Are these people insane? Or brilliant?

How to describe this?

Ah, I know…

“Japanese Game Show”.

All I gotta say, right there.

No, wait, I better say more.

This is a Japanese Game Show I have had described to me as being called “Panic Face King”, where the goal is to place real people in situations where they think there is something going on that causes them to totally panic… on hidden camera.

In this clip, this poor young man is in a business meeting… when suddenly, the windows explode, there is the sound of gunfire, and his coworkers bodies erupt in blood. He panics and tries to flee the room, only to find the door locked.

The close ups of his face are the point of the show… “Panic Face King”.



10 thoughts on “Are these people insane? Or brilliant?

  1. I agree with Kirk, Scare Tactics.

    I’ve been waiting for someone on Scare Tactics to go postal instead of being terrified.


  2. Appalling !
    Why do people laugh at this sort of thing? I get cross with my kids for laughing at Funniest Home Videos when there are real people getting hurt.
    TV has a lot to answer for by desensitizing people to violence.
    This is really sad. 😦


  3. “He panics and tries to flee the room”

    He sensibly decides he has better things to do with his day, than be in a room with incoming gunfire.


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