The curse of the podcast!

And another one is taken out by the podcast of evil!

Well, maybe.

C’mon, I can’t be the only one to notice that, shortly after appearing on the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild podcast, previously prolific and active bloggers mysteriously withdraw from the public eye, becoming secretive and reclusive, only appearing in public behind hooded cloaks, granting interviews from behind privacy screens and speaking in frightened, raspy whispers.

It’s the curse of the podcast, and beware, or it may get you too!

The truth is, after appearing on the podcast, one’s features take on a certain… ursine tinge. Hair begins sprouting in unlikely (and unsightly) places. One’s nose becomes black and cold, and you develop an unnatural affinity for bees… and fresh salmon.

Actually, that sounds a little like Hobbes’kins Disease to me. Except for the bees.

Seriously, though, enthusiasms do go in cycles. One of the few things you can take for granted is that eventually every blogger is going to tire of WoW and move on to other interests in life.

It’s very sad when someone you come to think of as a friend through their writing becomes absent. You miss them. But eventually, you just have to let them go, happy in the knowledge they are in a better place. Or at least, somewhere else, and you hope it’s not prison.

Unless you’re a BRK fanboy, in which case you stalk him wherever he goes, for the rest of his life. The Hunter becomes the hunted, and don’t we all love a little irony in our lives?

In the case of our happy little group, Ratshag lives on in our hearts (and the guild), as does Jess. Well, okay, Jess doesn’t live on in the guild, but one hopes her Sim does. Bre is still playing when she can, but the little kicker is taking a whole lot out of her. And Dechion… well, Dechion seems to be feeling a whole lot of boredom going on lately. He wants new stuffs, and he wants ’em Naow!

What is the common thread here, really?

Real life came first… and wouldn’t you really hope it would?

I know I hope that the people whose writing I enjoy are mature enough to recognise when it’s time to step away from the game, whether for a little while or forever, and when it happens, yes, sadness, but also a reaffirmation that they’re people to respect for making healthy choices for themselves.

When Phaelia left the blogging and WoW worlds, it came as a shock to me. She was my blogging rock, the best and brightest among us, at least in my eyes.

In many ways, I think she once again showed herself to be the best and brightest when she decided it was time to move on and focus on the happiness and joy that was soon to come into her life.

For myself, I think I’m the odd one out. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just keep finding too many things I’d like to do in the game, rather than too few.

I keep expecting one day to wake up and wonder what the hell I’m doing… and each night, I find myself excited to log in to do one of the many, many things I’ve got going on. I want to do them all, and right now.

The anticipation of Patch 3.3 has certainly affected what I’m doing, but it’s not making me log in less.

Instead, I find myself enjoying all of my alts, a little of this one, a little of that one. Levels gained will be unaffected by patches, and time played in old style Azeroth will someday soon become a thing that can never be regained.

I am keeping my characters scattered across the level ranges, for when Cataclysm someday comes.

I’ll have  characters in the 20-30 range, 40-60, and 70+. I’m even thinking Goblin Warlock in Cataclysm, so that would be 1+ right there. No matter what happens, someone, somewhere is going to have fun seeing it with new eyes.

For my main characters, I’m trying to make sure each one is solid for 5 mans and instances, but I’m doing it mostly through reputation gains and drops.

My emblems of conquest go not for upgrades of leather, but instead for Bind on Account Heirlooms… the gifts that keep on giving for alt fanatics everywhere.

Just last night, 40 Emblems of Conquest went towards, not new tanking legs for Windshadow, but a nice shiny Plate DPS chestpiece.

I swear to God, sooner or later I’m going to break through this wall I have keeping me from playing a warrior.

Until then, I’ve got a little baby Draenei Paladin that’s going Ret, just dinged level 10 last night, and having shoulders, chest and one handed sword and shield in the early levels is a hoot.

His name is Bearwall. I expect big things from him.

