How do you feel about gear resets?

Something I’ve been kicking around myself, and I’m wondering what you think about gear resets.

No, really. I know what I think, but I only do a certain amount of content with friends. And I’d rather not assume I know what everyone else really thinks.

We have had what we call gear resets many times in WoW.

A gear reset is when the gear that can be acquired from means other than raid progression allows a character to skip pre-existing content and still be equipped for raiding.

Original WoW had a certain amount of top end gear available at release, and with each additional high end raid, there were new levels of gear. Often, these had been accompanied by different hoops you had to jump through to get the final gear piece.

Anyone remember with fondness the intricate contortions AQ put us through in order to get incremental upgrades?

Love it or hate it, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and AQ brought us incremental upgrades, building on previous raiding success, so that better gear was pretty tightly tuned and it was clear how the people who had it, got it.

With the Burning Crusade expansion, boom! Blue became the new Purple. People frequently tossed out their last top end raid epics for Blues at the level 65 to 67 mark. Sure, some of the most cutting players may have still been nailing Serpentshrine Cavern in some of their AQ gear, but I think I’m safe in saying it wasn’t that widespread.

 The content releases weren’t gear resets. You had to have existing content done to advance to the new gear released in higher end raids.

Burning Crusade WAS a gear reset, because you could create a new character and level through questing to acquire the gear that was better than raid rewards previously seen.

The release of Badge of Justice awards, both levels, could constitute another gear reset, as people could acquire them from Heroics and gain gear that allowed them to progress faster and skip some existing content.

Wrath of the Lich King of course brought another, but this time, it wasn’t quite as drastic. There were still many top end raiding guilds using their level 70 epics to raid as soon as they hit 80. Cassie acquired the tier helm from The Battle for Mount Hyjal, and at the time it was an upgrade for her level 80 Rogue over other level 80 Rare quality heroic drops.

We also had the new Emblem rewards to hunt for, and there were content specific Emblems at multiple levels, so your Emblem rewards were conceivably tied to your progression. 

I think there is little question that the recent change to cause all previous content to drop Emblems of Conquest, and the addition of Emblems of Triumph available from daily quests constituted an intentional gear reset.

Suddenly, by playing the game at a level open to new level 80s in quest reward greens and blues, you could obtain a complete set of Tier gear and other rewards consistent with Naxx 25/Ulduar 10 raiding. Coupling this with the epic weapons of the Argent Tournament, and the rewards from normal/Heroic ToC 5 person instance runs, and we had a solid gear reset. Nobody has to run Ulduar or Naxxramus to prepare for the ToC 10/25 raids or beyond unless they want to.

Yes, there will be drops that people want, but the bulk of the equipment raiders want can be acquired in places other than raids.

That’s where we are now. Everyone’s adjusted just fine.

Now, we’re being told that in the next content patch, patch 3.3, all existing content will drop Emblems of Triumph instead of Conquest and they’re adding a new Emblem level. Plus, there will be weekly raid quests from early bosses in existing raids that drop the new Emblems.

This means that a character that dings 80 can run heroic 5 person instances, and once a week hit some of the easier raid bosses, and over perhaps three weeks or less completely equip themselves in Tier 9 gear, coinciding with the opening of the new Icecrown Citadel raids.


What do you think of all this?

And if you disagree with me, I’m not going to get upset. Not at all. You pays your money to play the game same as everybody else, your point of view and how you feel about these changes is just as valid as anyone else’s.

I will share my feelings on it, for what they’re worth.

I’m quite happy about it. In fact, I’m very excited.

I see it as an opportunity to focus on gearing my Druid for both tank and healing specs so that I can help my casual guild see the existing raid content that, presumably, the gear reset is intended to let us skip over.

No, really. When everyone else will be looking upwards to Icecrown, I expect our guild will be heading into Ulduar and Eye of Eternity and Sarth +3, and the ToC 10 man runs at a more relaxed pace.

I also see it as an opportunity for my alts to run 5 person content, and not take up raid spots, but still be able to gain rewards that would make them reasonably helpful if we needed one on a guild run. My Hunter doesn’t really raid with the guild, but if called upon, it would be very nice to have a solid set of Tier 9 to bring in at need.

Finally… I’m very glad to be able to stop worrying about running enough to save up Emblems of Conquest to convert to Valor, to fill in the Tier spots for tank, healer, and hunter gear sets. That’s a LOT of running. I’m much happier just running as normal for one level of Triumph gear.

But please, what do you think?

If you raid, do you see this as helpful in offsetting spots in your team’s gear where you just haven’t been lucky in the drops? Do you see it as a good way to help bring your own alts up to speed without fighting over raid spots? Or do you maybe feel that it cheapens your accomlishments when you did the content the way it was intended, and won? Or something else entirely?

If you don’t raid, do you care that there are higher levels of gear you can get by doing the same content? How do you feel about it?

56 thoughts on “How do you feel about gear resets?

  1. i just wish more people saw 3d 10m sarth and all the ulduar hardmodes before they were nerfed to nothing. those were incredible fights that tested my skill.


