Interview with a PvP Hunter

I had a fun conversation with Ruuaarr after a Heroic ToC run a few nights ago, and I thought the conversation was well worth relating here for a bit.

Ruuaarr is a member of our guild, and is known mostly for playing his Hunter.

I’ve played with Ruuaarr in raids like Naxxramas, in 5 man runs, and more recently in our takedown of Onyxia.

He’s always provided some serious DPS, and can be counted on to play attentively and with great skill.

That being said, he’s a bit of an oddity in our rather laid back social guild.

You see, Ruuaarr’s first love is not for PvE content in groups.

Nope, Ruuaarr is, instead, a devoted afficianado of PvP.

Any time of the day or night, you could expect to see Ruu in Wintergrasp or one of the other Battlegrounds, presumably pwning face.

Because of my PvE background, the world of PvP for me is a bit like a closed book. Talking about it, aside from telling stories about this really bitchin’ Alterac Valley I did on my Druid back in Burning Crusade whilst grinding towards some epic shoulders, consists of “PvP, huh? So… fun, then?”

The conversation started when Ruuaarr dropped his third Fish Feast for the group, after a ‘I died and ran in and died and ran in but the bastards are dead so screw it’ encounter.

I commented that I really needed to get to farming some fish to give to him, since he was being so very generous with dropping the Fish Feasts for the group.

Ruuaarr replied that he didn’t mind, he had plenty of fish. All the fish he could ever want.

He got them while fishing for Rogues to gank in Wintergrasp.

Well, there’s a story just begging to be told there, so I had to learn more.

“What I do”, Ruuaarr said, “Is go fishing in Wintergrasp, and I’m the bait. Rogues can’t resist trying to kill someone just standing there fishing. So, they stealth in to take me down, and that’s when I destroy them.”

Wait… somehow, this sounds like you’re cheating, and destroying these poor unsuspecting Rogues… but to do it, you have to stand there motionless and fish. Just standing there. And you have to wait for them to come in and make their attack.

“Yes, they come in to gank me, and when they do I kill them. That’s why I’m there. But I get a lot of fish, too.”


That’s awesome. But this leads me to ask… why the vendetta against Rogues?

“Back when I first started playing, my son had been playing for a while and liked PvP. I wanted to try it, and went to join a Battleground. My son warned me, wait until I was 28 or 29, but I didn’t listen. I went in at level 25, and I was killed instantly. There was this Rogue there, and he just stayed and killed me over and over. The match seemed to last forever, and I was killed by this one Rogue 18 or 19 times. I refused to stop resurrecting, and I refused to stop playing, but he spent the entire match doing nothing but waiting for me and then killing me. That was when my war against the Rogues began.”

Well, I can certainly see how that might irritate a person. You must really hate people that corpse camp, after having to deal with something like that so soon in your playing. 

“I don’t hate them, but the way I see it, if you are going to corpse camp someone, you deserve what you get. There was one time, my son was playing and got killed, and the other player corpse camped him, killing him over and over for 15 minutes or more.”

“I logged onto my main, and went and found the player corpse camping him, and killed him.”

“Then I sat on him and corpse camped him back, killing him five or six times.” 

“He logged off, logged onto an Alliance character and asked why I was being an asshat and corpse camping him.”

That would make my day, personally.

It sounds as though you mostly like playing to have the challenge of an evenly matched battle. What are your thoughts on twinking?

“Twinking would work a lot better if they opened the pool of players to be cross game, and not just cross battlegroup. There just aren’t enough players in one battlegroup taking part. I think looking for the most advantage you can is built into the desire to twink… to be able to gank your opponent mercilessly and be overpowered. There are people that enjoy twinking their character to play in the twink only matchups, but if Blizzard wants that to be a success, they need to open the potential pool of players. There just aren’t enough in one battlegroup right now.”

It sounds to me like you don’t look for opportunities to destroy weaker opponents. Do you always play looking for an even match, in level at least?

“There was one time, and I still really feel bad about this. The arena in Stranglethorn Vale, I don’t know if you’ve done it, but it’s a free for all arena. You can kill people of your own faction in it too.”

“I was in there once, and there was a big fight moving all around, and I was taking on any target I saw, and I saw out of the corner of my eye someone enter the arena area and become flagged, and I took him down instantly. It turned out to be a level 31 or so of our own faction. I still feel really bad about that, I normally look to see what level someone is first, but in the arena I saw someone flag and just turned and took him down.”