And then my Rogue is level 47, and I’ve got a Mage somewhere around here, and a Troll Hunter, and a Tauren Druid, my level 80 Tauren Paladin in Blood Elf disguise, and my Hunter and Druid mains, and Hodir and Argent Tournament, and crafting and….


Yeah, maybe I’m the one that needs an intervention. But I still love this damn game!

My problem ain’t finding something to do.. my problem is figuring out who the hell to log into today, out of hundreds of options!

For all those that have the wisdom to follow your heart, I salute you!

I miss you all terribly, but life does move on.

Well, except for me.

17 thoughts on “The curse of the podcast!

  1. Nothing wrong with waking up every morning, going to work, coming back home, have a nice pleasant dinner with the family… and while cradling your baby to sleep, think – “Once he’s asleep and the wife relaxed, who should I log into, the Paladin main or the struggling lowbie Rogue? Decision, decision…”
    .-= BlackDragon´s last blog ..State of BD =-.


  2. You can’t go! All the plant will die!

    My play time goes up and down based on what I am doing IRL, according to SWMBO (Shw Who Must Be Obeyed) plus my three kids, 7, 5, and 1.5.
    I guess that is not the ideal format for a Guild Leader, but it is what it is. I play when I can and I still enjoy my many alts and I have a good group of officers that help me out.

    Phae leaving was hard for me too, she was the reason I dual specc’ed my druid to Resto, obviously the right choice for her with child on the way and all.
    Everyone has their own tolerance. I think if you raid a lot and that is your “Thing” you will burn out a lot faster as the content will never come fast enough. If you find your own thing to do (level alts, pursue obscure and silly things that matter to you) you can extend your WoW life a lot longer.

    Here’s hoping I can convince SWMBO to join me come Cataclysm, and here’s hoping I can contiunue to be “Bear Walled” in the future as well

    Skarlarth and Company


  3. I am glad you still want to play Bear. I really enjoy reading you blog (WOW and non WOW stuff). I know what you mean about people leaving the game. You make a bond with someone then it is time for them to move on and you don’t really want the party to stop. /gently pats bear…offers Ice cream.

    I am kinda in the same spot you are with toons. I have made toons, deleted, made more. I only have 2 that I “really” play. The others are like testers. I check out what the big deal is over the other classes. I have a priest and druid. I never know what I will be playing. I just love them and wish I could play more then I do. But that is where real life takes over. Real life is going great but it is just so busy. Oh well. WOW will be there for me /hugs.


  4. It’s always hard to hear people that you like say they’re quitting, even for good reasons. It’s like if you were in a group of three really good friends and one day one of them told you he wasn’t going to be hanging out with the third friend anymore and thus probably wouldn’t be hanging out with you anymore. Sort of a kick-in-the-gut. Sort of a defensive “Wait, you don’t like us anymore?” even if that’s clearly not what’s going on.

    I admit I find myself in a weird place right now. I love WoW, and WoW is fun. But… I’m finding other stuff that is more fun. I’m still not sure what to make of it. It’s an odd feeling. (It doesn’t help that I’m literally *surrounded* by people who play WoW everywhere I go. My family? They play. My coworkers? They play. Most of my friends? …you guessed it.)


  5. Amen, man. I am right there with alts out the wazoo and my biggest challenge in the game is deciding which would be the most fun to play any given night.


  6. I don’t know… seems like you can still learn a lot from a blogcast (e.g. good sushi can be had in Canada… and delivered to boot).


  7. The more I think on it the more I am pretty sure I’m not going to quit completely, at least for the forseeable future.

    What I had done is let myself lose perspective again. It happens now and again, and when it does I start turning Wow from an enjoyable passtime into a laundry list of chores. That happens and I rapidly start to burn out.

    I just needed to step back a bit and reasses things, and writing that post was a part of that.

    Perhaps it’s one of those that I should have let sith in the drafts file for a few days before I hit publish, but live and learn.
    .-= Dechion´s last blog ..Oh cool, I found it! =-.


