Highlighted blog post because I can, so there, nyah nyah

I just wanted to direct your attention to a hilarious blog post that pretty much nails how I feel about playing any damn character you care to mention.

Without further ado, go read (or re-read) Jong’s post on, well, I dunno what to call it. Faceroll idiot conversati0nalist shenanigans?

Sometimes, I just read a blog post that hits me a little, no, not there, a little more to the right, now down, that’s it, that’s it… harder… harder… oooh!

That’s the spot!

See, I can make jokes like that, because not only am I manly enough to wear pink, but I’m manly enough to make pink look manly, and send lesser men scrambling to buy pink so they, too, can try to look as manly as I.

In fact, I could probably inspire grown men to find pink leather jackets, to try and look like the ultimate badass.


Back to the whole “dropping of the retlol bomb” topic and appropriate responses…

God, what a great blog post.

Seriously, when the complaining breaks out over what is OP, and what is EZ mode, and yadda yadda, sisboombama, that is just how I look at playing this game.

Well,the first part, the “Are you seriously expecting me to feel emasculated because you said my class is easy” part, that should go without saying. I mean, really. What’s next, you gonna roll on up and say, “Real playas gotta hybridize, that single role playin’ is ezmode vanilla, herman”?

Oh, please. Why not insult a dude’s sock color while you’re at it.

Nah, I meant that next part of Jong’s post.

YES, anyone can pick a class, pick a spec, read some blog posts or guides, check out Elitist Jerks, run some spreadsheets, make a gear list, basically go nuts.

None of that makes you a freaking superstar.

Mr. Samuel L. Jackson will NOT take a shark for you. Just, no.

A long time ago, Megan of Out of Mana (who, coincidentally has returned to writing, on Jong’s blog), wrote that real players were the ones that played PvP, because they learned how to improvise, adapt, overcome, react fast, squeeze every erg of nuance from their abilities and survive the crazy shit when it all dropped in the cacky, and the best place to need to learn to do that was PvP.

Okay, so I paraphrased some stuff.

I agreed with the sentiment, not the cause.

I agree with Megan vociferously that real good players aren’t necessarily the ones that memorize DPS rotations, or spec the most refined or analysed talent path, or follow the bestest gear list.

The best players are the ones that take their class and spec and twist it inside out, and are able to do shit that you thought just couldn’t be done.

The ones that play their character in the moment, and when things go off script… they improvise.

They make it up as they go when things go off the rails, and they pull a win out of their butts.

Sure, someone can come up to you and say “Death Knights are OP”, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can pick up a Death Knight and just make it sing.

And that’s what twits like the one Jong mentioned always imply.

“Oh wah, your class is easy to play, you choose to play that class, you must be too stupid or lame to play a real class, oh, you were successful then it’s ’cause of the class, so your success wasn’t earned, wah wah wah.”

Well, I got one finger up on each hand, and you don’t need three guesses and a  thumb to figure out which.

I think some classes just ‘click’ with people more than other classes. Or some specs of a class do.

Sure, you can learn a class, and practise, and get real good… but do you make it sing?

I played my Paladin as a tank last night, for, ooh, about 15 whole minutes. Little secret… I sucked. I think I’ve got the theory and abilities all down… and when things go smoothly, I can handle it.

But when things go off the script, I lose all spatial awareness. Folks is running all sorts of directions, mage is pulling aggro here, rogue is dying over there, it’s mass hysteria. In what? Lousy Heroic Violet Hold. Woo me. 

And yet, tanking is still tanking. Why should it be so much different for me to handle?

I pop my Bear in gear, and it’s a whole different universe of “let’s get some”.

I still remember doing Magister’s Terrace once, hitting Princess Delrissa, and early on things went south.

Three died, but the two of us left didn’t quit, we went bugnuts and pulled out a win anyway, with the dead players cheering us on.

And I think one comment at the end, as we rezzed and looted, was “That was so cool.”

You don’t GET moments like that when everything goes smooth as butter.

My point here, is the Druid Bear just clicks with me. And so do the integration of other abilities as a hybrid, although it’s harder to find situations where it’s appropriate to pop multiple forms as a tank in groups these days. Much like crowd control, multi-form play is sliding by the wayside except for battle rezes and fast innervate action.

