Removing some confusion about the AIE Podcast

I’ve had a few people mention how they enjoyed hearing me on the AIE podcast, or The Instance podcast, and I wanted to just make sure you folks understood that… that was not me on there, I was not involved, I was not talked to, I had nothing whatsoever to do with it. No involvement. None.

I know, I know, he calls himself the Bear Butt, but it wasn’t me.

Now, granted, I was surprised as hell that there is another podcast/blogging personality that calls himself the Bear Butt after I’ve been doing this as the Big Bear Butt on this website and on WoW Insider/ for over two years and 959 posts, have been a visitor on the WoW Insider podcast several times and have my own WoW podcast with my fellow Sidhe Devils, but what the hell. No reason to suppose that they’ve ever heard of me. Nah, not at all. 🙂

Sound pissy? No, just annoyed. Couda thrown in a “no relation to the Big Bear Butt” in there, in my opinion, but whatever.

Just keep in mind… that’s not me. Nothing he said, not his opinions nor his comments, were me in any way whatsoever.


11 thoughts on “Removing some confusion about the AIE Podcast

  1. I have listen to the instance podcast for almost a year now and often wondered who the this other guy was. I have also l listen to Jon on the wow insider show for just as long. One thing that stands out to me is that Jon sounds nothing like this other guy. And i am willing to bet my fake screen name and e-mail that the other guy who sounds nothing like Jon or talks about anything actually related to druids. I am betting that he had no intentions of stealing BBBs name 🙂

    I would suggest e-mailing Scott or Randy and ask them to clear things up on there next podcast.

    Peace thank u BBB for all you do


  2. Well what is the first thing you see in a bear (if you’re playing it yourself)? I’d say it’s probably coincidense. There aren’t /that/ many things to being a bear or a cat that you can draw from when making up an alias. For example ‘Of Teeth and Claws’ and ‘Of Claws and Paws’ are rather similiar too, right?


  3. I agree with Sarabian. He is just a bear butt, yet you are the Big Bear Butt. I know you won’t get pissed because you are BIGGER than that!


  4. Awww, that’s sweet Larisa, but really, I’m not pissed. It’s a name I made up for myself years ago, and anything I can think up, so can someone else.

    No, it’s more annoying because I have had enough emails about this congratulating me on being on a real podcast finally (hehe) and making the bigtime that I really thought I’d better make sure that folks are clear that it isn’t me.

    If I’m going to go enrage an army of fans, I’d like it to be for something I actually said myself. 🙂


  5. This sounds just so weird. How can you do such a thing? You can hardly be unaware of THE original Bear Butt? The one and only.
    It sounds like a copy cat. Or someone with seriously lack of imagination.

    I understand that you’re pissed.



  6. A bit disrespectful I would say – I guess I should go with benefit of the doubt and all that and go with he-may-be-living-inside-a-little-box-and-have-never-heard-of-BBB – but well… I just googled Bear Butt and WoW and for at least the first three pages it was all BBB (and something on flickr, but I decided to no go there…).
    .-= Tufva´s last blog ..Ulduar 25 clear – just 5 more to go =-.


  7. Yeah the other Bear has been on a few times.

    The first time I was like “Rock on, Cool…. Ah, bummer.”

    Now it doesn’t even phase me.

    To the One Twooo BBB! Thanks for the posts.
    /raise glass


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