Asking for your input!

I’ts been a long time now since I’ve done something different. It’s been just text, text, text for months.

No, Sidhe Devils Gone Wild doesn’t count. And no, the podcast is not dead, it’s just amazingly difficult to get four bloggers all in one place, at one time. If we’re the WoW version of the Beatles, Ratshag is John Lennon, and it’s harder than heck to get his butt in the studio. No, I won’t speculate as to who else is which Beatle… but I call dibs on Ringo. Zug zug, baby. 🙂

Hopefully, the stars align and we’ll be able to do an all Pally episode next Tuesday.

But Sidhe Devils Gone Wild is not a Bear project, it’s a fun multi-blogger gabfest.

This blog be da Bear’s soapbox, and I like playing with doing different stuff periodically.

I think there’s no question that when I first started blogging, I was excited. I felt like a pioneer, and I was always playing with different stuff that seemed lots of fun. Raid Songs of the Week, boss movies, parody songs I’ll never live down, whatever seemed like fun. Blogging felt like a new, awesome dynamic thing to be a part of. And the community! Just amazing, what great folks!

But I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and damn it feels like I keep falling in a rut.

“Oh, I should write a guide on that. But work is so involved right now, and Alex has time off and we should do something, and etc etc. I’ll do that next time, let’s write something brief for now.”

What I’d like to do, to have some fun and break out of this rut, is do a few super-short narrated movies. And I’d like suggestions on what you’d like to see me do ’em on.

I was thinking, for example, that I could do a 3 to 5 minute movie on using Omen to test out threat generation rotations while killing mobs like Fel Reavers, just to actually expain the process and show what to look for.

Another movie I had thought I could do was just a short movie on pulling and Bear tanking multiple mobs that are tough solo, and the timely use of a Bear’s “Oh shit” buttons.

But you folks that read the blog would know best what you think you’d like to see, so please, give me your suggestions. Want to see me tank a specific encounter in a team or solo? Let me know. Want to see something, anything else? Just say so.

I reserve the right to not do it, of course. If you ask to see me tank Yogg, I can assure you, it ain’t happening unless and until Sidhe Devils actually do Ulduar and get there. So, I’ll see ya in a year or so.

And of course, by all means, let me know if this is even something you’d enjoy. If you think it’s a waste of time, best to let me know before I spend potential gaming time doing them. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Asking for your input!

  1. I love videos! I still like going back to see BRK’s level 10 hunter tutorial (and his disgust at lvl 80 hunter’s doing melee).
    I healed a level 68 bear tank with a lvl 72 dps in reg UK (I’m 80). I was amazed how this bear tank held aggro and would love to see a video on how he could do it.

    I’d like videos on addons and how they work, omni’s threat would be sooo wonderful. Even those “ready check” addons, how do they do that? Same with quick marking mobs, that must be an addon.


  2. The second poster said:
    “I loved seeing your VH video from a while back”

    What does VH stand for and possibly even, where can I find a link please?

    On topic:
    Multiple target tanking when there’s ranged involved
    The ZG videos sound like an idea.
    Attumen would be nice to see, because if you can do it, we can do it as well 🙂

    kind regards


  3. I liked all your ideas:

    “Using Omen to test out threat generation rotations.
    Pulling and Bear tanking multiple mobs
    The timely use of a Bear’s “Oh shit” buttons.”

    My 2 coppers so far:
    I know some tanking classes do better with certain encounters than others, so a clip about an encounter that you’ve previously struggled with as a bear but figured out how to do best would also be informative.
    (i.e: I Normally struggle with “snap aggro” if the dps in the grp is very good. Have to ask then to hold back 1 sec before unleashing their fury 🙂 )


  4. I’d also like to see bear tank intros – I’m doing ok but I know I’ve got more at my disposal that I could be using: using cooldowns more efficiently, especially. Seeing how to set up the UI would be awesome too, for both tanking and healing. I want to try my hand at healing one of these days.


