. Hey guys, first time poster on here. I recently got 80 on my bear and I’ve geared it pretty quickly, I love tanking and I’ve got a really good healer friend that’s been in pretty much every heroic since I got 80. I tank, he heals and I’m sure we’ll reverse when I get a decent resto set.

    This leaves us looking for three DPS, there are alot of good players in our guild, but there are always those you learn to avoid. Most of them Hunters funnily enough, now I’ve raided on a Hunter. I did BT and Sunwell back when it was actually a challenge, and I pride myself on my knowledge of all the classes I’ve played. There are two said Hunters that I hadn’t actually tanked for before, I knew they weren’t the most.. intelligent players in the game, but this one really takes the cake. Tanking Violet Hold Heroic when we get a portal with the multiple mobs. Before I’ve even hit them, one of these Hunters fires off a Multishot, I’ve now got 3 running at him, and 1 running at the healer. I manage to grab them all and he doesn’t have the nouse to understand what he did wrong. I simply state “You do that again, deal with them yourself”. Which I thought was fairly reasonable, it was his response that infuriated me. You know what it was?! “100% in control”!

    Add a Misdirection in there, problem solved, but nooooo.


  7. @an ominous cow herd

    THIS. This times 100.

    I’m generally a pretty chilled guy about game stuff. I’m there to have fun with other people. I want to do the best job I can in a group and I want to bring my part, so I take that seriously. I don’t take loot seriously because it’s just pixels, as long as it goes to somebody who can use it, all good. I don’t mind wiping as long as everyone isn’t repeating the same mistakes. I’m all good.

    But do something asshatted and then tell me “relax, it’s just a game” and I will utterly lose it with you.


  8. When people say: “relax, it’s just a game.” Usually after ninja-looting something and getting called out on it, facepulling and causing a wipe, or other random acts of asshattery.

    Yes, it is just a game, but it is also our free time — free time which we wish to spend enjoyably. Being denied some loot on a fair roll, unnecessary corpse runs and repair bills are a few of the things that detract from our enjoyment of the game.


  9. At the risk of sounding like a xenophobe, I wanted to post an annoying group behavior I just came across last night. Went to PUG H-ToC on my Alt-Lock. Get the invite, fly to the tournament grounds, things were going good. Said “Hi” in /p and got really nice responses. Group seemed to be fairly well geared (aside from my lock, mix of Heoric blues/Naxx 25 epics) 2DK’s, rogue (all from the same guild BTW), pally healer and myself. Started the event and the joust part went fine, then we engaged the Champions (can’t remember the make up, all I remember was the rogue was one of em) and we wipe, Quickly. The 2 DK’s and the rogue started talking in /p in spanish (they were all talking in english prior to this) I do not know all that much spanish aside form what I took in highschool awhile ago (no I am not going to say how long ago) so I had no clue what they were saying. If you are going to discuss strats or anything else in party, make sure everyone in the group can understand what the hell you are saying, cause if not then it just looks like you are trying to exclude people from the conversation and it is down right rude. I really hate this in Real Life as well.


  10. Ooh ooh more pet hates

    People who are ALWAYS poor. Too poor to repair. Too poor to buy flasks. Too poor to do anything and are constantly begging for money to raid. BUT you know they’ve been online all day pvping, levelling alts, whatever and haven’t done a single daily quest/trade skill/whatever.

    People who lecture others on performance – bonus points when they’re either failing themselves and/or WORSE than the person they’re lecturing

    You’ve had a mage table (actually 2 because someone ALWAYS forgets to click it), everyone has 80 mana biscuits. You wipe. Everyone runs back, buffs, eats drinks. Except the melee/tanks who sit there on half health waiting to heal. They HAVE MANA BISCUITS! EAT DAMN IT! The healers are getting their mana back/buffing!

    You have a raid planned. It’s been planned all week. They signed for it – a week ago. But when you’re all waiting in ulduar they’re STILL in Ironforge with the HS on cooldown. And there are 10 squillion horde at the summoning stone.

