A phrase I'd like to see retired

I’ve been reading the comments for my previous post with a mixture of happiness and horror.

Happiness, because you folks can write some damn good stories and comments. I mean, really. Great writing. Entertaining, informative, descriptive… well done.

Horror, from the content. It’s reading stories like this, in the quantity that I see here, that can drive a person to run from the game screaming.

One thing I’ve seen in the comments here, that I’ve seen elsewhere as well, is something that needs to be stamped out.

Any phrase that starts with “I’ve only been playing since…”

I’ll admit that there are experiences in the game that you could only have seen if you’d been playing previous to some current content.

HOWEVER… that has nothing to do with the person’s skill. Nothing whatsoever. In fact, you might even have a better chance at playing well, since you don’t have preconceived ideas of how classes are supposed to work.

I have personally known people that have been proud of playing since beta… that suck. There is no other word for it. They just sucked. No amount of duration or /played could change the fact that they had no SKILL at playing.

Now, another point I will grant is that in the current game, there are wonderful skills that just don’t see much use until someone asks you to do it, and you reply, “Huh?”

Chain trapping on a Hunter, for example. Or Priest Shackle Undead and reshackling on the fly while simultaneously healing the group well.

But please… don’t preface a statement with “I’ve only been playing since…”

At least not here. Trust me. I’ve been playing this game a long time…and that, plus a buck fifty will get me a soda from the vending machine at work.

I don’t care how LONG you’ve been playing the game, all I care about is if you’re a nice, reasonable, mature person when you write in… and if you play your class the best you can NOW.

If you’re here looking for tips because you’re just starting out, or to offer your own advice hard-earned from years of tanking in the trenches, I welcome you all.

And if you’ve been playing since beta, and you suck… well, isn’t about time you DID something about that?

I now return you to commenting on the previous post. Carry on.


16 thoughts on “A phrase I'd like to see retired

  1. No, really. I don’t care if you “only started playing in Wrath”… are you having fun? Did you level your own character through the content instead of buying it on eBay? Are you trying to do the best you can?

    Welcome to the party. You’re the equal of the best. You’re open to learning, and you’re here to have fun.

    Now go push one of those whiny bitches in battlegrounds crying that nobody else is pulling their weight into a mud puddle. You’ll feel good. It’s fun.


  2. Hi Mr. Bear,

    Thanks, that’s encouraging! Because I do think I’m a decent player – I’m a bit fuzzy on things like rotations (“I finally got that mysterious Mangle that everyone talks about! Hmm, now what do I *do* with it…”) and exactly what hit rating is, but I’m definitely having fun. And I’m filing away the bits and pieces of what I read here as “things to look out for when I group with people” as well as “things to not do myself” so I think my little druid will turn out ok.


  3. bah! I think it can be a useful phrase when trying to beat into the heads of the stubborn guildies that whatever task/obstacle is not insurmountable — that you’ve been there and done that and lived through it. I don’t think it’s always intended as an “I’m Better than You Because I have Been Playing X Years” badge of honor — I think the phrase has its uses. And as far as phrases I would like to see retired, I am thinking of a pretty offensive verb that I would really like to see retired.
    .-= candy´s last blog ..What’s Strange About This Picture? =-.


  4. The other issue with “I’ve only been playing since…” is what have you been playing…
    I’ve only played a Hunter and Druid since Vanilla… well actually, not since Vanilla.
    I’ve only played a Mage since TBC… now semi-retired
    Ive only played a Shaman since the announcement of Cataclysm…

    Well… who cares… each of those was a new learning experience… each of those I soon played as well, if not better than the next of my class.

    Especially in an environment such as this (blogs in general, but here in particular), if you are prepared to read about the game, you are well beyond “I’ve only been playing since…” because it sounds like you have been and will be learning forever.
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Solo WoW One Day? =-.


  5. This its the kind of post i like to see over whole internet dude.

    I see two possible scenarios in game playing.

    a) The point you comment, about no excuse when you dont use wisely ALL your talent and habilities arsenal of your class, no matter you are veteran or new in the game.

    b) The wrong sense about to be the high dps/heal reccount in a figth. There are bunch of sites that comune with the mantra “Do all DPS until Recount crash you cpu limit…” or “Overheal you tank and your raid even in summoning stone”

    My point its, hey dudes, dont be fooled with this false fact “high dps/heal reccount = uber pro player”. I totally disagree with this kind of players, i call them “Reccount-zombies”, its mostly equal to players nameb by BBB “Its what i do” guys… the common thing about this guys is their tunnel vision sindrome when raiding or grouping dungeons, i mean they stay focused only in hit the boos, and totally ignore the environment situation, like hunter who dont use wisely their traps and aspects, pallys who dont use specific protective auras in specific damaging mobs, etc, etc…

    When people soloed the game content and get cocky in pvp duels, its cool, you get fun, and thats your way, you solitude way… but hey, when you get in a raid or group, you cant be cocky, you get some responsability about the wise use of your class, just for a big flat word: RESPECT, hell yeah, respect about the time of the persons in the group, why?, well some people dont like waste their time wipping on and on just because you dont colaborate in the rigth way you suposely will to do… no matter how much older or younger you are in the gameplay of your class, you MUST play your class as all people expect from you.

