Raid for the Cure Wrap Up!


Just wow.

What an amazing day yesterday was.

So many wonderful people, so much fun knowing that people were willing to come together.

Over the course of the event, just trying to get a feel for how many folks showed up, at the time of my leaving Booty Bay for the Raffle drawing, there were a little over 100 people in the Alliance chat channel, and over 40 people in the Horde chat channel, almost all of whom were dancing on the roof of the bank in Booty Bay.

I’ve had a lot of great screenshots mailed to me, but the most wonderful view of the event, I think, was done by Skiannach, who created a Youtube video that captures a lot of the crazy fun of the walk.

What a great movie, right?

And now, some screenshots!


Wow, that’s pretty awesome, huh?

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that took part in preparing, attending, donating prizes, donating money, and of course giving of themselves to show that you care.

I’d name everyone personally if I could.

However, if you were one of the participants, and you’d like to have your name included in a list, Papapally has put together, at a considerable amount of effort, a list of everyone he knows of that was there.

The list of participants is here.

If you’d like to update or add your own info as a participant, just for fun, please email him at

Thank you again to everyone that took part. Really, thank you all.

Oh, and one last thing. We’ve been congratulated for being so well prepared… but there was one group of people who took it to the next level.

As much as we did to prepare, we never planned to do a special guild for the event, because of how many folks we knew would be attending from established guilds.

But somebody DID take the step to create a guild, have wonderful pink tabards, and invite folks that were unguilded as they came in. And it was just kick butt to see. To you, and I wish I knew who you were, thank you for adding so much geat fun to the event. 

One last thank you, just from me, goes out to Dechion and Myrx for farming enough Mageweave, on BOTH factions, to open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj all by themselves.

Just, holy crap. That was a lot of Mageweave.

16 thoughts on “Raid for the Cure Wrap Up!

  1. That is pretty damn awesome.

    I’m going to say this (because I do so at every big “Pink Ribbon” event), and I’m sorry, but . . .
    Why are there no movements or attempts to call attention to other equally (or, more actually, MORE) deadly diseases and ailments? Why does everyone buy into the pink ribbon marketing? Are other cancers not worth our efforts because they aren’t sexy enough?

    Not downing this at all, and I hope you do it again. Just giving a shout out to anyone who reads this that those of us who care about less marketable would-be death sentences would love to see some attention to our causes as well. I’m waiting to run with a “Save the Family Jewels” raid myself. 😛


  2. Simply couldn’t get over it!!! That was the coolest thing!!! Thanks for everyone that put all this together and worked hard to get ready for it. I’m keepin my toon on that server!! such a neat experience and I know it would have to be touching for Julie.
    Great to see something like this in cyberworld!


  3. Not only am I keeping my baby druid, i rolled me a deathknoob for financial support while i’m levelling katt.
    gotta love outland trash selling for almost a gold a peice.

    now to find katt a home.


  4. Both myself and my girlfriend ( Heartlesmoon ) are keeping our toons there. I’m keepin the pink shirt on all the time. It was an incredible event.

    PS- not that big of a deal but my server is Antonidas but was listed as Natonidas on the list of participants. If it could be changed then great, if not then no worries. It was more important just being there.


  5. I am also keeping my toon over there
    It was a great event and very well planned out (I especially liked the peace)
    I have made an 8 minute video recap of the walk and I hope the quality gets better after it’s finished processing, but finally got my editor to agree with all the clips


  6. What a great event it was, it was fun, and exciting to be a part of it all with all of you. What a WOW memory for such a good cause. Thank you to all who made guilds,farmed cloth, and organized the whole thing. it was something special, and makes it more than “just a game”. I got quite a good chuckle at the people or person who fell off the boat, and the yells “For the Cure” and “Save the Tatatas” and such. LOL Great cause. /Cheer all who were there


  7. It was amazing to see everyone come out to support the fight against breast cancer. It is an event that I will never forget, and I’m proud to tell non-gamers about it.

    I’ve seen a few members of the Awareness guild running around Kael’thas since the event, and that makes me smile.


  8. I have a family memeber who is battling breast cancer. I told her about what you all put together. She thought it was great! You all did a great thing and you had fun at the same time. Perhaps this will help you guildie friend. Wish her the best.


  9. I appreciated your Otis Redding – chat channel was so crowded didn’t have a chance to tell you while we were on the Dock of the Bay!
    Also, several of us are keeping in touch using the new guild on Kael’thas even tho we have mains somewhere else (Draenor in my case). We are going to see how it perseveres. I didn’t like to abandon my little warrior girl, Maidforpink after she worked so hard to be ready for the big day.


  10. Was wonderful fun! Much thanks to all of the regular server population as it was a peaceful event just as planned.
    And thanks to Ludvig for the wonderful Awareness guild and tabards!

    I’m keeping my DK so I just might pop in and say “hi” one day!


  11. Thanks everyone!

    Also, the current guildmaster of (the alliance side guild) is named Ludvig. I can’t get more than that character name. I’m not sure who all helped put the guild together. It was a really great idea, though!
    .-= lissanna´s last blog ..Think pink: Thanks BBB! =-.


  12. (blushes….) thanks! But, Dechion probably farmed more in total (I don’t even have a Horde toon). Not that we were keeping score 🙂

    I was just blown away by how many people showed up, and how great it was to be part of an event like this.
    The screenshots don’t tell the half of it – but they still bring tears to my eyes.

    Thanks to everyone who took part – the camaraderie and sheer heart was just stunning.
    Thanks to all the guildies who helped ahead of time, but couldn’t make the actual event.
    And thanks to Wind and Cassie for organizing it all.

    P.S. And I’m really glad I farmed another 40 shirts worth of Mageweave on Saturday morning. I ended up with 5 shirts left!


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