The Paladin… sadly, the Paladin does not sing to me. I can swing my hammer and have great fun as Ret, but the tanking aspects feel… clumsy for me to get a grip on. It doesn’t ‘sing’.

Damn do I love hitting things in the face with a hammer, though. And giving them a good goose from behind. That’s what the long two-handed handle is for, you know. Just gotta watch it with the aggro from that move. 

My other point here, rolling it up, is that in the old days, the ancient days of the Burning Crusade, it felt like we were more balanced in our abilities and gear against the challenges we faced.

Yes, raiders would boast of how EZ mode content was in their shiny top of the line raiding epics from Saxs Fifth Avenue, while we were working our Kmart blue light specials and struggling along.

But that was cool. We did the best we could with what we had, secure in the knowledge that the content was there to be done, so let’s go do it.

And if things were tough, and they frequently were, why, the fault lay not in Blizzard not balancing us right, but in us not knowing how to play our classes well enough… time to step up and own it, right?

So yeah, there’s a little bit of me that agrees that PvP is probably a fine way to learn to think fast on your paws.

But there’s another part of me that thinks that, with the vast increase in power of the gear available to us, and the way most of the content we are playing in five man to GET those rewards stays the same… it’s reducing the chance that players will need to learn to improvise, adapt, and overcome crazy shit with their skills and abilities to win.

Instead, I think it tends to overly encourage the idea that, if something is a little challenging, then just go run some more of the most easiest squeeziest heroics a few more times to get some more pieces of Tier 9, and then go brute force your way through that Halls of Stone you struggled with last time.

Maybe I’m wrong. I dunno.

But I do know that I wonder sometimes, if newer players are getting that same feel of “Oh hells yes, we pulled that one out by being badass, who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy” out of the game that we did in Karazhan.

And in this age of rampant altosis, I wonder if people are still able to find that one class that clicks, and make it sing the way it should.

Anybody else got a story of fun and joy when things went to pot they’d like to share? Anybody else get that sizzle when the plan goes to hell, but you went with it and pulled out a victory anyway, when everyone else thought it was done?

24 thoughts on “Highlighted blog post because I can, so there, nyah nyah

  1. My personal favourite is the first time I ever went to regular Ahn’kahet on my druid at about lvl 74; on my priest I could never, ever get past Insanity. Something bad happened on Volazj that left just me and the healy shaman alive after Insanity, and the first thing I heard after coming back out of it was “GO BEAR DAMMIT, GO BEAR!” I popped bear and blew every one of my oh-sh%t cooldowns. Between the resto shaman doing lightning and me shredding like no tomorrow, we got him down with my health at 6%.

    Though that is the reason I hate that instance. XD
    .-= CC´s last blog ..Raid For The Cure, or: I Love Male Tauren in Pink =-.


  2. It was my (then) raiding guilds first night attempting Thaddius. We spent quite a large amount of time learning how to change (or not change)sides, making sure you had the correct buff on the right side, etc. To this day I’m pretty sure some of those in the raid STILL don’t know how to do that. But I digress, it was going to be our final attempt of that boss, as there were other things we still needed to try before our raid time was up. Things were going really well, most people were still alive, and the boss was going to down steadily. We had him to 7%. Unfortunately we didn’t have the dps needed and he enraged, killing most of the raid. I popped CoS just as the timer ran out and saved myself the initial pwn and quickly grabbed agro. Popping evasion, I tanked as myself and one other mage dps’d him down the rest of the way (with the help of the dots from our fallen comrades). The cheers that rose out of that kill had me pumped for weeks after that. My face was flushed from the adrenaline and I had a huge smile on my face. I didn’t win any loot that night but it was still one of the best raids of my WoW career.


  3. This was ‘just’ regular Azjol Nerub, with me and three guildies stepping up to the challenge. There was me in my tree secondary spec, the mage who’d organised the group, a third player whose class escapes me (warlock I think – definitely not a tank class) and a death knight, who I assumed was going to be the tank.

    Well blow me down with a feather, but the death knight hadn’t ever tanked as a death knight before, said, “Uh, ok” when I asked if she was tanking, and didn’t really know what to do or even that she should use Death and Decay. I certainly don’t think it was stupidity or even wilful ignorance – she just honestly didn’t know what to do.

