A little confirmation for Blizzblade

You know those morons in Trade chat you see all the time?

The ones that do the same old tired crap from 5 years ago?

“Hur hur, how do you leave your guild, hur hur?”

And then hope somebody replies ‘/gquit” and quits their guild.

Had one today, named Raptures.

As usual, I see a moron, I make a note to add them to /ignore.

It makes Trade quiet, but happy.

In this case, I was curious what guild he was in, so I checked, and his guild tag read Fatality in Vein. I made a mental note.

Not 5 minutes later, Blizzblade posted Trade chat spam looking for more players to join his guild.

I replied, in my snarky way, “Isn’t that the guild that has that moron Raptures in it, that tried to get people to /gquit in Trade?

Blizzblade himself whispered me almost immediately, saying, “No he did not.”

Well, I can understand wanting to stick up for your peeps, but I sure as hell ain’t lying.

Naturally I replied, “Yes he did.”

“Well I don’t believe you without proof.”

“Well, I screenshotted it, so give me your email or I can post it on my blog for you.”

“How would I find your blog?”

“Okay, here’s the address, give me a minute.”

And now, here you go. No, I don’t lie, I don’t waste my time with it.

Oh, and no I don’t waste my life intentionally screenshotting this stuff… it’s an addon called Elephant, it automatically records ALL chat for hours and hours. It helps me keep track of whispers and saves across logins/logouts so I don’t miss anything. Thanks, Raptures, for whispering me and for being silly enough to think I bother screenshotting every stupid thing an asshole like you does.

raptures text

19 thoughts on “A little confirmation for Blizzblade

  1. Honestly I like trade and general chat sometimes. It is how I get into groups for quests, as no one uses the LFG interface for that. I have also very rarely seen an interesting political or theological discussion. These were very high brow, and interesting. But alas it is usually the Kiddies with their silly A Nal game, or something similar. Oh well take the good with the bad I suppose. But this can be server specific.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..She’s ALIVE And Practice makes Perfect =-.


  2. I enjoy a good prank, but the /gquit one can be bad for someone that is new to a guild. Some guild won’t let them back in.

    The most I have done, and I still think it was funny, was to answer the guy in trade that asked “What is the command to leave a raid group?” I checked and saw that he was in Dalaran, so I knew he wouldn’t be screwed over and told him “/quit”. About 3 minutes later I got a whisper from him that said “LOL, fuck you”. He then asked “Seriously, do you know?”. I honestly told him how, he thanked me and that was the end.

    Life without trade, other than when I’m trying to sell something fast or buy something fast, is indeed blissful. I stay in general, but trade is the bane of being in any major city.


  3. Trade is just a way for the kiddies to enjoy Warcraft… Honestly I think its better to have them spamming their macros, and playing pranks on each other then in MY raid group doing stupid stuff while Kologarm grabs and kills our main healer (Don’t ask.)

    Was with this hunter a while ago who would MD to me while in Tree spec then pull every mob in a 100 yard radius, trying to kill me…

    Their better off spamming in a single channel then spamming in your group.

    -Cyonisper (Feral/Resto) [Draka]
    (BTW love your blog)


  4. You’re on Trade Channel?

    First three things I do on any toon:

    /leave 1
    /leave 2
    /leave 3

    (Granted, the second one usually has to wait until I reach a major city, but it always happens. ALWAYS.)

    I haven’t been on Trade Chat or General Chat on any toon at all since I rolled my DK, and it’s brightened my WoW playing experience considerably.
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  5. Bear I unfortunately don’t have such an addon atm, but that toon name “Blizzblade” rang a huge bell!

    I got whispers from him or something imitating him (for the sake of giving him benefit of the doubt) urging me to go to a URL and log in for a free mount.

    I first thought the toon name wasn’t an actual person playing, just a toon used to fool people into account hacks. Will definitely keep an eye from now on and report him next time.


  6. I realize I was a little sparse on my thinking for this, when I posted it. I’d just like to say that I feel that my sense of humor is pretty good, and I do like practical jokes, sometimes I like them a LOT.