    Related – you’re going to an instance/raid etc. All ready to go – except one person who suddenly decides to do 10 arenas, check the mail on 50 characters on 17 servers, do a Vault of Achavon and compose a sonnet to his night elf’s eyes – and, oh you’re waiting for me? YES!

    Or when you KNOW a boss bugs if you use death savers. Like Leviathan. Or Hodir. You know he does. You’ve seen it 100 times. But they STILL DI/Vanish/Feign Death/Shadow Meld. WHYYYYYY WHYYYYY?!

    people who demand fish feasts. Our guild brings fish feasts to most high level raids because most people can’t be arsed (the best folks don’t use them anyway because they’re rarely the best buff). This is generous – don’t DEMAND them if we’re alt farming! ESPECIALLY if you don’t fish!

    People who only think of themselves in group composition! “Put that resto shaman in my group, I need the hit!” Uh, and the 4 healers in that group like the mana tide.

    METER ADDICTS! Sure they’ve dispelled/decursed nothing, done NO crowd control and REFUSED to move out of fire/away from orbs/kill adds, but they’re high on the meters! GAH!

    PURPLIX BLINDNESS! It’s a higher item level than they need. Sure they’re a holy priest and it’s a neck decked out in mp5 and crit rating, and sure there’s a resto shaman and a holydin also needing on it – but it has a higher item level! THEY MUST HAVE IT!

    CC breakers! Seriously most of us learned NOT to use aoe/splash damage around the cc when we were in DEADMINES but noooo every time you hear “oh, I shouldn’t use living bomb/consecrate/heartstrike then?” AFTER the wipe of course. AAAAAAAAAARGH

    Personal announcements on vent that we don’t need – especially if you’re speaking over the raid leader when he’s saying things like “Warlock,. help on the adds please.” No, instead we here “I’m dead!” (yes we can see) “damn lag’s bad” (yes we know)

    Screaming “heal me” in a raid. Heal you? Really? Well oh my god, see, I’m a resto shaman and have been healing for years now, but damn, I never knew you wanted me to HEAL. Thanks, I never would have known. We know. We can see the green bars. We know you need healing. If we’re NOT healing you there’s a damn good reason for it (oomness, tank dying, we’re getting to you or you’re doing something stupid like NOT MOVE the WHOLE damn hodir fight and we’re letting you DIE rather than waste any more mana on you)

    Oh oh oh, another healer gripe – and hunters are the main offender here – why why why why WHY do you ALWAYS try to be as far away from everyone else as possible? You’re NEVER in range. EVER. And don’t run away when you have Incinerate flesh!!!

    Suicide locks!!! Locks who lifetap regardless of their health or situation – Tympanic Tantrum, Frozen Blows, Anub Rekhan’s frost dot, Incinerate flesh. They don’t care

    People who have 10 million alts but as soon as one is geared they switch to the next one so you can NEVER progress and all the loot you’ve already worked on to get them is now wasted

    People who insist on spamming “alternate tactics” even while the raid leader is explaining. EVEN on a boss that is so farmed we don’t have to explain tactics.

    Drama and figure pointing – on this I’m glad I’m GM and RL. People want drama and want to blame people? KICK from raid & guild. We don’t need that crap.

    Negativity. One wipe and that’s it, the world is over! A raid has to be cancelled because 3 people are on holiday? WOE the guild is dying etc etc. Seriously, some perspective please?

    Hmmm… I think i need a therapist now


  11. This is not what I find MOST annoying, but people who can’t be bothered to loot (beast) corpses even though you’ve told them you skin irk me.


