A Call to Arms!

We did a nice, relaxing Ulduar run last night and had some fun. Well, we did after this weird bug that keep causing us to drop the entire raid group in the instance stopped happening. Few things are as jarring as suddenly, in mid-discussion, having everyone drop out of the raid group and get told you’re headed for the nearest graveyard.

Anyway, we did the first four, followed by Kologarn and Crazy Cat Lady.

Quite a lot of loot dropped, most of it unwanted.

Thank you, Heroic ToC, for making a lot of Ulduar 10 redundant. 🙂

Along the way, my Hunter picked up a few new toys.

Rifle of the Platinum Guard and Mimiron’s Repeater.

No, nobody else wanted them. And I certainly didn’t need what are arguably tanky weapons, since I’ve already got the True-aim Long Rifle.

Now, I’d like you to take a look at these two beauties.


Granted, they may not have the best stats, but damn, they look cool!

There is only one thing that comes to mind, when I see those two beauties.

In the words of Emilio Estevez in Young Guns;

“Regulators…. mount up!”

Which brings me to my next point.

Blizzard, you rocked our world when you made a change in Wrath in the Talent Trees. Perhaps over time, you’ve reduced the effectiveness of the Talent to balance it. But the fact remains, it’s cooler than watermelon pie.

You gave Fury Warriors Titan’s Grip in the Fury tree, and let them dual wield Two Handed Weapons.

This is my Call to Arms… give Marksman Hunters a new top end Talent that lets them dual wield Guns!

And call it…

“Two Gun Mojo”

Just for me? Please?

13 thoughts on “A Call to Arms!

  1. My main is a dwarf hunter and she has long dreamed of dual wielding guns, but then all the bow users would cry foul. Although I could see dual crossbows.
    Besides if Rambo can dual machine guns.


  2. The John Wayne gun flipping thing is the animation used by Draenei for crossbows. I imagine they would also use it for guns.


  3. That would totally rock…

    And another interesting Ulduar bug…when my raid was in there several weeks ago, we had this bug on the way to Flame Leviathan where 1/2 the raid would just fall through the floor >_< and they couldn't be rezzed bc they were still alive.


  4. As cool as that would be, think about this. TG is required to do DPS as a Fury Warrior. TG is so good that Blizzard keeps having to nerf it (first hit penalty, now damage tax) which not only messes with damage but really screws with our rage generation.

    Just one of those be careful what you wish for kind of deals.


  5. Can I get an Amen?

    I’d respec out of my beloved Beast mastery and shelve my so far unobtainable dreams of frolicing spirit beasts for Two Gun Mojo.


  6. Fury can’t dual wield pole arms or staves so dual wield hunters could just skip bows!
    Can we add single wield weapons like pistols that non-“two gun mojo” people could dual wield?


  7. The (arguably) coolest thing about them ever doing this would be the “reloading” animations. Every gun; at least every gun I’ve ever used, you shoot, then you see your character load another round, then you shoot again, etc. How awesome would it be to have two guns, and to put another round in you do the one-handed lever-action flip from “Terminator 2”?


  8. Nah, I figure they could add “one handed” and “two handed” to the current “ranged” classification. Some guns would be one or two, and other guns and bows would just be two.

    Come on, you can DO eeet!


  9. That would be… EPIC!

    Although they would also have to redo the equipment screen to add another slot, and allow you to dual wield bows; something that is impossible (I think) without four arms.
    .-= Kaitus´s last blog ..Happy Halloween! =-.


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