Fishing for fun, feeling weird

This last weekend was a very strange one for me.

Out of the blue, without warning, I suddenly wanted to go fishing in game.

I’ve got no freaking idea why.

I still don’t understand it, and yet when I get home I’m looking forward to logging in and doing the fishing dailies for Dalaran and Shattrath.

It started innocuously enough.

Friday, I think it was, I decided to start doing the fishing daily in Shattrath every day, in the hopes of getting Crocolisk in the City. I’ve been told that the drop rate for the old Bucket pets from that one daily quest was drastically increased in a recent patch. Like, a 50% chance of a drop.

Suddenly, I’m logging in and hitting Shat to fish.

Hey, it’s not that bad. I’ve got a whopping huge fishing skill of something like 225 to start, but pop a +100 Fishing Skill Aquadynamic dealiebob on there and we’re good to go.

Fishing for pets, it turns out, is a gateway drug.

From there, I started doing the Dalaran fishing daily.

My cooking is already maxed with most of the recipies, including the Fish Feast, but I never made any fish recipies unless Cassie gave me the fish. I never fish. Ever, ever, ever.

Well, now that I’m fishing, my guilt comes rushing to the surface.

“You know, Bear, you’re a Fish Feast mooch. Everyone else brings a Feast to groups, and you never do. You’re not pulling your weight in Fish.”

Hey! I bring my own Blackened Dragonfin!

“Yeah, but when you’re healing, if nobody brings a Fish Feast, you don’t use food.”

But I don’t know where to get the fish. That’s a lot of fish.

“Oh shut up. What, you’ve never heard of Wowhead? Go find the maps, and go get some fish.”

Fine. /fume.

I did both dailies, and then started asking where in Wintergrasp people get those damn Fish Feast fish.

Myrx came and showed me a spot, and next thing I knew, I’d fished enough to make 3 Fish Feasts in Wintergrasp.

But that ain’t enough. Oh, heck no.

Off I go again last night, after spending the day out and about.

I’ve got a bigger, more ambitious plan.

This time, I’m going to fish up 30 fish of each kind from where their pools spawn about Northrend, and make 15 more Fish Feasts. Ninety fish. Let’s go!

Grizzly Hills first for some Glacial Salmon pools. Done. Next!

Sholozar Basin for some Nettlefish pools. Done. Next!

Borean Tundra for some thingiemabobs. Musscl… scuttle… whatever the hell they are. The fish!

25 fish in, and BOOM!

I fish me up a Turtle Mount!

That’s right, yes I did. I got the Turtle Mount.

Me, the guy that has only one character that has ever fished, and that fishing skill after five years was LONG stalled at 225. And I only got that far because I felt silly that Cassie had maxed fishing skill in Burning Crusade and made it look easy.

I’ve got a Turtle Mount.

It’s almost embarrassing.

That didn’t stop me from riding it around Dalaran for a half hour last night, though. 🙂

He’s sooo cute!

I’d post a picture, but I’ve been told I need to do a movie. So I’ll do that instead, lol.

I ended the night with a fishing skill of around 314 – 315 and I STILL want to fish some more!

Where will it end?

What’s next… PvP?

I think I’ve gone crazy.

32 thoughts on “Fishing for fun, feeling weird

  1. Curse you, cruel fate! You offer up a turtle to a bear who barely knows the meaning of fish (as a bear, you really should have more fish in your diet), and leave a poor Critty Kitty who has remained fish skill capped near her whole life nothing? There is no justice! What? I have to go to Northrend first? I haven’t hit 70 yet. I was too busy fishing! Where’s my turtle? *sob* No justice in the world. I’m going to go eat my Golden Fish Sticks, and you can’t have any! Well, okay, you can have a little.
    .-= Skip Cocoa´s last blog ..A Rogue Side-Story =-.


  2. I think any of the unique drops should be not thought about you just let them happen. I tried all last year to get the HH mount for my rogue. No luck. This year I was hoping to get it for my 80 priest not yet. Two nights ago on my 80 DK gnome I go in to help out a friend on HH and I get the drop and win the roll.
    I think it’s much more fun getting achievments as a surprise..


  3. @BBB – “Dorgol, I really apologise if it seemed like i was gloating.”

    Oh, I know, I just had to vent. 🙂 And honestly, I have had similar “hate inducing” luck a few times. My Druid got Anzu after soloing him a dozen times. My Paladin got the White Hawkstrider after soloing him 6 or 7 times. Of course, the Baron still refuses to drop his mount for me.

    Since my Paladin is currently at 96 mounts (97 after tomorrow’s Tournament Dailies) I lust after ANY mount I don’t already have.


  4. I too just recently acquired my turtle mount. It was also a result of feeling bad for not offering feasts for my 10 man TOC runs. So i was pool hopping and then out of nowhere i thought it would be cool if i caught the turtle. Blamo achievment shows up. I was a happy cow.