  12. Trying to keep my list(s) short.

    Raid delays

    Online, yet somehow still late for the raid “summons plz”
    Player-made loot lag “lemme check wowhead”
    Taking longer than the decided upon break “i had 2 no 2”
    Slow corpse runners “i can’t rez him” aka “stealth afk”
    Hearthing during a run to upgrade “rq”

    Party Delays

    How am I last to get invited, first to stone?
    Constant AFKs for something that takes 45 mins max


  13. I just logged in for about 30 min to knock out the Brewfest dailies and I get asked by a guildie to come heal TotC10. I tell them I didn’t have the time but if they were only trying for 1 boss I could keep myself awake for a little while longer. They said the group was all ready and it would go quick. I join the Raid and there are only 4 ppl including myself in the group. The guildie said that the others were on their way or alting over. About an hour later we are all standing in the instance ready to start and it is Beast of Northrend. It was a fresh Raid. I started looking around and I noticed the other priest healer had some strange gear. I inspected them just to indulge my curiosity and I was aghast to see nothing but greens and blues, some of which were lvl 78. I start looking around at the rest of the PuG and I see similar gear models for low ilevels. Just then the priest whispers me and complements me on my gear (mix of Conquest and T9). I then caught sight of what I didn’t see before on the tooltip. One of my addons gives the player spec and talent points in the tooltip for whoever I have targeted. This priest had all 71 points in Holy!!!. I quickly whispered back asking if they needed some help with their talent spec or if they would like a good website to go to and look up some information. I was just trying to be helpful. They replied back that they like their spec and their alt spec is Disc (which probably had all 71 points in that as well). To my utter horror, their final comment to me, after I informed them that I would be happy to give them an alternative talent spec for their priest was, “Thanks but no thanks. The guy I bought this account from assured me this character was setup with the proper gear and was ready to do end game content and I’m comfortable with the way things are set up now.” By this time it had been about an hour and 15 minutes and it was almost 2am. We did get the raid started but OT wouldn’t taunt the first boss from the MT and DPS didn’t bother to get the kobolds off anyone and it was a wipe before a minute even went by. I quickly made my apologies and excused myself saying I was getting too much wife agro and I had to work in a couple hours so I had to call it a night.


  14. I play a bear. I read BBB, thinktank, darksend, EJ, Emmerald, tankspot, etc. If I played WOW half as much as I read about it, I might get good at it.

    My peeve: I am tanking and a dps keeps pulling agro. I nicely ask in party if my threat is a bit off. I know it’s not, I run Omen, but, hey, it’s a nicer way of saying, “knock it off, doofus”. THAT part isn’t my peeve; my peeve is when the group now feels it is appropriate to question and critique me. “My main is a feral druid.” “What is your rotation?” “Just spam swipe.” Thanks. Really. The fact that you mage-tanked in Gruul’s Lair, or that your VW did Sarth, or that your tanking DK alt is “l33tsauce” doesn’t excite me. We all know that if tanking was so simple and fun, the Trade Chat would be littered with: 3 tanks and 4 heals need dps for 25VoA! I don’t see that on my server.

    It used to be, in TBC, that you needed to think in a heroic instance. A Moonkin couldn’t get a heroic run in full Tier 6 because he/she didn’t have any CC. You had to have a PLAN. A heroic instance could take HOURS. All five group members had to think and do their jobs or it was a wipe. I ran with smart people who had a sense of personal responsibility. Instead, now, I get a healer saying this in party chat after 2 wipes: “You are getting hit very hard. I don’t think you are geared enough for this.” and then kicking me from hToC. HELLO?!? I am WEARING 2 drops from this boss! He has died at my paws multiple times!

    Now, the game is really easier. And an easier game allows for dumber people to play. And, they are all on my server. I ran heroic UP in 24 min the other day. Are you kidding me? People pugging for end game content? Did you EVER see someone pug Black Temple? (before the nerf?)

    /applogize for incoherent and poorly spelled free form thought process

    I currently believe two things. 1) Everyone should have to work as a waiter or waitress for 6 months. The world would be a much nicer place. 2) Everyone in WoW should have to tank heroic Magister’s Terrace at least once. Or the Murmur fight. 3) Some people can’t count.

    By the way, “it’s not rocket surgery”, from an earlier post, is the best mixed metaphor I have seen in a long time.


