You know you've played too much WoW when…

You are dreaming you’re in a big indoor mall full of people, you are in a rush to get to the far side of the mall to shop… so in your dream you pop into flight form and fly over the crowds.

You sit down and work out your finances for the year, analyze the receipts for how much money you used to spend on new video games, movie rentals, dinners out, evenings at the pub, concerts and events on weekends, and realize hiding in your basement and playing WoW has saved you a net $15,643.22 over the last year…

… And when you see the receipts for your wife’s scrapbooking expenditures, you plot ways to get her hooked on WoW, too.

You are in a conversation at work, a co-worker walks up and starts interrupting with inane bullshit, and your first thought is to put him on ignore. Then you get irritated when you realize, you CAN’T. It takes you a few minutes to remember, you’re in the real world, where waking far away from idiots works. Thinking about this later causes you to spend 15 minutes wondering which would be better; a /ignore function for idiots in the real world, or a “volume lessens with distance” in WoW for Trade and Global Chat.

You’re thinking about your last company meeting, and start contrasting how your co-workers all fit into various WoW guild member stereotypes. Then you spend a few minutes daydreaming about /wkicking that whiny prick from the Spouting production line. Thinking of all this brings to mind all the reasons you can’t fire complete asshats as easily in the real world as you can in a guild. Then you start wondering what would happen if a guild member of a famous, successful raiding guild that made money from sponsorships got kicked, and hired a real world lawyer to argue that it was unfair discrimination and fought to reverse the decision based on lost revenue. Then you scream in terror at the horrible, horrible vision, and go have a cup of coffee.

40 thoughts on “You know you've played too much WoW when…

  1. I like the blog entry it just made me laugh. But its so true as well. Many things I work i can think in terms of WoW.

    But you played too much WoW when you commute for over a hour to work and all you though about was WoW and cant remember the last 7 stoplights you went through on over a hour and a half commute. Happens often!
    .-= Ardent Defender´s last blog ..Screenshots: Shadow Priest turns 50 =-.


  2. 1) While at a conference I was making polite chit-chat with someone in the registration queue. Afterwards a colleague asked who I had been talking to, and i replied “I don’t know – I forgot to check his tooltip”. No joke.
    2) “lol” IS a word!
    3) Dreaming of myself, but in 3rd person, top-down , behind-the-shoulder point-of-view. I used to have turn-based isometric 3d dreams when i played Civ religiously…


  3. “you know you play to much WoW when the camera angle of a youtube video annoys you and you can’t figure out why you can’t make the angle change with your mouse.”
    -This. Happens with stills as well, especially with the boss/mount/etc model previews on MMO Champion.

    You know you play too much WoW when…
    …you glance to your upper right corner of view to see if your buffs are still up.
    …you ask a friend to link something they talk about on Vent or you try to check your calendar even though you’re playing another game. (In my defence, Runes of Magic looks a LOT like WoW)
    …you call beer mana drink and stronger shots elixirs or flasks.
    …you don’t get tired or sleep, instead, you’re on cooldown.


  4. These are fun. Like the guy who tries to tilt the camera on youtubes, I find myself running my mouse over photos expecting a pop out with more information. Sometimes surfing the web, my eyes glance to the upper right corner expecting a mini-map (do this driving sometimes too).


  5. We didn’t work out how much money WoW saved us, but looked at it from the other side.

    We added up the game costs and monthly subscriptions over the 3 and a half years that we played, then did a /played around all our toons, and did the maths.

    There’s not a lot you can do for 5p or approximately 8 cents an hour.

    We probably have saved loads as well, but it’s been more than worth the 5p 🙂


  6. @ Nokin, I’ve driven people in RL who were playing on their laptops but playing and driving at the same time . . . why didn’t I think of that? lol
    @ Taurston, you are not alone 🙂


  7. I also do the “mats” thing. I had forgotten about that, but at the store with my son we like to plan our meals. We see something and it’s now normal for us to say, “Ok, we need to get the other mats for this”. I don’t even see the strange looks of fellow shoppers any more.

    BBB, what is worse – you making the Jar Jar reference, or me immediately recognizing it, but not thinking anything of it until your exclamation?


  8. you know you play to much WoW when the camera angle of a youtube video annoys you and you can’t figure out why you can’t make the angle change with your mouse.

    Happens to me all the time.


  9. After playing a mage alt for sixty levels, I was supremely disappointed to realize that real life lacked both a Blink and a Teleport: Home.


  10. @Viktel lmao I can so see that.. I still can’t understand how a 300 foot tall walking tower of death can sneak up on me!

    One thing that happened to me a long time ago.. I was driving back late one night from work.. playing wow on my laptop via cellphone connection… if that in itself is not sad enough.. I was riding my horse through Elwynn and meant to go around a tree…but instead swerved my car and almost ran off the road!