    I hope you all can get the picture. My english sux indeed >.<

    "23,621 players get cocky when they steal my aggro before i start the pull…" ¬¬


  6. Well, I started in Vanilla and have had numerous breaks. I dusted off my Priest last night after probably almost 10 months of not playing with that toon and got a group for Heroic CoS…. let’s just say it didn’t go so well for me. I need some practice to get back into things but healing really is kind of something you don’t want to be sucking at when you drop into something like that.
    .-= ZombiePirateXXX´s last blog ..Conventions In Gaming – Sportsmanship =-.


  7. “And if you’ve been playing since beta, and you suck… well, isn’t about time you DID something about that?”

    Bear, this one statement will keep me laughing until the day I hang up my bow… if indeed that day comes at all!! You are classic!


  8. I think people use that “i have only been playing for 4 months” to fish for compliments if they are a decent player. False Modesty is so annoying to me especially when others around you cant sense it. Although those are also the ones who cant detect or apply the use of sarcasm. The phrase I hate so much is the popular “wtb tank”. Really I didnt know I could go down to the ole AH and buy me one of those Tanks. I know its silly to care about that but its just stupid because every time i respond to the “wtb healer” they never pay me.




  9. BBB,

    I agree with you 100% about this phrase, when used to prop up either longevity or perceived skill, the way it usually is such as “I’ve only been playing for a year, but I’m already doing X,” or “Don’t tell me how to play Y, I’ve been playing since Beta…”

    Though there are some good times to use the phrase “I’ve been playing since Day One.” (or Beta, if you prefer, I got on on Day 1) But only for reminiscing and talking about where the game has come. Actually did that the other night…

    “Y’know, I’ve been playing off-and-on since Day 1.”
    “Really? I got in on Beta.”
    “Yeah, you know, when every other person had a panda cub/mini-Diablo/or Zergling.”
    “Oh, yeah, when there was 2 minute item lag on looting, if you didn’t have a stack already.”
    “Yeah, when people would killsteal from you at Northshire Abbey.”
    “And you actually had to defend the cities on a regular basis.”
    “Faction ranks! Officer gear!”
    “No BGs!”
    “Elite quest mobs all over the place.”
    “And Scarlet Monastery was the place to be.”
    “And both sides complained about how the class they didn’t get was OP.”

    … And so on. You get the picture. That’s how “I’ve been playing since Day One” should be used.

    As in, “I’ve been playing since Day One, when Shammies sucked at healing before they got Chain Heal…” =)


    My 2 yen,

    .-= Akiosama´s last blog ..Resistance is Futile – You will be Assimilated =-.


  10. My old 25-man guild had a prot warrior who was very proud of having played since vanilla WoW. Even though he was prot and refused to spec for dps he didn’t know his class at all. On fights where he wasn’t needed as a tank he would use Mocking Blow to help his dps (which would then pull the boss off the real tank and on to him).

    We got him to stop doing that, but it was just one thing after another until we finally benched him. It was just too hard trying to train him to be useful and he was taking up a raid spot that we honestly needed a good player in.

    On the other hand, my current guild has a ret paladin who had never raided anything other than the occasional pug Naxx before joining us. Ulduar had already been out for months before he hit 80. We took him into 10-man ToC with us and now he’s one of our top dps. He’s a raiding newbie, but eager and able to learn and it makes a huge difference.
    .-= Hana´s last blog ..Starved for a Healing Outlet =-.


  11. It’s just a version of the “appeal to authority” logical fallacy. I’ve learned to tune it out and just pay attention to the content of the comment.

    …I think it’s an internet survival skill.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Game Tourism =-.


  12. I’ll let you keep that saying, if we can get rid of the use of the word rape in video games. “We totally raped that guy” or “Wow just got raped by some retadin at the smith” etc. I don’t know if it was a comedian or who I heard rant about this the other day, but it’s totally true. I’m sure anyone (male or femail) who has actually gone through that experience would stat that it’s about an infinite times worse that getting rolled while gaurding a tower in AV.
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..Algalon down – a monkey off our back =-.


  13. I’ll let you keep that saying, if we can get rid of the use of the word rape in video games

    QFT. Absolutely the most offensive phrase I’ve heard in the game.


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