Ruuaarr… thank you very much for giving me this look into the life of a PvP player, that truly does not fit in with any of the stereotypes I see all the time.

It was really refreshing to talk to someone that loves the PvP game, someone that really lives for the hunt and the hair trigger tension.

I hope that your story will help a few other folks remember that PvP isn’t all about corpse camping or ganking lowbies. A lot of very mature people love it too.

They just don’t get all the publicity. And maybe they should.

22 thoughts on “Interview with a PvP Hunter

  1. This is Bolvar, from the guild… I might have to get in on the fun. I purposely created another warrior for the sole purpose of killing rogues, down to my spec, glyphs, and gear. They are like mosquitoes.


  2. Nice.

    Been actually pvping on my rogue lately. Have a lot of alts and pvping on my rogue and warlock have reinvigorated the fun in playing those toons. I enjoy PvE, but since I have 5 80s…running heroics has gotten a bit old so now I do slightly different things with each toon.

    1. Tank on pally
    2. Heal on Shammy
    3. DPS or Extreme Solo on Hunter
    4. Raid Boomkin, or Tank on Druid with some heroics
    5. BGs on Rogue with the occasional heroic.

    I love BGs cause they are definitely challenging. With everyone gearing so fast, heroics have become almost a joke (still the occasional bad pug) and raiding takes a lot of committment that I dont’ always have so started BGs (pretty much did very little of it at 70, then expansion hit and lvled and have only done it as an 80 on rogue (though picked it up as lvl 77 on warlock)).

    As a rogue in PvP, the hardest classes to fight are Tree Druids, Elemental Shammys, Mages and other Rogues. Very rarely will I ever get caught off guard by a hunter.

    My only hope is that the Alliance will actually get better at BGs. Recently, I’ve been pretty vocal about strategies.

    The games are very fast and if you’re geared for it, they’re fun. Great way to spend a quick 20 minutes (though some BGs (Eye of the Storm) may take running them multiple times to get the win).

    At this point, I’m not interested in ganking or arenas. I like the coordination of working together against an equal opponent that is very unpredictable.

    I’m Bodine on Echo Isles (Whirlwind Battlegroup) if you want to look me up and do some BGs. They’re really quite fun.


  3. I play on 3 PvP servers, and maintain the philosophy that if you’re around my level, you’re fair game. If you’re green or gray, you’re off limits.
    Since I have all classes except my priests take up engineering, I always have a plethora of trinkets to choose from, from very early on. Because of that, unless someone is totally twinked out, a regular questing character by themselves don’t usually stand much chance against one of my toons, if they’re the same level.
    .-= Bloodshrike´s last blog ..About Last Night….. =-.


  4. I remember my time on a PvP server, it mainly revolved around trying to avoid getting ganked when I was in the middle of questing and a higher level came along. it did give me great pleasure when a Hunter a few levels higher than me tried to gank my Pally who proceeded to pummel them into the ground..that was good. Now I have Priest and Shaman, neither are exactly top of the PvP ladder these days.
    .-= ZombiePirateXXX´s last blog ..Malifaux – Loot Review =-.


  5. “Yes, they come in to gank me, and when they do I kill them. That’s why I’m there. But I get a lot of fish, too.”

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve read all day. Ruu, you rock. At some point most people who PvP or played on a PvP server have developed an inherent hatred of rogues. It even got to the point where I started playing one purely so I could learn their weaknesses.

    I remember back in Vanilla Hunters were the rogue killers. Lately though we seem even weaker than normal against rogues. I take them down a lot easier on my warrior than with my hunter. Then again I’ve also shelved my hunter until Blizzard can figure out where exactly they want to take the class. The buff/nerf/change rollercoaster just got too much.

    Also awesome to see a player who actually pursues fair PvP. Playing on a PvP server actually gave me a really bad view of PvPers. They all seemed to be out to grief and cause the most misery to anyone who they could kill as easily as possible. Challenge was to be avoided, the only time they’d go for someone was if they were grey to them.


  6. vs. A Rogue as Hunter, specifically if you don’t get the opening (as Ruuaar suggests that he doesn’t in WG), coming from BG experience as a Hunter only, early in Wrath (I’ve benched my Hunter atm).