  11. I was listening to a podcast while driving to work once and damn near creamed the cars around me when they played the Fel Reaver sound effect at a random moment.

    “Ah Crap! Where is it!!??!!


  12. Oh, and those were no joke, I’ve had all those thoughts before, none were blog worthy… but when I had that flight form dream last night, and woke up remembering how damn fun it felt to soar in flight form through thermals of the high levels of the Mall of America… well, I figured it was a good time to gather them all up into a post.

    Meesa want real flight form. 😦

    Holy shit, I made a Jar Jar Binks reference. Shit, somebody shoot me.


  13. Can I just take a moment from the chaos that is my life right now to tell you how overjoyed I am that so many of you leapt into the fun of this post title? hehehe


  14. I guess my WoW->RL faux pas was…. when getting to train some new teammates at work, i actually said “Okay, let’s see what you noobs can do.”

    Yup… I called em noobs 😛


  15. I had a dream once, after my guild first downed Kologarn in 10Uludar…. Yeah, it was endless Ohhhhhhblivions! screaming in my head for probably the entire dream/night.

    My husband (he plays WoW too), and I sat down once and decided to try and talk like we did in game… with all the abbreviations once (we were REALLY bored).
    Anyway, awesomeness and hilarity ensued and we just couldnt stop laughing for 15 minutes. *shrug*


  16. Too embarrassed to outright ask your workmates if they play WoW, you start using lines from the game at work: Time is Money, Friend… I am Forsaken… sometimes even in the right voice.


  17. When you are traveling down the road on the way home and you just wish you could just put yourself on “follow” with the guy in front of you so you could take a nap.

    When your husband tells you that something costs too much “gold.” With a straight face. About real money.


  18. The other day I was having a conversation at a bar with a fellow wow player. We were discussing….something or other, not the game. He made a statment, and ended it with “that’s just I M O”.

    When I asked “Did you just say that? Seriously?” he wasn’t even sure what I was refering to.


  19. I knew I was truly an addict when I was trying to find my wife in a department store and automatically glanced to the upper-right-hand corner of my field of vision to check my minimap.

    Needless to say, it didn’t work…I didn’t have it on Track Humanoids.


  20. Hehe. I’m with you Adlib, I frequently find myself using ninja as a verb. I’m an English major and I get a lot of wierd looks in class. 😛

    Though not as many as the idiot who felt it was his God given duty to utilize the entire BSG lexicon in class, usually for no apparent reason.


  21. Sure I get all happy inside when I see that I have saved alot of money by playing wow. But when I start dreaming that Im in game playing my druid then it starts to scare me. I start realizing Im missing my life and want to remove WoW from my thinkpad more then anything. Sadly though my guild likes to punish me for taking a break by making me feral dps and no longer will I tank.


  22. Some great ideas there.

    My frequent thought while sitting in peak-hour traffic, is to light up a big old Pyroblast on the idiot driver in front of me. 😀

    My Sunday grill is know as “Dad skilling up his cooking”.


  23. I work in a hospital. I have gotten bizarre looks a few times. Don’t aggro him, we’ll wait for security. (violent patient). I don’t know where the Dr. is he must be AFK. She’s DND. (rn sleeping on her break). I am most embarrasses that I have said “lol” out loud instead of laughing. How stupid is that!


  24. You might be a wow addict if….

    you think dippin dots are for tobacco addicted warlocks.

    you have a bumper sticker that says “my other mount is epic.” (and it’s plastered onto a minivan)

    you try to speak murloc.

    you refer to your public transit as the deeprun tram/zepplin/FP


  25. Yes, I have WoW-theme dreams, too, the problem is the memory of them evaporates shortly after I achieve something resembling conciousness… One of the few I do remember is Kayeri being in BT (back in BC days) and they were on their way out (this was not an Illidan kill, they were doing something else), and she’s the last one and the portal goes away….

    I woke up thinking, “Oh, no! How am I going to get her OUT of there?!”


  26. You know you play WoW too much when:

    You jump the neighbor’s fence to skin their cats… you know, for some light leather… and when the neighbor lady comes out and yells at you, you shrug and reply back, “Whats the big deal? they repop in a few minutes?!”.


  27. I play a mage, and I dreamed I was a mage the other night trying to set people on fire. Yikes! However, I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t figure out how to “target” them even though I was clearly looking straight at them and trying to set them on fire. LOL So, no fires were actually set.

    I do say “grats” all the time IRL, and I’ve even caught myself using the word “ninja” as a verb at work.


  28. You know you’ve played too much WoW when you’re wife asks you to go to the grocery store and you ask her what “mats” she needs you to pick up.


  29. When the kitchen timer dings and you tell “Grats!” That one has always been my favorite. My son also plays, so I did that as a joke and he laughed so hard he about fell off a chair. Ahh to be 13 again.


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