  15. 1. Snobs. People who can’t understand that not everyone who wants to run an instance at 80 is an end-game raider and therefore knows all of the ins and outs of the particular class they’re playing, and proceed to verbally vomit on the “inferior” person. I didn’t get clued in to DPS meters and actually measuring things and the whole concept of a “best spec” for anything until I started raiding in BC, after playing for two years or so with the default UI. I had no addons. Didn’t even know what they were. Granted, there is a lot more information available now, with blogs and such, but if people don’t know to look, they’re not going to. So give people the benefit of the doubt, eh? I’m sorry they’re not up to your super-high standards, but just maybe they don’t know there’s any other way to be than the way they are. Get over yourself.

    2. Attention seekers. No matter what’s going on, this person has to chime in about their opinion, or with some personal experience of theirs that really has no bearing on the situation, but gets everyone focused on them, be it with sympathy or whatever. And it’s never just one thing either, it’s often an entire paragraph about their problems and how bad they are feeling, or how much they’ve done with absolutely NO thanks from anyone, but they’re sacrificing their time and health or whatever doing things for the guild, and they’re happy to do them, but really if someone could just flipping HELP once in a while because it’s such a chore… Again, get over yourself. We’d like to talk to the other people in the guild sometimes too, thanks.
    .-= Asara´s last blog ..Feeling pretty RAWR. =-.


  16. Saw something this morning I haven’t seen in AGES… a pet left on Aggressive.

    First time it happened, I just let it slide assuming the player would realize the error and fix it.
    Second time it happened, I griped in /p to “Get that pet undercontrol” as it had just pulled a 2nd group while we were still killing the first group. Had I trusted our healer, I probably wouldn’t have complained, but this healer was obviously struggling.
    Third time it happened, ANOTHER player called out the guy by name and told him to put his pet on Passive.

    I’m not sure if he ever changed it as we were in HToC and that was the last “trash”.

    And the kicker of it all? The offender was a Death Knight… 🙂


  17. @Sarabian Yes, this! It frustrates me too. Last night someone was telling me to “LOS pull” the mobs from the other room, and I had no idea what it meant – finally they explained in more detail that I was to go grab a group and pull it back to the stairs to fight there, and repeat to clear room. Only as we were going did I finally figure out that it meant Line of Sight.


  18. Went through heroic ToC for the first time last night and was pretty excited for it. I’ve watched my kids run it and it looks like some fun fights, there are good gear drops. So you know, it was cool to get the invite.

    I’m relatively new to level 80 on this character, but I hit level 80 ready for heroic content. Not all godly, but you know . . . enough honor saved up to get an epic ring, enough Wintergrasp Marks to get an epic cloak, a Direbrew Trinket, level 80 crafted epics. I’ve got an alt that’s at a good enchanting level, so all my gear has top end enchants and I’m kitted up with the awesome leatherworking stuff I can make myself. I’ve still got a couple level 78 pieces. Like I say, I know there are people who hit 80 better geared than me, but I’m ready enough that I feel I can probably hold my own dpsing any Heroic 5 mans.

    I can probably tank most of them, but it’s my off spec, it has a few more equipment slots filled with level 78 gear, so there are a few runs I’d rather not try to tank yet. Especially the one I’ve never done before. So when I get the “can u tank it?” whisper I tell the dude that I’d rather not. He invites me to dps. And it turned into a nightmare with so many of the pet peeves listed in this thread.

    – First thing one of the party members asks is, “who’s going to summon?”

    – The healer flat out tells the Hunter putting the party together that she won’t heal a “fail tank” and makes him gear check the tank

    – After the first fight, Edge of Ruin drops and the hunter gets all excited.

    – I, Mr. just-hit-80, have the high dps in the group at only ~2K. Respectable for a new 80, I guess, but well below what I see dps doing when I watch my kids run the instance. The tank was right behind me at ~1.8K. The hunter who started the party? 700. All epic gear. Good armor kits. All gemmed. And somehow he can only do 700 dps.

    – We get through the first fight with no deaths and the tank starts to get abusive. “You guys suck.” “No offense, but some of you should probably try Heroic Nexus.”

    – The Confessor summons Cyanigosa for us. There’s nothing spectacularly hard, but our dps is so low that the fight . . . just . . . drags . . . on and on and eventually the healer runs oom and we die.

