I never imagined he'd actually do it!

I’m going to be facetious here, but this just cracked me up.

A few posts back, I mentioned how if I were in Ghostcrawler’s position and had finally gotten tired of player pissyness and whining about ZOMGnerfs, I’d give em something that would just tweak their little minds. I’d do something that was aimed at giving theorycrafters the hives and the screaming jeebies (whatever those are).

And then I asked for your suggestions on evil things he could do. 🙂

Little did I know then that just around the corner would come something that would, at least in my mind, qualify as the king of evil adjustments.

I’m directly affected by this, and I still think the timing on this is hilarious.

The latest patch notes for the 3.3 patch on the Public Test Realm, includes a few tidbits about class spell changes.

Among these is included a nerf to the duration and healing of a Druid’s Rejuvenation spell.

And then…. the announcement that the mana costs for lower ranks of healing spells, pretty much for all classes across the board, were being reduced.

I’ll give you a moment to take that in.

I’m freaking rolling on the floor laughing over here.

Am I weeping inside that Rejuvenation, my most favoritest spell, got nerfed?


But omigod… how long ago was it that first, they reduced the effectiveness of Spellpower and +Healing on lower ranks of spells… and then set the mana cost of all spells, regardless of rank, at the same level, effectively eliminating the point to downranking?

And now… now, after everyone has gotten the message that Blizzard does not want us to downrank, and wants us to use the max rank of all spells and not deal with the added complexity of downranking for mana consumption, and instead learn to effectively get the most out of all the spells they designed for our use…

They’re nerfing the most commonly used spells, and returning downranking to the table as an option.

I’m practically dying, from laughing so hard.

For those folks that, indeed, have not been playing WoW for that long and really don’t understand what I’m talking about when I refer to downranking…

It used to be the norm that every rank of spell you learned would vary by level in damage done or amount healed, the length of cast time needed to cast the spell, and the amount of mana it cost to cast.

Lower ranks of spells would typically take less time to cast, and cost less mana, but were far less effective.

The trade off was, with those low level beginner healing spells in particular, was that with enough +Healing, they became really effective spot heals with fast cast times and low mana costs. So you’d stack +Healing out the wazoo, and downrank, or use lower rank Healing spells to great effect.

So what did we as casters have?

Why, we had button bars filled with from 3 to 5 ranks of the same spell, each one with a different puropose, of course. For Druids, it was balancing Healing Touch in particular between the fastest cast time we could get balanced against the highest final effective heal numbers we could squeeze out of it. Some spells would do a teeny bit of healing but be very fast, and others would get a good chunk of healing for longer cast… but nobody was gauche enough to actually use the BIGGEST Healing Touch…

Not unless you used it as a hail mary Nature’s Swiftness/Healing Touch insta-heal for the main tank that was about to bite the big one and go to that Graveyard Run.

It worked like this for a long, long time. Then they reduced the amount of Spellpower/+Healing that applied to spells of less than the highest rank available… a nerf to downranking.

But we used downranking anyway. In some cases, I’m sure it was because that’s the system folks were comfortable with.

Then, clearly showing their ire towards downranking and our habit of ignoring those fancy spells they spent all that time designing, they made the mana cost of all ranks of a spell match the highest rank.  Boom. Downrank? Go for it…. you’ll have less effective heals at the same mana cost. Enjoy.

The very idea that after all of this fiddling around they are implying that they’re making a change showing they expect us to bring back downranking fills me with an evil glee.

Not because we’d actually have to do it.

No, because by making that change, they are implying that they’ve given the system a lot of consideration, and then decided to bring it back.

So now people will be saying, “Well, they must have had a reason, amiright? Maybe we need to use it!”

If people actually QQ about downranking, or start doing it, or whatever… that’s entirely the player’s choice, right? Nobody would be MAKING us do it.

I just love it… it’s like a big “have a great weekend, theorycrafters” from Blizzard.

Disclaimer: No ducks were harmed in the playtesting of this post.