    We didn’t get anywhere but for some reason this is the instance that sticks in my mind the most. Our repeated attempts to get past the first boss were of course all doomed to failure. I pointed out that “drop Death and Decay” meant “use Death and Decay”, not “stop using Death and Decay.” I tried making sure everyone else waited a few seconds until she had built up threat. (Unfortunately this was about where my knowledge of DK tanking ran out.) And all throughout I was doing my level best, healing my little twigs off and trying to keep everyone alive as best I could. Did I buy everyone a bit more alive-time? I certainly hope so.
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  4. I had several awesome moments like those back in Karazhan. The one i’ll always remember though, went something like this: My guild and I were fighting Illhoof, and I was tanking with my warrior. I was swiveling the camera while taunting random imps off healers and watching for sacrifices while my muscle memory took care of my threat rotation. All is going well when suddenly someone asks me over vent “Uhhh, mires, what happened to your tps?” Turns out I hadnt noticed that my melee weapon, my loyal kings defender, had snapped into itty bitty pieces midfight.

    Not really knowing what to do I pulled open my inventory and frantically looked for a replacement. My options included my blacksmith hammer, which was the first thing i saw and tossed it on. Apparently, it didnt count as a melee weapon, and then i saw my mining pick. Not the standard issue mining pick, but the fabled pick of Brann Bronzebeard, a silithus quest green I had kept and enchanted for beastslaying (+2!) because i had hoped it would glow while mining. I managed to regain threat and pull it out, but in the panic we had lost a warlock to the demon chains, two rogues, and kilrek had mauled a priest to death. The priest soulstoned, the holy pally dropped consecrates and holy wraths and managed to keep me alive while tanking all the imps and it was, in a word, a gloriously awesome clusterfuck. We’d wiped for far less in the past, and the resulting vent cheer was like a guild first. One of my fondest memories.


  5. Tangentially, this is one more reason why I’d like to let players start out at the level cap, even if it’s only in a controlled tutorial environment. It doesn’t take months of play to get a feel for whether or not a play archetype/class clicks with you. Sure, it can take time to make it sing, but if you’re stuck with an oboe when you’d rather have a clarinet, but you didn’t know until you were fifty levels in in a practice midlevel raid, are you really going to want to start back at level 1? (Especially when it literally costs you money to play longer in a subscription game.) Alternatively, allow respecs to go all the way down to class. Let people experiment already so that they *can* find something that they can make sing.

    (I’m speaking from a bit of experience here, too… I played a Shaman, a Druid and a Rogue in separate ten day trials over the years, and none of them really clicked in the low levels because they all pretty much played the same. I *think* I’d like a Druid in the endgame because of some offline analysis, but until I get my grubby little paws on it and start trying to play, I just don’t know if I’ll be a Stradivarious, a Mark O’Connor, or a danger to everyone’s hearing.)
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  6. I posted about this a few days ago (this incident). We pulled Twin Valks, while working on Tribute to Insanity, and about a minute into the fight I realized I was in my PvP Holy gear from Fac Champs. And I’m tanking.

    Yeah – things went off the rails in a hurry, but our DPS changed targets on the fly since my threat was useless, healers switched it up, our Hybrids started tossing heals my way (instant CH and FoL from our shaman and retadin), and when I finally went down at about 10%, our bear tank snatched her up faster than Miss Piggy nabbing Kermit.
    .-= adgamorix´s last blog ..The moments that last =-.


  7. Back when Heroic HoL was still the big pain for everyone at the beginning of Wrath I was asked to heal on my priest for some guildies. These were guildies that you have to groan about because they either can’t or refuse to move out of fire, dps behind the boss, proximity agro mobs, etc.

    We amazingly made it to Loken with only a couple of deaths thanks to smart heals and sweet tanking from our resident tankadin.

    Of course telling these guildies to stay close to the boss instead of far away resulted in immediate deaths so I didn’t bother trying to keep them up while they refused to listen to the tank and my urgings to come closer to the boss (2 hunters and a mage). Once they died the encounter became so much easier to heal. The Prayer of Mending kept bouncing back and forth to myself and the tank while keeping a Renew up on each of us and using Binding Heal to keep us both topped off while tossing in some DoTs to help the tank. The fight took about 10 minutes but with careful mana managment and alternating both tank and priest cooldowns we were able to down Loken with not a lot of fuss other than the AoE blast.


