Raid for the Cure update (Nov 4th)

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Update: November 4th.

Charities other than Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The event is to help bring awareness about Breast Cancer to the community, in Julie’s honor. Towards that end, we have consolidated our efforts towards donations through Susan G. Komen for the Cure. However, we feel that the point is not who you donate to specifically, but instead the awareness and the sense of community.

If you would like to make a donation to the cause of Breast Cancer research and awareness, or towards Cancer research in general and take part in the raffle, but do not wish to donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a donation made to any other charitable Cancer-focused organizations is also welcome, so long as they provide an email receipt as proof of donation.

If you do make such a donation and wish to enter the raffle, simply follow the steps above as described in sending the email receipt to tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com with the title Raid for the Cure Raffle Entry, and you will be entered into the raffle.

Suggestions for other charitable organizations you may be interested in donating towards include;

Current Prizes available for the Raffle:

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Horde, doanted by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Alliance, donated by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

One finished and colored art commision of an animal subject, Warcraft related or not, by Tami Moore (sometimes known as a Saucy Wench). 

A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet. There are 3 of these prizes available, courtesy of Jong of Forbearance!

One custom “very pink” plush Moonkin, based on the pattern from a article from April. The Moonkin plush is over a foot tall, and is being made with high quality, ridiculously pink fur.  Since Sidhe Devils is an Alliance guild, Serthida is putting big antlers on this guy instead of Tauren horns. This is still being made, but here is a picture of the status so far. Still needs his hand and foot claws, his medallions attached in the right places (they’re just pinned on), some eyes, and a tail. Custom made and donated by Serthida of Serthida’s Save State!

WoW Trading Card Game card, Pinata Loot Card (unscratched, of course) donated by Ken Mueller.

One item of any kind from the Big Bear Butt Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

One item of any kind from the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

Grand Prize: A guest appearance on the podcast Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and influence on the discussion topics for that show. This is not for a few minutes, but being on the show for the duration of that episode. If the winner of this prize is bashful, then an item from the Big Bear Butt Cafepress store, and private conversation with the members of the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild (non-recorded) can be substituted instead. 🙂

Special Event Guild NOT being formed!

We do not intend to form a special Alliance or Horde guild for this event, like others have done in the past.  We expect to have many people with pre-existing characters on the server participating, characters that are already in guilds of their own. So rather than ask existing people on the server to leave their guilds for the day, or miss out on chat/details in a guild chat area, we will instead be setting up custom chat channels on both Alliance and Horde side that people can join the day of the event.  The info on the names of the chat channels, and instructions on how to setup/join a custom chat channel will be posted here a day or two before the event.

Server crashing concerns
We realize that this event is getting a lot more publicity than anticipated, and expected attendance numbers may go beyond what we expected.  We planned on reducing the load on the server as much as possible by having multiple starting areas (both Alliance and Horde) AND multiple areas within each faction.  New characters will obviously have to start in the starter zones, but higher level characters and people that already play on Kael’thas can start in the secondary meeting zones (Auberdine or Astranaar for Alliance, Camp Taurajo and Crossroads for Horde). We really hope that this will help minimize any stress on the server.

4 thoughts on “Raid for the Cure update (Nov 4th)

  1. I really think you all are doing a great thing. I really hope this inspirers more people to donate for reaserch or other things. Plus this is a fun way to bring about awareness. I am surprised at how much response this is bringing about. I have created a toon on the server to join in the walk. 🙂


  2. I really do not see why there could not be a EU server Raid for the Cure event. I can’t help organize or run it, but if someone else was inspired to, I could certainly be delighted to advertise it here for the European community to be aware of. DELIGHTED to.


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