    – Queue the abuse again. This time the healer gets in on it, “I could out-dps any two of you! There are two heals in LFG, kick the low dps and let me switch specs.” So the tank kicks the 700dps hunter out of the party the hunter had set up.

    – Remember the part about him being all nicely geared? How can you be so well geared and only get 700dps? I’m guessing he was about 10-12 years old. And these assholes treated him like shit. I’m kind of ashamed I stuck around.

    – But serves me right, I did stick around for the second wipe. We got a holy pally, the priest went shadow and as soon as Cyaniogosa showed up, she must have blown every high damage spell she could throw in the time it took the tank to close the distance and strike a first blow.

    – The tank left in a huff, healer & dps leave just me & shadow priest in the group. “Man I hate that,” she says. “Which do you hate? People getting all pissy and leaving?” “yeah, wasting my time.”

    – Shadow priests final dps? 750.


  19. Ok I have a big peeve that is not mentioned here pallies….. when the group has more than 1 pally I should have more than 1 pally buff/aura and don’t, this is even after asking them repeatedly ( I mostly get this horde side )


  20. This is going to be a bit long (sorry: it is friday at the office and it is very quiet). 🙂

    I just hate some people’s reactions sometimes when you try to give them advise or question why they made a certain choice (mind you: in the most polite way I know). Not to tell them how to play the game, but just out of curiosity (maybe I could learn from them).

    Last night I was in a PUG with a hunter. Just after he got invited he said “just a sec, I need to tame an animal, because I just switched from BM to MM”. When I asked him “why not go with a SV spec?” he replied “don’t tell me how to play the game”. I offered my appologies and replied that I was not trying to tell him how to play the game, but as SV has become THE build for hunters right now (check WowPopular.com), it could have been a viable choice. I also explained him my main is a hunter and that I have tried and tested various builds in the past and was just curious as to why he chose for a MM spec.
    He immediately responded that I should “STFU” because he had been playing the game since beta. As I did not want to spoil the mood, I kept my mouth shut.
    During all that chatter he found his way to the instance where he met up with the rest of the group. A paladin asked him if he would like a BoK or a BoM. His response: “what do they do?”.
    I could not help myself and replied “I thought you played this game since beta?”. His response: “yeah, but they did not have paladins then and I took a 2 year break”… Okay, so you think nothing happened during those 2 years? It is not that you have to take my word for it, but at least be open to suggestions/comments/tips from people who HAVE been playing their char for the past 2 years (religiously).
    When checking recount I found that I (as a druid tank) did more damage than he did (and I was 2 levels lower). I just had to laugh.

    Something I also hate is the excessive use of the abreviations “ffs”, “wth”, “wtf” and the word “noob(s)”. Expecially when the group is not doing that bad at all… Just because this group does things a bit differently than you and/or your guild has been doing, doesn’t mean we are not going to be successful. Every group is different. Some people have not been playing that much and need to get into it and others play 24/7. Some people just need a little encouragement. Lighten up: it is not a matter of life and death! By pissing everybody off the mood of the group drops and people get scared to make mistakes and then…. they make even more mistakes”.


  21. Half the time someone asks for a damage meter I suspect they already know what the numbers are. They have recount themselves, they just don’t want to be the dick that’s always, “hey! look at how awesome I am!” I mean, they do want to be that dick . . . they just don’t want to be perceived as one.

    The other half the time their dps is pretty crappy. Kinda’ obvious they don’t have recount themselves then.

    A couple days ago on my level 72 resto druid I was asked if I could heal Violet Hold. Which, you know, level 77 bosses, level 75 gear drops . . . I’m not sure I’m up to. But what the hey, it’s not like my heals have a miss chance so I’m game to try. Turns out the DK tank putting the group together had 2 level 80s lined up, so the fights went fast and healing wasn’t too bad at all. After the 2nd boss the DK tank asks for a recount post. So I throw out the healing done numbers and everyone has a laugh. Then I post dps and the tank gets all 😦 . . . not that she had bad dps, it was just lower than the rest of the, you know, the actual dps party members.