  8. My antlers off to those who put family first. I won’t give up the game (unless the missus makes me) as it’s pretty cheap entertainment, and I haven’t let it get in the way of family time. I simply do not login till the kids are in bed. I can’t raid anymore, unless I hop into a pug run as a fill-in. But raiding in all it’s glory just isn’t that appealing to me at present. I enjoy leveling and lore, and playing with tradeskills, and collecting mounts and pets, and acheivements.

    I may be more scarce for the next few months than I have been. (for details see my 11/30 post) But its all good.

    When it comes to deciding between wow and family, family wins everytime for me. Wow can’t give you hugs, ask for stories, keep you warm on cold nights, or bring home boyfriends you have to scare with shotguns.

    I finally decided to retrain my offspec as feral. I just really hates healing……. you don’t even understand how much I dislike it. Unfortunately, I have next to no feral gear in my bank anymore. will be a long climb back to useful gear.. thank you bear for providing a good gear list.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..A Baby Boomkin is Born =-.


  9. Also, for as much as it sucks when the “old-school” bloggers quit, there are always more people who are new and energized about the game that start blogging every day! Phaelia’s quitting is what moved me to want to start my blog, and without her inspiration (and the how to start blogging guide she wrote), I probably wouldn’t be blogging today. While I haven’t even come close to filling her shoes, I like to be reminded that the blogging community seems to still grow bigger every day! We do miss our friends who leave us, though…
    .-= lissanna´s last blog ..Support Child’s Play Charities with Azeroth United =-.


  10. I miss Phae terribly. She and Bell really taught me how to be a good druid healer, but I know she’s happy and doing well with her husband and beautiful little boy. 😉 BRK, too, but he still blogs about his life with the same wit and charm that attracted so many to him when he was still playing the game. Ratter’s retirement was a shock, and I miss him, too. He had such a unique take on his blog and there’s simply not another one like it.

    Me? WoW is a huge story, and I simply must see it through to its ending, that’s the way I am. My Cataclysm plans are modest, I would like to have my paladin and my priest join Kayeri, Rhiane, and most recently Miren at max level before it hits, my little hunter will likely be reborn as a Worgen and a night elf mage who was born in and lived all her life in that library in Dire Maul until now has been talking to me already and I have a name placeholder toon for her. My DK… not so sure there, she may retire from adventuring, or maybe I’ll finally suck it up and learn to play a DK… who knows… 🙂 and perhaps… perhaps… my poor, neglected level 40 BE pally might finally move along… that would be nice, but the fact is I dont know anyone hordeside on Doomhammer and it gets rather lonely there.


  11. For me, writing is what keeps me interested in the game right now. Instead of thinking about what to do in-game, I’m thinking about what would be great for my next blog post.

    When I run out of things to write about, I write about being bored… OR I do silly things like start a druid healing survey on the WOW forums and then enter over a hundred responses into an excel spreadsheet… just for fun… which then takes hours of my life to compile and sparks ideas for all sorts of new posts.

    I can see real life things taking people away from the game. I can see how people are getting bored with it right now, but with (hopefully) patch 3.3 coming out in a week or two, I think we’re going to start seeing some new exciting things to do very soon.
    .-= lissanna´s last blog ..Support Child’s Play Charities with Azeroth United =-.


  12. While I cannot fathom to comprehend the loss that you may be feeling regarding the moving on of people in the community, I certainly have much faith in those who seek to either fill their shoes, or step into their own limelight. I also am thankful for having my baby mage accepted into Sidhe Devils as well. I’m not sure If I’ve thanked you for that on this blog yet, but here it is! I certainly look forward to seeing you online, perhaps when you’re not on one of your myriad of alts 😛


  13. (So yeah, don’t quit! I’d probably have all sorts of +parry and +block stats on my drood if it weren’t for you! XD)


  14. Well, my “rocks” are Critical QQ to help deal with my neurotic magey ramblings, thoughts, and doubts.

    And you’re the other “rock” – for how my bear gets punched in the face. And some extra DPS for 10-mans as our guild is often short 1 or 2 people and you’re on your sandwich-needing BElf pally. 🙂


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