  8. 3B for one of those moments where it all goes south and everyone pulls whatever they have left to down the boss, I remember a Saph encounter in Naxx 10. I was playing my pally whom at the time was prot/ret (que laugh track) the fight only requires one tank so I offered to go dps. Now I might have had a ret spec for maybe a week prior to this. Well things are going along okay the we get a bad blizzard. Everyone but 4 of us are dead, Druid healer, DK tank, shadow priest, and me on my pally. This was during the first flight phase but we said fooey and kept going. The raid leader ask the shadow priest to heal when he can and we are all spliting time between dpsing the boss and watching the druid mana bar. I never threw so many instant flash heals in a fight and lay on hands once. We got him down and vent exploded with cheers. To me the best part was we were as a guild on gear for it and 4 different people used everything they had available to complete the fight.


  9. Spellslinging druidism appears to be where “it” is for me. Despite my main being a level 80 feral cat-who-sometimes-has-to-go-bear and my first character to 80 was DK frost-specced-tank. I also play a resto druid with a group of IRL buddies. When I started the resto druid, my main was somewhere in the level 30-40 range and I still have fun ripping faces . . . but man, I just took to healing. Soloing as resto was a pain, but as long as I was in a group, I found it very fulfilling and fun.

    Then along came dual spec when I was about level 60. I grabbed a boomkin spec and wow. Just wow. I mean, I thought I was doing all right when I soloed resto, but man! So this is what blowing things up really feels like? Awwwwww yeah! Bam! Bam! BAM! I wasn’t even sure I wanted to play the cat anymore. Big-critting Starfires are just so freakin’ cool.

    But my story about how things can “click” is more about watching it click for a feral druid in Sethekk Halls. It started shakey. The priest who organized the party was missing a lot of gear. Not just bad gear, but like, missing. No trinkets, rings, shoulders, weapon or wand. Apparently she’d been on and off WoW and was just coming back again. She was dual specced though and we worked out between us that I’d heal.
    Which ended up being good, because the Paladin tanking for us had issues. I don’t know what they were exactly, but I had recently hit level 67, picked up a few Northrend greens in the AH, had been levelling up enchanting and had some decent ones on everything that could be enchanted . . . and I still found healing the Paladin a challenge. His health just dropped so fast sometimes. On top of that, the cat druid really wanted to tank. He and the Warlock only had mediocre DPS and of course the Priest’s was way, way low. Which meant long fights. And worse, the mind control totems that get dropped in SH weren’t being killed fast enough. So I’d help DPS ’em down when I could . . . but being in healer spec, my dps was as bad as the undergeared priest’s.

    No one died, but it was pretty close a few times. After the first hallway (about 3 groups of trash), the Warlock dropped out. We nearly cleared the first room, still touch-n-go, before the Paladin noticed and decided to drop out, too. Our cat dropped into bear form declaring, “Oh hell no. This instance will not kick our ass.” And proceeded to pull the next group.

    It went soooo smoothly. No wonder this guy wanted to tank. It was his calling. Pull, swipe, growl at all the right times, bash the casters and his health barely fluctuated at all. Healing him was easy peazy. So I suggested to our priest that maybe things would go faster if we switched our roles and let me dps in moonkin. And sure enough, even totally undergeared, she could handle all the healing the bear needed and I jumped to about 3x the dps she was doing. I was easily 1.5 times the dps the tank put out, but he still managed to hold aggro. No more touch-n-go. We breezed through to the first boss and downed him like we were still a five man team . . . only better now that the two losers had abandoned us. I mean, seriously, they left despite us having no deaths.

    Next pull after the first boss was tough. We pulled more mobs than even super-tank could stand up to. But geez, a three man PuG through the first boss in Sethekk before wiping is better than I’d expect. Still we picked up a hunter & shaman and had a blast, an honest to God this-is-why-I-play blast, from there to Ikiss and then the story gets even better.

