Video update

Okay, so I started making videos…

The first one I did wa a start to finsh video of tanking the Culling of Strat heroic on a speed run to get the drake.

We succeeded! Yay!

The hard drive that my FRAPS video gets sent crashed under the load. That’s one 200 gig hard drive, dead as a doornail. Fortunately, I only used that one for DVD/movie data.

Unfortunately, I gotta do another run to record it again. Just sad.

I did record a chillmaw soloing, though, and that was fun. I had to solo her twice to get the right camera angles, though.

I’ll be posting that up soon, the weak link on these is recording the voiceovers without a script. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Video update

  1. I tank in CoS fairly easy, my swipe crits for 1k every time (IF it crits), on the elites it’s pretty easy to just nuke them down if you dps knows what it’s doing and nukes your target only.

    We had 8 minutes left when the drake dropped….then paid a visit to Malganis and poof i diedidid because the healer crashed :S


  2. lol well the way i tank multiple mobs assist wont help i will get threat on one, then click the next, and so on, i try to get everything with a mangle and a maul then swipe works pretty well to keep them on me.


  3. Yeah, if someone is not assisting you, there’s no way you are going to hold threat unless they watch their own and back off. Usually I just taunt back and switch targets but it’s annoying if they keep doing it. This happens in PUGs sometimes. You can also try tab targeting or you could probably make it to the end 4 manning it :-).


  4. Yea I’m a druid and i had full naxx 25 gear with a few ulduar 10 peices, plenty of heroic and raid expirence, but the 2 times i tried it, the enhance shammy kept dying, but like i said, i think swipe has been improved since last time i tried it, or the shaman just liked to pick the wrong target to fight.


  5. @Navyr,

    Assuming you are geared for heroics, the COS timed run mainly falls on the DPS. If you have enough DPS, then you’ll meet the timer requirements no problem. If your DPS can’t kill things fast enough it will be a challenge to hit the timer. Considering the increase in gear, it should be pretty easy these days.

    For the first part, there are six waves of mobs then the boss. Just follow the arrow/blob on the map to the mobs. On the summoner boss, he will summon ghoul adds which will run for the healer and Meathook hits decently hard and stuns the healer with constricting chains. There will be a ~1 min break after each boss, nothing you can do to speed that part up. After that, Arthas will run (slowly) to the town hall. Start him immediately. Inside you have 3 then 4, then 4 mobs of dragonkin. You can let Arthas tank them for a little while, but not too long. Mark and burn them.

    Finally, the alley. Don’t forget to start Arthas at the beginning. Don’t pull too much—mark each elite pull it and burn it down, mark pull and burn, rinse repeat and make your way down the alley. When your mark is at ~10% you can let DPS finish up and move on to pull the next elite.

    If you are a Druid, after the alley, go cat form, sprint and run around the corner to pull the boss back. Druids FTW. 🙂

    I’m not sure about your aggro issues. Depending on the group makeup, DPS can tank a mob for a little while unless it’s a mage or shadow priest or something. You can always battle rez them :-).

    I really enjoyed this run since release, but it’s not much of a challenge these days.


  6. I’m curious how did you tank a CoS timed run, I tried a few times, and it seemed like someone always pulled them off me and got into trouble, granted i haven’t tried it since before 3.2 maybe its easier now. Someday ill just offer to heal it, but i got my 310% purple proto and flight form, so its not like i need any other mounts anymore 😀


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