A word of advice on hunting Wild Turkey

First, try your local liquor store. They got lots.

No, seriously, the latest seasonal event has a quest where you have to kill 40 Wild Turkeys, and you only have 30 seconds between kills to get the next one, or the counter resets.

The only place to find them are Elwynn Forest, or Tirisfal Glades.

Competition, as you might have noticed, is fierce.

My advice?

If you are a Druid, make sure you eat some Tracker Snacks.

The Turkeys are level 1 Beasts, so you will be able to track them, to help you find that crucial next one.

You buy the recipe from the Dalaran Cooking trainer.

That is all.

18 thoughts on “A word of advice on hunting Wild Turkey

  1. For druids the macro I recommend would be:
    /target [nodead] Wild Turkey
    /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,5)
    /cast Moonfire

    I got really sick of targetting turkey corpses. I didn’t use the raid icons when I did it but that is a really good idea so I added it in.


  2. My first attempt, I tried in Elwyn and just tried to melee every turkey. Abyssmal failure.
    So I tried in Elwyn again, this time moonfiring. Ran out of mana.

    I then perused the forums. I made some tracker snacks, put on my healing set, set up a /tar /moonfire macro, and headed to Tirisfal.
    First attempt in Tirisfal, I got to a heartbreaking 39.
    Before my second attempt, I did a little more scouting to find the best area.
    Second attempt in Tirisfal and I was done.

    I cannot reccommend Tracker Snacks, Tirisfal, a macro, and scouting enough.


  3. Finally got my Turkinator yesterday. As a rogue I don’t have a lot of ranged abilities so I basically mounted up after every turkey and meleed them. I used the tracker snacks and hung out in the eastern area of Elywnn that you described. I used a macro to target the turkeys and tried to spot them – spotting them was the hardest part for me. My favorite rogue blogger Forever a Noob had a great tip today. Get in a group with a guildie or friend so you can have marking ability and mark those turkeys with a gigantic skull or square. His macro looked like this:

    /target Wild Turkey
    /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,5)


  4. The macros are great but I will give some fair warning. Some turkeys will require you to mount up to get in time, so going in and out of bear will waste mana. The same goes for the moonfire macro. Luckily for me, I got a good moonkin spec so mana wasn’t an issue. I do love the raid targeting part. Sometimes those guys like to hide behind trees and such. I also HIGHLY recommend the snacks and doing this either late or early. Doing them mid-day is insane for a few times I’ve gotten into the mid-20s before some turd came and “stole” the turkey I was going for.

    What I did was have the:

    /tar Wild Turkey
    /cast Moonfire

    macro, then I would mount up, run and spam while having my turkey tracking on. The problem with it though is it tracks all beasts so you see all the boars. The best place I’ve found was in the north middle of Elwynn (around and north of Tower). There are a lot of aggressive mobs, so the yellow dots are mainly turkeys. After killing, I would hit the macro again to see if I could find the next one real quick while I was mounting. Good luck and liquor up first 🙂


  5. Do the turkey hunt as one the first achivments and loot the bird so you have all the turkey you would want to cook for the quest’s 🙂


  6. Go bear.
    /tar wild turkey
    /cast Fairie Fire (Feral)

    Great idea about the tracker food. Now I just need to get my cooking to 400.


  7. While I’m sure that between travel forms & sprints, being a Druid helps, I hardly found this to be easy. I dunno’ . . . I didn’t even think about using FFF, maybe that would have made it easier. I bet the tracking food definitely would have made it easier. But man. By the time I got it done, I had 100 turkeys in my bags and quite a few more that I missed picking up as I hurried from kill to kill.

    Or maybe taking time to loot the turkeys was my problem.

    I think the competition was probably the most difficult thing about the achievement, though. Druids hardly have a monopoly on abilities that make it easier. The DK had ranged attacks that were as effective as moonblast, the hunter could shoot on the run, the shaman used basically the same shapechange/spellcast tactic I did. And those are just the people I actually ran into and raced to the next turkey. Most often, I’d be running through my route and suddenly all the turkeys were just gone from my path . . . already hunted by someone who, most likely, found himself running into the area I had just cleared.

    The worst was the DK who broke my chain at 35. I mean, not that I hold a grudge. I was doing the same to him. And the Shaman and the Hunter. It is a competition, after all. But 35!!! Gah.


  8. Rhiane, my rogue, IS in hiding after getting Turkey-Fied no fewer than 15 times this morning while I was levelling her cooking skill. She may not come out the rest of the week! 🙂

    It is a great way to level cooking skill on toons!


  9. I used this macro to help out as well
    ( I will not take credit for it though, as I saw it mentioned on Wowhead.com)

    /tar Wild Turkey
    /run SetRaidTarget(“target”, 1)

    just remember that u have to be in a group to use this.
    It will put a {star} over the nearest turkeys head. which u can see through buildings,trees,and hills.


  10. You know, I found it *incredibly* easy. Between kitty Feral Charge, and Feral Faerie Fire in the aforementioned kitty form, (Which, I note, draws their aggro, but deals no damage, which makes it nice, because you have less distance to run in order to loot before continuing one) and kitty Dash, and Feral Swiftness, I had no problem whatsoever racking up the 40 needed in order to get the achievement. Without Tracker Snacks. My best results were gotten by going to the east of the intersection between the zeps and Undercity, almost out to Western Plaguelands, (Off the southern side of the road, of course) then looping back in the woods to the north of the road.

    No bourbon for me, thanks, I’m a teetotaler. =P


  11. @lissana I was Just going to say that. Well, the /tar wild macro. As feral and with a warrior alt you run out of mana too quick to rely on that, but just knowing where the buggers are changed it from a huge headache to a no-brainer.


  12. The combination of insomnia and playing on a server that’s an hour ahead of my local time made competition for Turkeys mostly nonexistent, even in the first hours of the holiday. I just dove right in, so I didn’t think to get Tracker Snacks. The thing that made the difference between losing the buff at 29 stacks and success was the 4-piece Feral PvP set bonus. At 61% speed increase in Travel Form, it gives you a lot more room for error in getting to the next turkey. I only had to Moonfire about 1 in 5, the rest I could comfortably run up to and melee in Travel Form to conserve mana.

    I had a real craving for bourbon by the time I was done, too.


  13. Oh, and yes, it does work. I used it at 05:25 server time this morning before heading for work, and got all 40 Turkeys in one shot, just by following the little yellow blips in my mini-map. I started at the easternmost end of Elywnn Forest, near the mountains past the Horsie seller, where there are few other naturally occuring Neutral (yellow dot) beasts to confuse me. Central/South Elywnn is trickier, because of all the Neutral boars wandering around.

    As of this morning, I’ve got 4 Turkey Shooters… and I need 4 Rogues to tar and feather.

    If I was a Rogue, I’d hide.


  14. And some more advice (got the the achievement on 7 toons including a lvl6-rogue). This achievement is not about how fast you can kill them, but about planing. Give those tasty turkeys time to reproduce aka respawn. So while you stand before one (hoping that no bugger will kill them) look around and see that you don’t end in a dead-end (where turning around and running/riding in the opposite direction would cost you more than 30sec). On alliance-side I had good experience with running on the edge of elwynn forest, from west (hogger) to east along the river. On horde-side I ran around that lake near to brill.

    On another note: this event is the best thing that could happen to all the lazy cooks out there: for about 1g you can skill from 0 to ~340 while doing the event-quest-chain (which ends in an item where you can summon a turkey-in-love ^^). Powerleveling cooking was never that cheap.


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