Damn the man!

Ya ain’t never gonna stop me, ain’t never gonna shut me down.
I’m gonna keep on bloggin’, ’till the big guns take me down.
You can try to bring your IP blocks,
You can send the fanboys to beat me down.
You can fire up the D.O.S. attacks,
You can ban me under all kinds of names.
There will STILL be a Big old damn Bear Butt
Munching bacon and writing bearwalls all day.

Damn the man! Where’s Skynard? I wanna hear Freeblog!

5 thoughts on “Damn the man!

  1. Okay, I’ll admit, I originally had a link to the Rickroll Youtube video instead of the Skynard line. I thought that would be too obvious. πŸ™‚

    I’d still like someone to do me up “Freeblog” though. We need an anthem!


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