Raid for the Cure Raffle – RESULTS!!!

The Raid for the Cure event is complete, and an amazing time it was!

It’s going to take some time for a nice wrap-up post with pictures, but in the meantime, I know what you want to see… the results of the raffle!

The winning names have been drawn, from out of a hat, by our son Alex, and here are the list of winners, IN ORDER:

  1. Mandi/Thinathwen of Khadgar-US – Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast guest appearance!
  2. Matt Cristantello – Handmade clay model of a pink Resto Tree Druid!
  3. Megan/Almeara of Auchindoun-EU – One very pink plush Moonkin!
  4. Megan/Cynnammon – World of Warcraft TCG Loot Card, the Ogre Pinata!
  5. Debbie Scott – Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Horde!
  6. Rachel Boone – Ceramic coffee mug from the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild store!
  7. S. K. Graham – Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Alliance!
  8. Seth/Wemic of Kargath-US – A finished piece of artwork, something of a feline nature by Tami Moore!
  9. M. (name withheld upon request)-  shirt from the BBB store!
  10. Nick Laplante – A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet.
  11. John Long – A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet.
  12. Jason (Lonty) Ashworth – A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet.

The order of this list has special significance.


Because there were two ways we saw to draw names for prizes… assign a prize to each winner at random, OR, to draw names in order, and let each winner, in the order drawn, pick their prize from what is available.

We’ve chosen to allow people, in the order their name was drawn, to pick their prize from what is available when we reach their number. The reason for this is that the types of prizes available can be very personal. There are all sorts of prizes, some specific to Alliance or Horde, some specific to moonkin or leafy druids, there are in-game pets people might already have or really want, that sort of thing. 

So, rather than go down the list and assign prizes to winners, we will be emailing each winner, in order, asking them which of the prizes remaining they would like to choose as their prize.

Yes, this WILL draw out the process of awarding prizes. Hopefully, we will get fast responses to the emails.

I truly hope that this will result in happier winners.

So, Mandi/Thinathwen of Khadgar-US, you are our grand prize winner, and I am emailing you in two seconds to congratulate you, to ask for mailing info, and to find out… what will YOU pick?

Congratulations to all of the winners!

And as a reminder, here is a list of:

Current Prizes in the Raffle:

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Horde, donated by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

Handmade scarf with the emblem of the Alliance, donated by Lauren of P’ville Girl.

One finished and colored art commision of an animal subject, Warcraft related or not, by Tami Moore (sometimes known as a Saucy Wench). 

A World of Warcraft TCG Loot Card, the Ogre Pinata, donated by Elegantdeath.

A choice of the Panderan Monk or Mini KT non-combat pet. There are 3 of these prizes available, courtesy of Jong of Forbearance!

One custom ”very pink” plush Moonkin, based on the pattern from a article from April. The Moonkin plush is over a foot tall, and is made with high quality, ridiculously pink fur.  Since Sidhe Devils is an Alliance guild, Serthida is putting big antlers on this guy instead of Tauren horns. This is complete, and pictures can be viewed in an earlier post. Custom made and donated by Serthida of Serthida’s Save State!

One light weight clay “resto tree form” model, respectfully painted pink. He stands at approx 6.5 inches tall. Custom made and painted by Laurind, Guild Leader of the Seventh Council.

One item of any kind from the Big Bear Butt Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

One item of any kind from the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast Cafepress store, donated by Cassie and BBB.

A guest appearance on the podcast Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and influence on the discussion topics for that show. This is not for a few minutes, but being on the show for the duration of that episode. A free Skype account will be required to participate.

21 thoughts on “Raid for the Cure Raffle – RESULTS!!!

  1. Thank you for making/posting that video. I had such a total blast on that run and I really admire how a guild stepped up to do something for a guildie of theirs, the video makes a great little souvenir.


  2. Hey… grats all. The event was really fun and heartwarming.

    I’m ready to send out the Ogre Pinate Loot card to the lucky winner… just let me know.

    Thanks again,



  3. I am Debbie Scott AKA Catryalini. When I saw my name on the list of raffle winners I was thrilled and surprized. I never win anything. Thank you BBB and all the organizers and donation contributors for putting together such a great event. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  4. Wow! I am really impressed! I saw some of the screenshots from the “race” and it looked amazing! Getting tears in my eyes when I see all the good people doing something for a good cause!

    Couldnt attend because of me playing on a EU server, but I send my thoughts to you guys!

    Many bearhugs from Tesaki, feral druid since 2005!


  5. Hey BBB,

    One of my guild members – Kaiddi on your server, has the event on video. We play on Oceanic server, Nagrand, and hail from Down Under and New Zealand, mostly. We were happy to attend and wish Julie the best of luck. Thanks for coordinating this awesome event.

    Guilder Leader of the Burning Dragoons.


  6. It was a fantastic event, great to be part of. I was there till the very end (when no one was left but Starys, Silverbolt, Ryga and myself partying on the roof), so I got a fair amount of footage that I’ve bunged together into a rough video.

    I did two versions because I couldn’t decide which soundtrack I liked best.
    Shorter one: (I actually wanted to use this artist’s “The Cow Song”, but didn’t have a good copy of it so I settled for his Dugong Song instead)
    and the extended mix (with a different and slightly less silly soundtrack!)

    Skiannach (Nagrand)
    Kalimare (Nagrand)
    Kaiddi (Kael’thas)


  7. Kattrinsaa, thanks to everyone’s incredibly generous contributions, the Raid for the Cure amassed $1652.50 as of the end of the raid event today


  8. Thanks to all the organizers! It was a blast 🙂 I posted some pics on Facebook that I *think* everyone can see ( Honestly, this was one of the most well put-together events I have ever attended, with only one minor glitch when the alliance people were late. HA! Too much fun. And congratulations to all the winners!
    .-= Zoei´s last blog ..About the Troll Wardens: A Story =-.


  9. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Congratulations to BBB and all the others that helped organize and run this event.

    It was a blast and well worth sacrificing hours of sleep to attend.

    Finally, all the best to Julie in particular and everyone else that is touched in some way by cancer.

    Gnomer & Out!
    .-= Gnomeaggedon (Squidly’s Mate)´s last blog ..Raid For A Cure =-.


  10. I’m game for any time apart from tuesday/wed and of course my move date of Nov 29th (prolly the day before and after too)

    thanks 🙂


  11. Prize number 1 has been chosen!

    Mandi has already gotten back to me, and let me know that she chooses to be our honored guest on the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast! Which we’ll be doing as soon as we work out when it’s most convenient for her, of course.


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