    My issue with people doing this kind of thing is that it’s not friendly… it’s not a joke played on a friend, where you expect retaliation and are prepared to take it, for the sake of the laugh. It’s a malicious prank, meant to hurt or inconvenience a complete stranger, where the coward fully expects to walk away with no repercussions at all.

    That’s not a practical joke, it’s someone being a dick to a stranger. Sometimes it’s still funny for a minute, as you project how you’d feel on the target, but the simple truth is, when it’s a stranger that’s hurt, it’s being a dick. Really. You don’t think so? Go pour sugar down a compelte stranger’s gas tank and then stand there and wait for the funny moment when his car stalls, and stand there and wait for him to share the joke with you. No? Why? Think he might pound the shit out of you?

    Do the same to a good friend, and they may get mad as hell, but if it’s one of my kind of friends, the mind instantly turns to thoughts of how to pay him back… and I’d darn well expect it. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. It’s not a real practical joke if you don’t tell the person it was you. 🙂 They’ve got to be able to get you back. That’s how it works.

    My second issue on this, is that if I were in Trade chat, and a new player, I’d like to have some idea what kind of guild I’d be getting invited to. Maybe I’d like that kind of thing and feel right at home, but maybe I’d like to know they’re into that kind of behavior, and I’d want to avoid having that guild tag over my head. It’s my reputation that I’d be trashing if I’m in a guild of asshats, and a new player doesn’t need that. So, a caution doesn’t seem too outrageous to me.


  7. It’s too bad that blizz had to import a confirmation for this…
    it means that 1- people are actually stupid enough to do such things (or are too busy think about it)
    2- that people actually try to cause harm this way :S

    I don’t see why they have fun doing this sort of thing but each has is own definition of fun I guess


  8. Corwyn, your analysis is spot on, as always sir.

    In fact, after posting this, Blizzblade lol’d. He whispered me saying, “Oh, he was only trying to get people to leave OTHER guilds.”

    Apparently, he misunderstood what I said as me suggesting Raptures was trying to get people to leave Blizzblade’s guild, and thus the concern. Once blizzblade understood I meant the old tired trick of screwing over new players or those that were unwary, his concern evaporated, and he was happy.

    At which point, I added another to the ignore list.

    Redaurora, what i like about Elephant is that it splits all chat into their own channels when it saves them, so you never get them all mized up. Like in this example, where I visited the recorded Trade chat, and didn’t have any Guild chat to block out.


  9. Textbook example of damage control

    If someone accuses one of your group of something bad:
    1) Deny it with no knowledge of the truth of that.
    2) Make sure you deny it in private, so the original accusation remains unrefuted.
    3) When the accusation is repeated, admit you have no knowledge, but demand proof anyway.
    4) When given the choice where to receive that proof be sure to choose the one with the most exposure, so many more people than saw the original accusation will now see the proof.
    5) Make no assurances that the incident will not be repeated, or in fact show any concern at all.


  10. I still need to use trade chat from time to time. I just have a separate window set to show trade and only trade channel, and ignore it 90% of the time. It doesn’t interfere with my other chats that way. You can make any number of chat windows and set them to different things to keep track of the different channels you are in more easily.


  11. wouldn’t claim knowledge of other servers, but on mine – trade is basically a lfg channel. the actual lfg channel is mostly deserted :/

    /takes note of an addon


  12. Get em Bear. I will have to remember that addon I have poor memory and forget what someone askes to have made for them.


  13. Seriously.. I have had trade off for ages.. I have to because of all the kids doing crap like this … like BBB said, after a few years it gets REALLY old.


  14. Haha – nice one! And yes, I’ve been using Elephant for a while now – not only does it help when you have a bad memory and can’t remember who you promised what to, but it is also a nice little backup when you come across some idiot who feels the urge to stir things up and doesn’t realise that you have a copy of the conversation to show people later 😉


  15. For me last night, it was the ass that was giving away 1K gold to the last person to post Thunderfury in trade chat. It’s dumb-asses like this that make me a happy camper when I turn off trade.


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