Raid for the Cure Chat Channel!

To help folks get set up for the Raid for the Cure run on Saturday, I have prepared instructions for setting up the chat channel!

We will not be joining Raid groups for the run, as that would leave us split up into isolated teams. Instead, we are going to have custom chat channels, so everyone can communicate with everyone else on the same faction.

For the experts, the name of the custom chat channel, and it IS the same on each faction, is “RaidfortheCure”.

Got it? RaidfortheCure

No, caps ain’t required. And neither are the quotation marks.

And now, for those of us that don’t commonly create or use custom chat channels, I’ll provide a short, but hopefully comprehensive, guide on how to set one up and use it.

Experts, your work here is done. Thank you!

Creating a custom chat channel.

Whether you are walking with us as Alliance or as Horde, the chat channel will be the same. And no, you cannot talk to members of the other faction, the channels, even though named the same, are unique to each faction on the server.

First, open up the Social tab.


Second, go to the Chat tab, and click the “Add” button.


Third, type in the name of the custom channel you are adding, in this case, RaidfortheCure. Leave the password field blank.


That’s it, the channel is now created on your current character!


Now, I’ll briefly discuss talking in your channel, and changing colors to make it stand out better.

As you can see in the picture below, when I created my custom channel, it assigned it the number “6“, which I circled in the example. Your exact number may vary, depending on how many channels you have already created. If this is your first custom channel, your channel numbe may be “5“.

You will see any discussion made in the channel by default. In order to talk in the channel, simply type the “/” and the number of your channel, just like when talking in Trade or LocalDefense.



If you would like to make your custom chat channel easier to read or stand out from other chat, you can customize the colors as follows;

First, right click on your General tab on the chat window.


Then, from the options, choose Settings.


And then choose Global Channels.


You will now see displayed all of your numbered channels. If you click on the box for the specific channel you want to modify as shown below, it will open up a custom color wheel. Simply click anywhere within the wheel, and the chat of your channel will be displayed in that color.


That’s about it for this guide. I hope this will help someone get the chat channel setup, and hope, hope, hope that it will help minimize confusion on the day of the event itself.

See you on Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Raid for the Cure Chat Channel!

  1. Thanks for explaining this, I never knew how to do it. I’m now at the starting zone (as a gnome named Pinknesse) and good to go with chat channel all fixed up.


  2. Yeah, you might want to edit the FP to include “/join RaidfortheCure”. Much simpler I think, and most WoW players are fairly used to “slash commands”. The colors are way easier to set up with the GUI though.


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