  5. I too would love to see videos on how to be a bear tank. I would like to make the change from tree to bear, but starting out seems overwhelming.


  6. A vid of the first boss (3 bosses?) in ToC-5 (heroic) – one healer, one ranged one melee … one pain in the butt. I find it impossible to keep aggro on all three at the same time.


  7. I’ve got nothing new to add. The suggestions for Basic Bear Butt tutorials for tanking–cooldowns, AoE rotations, and so on–sound wonderful. I’d also love to see some old-world soloing, and maybe some useful Wrath soloing like Chillmaw.


  8. I would like to see your opinion on the AGI VS STAM issue. If you use RAWR t keeps flip flopping between the stats. It’s irritating. I have started going for stam, as I block with my face. But yah, I would love to see your input on it.


  9. @ Markus Laumann… “I’d like to see that “Oh Shit” button video.”

    This isn’t a video, but I thought I’d at least pass the info along. My “Oh Shit” button is the following simple macro:

    #showtooltip Survival Instincts
    /cast Survival Instincts
    /cast Frenzied Regeneration
    /cast Barkskin

    If the healers start falling behind, this one will usually save you until they get back on track. And just to be pleasant, I usually call out over vent “Survival” so that they know I cast it. It’s a lot nicer than yelling “I NEED HEALS!!! I NEED HEALS!!!”


  10. Yes please!! I really enjoyed your intro to druid tanking. I know you got busy and couldn’t finish it. If you could put the info into videos that would be great. I really like the ideas you can up with also the what not to do vid. Maybe if you could do one about working in a group also. I had tanked a few places and seemed to have a hard time with those 5 man pulls that sometimes come up in instances. How do you keep everthing on you and not your clothies. Of course some one could crowd control but well in Wrath no one does that anymore. Thanks!!


  11. I would love to see the two videos you mentioned in the post, although that fail video sounds mighty awesome as well!


  12. a line from a song I remeber popped into my head when I was reading this… totally random, but that’s me
    “lets talk about sex”



  13. I love movies, being a visual person. How about a trip through the Time Caverns? Sort of a sightseer’s guide to all the things to do there….

    Solo things would be fun, too, but really, Bear, make yourself happy and try something that appeals to you.
    .-= Chillyhollow´s last blog ..The Greatest Twink Video Ever =-.


  14. I’m a new bear (cub?), and yes, I’d love to see something along the lines of:
    – how to tank groups of 3+ mobs, especially if there are 2 caster mobs (or a caster and a ranged)
    – Soloing Chillmaw (or a similar ‘harder’ mob)

    I’m doing reasonably well on single-target tanking, but I miss my warrior’s interrupts – and dare I say it: AoE threat – with all the AoE happy DPSers. I also seem to be off on self-healing when soloing crunchier mobs. Yes, I know, “I’m doing it wrong”, so how do I do it right? I keep thinking I perhaps should’ve dusted off the pally, but I like shapeshifting into flight form 🙂


  15. I would love to see some videos about soloing old bosses. I’ve been working on doing this whenever I get bored. Mostly for rep or random stuff, been working on MC lately and some of the BC heroics.

    Another video that might be fun is “how to speed pull”. Maybe some pointers on effective speed pulling and how to know when it’s not ok.
    .-= Astemus´s last blog ..Abandoned =-.


  16. And no, I don’t BG… I’m one of those “Hey, everyone else took off like a bat out of hell… where am I supposed to go? Guys? Guys?”


  17. Thans for the ideas, both of those sound pretty good to start with.

    I actually had an idea of what to call a series of, basically, “Bear kills old world pain in the butt boss” videos building on the inspiration Dabian just gave me.. “Furious Feral Fangs of Flying Fury”


  18. Oh, I have an idea for a video. Ok, for the longest time I didn’t run battlegrounds. Because when you get in, there is no coordination, there is no leadership, nothing. It’s like everybody storms out the door, and just knows what to do. I have a feeling I’m not the only person that doesn’t want to go in to battleground chat and ask “um, so where do I go now?”