    “Do you mind if I tank the rest of the run in unholy?”

    Oh yeah, sure . . . can’t let a couple of level 80 dps show you up. Go ahead and stress the underlevelled healer even more. But somehow it came out just, “We can try that if you’d like.” Then after the next fight, “but maybe you should go back to frost for Cyanigosa.”


  22. One pet peeve that isn’t only in game. People that only refer to , classes, instances, spells and abilities by using their initials. Just using a post here as an example: “to FD _before_ they pull “. I know what the means, but a friend of mine standing here that I just recruited into the game has no idea what that means. This particular example isn’t a big deal, but he wants to play a healer and I see posts on the boards he is trying to do research on that only use initials. It makes it a lot harder for people to learn what to do. Is typing a couple more letters on a keyboard THAT much harder? Really? People that do not live the game (those of us with lives – “How do you kill that which has no life?”) have to sped too much time trying to puzzle out WTF you are talking about.

    “My DK was in UP and the MT didn’t TC, so the htr FD after I AOEd with D&D. The mage used FN, and then IB, but the mobs still RIPd us.”


  23. Pet peeves:
    One word: “go”. It comes in many varieties: gogo, go go, ready go!, *jump jump* gogogo.
    When I am tanking known content, I am moving as fast as my healers manapool and my CD’s allow me to (DK). Do not ‘effing rush me!
    What good could this possibly do? If they put pressure on a inexperienced tank, to make him pull faster than he is comfortable with, how can they think this is a good idea?!

    The players that refuse to learn: I am looking at you hunters! We have two hunters in our small guild, who numerous times have been told to FD _before_ they pull aggro, they have numerous times been given the link to the former great huntard-educator BRK. And yet after almost two years, mobs are all over the place and tanks are running around like headless chickens.


  24. OK, so I just got back from Blackrock Depths for the first time! Got some neat loot and level 53 – I’m starting to feel high level now, heh. I’m always nervous about tanking, especially someplace I’ve never been, but after a little while I got a feel for the rhythm of it, and I think we did ok, in no small part because my awesome boyfriend was healing.

    But I think I have also gotten a taste of the potential crappiness. The group leader was a Ret Pally and not only did he keep pulling aggro from me, he wasn’t trying not to – he’d run up to a biggish group and AOE before I’d get a couple Swipes in. And once he had aggro on something it was pretty hard for me to get it back. I reckon that’s probably because I don’t know the best strategies for aggro recovery and dealing with larger groups yet, but darn it, I think he made it harder than it needed to be, and that was stressful.

    The pally is also one of the infamous Recount-ers, and he doesn’t even have Recount – twice he asked for someone to post it, and both times he was below the hunter and the mage (who seemed pretty cool). I was amused. To be fair, he did trade a tanking ring to me after we both needed it and he won.

    So anyhow, the Ret Pally who thinks they’re a tank has a place on my short list of annoying things.

    Oh, and we started out the instance with a rogue, who fortunately had to go to bed after the first two pulls and a wipe, and we got the cool hunter. When I told the group to let me know if there’s anything they see that I could improve on, the rogue said “just hold agro lol”

    I may be new to the whole tanking thing, but I suspect there’s no “just” about it. If you can’t offer me any useful advice, because you sound like you’ve probably never played a tank, then just don’t say anything.


  25. The two little ones:

    People who stand there with no HP after a resurrection or whatever and wait for the healer to finish drinking, heal them, and drink again. Speed up the group. Use a bandage. Eat some food. I don’t care what, don’t waste everyone’s time because you are afraid of using the things in your bag.

    People that are “AFK” for runs but still manage to roll on every piece of loot that drops.


  26. I forgot to add that I get quite anoyed with people just sitting in dalaran waiting for a summon, even more so when 4 of them are doing it and I’m already at the stone waiting for someone else to get there.

    DPS shouting “GOGOGO”, “MOVE IT” and so on when I clearly see the healer needs to regain some mana before I start pulling again to avoid a wipe.

