Bear Bite Video – Soloing Chillmaw

My thanks to all that helped me through the video process.

Here is the first video, a solo of Chillmaw done at the request of Bellwether of 4 Haelz, because I can. 🙂

I hope you enjoy it.

11 thoughts on “Bear Bite Video – Soloing Chillmaw

  1. Wow, thanks for the video! I think I was trying to burn down the humanoids first, and it just wasn’t working; once I saw how you did it, easy-peasy. Thanks!


  2. Nice video Bear, i enjoyed it very much.

    On a technical note, the video encoding was great. Nice quailty video and audio. Its a shame the audio was cut off at the end.

    I’ll be looking forward to more of the same please 🙂


  3. It’s interesting watching how you do this, Bear. I’ve been tackling this with my blood-specced Death Knight, which is geared much more towards single-target. In addition, I’m sporting maybe 80% your health, so those bombs really start to hurt when you’ve more than one bombardier out. Or maybe I just suck at dodging those and the grenades. Whichever, I burn down each of the bombardiers (takes me around twenty seconds a piece) as they land; this keeps the incoming damage low enough I can keep ahead of it with my self-heals, and Chillmaw without any bombardiers on its back isn’t scary at all. While my health may drop to the 50% area during the fight, I usually end close to full.


  4. Awesome video. I have to admit, I’ve soloed that fight on my paladin a number of times and ever noticed that I could move out of the bombs. DUH! Oh well — at least I know now when the druid has to do it. 🙂 I really appreciate the explanation of how you use the nameplates addon — I was having trouble figuring out how to set it up.


  5. It’s fun to see & read how different toons tackle the same thing.
    I take the tank & spank approach, stand & deliver. Regrowth just before the pull is a nice start if possible.
    Stack up the lacerates and when the first ad drops change target to get him down, while keeping mouse-over lacerate on Chillmaw and doing the mangle/maul/swipe multi-target thang. The 2nd ad drops as or just before the first one dies. Pop berserk and take down the ad(s), third ad comes before berserk has finished. As soon as berserk is done, pop the hp & regen, that should end just before the 3rd ad & Chill are hitting the dirt. Finish on around 90%hp. Queue music, fly off into sunset, fade to black.
    As I’m so used to this method that when I’m in a group, or there are toons around “helping”, they tend to drop Chillmaw’s health a lot quicker, so I’m sitting there getting bombed by all 3 ads at once… that tends to hurt a bit.


  6. Nice vid Bear. The audio came out longer than the video though. Also, click less, faceroll more(I kid, I kid). Seriously though, was cool to see, and will look forward to more of these, so that once Giggles is 80, I can switch back to the drood and rock some faces too.


  7. If you pop Berserk at 50% (the earliest part where you have 3 targets for Mangle), those pesky Bombardiers drop nice & fast. Looks like you had it on CD from a previous fight, though.


  8. Nice guide, the way I do it is pop enrage (I am a Feral DPS) and get the 10% increased damage while in bear form from “King of the Jungle” As soon as enrage is popped I pull with Faerie fire and hit him with a Maul/Mangle. With decent dps gear and the increased damage he will have taken quite a hefty hit.

    I then begin to get a stack of 5 lacarates up and pop barkskin just before his fist breath. I hit Berserk and spam mangle/maul when the first cultist jumps down. I keep up lacarate and after the berserk spam kite the boss and the adds- mauling, mangling, swiping and lacarating as I go. Once chillmaw is down its just a case of cleaning up the adds. I am also a alchemist/herbalist so have access to potions and the Herb HoT if need be. As a feral cat I cant really afford to take alot of damage so i focus on getting old Chilly down ASAP.

    Another tip I can give is to put regrowth on yourself just before the pull:)
    Good job Bear


  9. Hey you Mr. Clickerbutt, I’d be honored if you cut and pasted my mashable macro to your bear.

    /castsequence [mod: ctrl] demoralizing roar; reset=5 Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Mangle (Bear)(), lacerate, lacerate
    /use [mod:shift] maul

    The idea here is that you can scroll the mouse-wheel forward (after binding it of course) and then use your pinky finger to “shift” in some mauls or to “ctrl” in a demo roar. Had to bind zoom to alt + mouse-wheel to make room.

    If you don’t hate it, there’s a swipe version I’ve been running on mousewheel down. While this doesn’t give you the highest threat ceiling, I believe it gives you a high threat floor even while moving.

    /castsequence [mod:ctrl] demoralizing roar; swipe (bear)()
    /cast [mod:shift] maul


  10. Oh yeah, I remember now, when I did the voiceover I had a brain fart remembering the name CaelNameplates for the nameplate addon. Just FYI.


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