Raid for the Cure Raffle reminder!

The Raffle drawing will be held immediately after the Raid for the Cure walk is complete, Saturday, November 14th!

As mentioned in the original World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure post, we are holding a raffle.

There are various prizes sponsored by some awesome people from the WoW community, players and bloggers both. Not a single prize is corporate sponsored… this is all coming from people that play the game, just like you and me.  

The Grand Prize, (if prize it is) will be a guest appearance on the podcast Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and influence on our talking points for that show.

From the comments I’ve seen, the true grand prizes are the awesome plush pink Moonkin and the beautiful handmade pink clay Resto Form Druid sculpture. Which just goes to show, true artistic talent never goes out of style.

How to Enter

Entry to the raffle is quite simple. Go to the World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure donation website, a website created by us but administered and maintained by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and make an online donation, using a valid email address. Once you have received your emailed receipt of donation, just email us a copy of your receipt to tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com with the words Raid for the Cure Raffle Entry in the title. That’s it. One entry per person, no minimum donation necessary.  

As soon as we get an emailed receipt, I have been emailing a reply. Every time. If you have sent in a receipt and not gotten a reply, check your spam filter, and resend to make sure.

Once the Raid for the Cure walk is over, tomorrow, Saturday, November 14th, at about 3:30 PM Central 9Kael’thas US) server time, the raffle will be closed to new entries, the drawing will be held, and winners will be posted.

You will be welcome to continue to donate, but the raffle drawing itself will be closed.

Current Prizes in the Raffle:

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Horde, donated by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Alliance, donated by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

One finished and colored art commision of an animal subject, Warcraft related or not, by Tami Moore (sometimes known as a Saucy Wench). 

A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet. There are 3 of these prizes available, courtesy of Jong of Forbearance!

One custom “very pink” plush Moonkin, based on the pattern from a article from April. The Moonkin plush is over a foot tall, and is being made with high quality, ridiculously pink fur.  Since Sidhe Devils is an Alliance guild, Serthida is putting big antlers on this guy instead of Tauren horns. This is still being made, but here is a picture of the status so far. Still needs his hand and foot claws, his medallions attached in the right places (they’re just pinned on), some eyes, and a tail. Custom made and donated by Serthida of Serthida’s Save State!

One light weight clay “resto tree form” model, respectfully painted pink. He stands at approx 6.5 inches tall. Custom made and painted by Laurind, Guild Leader of the Seventh Council.

One item of any kind from the Big Bear Butt Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

One item of any kind from the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

Grand Prize: A guest appearance on the podcast Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and influence on the discussion topics for that show. This is not for a few minutes, but being on the show for the duration of that episode. If the winner of this prize is bashful, then an item from the Big Bear Butt Cafepress store, and private conversation with the members of the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild (non-recorded) can be substituted instead. 🙂

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  1. Once again–I want to state that you and your support staff are brilliant. What a message. What an event. It was amazing to be a part of.


  2. Just wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the sidhe devils for making this happen. I had fun, but more importantly you made my mom very happy that so many people care about survivors and victims of cancer. If you can, please say ‘thanks from icedge’ to everyone.


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