  5. Welcome to fishing, BBB!

    My wife was a maxxed angler before Wrath, and a long grind it was. After the fishing restructure, I decided to give it a go, and I really like it, much to my surprise. Nothing quite like cruising around gorgeous scenery like Grizzly Hills, plopping down a bobber and just chilling. it’s quite lucrative as well, with the random items in the dailies and whatnot. Here’s a little something that you may find useful.

    When I go fishing, I usually skirt Wintergrasp, unless it’s the daily, because in WG you don’t get Pygmy Suckerfish. After fishing up the makings of a stack of Feasts, I usually have a ton of Pygmies. All I have to do is find a friendly guild elixir-specced alchemist, supply the vials, and I have a respectable number of Guru’s Elixirs! Guru’s make great heroic and farm content pots because I’m saving a flask for the real stuff. +20 to all stats is pure win in my book, tank or DPS, and all it cost me was some vials. Tight lines, BBB!


  6. I hate you. It’s true. I have the fishing hat. I have the rat pet. I go to Wintergrasp for my feast mats. I fish every pool I come across as I’m out running dailies and catching up on old quests for the cash. Why do I grab every pool I see? For that bloody mount!

    Really, congratulations. Gotta love those random unexpected drops. I bet you almost peed your fur when that thing popped into your bag. Did you actually squee with delight?


  7. You, sir, are one lucky bear!
    Before I came and read comments I was going to be all like, “omg I have fished SO much and never gotten that thing”, but apparently there are people out there who have done far more fishing than I have. I’ve made something like 40 fish feasts from school fishing, and still no turtle for me either. I know a lot of people swear by WG fishing, but I honestly prefer school fishing, despite the extra travel. Why? Because every time I fish in WG for feast mats, I end up with a kajillion nettlefish, half a kajillion salmon, and five sculpin. School fishing, yeah I have to fly around to find them, but I can stop fishing for nettlefish when I’ve got two stacks, and move on to the next fish. I would much rather fish up exactly what I need than hope against hope that the waters in WG will deign to provide it. Plus that whole chance for a turtle thing.
    I’m not discouraged though. I didn’t get a sewer rat until they put in the fishing daily in Dalaran, even though I was spending most of my spare time on the dock by the inn.
    If you fish for it, it will come! …someday!
    .-= Asara´s last blog ..I’m no good at clever titles. =-.


  8. Normally I can’t leave a comment because you’re site is blocked at work, but I just had to remember to do so at home.

    Gratz man! Jealous beyond belief, but gratz!


  9. I maxed my fishing to 450 on my first 80 a while back. Took me about 1-2 weeks to max the fishing out, got really boring. Then I proceeded to get all the Dalaran cooking recipes that I could – ended up getting them all. When I got all the Inscription recipes, all the Dalaran cooking recipes, I stopped doing the fishing dailies. Though I have to admit I still have not done the Shat fishing dailies, so I might go back and do those as well. I have a high finishing pole, the fishing hat as well, and some other little prizes I have gained from fishing – but for the most part am burnt out of fishing.

    Thanks for the tip on the WG fishing for making fish feasts, appreciate that, also the maco, will input it now.


  10. According to my in-game statistics, i have 9439 fish caught, and a total of 12261 “fish and other things caught”.

    I have a Giant Sewer Rat, all 4 of the crocs, the Magical Crawdad, and the Strand Crawler.

    I still, to this day, do not have a turtle.

    I imagine it will drop for me one day…

    …right after I get my Green Proto-Drake.

    The day before all the servers go offline.


  11. Totally jealous.. but along the same lines, i fished up the rat.. in one day… after watching my pet collecting kid try for months 😉 Gratz on the Turtle!


  12. Dare I say it?

    There is an App for that. Check out WoW Fishing by Neogames.

    Did I mention its free?

    It lets you cast and catch fish using your iPhone via a helper application you run on your Mac.

    I did mention the free part, yeah?


  13. Grats on the Turtle! It has my favorite “jump” animation of any mount, and always attracts gawkers outside the Dalaran banks.

    I believe that in Wintergrasp, the only fish you can catch are the three used in cooking the Fish Feast. It saves you the trouble of flying around Northrend, and you’re guaranteed to catch something useful each time (if your skill is up to it, of course). If you tuck away into a corner (northwest is my favorite) in the time between battles, you probably won’t be noticed. I always /wave to the Alliance hunter who runs by me on his ore-farming route and never bothers attacking 🙂


  14. Congratulations you lucky son of a bear!
    I can’t say I mind fishing at all, I enjoy it.
    Wintergrasp is the place to go for fishing up the mats for a fish feast, and it doesn’t really matter where you go.
    As for fishing up Dragonfin, go to the lake in Dragonblight, where all the wacked out glowing kaluak spirits are. 4 or 5 pools around the lake, and the first one respawns by the time the 4th one is fished out. there are also a couple of pools in the river Northeast of Naxx, on the border of Grizzly. You can catch salmon there, or around Grizzly Hills which is great for spellpower food.
    Make sure you have your find fish on you mini map when you fly around, makes finding pools way easier. If you don’t have the book that teaches you to find fish yet, you will probably fish the book up pretty soon. You can also check the AH. I don’t remember if its a trainable skill.
    I think Nat Paigle’s fishing pole would be worth the trip to Dustwallow, if you don’t have a +30 pole already.
    The aquadynamic fish attractors are nice, but you will get +100 fishing lures with the Dalaran fishing daily if you don’t know that already. Thats way cheaper than building the fishing lures.
    The turtle mount, and Rivendare’s horse are the 2 mounts I’d really like in game, so I’m a little /jealous. Grats Bear!


