Okay, this one time I'll do it

I know, I keep quoting stuff I love, and I rarely explain where I get this stuffs. Most of you know it already, but I feel bad. I hate being exclusionary.

The negative waves I keep talking about comes from… well, I’ll just have to show you.

There. Are we friends again?

10 thoughts on “Okay, this one time I'll do it

  1. I do love using the “why can’t we focus on being righteous and hopeful” in some of our Kaizen events, when the negative waves of the perennial doubters and opponents of change rear their stubborn heads.

    I then get a belly laugh from Bob, who gets it, and we move on.


  2. I feel inspired to say something righteous and hopeful for a change!

    How about this blog rocks and you’re a fabulous writer. I also loved this post.

    Many thanks for all the great blogging.


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