    Ikiss does this AoE blast. There’s a “Ikiss is channeling” warning, you can hide behind pillars to avoid it and if you don’t, you take about 5K damage. Which is a lot in the mid to late 60s range. Our tank was a little shy of 10K. I had about 5500 at the time. The priest had 3500. First blast, she was still figuring out where to go and we lost our healer. So on the way back from the wipe we decide that for Ikiss we’d switch roles back to me healing. Ikiss often teleports before he channels his blast. My turn healing, I misjudged positioning around the pillar after the teleport and ate the damage. He immediately follows up the aoe blast with a volley of shadow bolts that hit everyone regardless of LoS and it caught me mid heal for just enough to kill me. He’s a challenge for appopriately levelled characters. I bet this Thanksgiving there will be level 80s thinking they’ll solo Ikis their badass selves and get their butts handed to them when they walk in missing some key pieces of gear. I mean, I know I’m gonna’ try it, lol.

    Anyway, IRL, my 1 year old started crying so returning from the wipe, still about two rooms back from Ikiss’ chamber, I BRB to go get my daughter a bottle and put her back to bed. I returned from AFK just in time to see the priest typing “you started without any healers!!!” BOOM! Arcane Blast hit, she died. Cat form, sprint, tree, heal, heal, heal, find the hunter’s corpse, rez, heal, heal. FRANTIC! But we beat Ikiss. The bear must have blown his whole set of “Oh shit” cooldowns to stay alive long enough for a healer to get there, but man. He did it. And it was pretty awesome.


  10. There are a few classes/specs that I like to play with,
    Boomkin/FeralDPS druid, 1 at 80, a couple others in progress
    Beastmaster hunter, 1 at 80, 1 in mid 70’s,
    Frost Mage, low 70s and
    unholy DK mid 70s

    I have experimented with other class/spec combos with varying degrees of dislike.
    I cannot play a rogue or a warrior. It’s like learning to write with your offhand. I can learn the basic concept but it will never be as good as what I’m comfortable with.

    A shaman feels cool to me, but I’ve never gotten one very far, my enjoyment of other classes eclipse it. (no pun intended)
    I can barely stand to look at my pally these days.. i got him to his lvl 40 horse (before the nerf down to 20) and he’s been idle for probably a year. That is sort of a wierd mental block due to a guild drama issue from like 2 years ago..
    My lock is nice, but again isn’t a favorite. (Affliction leveling spec)
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..RFTC Screenshots =-.


  11. @ Javan

    Hehe. I kind of know that feeling. A few months ago, a bunch of guildies and I were clearing Heroic Utgarde Keep for badges. We cleared the first boss and the other three all had to take off for fifteen minutes to go pick up a friend, or some such. Anyhoo, my wife and I, mage and feral druid respectively, decided that just sitting there and waiting was silly so we started clearing those non-elite hallway trash…and then, that having gone well, the elite packs beyond them. We got as far and Skarvald and his little necromancer buddy, and still no sign of our guildies, so we steathed past them and kept clearing, right up to the dragon trash before Ingvar. It took a fair bit of CC, and the occasional frost nova supported self heal, but it was great fun.


  12. This article is so on.

    I started a long time ago with a troll hunter. He was my first to 60, 70, and 80. I hardly get to play him anymore, since my guildies wither want me to tank with my DK or, more often, heal with my druid, or gank with my rogue on PvP night. I love each aspect of each alt, but quite honestly, I just *get* huntering. It is the most instinctual class I play. I have a mixture of heroic gear, the Naxx 10 bow, a few rep pieces, and a few PvP pieces, yet I can consistently put out the numbers with him. No matter what gear I might have with my other alts, my hunter is the one I know how to play. He’s my “faceroll” guy that others would say is OP, but that’s because I just know how to play him.


  13. BBB, I’ve got a story.

    This was pre-3.2, right around the 3.1 time, and my guild was still doing Naxx-10 pretty heavily. We were up to Kel and have a few folks who just can’t seem to notice the void zones spinning under their feet.

