Looking for something to wear

As Christmas is coming, I have the same problem I get every year.

Cassie wants to know what I want for Christmas.

So, as I try and come up with something that I could possibly want, I return once again to shirts with funny messages.

My first thought, of course, is a Lewis Black shirt, but his store doesn’t have black t-shirts over XXL. And I really do like shirts that are a little roomier, XXXL just fit in the shoulders and arms a bit better. I know from past experience, I’ll buy the shirt at XXL, but I won’t wear it.

That led me down a dark and stormy path of thinking about what Druid related shirt I may like to wear.

Hmmm… you know, I’ve got a Cafepress store. It’s been known to have Druid stuffs.

But I GOTS all those!

Why not design a shirt I’m really in the mood to wear?

And I’d really like it to be moderately evil and a little snarky, I’m in that kind of mood.

And thus do such things begin. In idle boredom.

So I had this idea;

Do I do WHAT, WHERE?!?


Listen, I do it wherever the heck I want.
Do I LOOK like I wear Plate?

Okay, so it may not appeal to everybody. But at least it has the virtue of irritating the heck out of all the other tanks, which is always a plus.

Is there anyone out there that could take this idea and make a graphic that is actually cute for a shirt? I’d love to put it in the store so I could buy one and wear it. 🙂

If so, just let me know at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com. I’d sure appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “Looking for something to wear

  1. I had a Zebco fishing rod T-shirt that I loved until it was just shreds. FRONT “Rhino Rod – Indestructable from tip…” (picture of a mean Rhino face)
    BACK “…to butt” (picture of a big wrinkled old Rhino’s ass).


  2. No Lily, I actually don’t play anymore. All of these posts about all this stuff I’ve been doing for the last two weeks, those were a mirage.


  3. *chuckle* I’m a professional artist, yes, but working for friends for Christmas? That’s easy. 🙂 I’ll whip up a few sketches and see what comes out.

    …and now I can’t get the Goodfeathers (Animaniacs) out of my mind.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Happy Birthday To Me =-.


  4. Yeah, I know Tesh, but you’re a BIG TIME artist, and I’m a poor blogger. Very poor, considering ummm, we might have been a little overly generous on the recent stuffs going on, budget-wise.

    I will say that the art style of that bulldog on your mini-portfolio was kinda exactly the attitude for a bear face that I had in mind, except peering at the person looking at the shirt, kinda like leaning out of the shirt, looking the person reading the shirt in the eye with one of those “You looking at me, bub?” expressions.

    Hehehe, Bear Butt, Goodfellas style. Ouch!


  5. OK, I know, I know, let you know via email, but hey, that also refers to a link over at Phaelia’s shirt shop. (Plus it’s good to get the word out that I’m an artist… sorry if that’s spam. :()
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Happy Birthday To Me =-.


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