    Anyone but the designated tank pulling mobs / groups / whatever, (I never heal these, they are even lucky if they get a res) with the exeption of say the split groups in VH where hunters and boomkins might throw some light dps ability to pull the mobs towards the tank.

    People joining a group/raid only to minutes later going to have dinner for say 20-30 minutes, even more if they bitch about being replaced (usually ends up on my ignore list)

    People that do not DPS the marked target (I got “mark skull” on hotkey and add a new one when/if the first target dies), this usually result in the said dps getting roflstomped by the mob before I get aggro back due to not noticing that the mob had turned around.

    Players trying to trick/fool the party they are in saying they are able to summon coren direbrew (has the quest), and then have the guts to ask if they can stay after they have been found out.
    is not a given, it’s earned

    A DK poping amry of the dead.. this god awful spell keeps getting used at the most unsuitable bosses over and over (mal’ganis, last boss VH), it’s hell for the healer.


  27. I’ve seen numerous things before and I’ve seen enough that I like to think I can tolerate people who simply don’t know what to do. We were all in this position at some point; more often than not all it takes is a suggestion or quietly pointing it out to them when you have the time. Consumables can be iffy; if you don’t know an alchemist they can be expensive to buy off the AH for every Heroic you run. Most of my experience comes from Heroics admittedly; more often than not there’s really no point to bringing flasks to every Heroic you run, especially if you go on a spree of three Heroics or so in a day. Sometimes it makes sense to just summon somebody instead of having them come up to the Argent Tournament Grounds from Wetlands where they were grinding Loremaster, that’s what the meeting stone is there for. People who don’t run back during a wipe can make me grit my teeth a little, but normally just asking them to run back works well enough.

    Not knowing aspects of the game is a problem that’s simple to fix for anyone willing to take the time to do it. People with a rude attitude, who make caustic remarks or explode on other group members are a problem you can’t fix. I’ve seen far, far too many instance runs and raids degenerate into the “Blame Game” and nothing gets done as people spout profanity back and forth at eachother. This accomplishes absolutely nothing, and helps absolutely no one in the long run. It’s a trait and an instance pet peeve that can happen in Tanks, Healers or DPS just as easily and can kill an otherwise productive raid much faster than someone being undergeared or not understanding something.

    There’s numerous variations on this of course: The raid leader who only asks “What can you do for me?” when it’s supposed to be a group effort – I remember a raid leader who refused to have someone come to Naxxramas who was acceptably geared, a smart mage and had done the research, just because she hadn’t been in the instance before and he thought she’d slow him down with pointless explaining. How is that person ever going to get into Naxxramas in the first place if not being there before disqualifies her from coming? Group members who are clearly acting selfishly fall under this just as easily. So can the leader who treats a raid member unfairly, tries to squeeze someone out of the raid or deny them opportunities, just because they decided they don’t like that person or have some personal vendetta. People who assume that a problem is always ‘s fault. These are problems that can’t be fixed nearly so easily and tend to be the real pet peeves I have.


  28. “Yeah, my DPS/healing/tanking is bad. Carry me.”

    And I have had people literally say that to me. Even a guildy at one point. She wound being referred to as “The person whose only use in a raid is keeping us from getting less is more.”


  29. Hi guys,

    FYI – found this website from TNB which complies a few stories of bad behaviour – http://www.madcowchronicles.net/rage/

    Tanking VOA (Emalon) on my bear, the pallie charged in as I did the /readycheck and a certain dps NUKED Emalon hard and the rest of them followed. We wiped because my taunt missed and bear charging lacerate-maul was not enough to get Emalon’s attention. By the time I did challenging roar and got him to position we lost enough dps to make the raid suck.

    The lock-tard who was responsible was blaming my bad tanking and agro management. I quite dislike players who care more about their E-peen / Recount position rather than the whole raid progressing. (same Lock also AOE’d the adds when trying to kill the enraged minion)

    Another problematic thing for me is when pug-fighting that big bad doggie, the raid refuses to get a ret pallie out of the 3 on raid dps to help me kite on my hunter. Hunters can distract shot, frost trap, snake trap and kite as much as we can. A ret pallie with Devo aura, Blessing of Sanct and Righteous fury on, spamming holy wrath on the masses of zombies? DUDE can certainly get more zombie’s attention. Why do they keep dpsing Gluth instead of helping the poor resto shammie and hunter kiting?