    Anyway, long-story short, one DPS died early in the fight due to a void zone – so I had the OT taunt Kel off me, I b-rezzed the DPS, went back into bear, grabbed Kel back. Ice blocks start flowing and another DPS is down. Bugs come out, OT holds them, but ends up standing in a void zone he can’t see due to the bugs and dies. I grab both bugs and Kel and tank them. I think this was the first time I ever learned just how much of an art cooldown juggling can be, as well as using just about every tool at my disposal to make it work – Demo Roaring like there’s no tomorrow to make sure all targets are affected, popping an armor potion, making sure all 3 were affected by Infected Wounds (or at least trying if they were immune), calling for the shaman to pop back up even though it looked like it was going to be a wipe.

    We pulled it off, and it was one of the craziest fights we’d ever had as a guild – we still talk about it in guild today.

    Another crazy one that I didn’t get to be as big a part of was also Kel – when the bugs came out and *I* died to the void zone… I was moving out of it and was just a tad too slow – the OT then had the fun of tanking all 3 for the remainder of the fight. Thankfully, we have some amazing guild healers who kept him alive. I know there have been some Ulduar and TotCr fights like that… but none stand out quite like the Kel fight. And most weren’t about me pushing the limits of what my class could do, so much as about other folks pulling it out in the clutch.

    There was a Heroic run about a year ago or so – we were still gearing up and learning how to be level 80s. This was to trash mobs, and the DPS decided to pull threat on the pull – I was repositioning around a corner to get the casters to come to the group. Well, by the time I could grab all the threat back, 2 DPS were down, and with a whirlwind, the third DPS dropped, leaving just me and my wife, tank and heals, with the full pack of trash… With some cooldown management, we slowly but surely took out the pack – the rest of the group laughed while watching, saying “You guys go ahead and finish the rest of the zone, we’ll just watch.”


  14. Shortly after Wrath’s release and we were still in blues, 4 of my guildies and I ran H HOL. A couple of clothies accidentally aggroed the first boss of the instance, General someone or other while still charged. The clothies died and our dk started running for the door. I was healing on my resto shaman and the tank was too stubborn to give up so we made our stand. Hero to catch up on the heals, mana tide totems and potions for mana and away we went. Our dk finally snuck back and started dpsing. We got him down finally, and you know that odd cheering you thought you heard that one night… That was us yelling our brains out. Now THAT was epic! Haven’t had too many more of those moments since we got so well geared until we finally got Faction Champions down the other night.


  15. You are definitely spot-on… and folks should stick to the class & specs they are comfy with. The current toon I’m running is a DK w/ Unholy spec. Not really for the perma-ghoul (I’m not even sure it’s worth having). I feel really comfy and confident playing unholy dk, because I have a good grasp on laying multiple diseases and taking advantage of it (and know when I should use BS to gain 5% health back per disease). I also agree with other posts…. I have an 80 Ret pally (also dual spec’d holy but that’s another conversation… not a good one). Yes, it is very easy to play and is (for the most part) FCFS driven. However, you are not nearly maximizing your potential if you are not aware of what is going on around you and using it everyone’s advantage.


  16. The sad thing is that the people that mock other peoples class would never read that or say “I never say that”. Maybe he was sure the pally would never have the lock’s life in his hands. Oh well takes all kinds


  17. When content isn’t retuned for gear resets, you’ll get a lot more brute forcing.

    A lot of people who go “lolretlol” actually have no idea how to play the class they’re mocking. Not to say the class isn’t easy, but to say just because you think it is easy does not mean you can play it. I’ve heard from other healers how my class is just “LOL FACEROLL REJUVENATION.” Uh. No. That would make me an absolutely terrible healer. At first I thought these people just needed some education (No, sir, that is not what I do, that is what bad restos do) but in the end I realized all they wanted was some sort of reaction.

    Jong’s reaction makes much more sense.


  18. One of the first times we downed Heigan 10man comes to mind, when we where not over-geared, we were just at the right level and after the first lava-wave 5 were alive. The second dance took down two more. 1 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Healer (me). And we got him. That was an adrenaline kick to say something!!