    Sure, I sucked it up and eventually went, but it helped when I could go in with a friend who could lead my by my tender hand for the first time. Then Wrath came out, as did new BGs. I’ve done Wintergrasp a couple times, but still have no idea what’s going on. And I’ve never set foot in the newest BG. Have no idea what’s up with that one. Heck, I hardly ever did the BG that came out in burning crusade either. It would be nice to see a video of some bear going “ok, everybody is going to do this in the beginning, and here’s why”. Stuff like that.


  19. In that previous post, when I said “flask and elixir” I meant “flask and a food buff. I am aware that you can’t use flasks and elixirs at the same time.


  20. While not Druid specific, I think it would be interesting to show a movie with a dps toon on a fel reaver or something like that. Do multiple runs, first one with no buffs other then self buffed, second one same buffs plus a flask, third one same buffs but a flask and elixir.

    What I’m suggesting is showing the difference in DPS that flasks and good food buffs make. Because seriously I have to knock my dang raiders over the head about consumables every week.

    The omen thing would be super good. I take (or at least before last night took) it for granted that every person who raids a lot has some kind of threat meter. In ToC10 man we had a warlock die, and he whisperes me, as he often does “what killed me?”. Recently, and almost exclusively for him, I installed an add on called Fatality. It lists in raid chat when somebody dies, and what killed them. This ‘lock dies constantly. He dies to fire, he dies because he out ranges the healers for no reason, he dies to bosses because he doesn’t manage his threat well, a laundry list of things. I pull him up to the officer channel where we are discussing loot, and inform him that he was hit with a 21k melee hit from the boss, and my guess is he pulled aggro for a (really) short period of time. He said ok, and asked if there was some kind of add on to help him with that…..

    The dude didn’t know about threat meters. He has raided every content in Wrath, and stuff before that in BC. To say I was flabbergasted that a pure dps person like a warlock wouldn’t know about threat meters is an understatement. But, he didn’t. I’m not calling him stupid, not calling him a bad player, or a noob. He just didn’t know, and made it this far anyway. And now I’m positive that he will die less, because he has a very helpful tool to tell him when he needs to soul shatter (or whatever locks do).

    So if you are going to do vids, I’d like to see ones about things that some of us take for granted, but that help people new to the game, or just new to the druid class.


  21. How about a “What NOT to do while bear tanking” video guide. A video full of epic fail. That would be a hoot!

    I’m sure you have plenty of ideas from the readers responses to various posts. 🙂


  22. I would loooove to see a video on keeping tabs of threat on multiple opponents. It’s useful for both the wanna be tank and the AoE spammer. And I love the idea of little videos.


  23. How about kiting a Fel Reaver or that big dog thing from Shadowmoon Valley to Shattrath? You could probably kite and heal yourself but it might be incredibly boring. I’m not sure if you were to strafe sideways if it would help it go quicker.


  24. Sounds like a great idea Bear, it seems like something that’d get you interested again. I’d quite like to see you soloing old world bosses, specifically the ones that people still farm (Raptor and Tiger boss in ZG for example, for mounts, Maybe Attumen if you can do it, not sure if you’d need a healer there or not). Also, I loved seeing your VH video from a while back, I learnt some stuff from that that I hadn’t done before, so anything along those lines would be great as well.

    Either way, there seems to be a shortage of decent short videos I like to watch since BRK left town, I’d love to see you do more.


  25. It might sound very stupid, but I would like to see a quick bear introduction. I always played resto and I love it, but with dual spec I have the chance to tank a bit aswell. But boy, do I suck at it. It’s so much different then healing. Just basic guidlines/rotations would be very nice. How did you position your UI to get a max overview, How do you keep track of agro on multiple mobs? One or two are easy, but give me more and it gets messy. If you could keep in mind that in the beginning you get outgeared by everyone else in the party, then that would be awesome. I can find a lot of gearing guides aswell, but they go straight from nax gear and I don’t trust myself on tanking that just yet…


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