In love of Ret Pallies

In one of my more recent posts, I said;

I know I’ve been told that Retribution DPS sucks compared to other classes, and the reason for it is to compensate for a Paladin’s survivability in PvP. I’ve been told that I should just accept that people aren’t going to want a Ret Paladin in their runs, because we don’t, ahem, “put out”.

I’d like to point out that the key words in those sentences are “I’ve been told.”

I never meant to suggest that *I* believed it. I meant to suggest that there are clearly people out there that *do* believe it… and when you’re trying to get a group with strangers from the community, it doesn’t matter what you know, it matters what the majority of the community believes.

Hey, a lot of people in the community can believe that Greg Street wears briefs instead of boxers, that doesn’t make it so.

Noobs. Ghostcrawler is too manly for briefs.

He goes commando, of course.

Now that I’ve left you with that mental image, I’ll move on.

To prove that I bear the retribution Paladins nothing but love, I’m linking to two of my absolute favoritist Retribution Paladin bloggers… and I invite you to recommend your favorites in the comments. (Ret, not Prot… there are tons of great Prot bloggers, darn straight, but they get all the love already).

My two favorites are Jong of Forbearance, whom I’ve mentioned a few times recently as I have been playing my Paladin more, and Morrighan of Caer Morrighan fame.

Morrighan is simply awesome, and has great informative posts mixed in with fun, and Jong… well, Jong has expressed a love of Bacon and Bruce Willis in the past. How can you not swear allegience to a man like that?

In other news, I think I need to make a Pally alt on a server somewhere called “Pallywhacker”…

In closing, I’d like to show you a little sample of my night last night as a Retribution Paladin, for those who wonder if I actually am doing anything other than sitting in /Trade pining away…


See? I DO play my Paladin!

And my thanks to The Zug Initiative for carrying me along with you. 🙂 It was great fun.

9 thoughts on “In love of Ret Pallies

  1. I have to agree Ret is just fun to play for me.In both PVE and PVP .Although i get my ass handed to me at times and then there are times i roll over people. then the adrenaline really gets going =P i just love it the way we can still “burst” our opponents down in the right situation. To quote a great paladin “Stand together or die alone!”


  2. Aw shucks now I’m blushing 🙂 Thank you for the compliment.

    Glad to know you’re enjoying your ret paladin. They are just so much fun. And no matter what the dps – topping the meters (does happen in my guild) or sinking out of sight – we just LOOK so much cooler than everyone else. Especially when using Divine Storm. Thats the real reason for all the terrible gear sets.
    .-= Morrighan´s last blog ..Playing the blame game =-.


  3. Retribution Paladins have a bad reputation because it’s really easy to do an “okay” job of playing them. You mash all your buttons FCFS and some nice numbers pop up.

    But the really great Retribution players don’t get there by mashing numbers. They know exactly when to use which ability in what situation – and it’s not just “hit whatever’s off cooldown.” They know exactly how to coordinate cooldowns with procs, to gear for their encounters, and so on. It’s a lot of the same greatness that is required to play any other DPS class well.

    In other news, which addon do you use to auto-screenshot your achievements? Or are you just really quick on the draw with the PrintScreen button?


  4. In my experience, it doesn’t suck.

    BUT 90% of everyone has bought the whole “waaah it’s a faceroll” so a lot of retridins don’t really put that much effort in.

    And, to be fair, it IS easy to do sufficiently well with a retridin. But the same can be said of, say, blood dks. Being decently competent with a Retridin is pretty damn easy

    The problem is being GOOD is not. Being GOOD takes effort, priority, alertness and keeping everything on cd as much as possible.


  5. I am very happy that you are falling for Retributioning. I am retired ret pally myself, I cleared my way from Karazhan to TotGC 2/5 as retribution paladin and I must say, it’s one of the most rewarding raiding toons I can imgaine. Yes, it’s not so much fun in Wrath, missing all the nice support unique abilities, but still, dishing out great dps while throwing hands left and right, dispelling, CCing and stunning where needed is soo much fun.

    As well, just laugh at all the haters that won’t take Rets for 5 mans – so much utility, extreme dps while using SoCom… d’oh.


  6. It was a pleasure to have you. And your input on Onyxia was a huge contributor to downing that evil sky witch. 🙂

    It was also fun to finally down Koralon on my druid. Now I know that he’s capable of going in there, I may go out on a limb and pug it now and then. 🙂


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