15 thoughts on “I never imagined he'd actually do it!

  1. Haha be careful what you wish for:P I haven’t seen it as a Rejuv nerf. There’s a bug fix because rank 15 lasts longer than the rest of the ranks by 1 tick and they let it slide for a while (probably too long). But I usually end up overwriting the last tick, or it ends up as overheal so…no /jessrage for once:D I’mma just giggle along with ya.


  2. I haven’t been able to read much on the forums about this but I didn’t read the lower costs as opening up downranking at all. When you couple the info you gave with the increase to lower level mana regen I read it more as they don’t want lower level toons to have as much downtime. If the cost of all the spells is lower and you have the same mana and more regen it makes the game go much faster because you don’t have to sit and drink all the time. I figured they were just making the game more lowbie friendly.

    I’m guessing that all Ranks of a spell will still cost the max value but that when you initially get them they will be cheaper than they are now. For example, a Rank 1 spell that used to cost 100 mana to cast might cost 50 mana now but Rank 1-10 of the spell will still cost as much as Rank 10. That would certainly eliminate alot of the kill, drink, kill, drink type of waiting that caster lowbies experience now and make the game more appealing. I could be wrong though.

    Love the blog BBB!


  3. Lower rank spells currently have a slightly higher base mana cost than the top rank of spells. Blizzard is just normalizing costs across all ranks of spells, in preparation for Cataclysm, where there will no longer be any spell ranks.

    All ranks of spells will cost the same % of base mana, so there’s still no incentive to downrank.
    .-= Rohan´s last blog ..Empirically Measuring Class DPS =-.


  4. The way I understood the mana changes on the spells wasn’t that down ranking would be viable again, but that when you are lower level the spells would cost less. The mana cost curve of spells will change.

    level — old mana cost — new manacost
    10 — 100 — 50
    20 — 150 — 100
    30 — 200 — 175
    40 — 250 — 250

    These are not the actual numbers, just a demonstration of what they are doing.


  5. Spoilsports… it’s a humor post! You’re supposed to see the duck comment and laugh, damnit!


    Heck, just knowing that they didn’t REALLY nerf Rejuve should’ve clued you in…

    Dang my too literal readers.

    Okay, that’s all right, I’ve always got another one up my sleeve when my current joke fails.

    If I was being serious, I’d have linked to MMO Champion so people could see for themselves. 🙂

    That’s what I get for having the smartest, best informed readers around. Can’t even get away with it for 15 minutes!


  6. hehehe sorry BBB. Too many hours at work analyzing things causes my brain to put blinders on…especially at the 60+ hr mark 😦



  7. I don’t believe that low ranking spells will remain low casting cost for higher level characters – if I recall, all levels of the spell cost the same as the highest rank you can cast.


  8. I remember reading in one of your posts (or maybe the comments) that it would be really funny if blizz did something to screw with us like ‘attack power in seal form is now 200% greater’. or some thing. They kinda did that with the treants having more AOE avoidance. I mean, is that a big deal for boomkins? Idk, just seems funny.


  9. well it’s nice to see people caught BBB right away, I must admit, I didn’t even read the entire post before I came to check the comments, and to think the title of the post had me wondering what I had missed when i read the patch notes.


  10. Lies and Slander!

    I have eyewitness testimony from at least two ducks that were injured due to your post!
    We’re willing to settle on 2 million internets…
    otherwise we’ll see you in duck court!


  11. My personal favorite Blizz moment is when they mega-nerfed Spirit in favor of mp/5, only to say that in Cataclysm that mp/5 and a host of other things are going to be all rolled back into the main stats (Spi, Int, etc)



  12. I’ll atmit you had me for a moment even afte being told you were going to pull my leg. Perhaps it was the fact i avoided healers all through vanilla and bc just because I didn’t want to learn to downrank that moment of OMG NO! came on. Luckily I read the comments befor hyperventilating and running back to my hunter for my main 😉


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