  2. In wrath I have always been ahead of the game in my guild’s raiding progression. Always had the best gear on server. Until toc came out and screwed up wrath. I know a lot of people work on alts and want the gear to progress but I’ve spent countless hours getting bosses down each “gear reset” aquiring my raider proto drakes just to see that the gear resets. I hate that everyone starting new 80’s that have never seen maly/sarth will never see them… No one runs those raids anymore. At least in BC everyone pugged every raid throughout BC. Blizzard is crapping on hardcore raiders and giving this game to casual players and it makes me sick. I quit right before toc because I heard about the emblem change. Since then I came back JUST to pvp on a mage but i go back to my hunter to try to slowly get gear. I ran a toc 10m pug today for the first time… we 1 shot all the bosses except twins and the last beetle boss. I didnt know anything about the raid and only died during wipes.. this came is just getting ridiculous. WTB cod6


  3. See I remember the days when getting a decent blue made me ALOT happier then getting a purple in BC or wrath. Sadly heroic gear vs non heroic gear has such a slight difference, it makes you wonder “do I need the 1-50 extra dps? or should I just farm reg toc 25 to complete my offpieces instead of wipefests in heroic”. It is sad that you can full clear 10 and 25 t9 content in about an hour depending on your raid group, leaving your guild bored and restless from 8pm tuesday night til the reset so you can do it all over again. Personally I can agree with skiannach that Ulduar is much better then ToC and in some ways harder. Yogg was alot rougher to do then anub by a lot.


  4. Ulduar is my top favourite dungeon so far. Not only is is beautifully designed, but I feel more engaged with it than with any other content. The night the Ulduar patch hit, I was logged off on the front steps, and I was in there soon as possible the next day with a 9 man guild group who accidentally triggered FL four tower mode and thought it was the funnest thing ever. Then we went through those exciting early days, pre-nerf, when Ignis was terrifying and Razorscale and her nasty friends made life very sad for a resto shammy. Happy memories.

    Unfortunately, my guild had only cleared Uld 10 once and was 2 bosses short of a 25 man clear when TOC hit. Naturally for a lot of people there was little incentive to run it any more after that. (Unless you’re someone like me who is very much in touch with your inner Brann Bronzebeard and longs above all else to visit Algalon). I can see their point of view. TOC seems like the McDonalds of raids. Quick, easy (well on normal anyway), cheap and dull, but oh so convenient.

    That’s the only real problem I have with the new gear system. I really like the philosophy that it should be quite easy to gear enough to at least start raid content. A guild where raiders have several geared and useful alts able to step up to the plate as needed is a guild that doesn’t necessarily have to cancel another nights raiding because they just don’t have the right mix. But if Blizz had only set TOC level gear as a sidegrade, or slightly below Uld level, I think it would have worked better. Easy epics for those who don’t have the time or interest for a longer raid, or have many alts to feed. Ulduar for those who want something a bit more involved. Maybe even with the T9 now dropping in Uld, and the T8 moving to TOC. For the higher end raiding guilds who had progressed past Ulduar, the TOC hard modes would drop super special shiny stuff that proclaims how awesome the wearer is, so those at the top end of the raiding scale are also happy.

    And that’s another thing. In a world where everyone and their dog is fully purpled up, wearing near-identical looking armour, let there be a level of epics that really are epic. It’d be nice to go back to the old days when you’d see someone in the bank with the warglaives or Sunwell gear and get all excited. Maybe the option for mega-epics that actually DO need the wearer to have worked through previous content and built on it, such as upgradeable tier sets. Personally, I don’t mind if I have only the faintest chance of getting them myself, but it’s good to have something to admire and work towards.


  5. I am kinda upset about the whole situation. It really started with TBC release when epic felt like a good green or decent blue, and not “OMG I GOT A PURPLE”. Yeah its great for alts that want to gear and raid fast, but I prefered the setup where it was clear you were setup for a certain tier and needed to work a little more. This made me feel more accomplished then Oh I hit 80 and within the first 2 weeks I am fully epic’d and ready to tank or dp or heal top end game content. The slap in the face for me is that I have been raiding on my druid for a long time in wrath and some guy/gal can ding 80 today and in a very short period be at the same level of gear(or better depending on luck) as I have been for a while.

    They kinda had it right at the launch of wrath where 10 and 25 had different badges and showed what content you were raiding. But now someone can run fresh 80 content and get t9 level gear pretty fast. Blizzard was complaining about flying mounts in wrath and how people could skip thier content, yet now they are setting it up for new players to skip 2 full tiers of current expansion content. I for one am glad I was there and experienced that content, and I do enjoy to grind from one tier to the next. When TBC came out I truly did enjoy struggling in kara/gruuls/Mag and when finally getting the gear from those struggles it made the content easier and then we moved to t5 where it started all over again. Yeah the wipes and growing pains hurt a little, but it made you a better player and appreciate what you had more. So when we finally got to t6 we could all look back and say man what a ride, and enjoy the top level content with pride and accomplishment. Sadly nowadays this game seems to be all about instant gratification. “Ok Im 80 now Blizzard, now give me all top level epics plox so I can steam roll top level content”. /rant


  6. The poster who said that gear resets “remove the training wheels” has captured my opinion perfectly. Just last night, for example, we were trying heroic Faction Champs, and had to include a couple of prospects. We had a rogue prospect BEGGING us to be let in. “I have 245 gear!” he says. “I’m geared well enough!” Maybe so, but when he literally asked what Vanish did in the middle of our first attempt … yeah, it makes me hate the availability of gear. Too many people think it’s a substitute for skill. It’s really, really not.

    However. Gear will always reset. What bugs me more is the continuing availability of titles when you can waltz in and get them with 245 gear, and I busted my ass in my 213s. That’s more of a slap in the face than any kind of gear reset, to me.
    .-= CC´s last blog ..The Northrend Beasts Heroic, or: An Ugly, Hairy Learning Experience =-.


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