Do you live near a Home Depot?

Also, do you have small children?

Then I want to give you a little advance notice, if you didn’t already know, that Home Depot has an in-store event on the first Saturday of each month aimed at getting children involved with making fun projects.

This Saturday is, indeed, the first Saturday of December.

We’ve been taking Alex to these the last, what, four months, and he has had a blast.

You go in the store, they’ve got tables set up, all tools and glue and safety glasses and such that you’ll need. They’ve got Home Depot aprons with pockets that they give to the kids and write their name on to keep just for them, the kits include everything needed to build a project, and then you go build the project with your children.

When you’re done, you bring it back to the desk, and the nice folks give you a pin of the project you can attach to the apron if you’d like, showing how many you’ve done.

Alex is 6 and he just loves it.

They often still have kits of old projects you can buy if you’d like to get some perfect ready-to-build projects for Christmas that you can use to spend time with your kids in the privacy of your own workshop.

The project this Saturday is to build a little wooden wagon. I think it’s gonna be a hoot.

Again, there is no cost to you to do this, no matter how many children you may choose to bring. This is a wonderful opportunity to stop in and spend some time building something neat that you can take home and keep.

Alex loves to hammer, and sand with the sanding blocks, and apply the glue carefully… and then proudly add a new pin to his apron.

I’m not Home Depot’s pimp, I know we’ve got a Lowe’s in nearby Stillwater, and I have seen notices that they also sponsor family project days. The difference here is, we haven’t signed up for or gone to those, so I don’t have personal experience with ’em or how they work. there may indeed be other companies that host something similar. I just don’t know.

If you happen to live near a Home Depot, and have small children, and are free this Saturday… well, why not paint your wagon?

And for bonus points, you can sing a song about trees while you’re at it!

14 thoughts on “Do you live near a Home Depot?

  1. If you’ve got a Michael’s nearby, then they also occasionally do craft classes and workshops. They have a reoccurring one for children–probably free, and different themed ones for adults. I think some of the adult ones have a fee–cake decorating comes to mind, but I think you got to keep your supplies after.


  2. Thanks BBB, was looking for something to do with my son this Saturday! Since the Loews and HD are so close we’ll be hitting both. Yet another reason to add to the ever growing list of why i read your blog daily!


  3. I know about Lowe’s family projects they are just about the same as Home Depot. I really think it is great. We get our sons boy scout troop together over the summer and go. Lowe’s and Home Depot have there projects on different Saturdays here in my town. This works out great for the boys. Now if I could just get the girl scouts interested.


  4. Do you know where hell is? Hell is in hello…


    Nice reference!

    As for the HD thing, I’ve seen it, but since I don’t have kids, I never paid it much attention. Sounds like a really neat thing to do from a family perspective (and not bad business sense either lol)

    THanks for the head’s up.. I know several parents that may be interested!
    .-= Slikrx/Balthazario´s last blog ..You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Often Get What You Greed =-.


  5. Argghhh I had almost forgotten the pain of sitting through both Clint Eastwood AND Lee Marvin singing. But I do love the movie


  6. ::on the phone to my local store right now to find out details:: Since I’m quite certain our 8 year old will enjoy it, too. 🙂


  7. This has me singing the song from the simpsons now:

    Gonna paint our wagon
    Gonna paint it good
    We ain’t braggin’
    We’re gonna coat that wood!


  8. My Dad took my nephew a few months back since they were building a pirate shit (at the time it was all Pirates all the time – now it’s dinosaurs… kids…).

    I didn’t realize it was a recurring event. With that thought I might just take my daughter. She’s about as prissy as they come, so she could use a little hands-on work. 🙂


  9. Thanks for the tip BBB! My wife and I are expecting our first in January, hopefully they’ll still be doing this in a few years when he’s old enough to enjoy it. And perhaps we’ll run into you, since we’ll be living in Bayport in March. Woot!



  10. Thank you for this! I had no idea that there were stores that had these types of programs. I’m always on the lookout for free things for my girlfrield, her son, and I to participate in. And let’s face it, the free museums get old and this is more productive than going to the park all the time.
    .-= Casual Adam´s last blog ..First Impressions: Trial of the Crusader =-.


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