Raid for the Cure update – Poll!

I’ve added a poll onto the sidebar, and I ask you to please visit it and enter in if you plan to attend the Raid for the Cure, and if so, on which faction, Horde or Alliance. This will help us to determine how many Pink Mageweave Shirts we will need on each side.

And if we end up having too many shirts because folks sign the poll andend up not bein able to go, that’s fine with us. We’d rather thnk you’re coming, and have a shirt ready for you. šŸ™‚

If you would like to donate Mageweave for the cause of making Pink shirts, please mail Mageweave to Windburn on Alliance side Kael’thas (US), or Jystra on Horde side Kael’thas (US).

I look forward to seeing you there!

11 thoughts on “Raid for the Cure update – Poll!

  1. I don’t see the poll at all, but I plan to come along horde-side. I have a cow DK made up and ready to go (she’s currently collecting mageweave for the cause).


  2. I’ll be going Horde. Most people need to join Horde side to balance things server wise. If you all go Alliance and crash the server what good have you done?


  3. Awesome to see the support. I’m not sure the poll is a good indicator of how many shirts you need though. I already have mine. I bet I’m not the only one.


  4. Hi… Says “You already voted for this pole”… Unless it counted the vote when I initially clicked the bubble, I have not previously voted on this.

    Hope all is well.


  5. Hm, Bear, when I tried to put my vote in, it didn’t take, and it wouldnt allow me to view results either. Honestly, though, I could go either side at this point. Today while Doomhammer was down from the collosal lag spikes, the hubby and I made a BE pair on Kael’thas just for giggles… šŸ™‚


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