    He’ll stun you, twice in a row. You need to live through the first stun, don’t trinket it (large amounts of resilience is great for this), this first stun is called ‘Cheap Shot’ never, ever trinket the Cheap Shot or you lose. As soon as Cheap Shot fades, he will stun you again with ‘Kidney Shot’, you need to trinket this and immediately Scatter Shot (that talent is why every PvP Hunter goes 11 points into SV). From there you can trap, burst etc. do what you need to do. You should be in Track Hidden vs. a Rogue and get a Hunters Mark on him before you do too much damage to him.

    At some point, he will Cloak of Shadows and Vanish (Cloak of Shadows removes your Hunters Mark, it is important to have it up so he has to Cloak to use his Vanish). At the moment, you can (almost) rely on a dot tick or a pet to pull him out of Vanish, but not always, and in Patch 3.3 Vanish is being ‘fixed’ (unfortunately, not the same fix I gave my pet cat… sadfase). When he’s vanished, if your health is good he will try to run away, if it’s not, he will try to re-open on you. Pot/Bandage/whatever and wait for the open. Hope you can see him before he does and you should win.

    70% snare poison sucks 😦

    Disengage is incredible! Beastial Wrath is the Rogue/Clothie/Lock destroyer. I’m not a great PvP’er, I may not have the best tactics, but these mostly do well for me.


  7. Far from being a PVP expert, and not playing either hunters or rogues, but… I was under the strong impression that hunters were the rogue-destroyers, not the other way around, due to amazing slowing/stopping powers to gain range, and tracking of hidden players to prevent surprise attacks and escapes. (Of course, if a rogue gets the jump on you you’ve got trouble no matter what.) Will follow the coming tips with interest.


  8. Lesson to the wise: Be careful what you say to Bear

    I’ve been pvping in BG’s for a while now and rogues can be the death of us all. So this is my ‘fishing for rogues in WG’ advice.

    I wear my pvp gear , use BM spec, and take my bird of prey. I fish where I can put the pet on aggressive without it attacking mobs. The pet sees stealth better than I do and will often attack before the rogue does. ‘Snatch’ is the bird of prey’s special attack and I like my rogues to be disarmed. If I get immobilzed then I trinket, bestial wrath and from there choose disengage or frost trap or deterence .. its just reactive at that point … trying to get distance is the key.
    I don’t always win.

    I love PVP and the constant difference and variety of each encounter. I find arenas to be too rigid in their structure [kill or be killed] and I’m not very good at them. I used to think pve was too structured as well but this guild has shown to me the enjoyment of instances. I’m not sure if my sudden bouts of ‘lets pvp these mobs’ is always appreciated 🙂 I like to be able to choose offense or defense or to fight on the road. As long as I’m contributing and having fun then its a win regardless of the outcome.

    I would like to say thanks to the guild and Bear and Cass for having me
    And to Jen on TB
    and to David

    Have to run along and fill up the guild bank with a bunch of greys. Later


  9. That’s pretty awesome post. I’m like you BBB I get destroyed in PvP and thus don’t do it hardly at all. Rogues have been the main problem there. It’s so frustrating that they can stun lock you and all that crap and you just have to stand there and watch them kill you, but then the one time you actually get a leg up on them, they vanish at the last second, and all is lost. Very OP in my opinion, and thus I don’t liek rogues too much based on a few bad experiences. I would love to know his strat and specs.


  10. Umm… re: Ruu’s tactics against Rogues.

    I didn’t mention it, because I didn’t ask. Likewise, I didn’t ask what spec he is. He’s a hunter, we were talking about what he does and why, it didn’t occur to me to ask about how.

    However… you’ve clearly shown that there is interest, and thus I shall ask.


  11. Ruuaarr didn’t share the details of how he kills a rogue? I play a hunter too, and my odds against a rogue is about 1:200


  12. Awesome story! It’s nice to see someone fighting fair in PvP.

    I am utterly terrible at PvP myself. Whenever I’m attacked by a rogue I usually just go get a drink or something. They’ve completely destroyed my will to fight back.


  13. I love this interview. As someone who enjoys both PvP and fishing in Wintergrasp, I completely agree — the fishing is good, waiting for the gank keeps you relatively alert, and the opponents usually don’t know what hit them.


  14. I do a lot of fishing in WG too but you can put yourself out as bait as much as you want but on my realm (Velen) the horde will always run through with about 10-15 players and take out all of us who are fishing…lol. Nothing you can do about that except die and wait till they go away.


  15. I would love to get Ruu’s strat on blowing up Rogues. So I can tell a hunter buddy (who always complains about rogues) to “l2p, here’s how…”


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