    Well, I have loved your post bbb!! All da best matey


  30. Warlocks that are to busy watching their big numbers fly by and timing the cooldowns with minmum down time to notice they should probably life tap once or twice since they have <50% mana left.
    Especially if I'v already given them a rejuvenation for them to use as mana and it ticks out without them lifetapping a single time while it's active (normaly just as they hit "not enough mana"),
    And once they do they just lifetap themselves back to full mana in one go without any consideration for the healer what so ever.


  31. The Recount arsehats

    I frequently MT our guild runs and it make me laugh how much the dps folks HAVE to see their name in lights.

    So i made a macro:

    DPS Recount:
    DPS— A lot
    Healers–hardly any at all

    If we get constant requests for recount…BAM

    Not sure if it has an effect or gets the idea across…but it makes me feel better


  32. I tend to tank the heroic daily (at a minimum) with the same group every day. It’s become the chain pull, agro happy speed run that just causes bad habits. We don’t care if we wipe, we screw around and try to see how many we can pull etc. I also encourage the dps to play as aggressively and irresponsibly as they can. (Pull agro, AOE, attack random targets) I consider it good practice for tanking 25mans and turning someone’s costly “oops” into something we can recover from. While dying in easy heroics is common, it’s also a great deal of fun.

    When I pug into a group or run with a different group of guildies as dps, I back it down some. But I still practice holding my threat close to the tanks while still throwing everything I can. I DO screw up and die, sometimes multiple times per instance.

    What gets on my nerves is the whispers from the healers apologizing that they ‘let me down’ and ‘couldn’t keep me alive’. It seems to me there are too many people starting to take the stereotypical spazzy puggie seriously.

    If DPS screws up a little, the tank MIGHT be able to get control back fast enough to save them or a talented healer MIGHT be able to heal them thru it. But if a DPS screws up badly enough, they WILL die … usually in less than a global cooldown. As a warlock I’ve seeded large pulls WAY too early, pulled agro on every mob, died and had a /w argument with the pug healer that it really was my fault and there was nothing they could have done about it.

    It’s bad enough that some people pile their mistakes on tanks or healers, but it’s downright criminal that some healers are starting to believe it.


  33. Going afk either announced or unannounced, This used to be chronic in naxx pug runs. You have good dps, you have not wiped. So why has it taken 4-5-6 hour to get to KT , 1-3 hours of people going afk, Fish feasts has been bugging me lately as well, I like fishing. my like of fishing averages out to about 10 fish feasts a week and I will happily drop them if needed. so why am I allways running out? Because after dropping a fish feast for a pug faction champions, killing them with 2 deaths we have some guy tick not ready for the next fight. “I need a Fish Feast”, their are 8 people who still have 50 mins on the last feast. why does he NEED a feast.


  34. Idiots that don’t know what they are doing, but think they are the kings of WoW. Most recent, tanking 25 VoA, the new boss, we wipe, because, well, just because. We’re in a pug, I expect to wipe at the new boss. One of the DPS (lowest on the meters) voices the tanks shouldn’t stand in the fire. Guess what, we weren’t. There wasn’t even a fire patch down before we wiped (yes it went quick). Of course I say we didn’t stand in a patch, but guess what, yeah right. Of course you were, I’ve seen it comes back. lol, I don’t need that.


  35. Amen Jack! I wasn’t going to comment, but the “you all suck” battleground bitching drives me nuts! It’s the only repeated behaviour that really turns me off to an entire aspect of the game. Especially since it is always done by someone contributing nothing to the cause, and in language more appropriate for a drilling rig thatn a game played by people of all ages. ‘Cause bitching, blaming and complaining always helps. That’s just good leadership, you know.

    The other bad behaviour I see tend to be random. Like a healer who stood and watched me die because one of the DPS whispered him sayng he was going AFK. Irritating, but not something done all the time.


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