  15. Fishing for fun can be an early sign of WoW-induced delirium, which may lead to permanent WoW Derangement Syndrome (WDS) without rapid medical intervention. Be careful, Bear. You’re walking into dangerous territory here. 😛


  16. Pretty cool BBB. I regularly enjoy fishing in-game. (Gratz on the turtle mount! Still trying for mine)
    It seems that you keep posting about things that I have cool macros for. lol

    This macro (below) does a couple of things…
    First, if you have a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, then it will automatically cast the buff whenever it has run out.
    Second, it prevents the issue with getting the “Your cast didn’t land in fishable water” issue by automatically recasting.

    #showtooltip Fishing
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
    /use Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
    /cast Fishing
    /cast Fishing
    /cast Fishing
    /cast Fishing
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Show()

    I originally set up this macro for the Sunday fishing tourneys, but it is so handy that I use it all the time now.


  17. Grats on the Turtle, but blasted RNG..

    I’ve been trying to get that turtle for ages (almost 5k fish caught, with the majority of that being fished from pools), but the RNG gods have yet to smile in my favour. However, it is nice to know that the turtle still exists. I was almost starting to think that it was a myth…
    .-= Boize´s last blog ..Moonkin How To: Heroic Northrend Beasts =-.


  18. Grats on the turtle! I’ve been trying for the “Salty” title, and while trying to fish the turtle and a rare fish from worthless herring pools in Howling Fjord, I still don’t have him! /sigh I sometimes don’t mind fishing either. WG is the best for fish feast fish! Sit in one place, and you get what you need!


  19. Great job Bear!!! I think fishin is a great way to paly when you wont to play but dont really know what to play. LOL Only one toon has high level fishing for me but I really like it. Yes I know I am weird. I hope one day to get those special fishing drops. As for the croc pets they are very easy to get. Just have to wait for the quest to show up.


  20. If you’re feeling Gobliny, it’s actually cheaper to buy the fish feasts already prepared and then sell the fish that you caught . . . just sayin 🙂 As for the PVP comment, stranger things have happened. lol Because I have not yet mastered kitty form and tree healing lost its sparkle I had kind of given up on battlegrounds for a while. However, my unholy dk just dinged 77 and I’m a pvp whore now. I suppose it stems from it being more fun to rip and violently disfigure other people’s faces than it is to be whooped on. lol As you’ve discussed in the past, it’s all about finding the right class at the right time. Happy PvP-ing 🙂


  21. Dorgol, I really apologise if it seemed like i was gloating.

    I think I’m just not used to such fantastic luck in drops.

    I have only ever had one purple world drop in the entire time I’ve played the game, so it shocks and delights me when I do get a drop.

    On the other hand, I’ve had some great luck on mount drops. I’ve had Anzu and now the Turtle on my main, and I got the Mammoth mount drop for my Hunter in VoA once a while back.

    It’s not gloating, more a childish delight. I will hope that you and my other readers get yours too!


  22. Ah, Bear…looking for info on fishing? El’s Extreme Angling ( is a fantastic resource all about fishing in WoW. I’ve found it very enjoyable. I confess I haven’t made a single fish feast nor done any fishing dailies outside of the Dalaran sewers. Hoping to fish up that sewer rat pet y’know. I suspect that I, too, will find fishing for pets and mounts more than a little distracting 🙂


  23. Not sure about others, but I just fly to the Horde camp in Wintergrasp and fish in the water just beside the flightmaster. I currently have a 340-ish skill and get (other than weeds and tangled string) enough Glacial Salmon, Musscleback Sculpin, and Nettlefish to make a week’s worth of fish feasts. All three fish regularly are fished up from that same spot, no excessive flying around needed.
    Granted, it’s not from pools, and there still is a good chance to get “junk” at that level, but otherwise I supply our own cooks with their Feast ingredients easily in the course of an hour’s fishing without really moving from the spot.
    It’s addicting though, isn’t it?!? 🙂
    .-= Maebius´s last blog ..College redux =-.


  24. Really? You had to brag about the Turtle mount!?!?

    I love my Fish Feasts. I don’t even mind the fishing anymore (it’s much better than it used to be). But even though I’ve fished and cooked up close to a hundred Feasts (plus innumerable Dragonfin) – I have no Turtle. 😦


  25. You should PvP as a tree. It’s a lot more entertaining to heal a BG than it is running around trying to kill. Just remember – cyclone is your friend, and entangling roots is a pal, if not a close one.


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