    Then again, the most awesome kick I have ever had in the game, so far at least, was when me and a mate where levelling up a couple of dranei paladins together, the first time either of us played either dranei or paladin, and we’re lumbering around on Bloodmyst doing brand spanking new quests and having a ball. Then, we start a group quest. The Ending Their World-group quest where you follow an elit up into the belfs hold and blow up their crystals. I still to this day do not know what happened, but we were not ready for it to be a group-quest, but quickly decided that yeah, let’s do it. And both of us got so in the zone, started whacking mobs, healing each other, whacking some more, trying to keep the mobs on the questgiver down (although we learned quickly with him being an elit, he had way more whacking-power than either of us) and just getting through all the mobs up to the top. And we made it. Such a trip…

    Funny that the moment I remember most is from an alt (that is not around anymore, my friend quit wow, and both my toons that I levelled with her just felt wrong..) at lvl18 on Bloodmyst…


  19. One word: Awareness

    Every class can be facerolled, but dungeon-runs go smoothly if someone does more then his assigned task.

    The mage that shee..rrrm… penguins the caster that is out of the tanks melee-range (or the rogue stun-locking it/ret-pallies repetenance).
    The DPS who constantly watches the healer, or putting an ‘iceblock’-trap under the healer’s feet.
    Tanks that actually know which target is most dangerous.
    Healers moonfiring/smiting/earth-shocking/holy-shocking enemy totems.

    Oh, and I played a tankadin for 2 years, there are several episodes where I was the last one standing, and well-timed bubbles and lay-on-hands where used to still down the boss. But the ‘coolest’ one was where I already died. It was Shade of Aran, my guild hadn’t downed him yet. It is really hard to understand ‘FIRE-STAND STILL’ and ‘RUN TO THE WALLS’ while also dodging blizzards and elementals. One by one we where going down, a dps here, a healer there. 3 man left, me, the other tank, and one rogue. Both tanks died due to elementals, but survived long enough for them to despawn, so we had one rogue, and shade with some health left, (memory a little hazy here)… and he went to town. It took him around 15 seconds, although it seemed like a minute, but shade was down… to bad he wasn’t an engineer, so all had to run back in :p
    .-= Mardah´s last blog ..Tankadin-levelling: Kill everything that moves. =-.


  20. My druid dinged 80. I repecc’d resto, popped on all the boe gear I could lay hands on, and boldly strode forth to L2Heal. And my friends said “let’s do H HoL.” I said, errrr…. “first healing since 40something?” But off we went anyway. All went well until we hit Ionar, where I promptly lost all the dps. The warrior tank popped all her cooldowns, I healed my little leafy branches off, and the fight went on and on and on. Over and over again one or the other of us would hit under 100hp, but a last minute save pulled us through each time. In the end we prevailed, and it remains one of the most epic fights of Wrath for both of us. No raid boss first kill can compare to the sheer triumph of downing Ionar that day.


  21. Our guilds first down of anub on 25 had this very feeling for all involved.any of us where wooting and screaming in exhiliration when he went down. We had already wiped 11 or 12 times on AN, and it had already been called as the last attempt. We went along, but enrage timer looked to be a problem. It was. All but two of us died to enrage. But lying on the ground, we saw the magic words come up. Achievement earned:TOC25! The dots finished him off!
    .-= Wingot´s last blog ..Wingood finally level 72 … =-.


  22. VoA 10, the offtank and two healers died on the initial pull of Emalon, probably because of our, um, lack of concentration. I healed the remaining tank through Emalon and the adds all the way down to 10% boss health before I ran out of mana and everyone died.

    Ironically, that happened because I failed at healing at the start.


  23. Funny was thinking a lot of what you expressed…

    My main is a druid and though I’m dual specced feral, I run heroics/raids as Boomkin. So we’re running heroic AN and the pally tank is not only giving the warrior crap, but not holding aggro on anything. Well, the druid is healer is good, and the mage and I are doing great dps so we make it through both bosses and onto the last boss after me using my battle rez already.

    We start the boss fight and things go south, the dps die and the healer dies. I pop out of form, pop my innervate and start healing, run out of mana, pop a potion, heal again (including myself) as the boss comes up and we beat him. The other 3 whisper, “GJ” and we collect our quest items and out. And I’m thinking, you think that pally saw how I prevented that wipe? I know that my dps rotation is not very sophisticated but in this one run, I Brezzed to prevent a wipe on the 2nd boss, then slipped into healing on 3rd boss while keeping my self squarely in the hunt on dps. And I’m pumped…this is exactly why I like playing a hybrid.


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