Massive changes are coming, slow and sure

I wanted to let everyone that follows this blog know that changes are going on in the lives of Cassie and myself that will affect what happens here in some way.

This is a warning for you. I really don’t have any idea where things will end up.

Last night, Cassie and I announced in our guild forums that we were going to step down as guild leaders of the Sidhe Devils guild.

What we’ve been doing for months now is talk to each other about where the game of WoW is fitting into our lives.

What we finally came to terms with was that when we both first started playing, first myself and then Cassie, we were beholden to nobody but ourselves for our playtime decisions.

First and foremost, we logged into WoW in order to enjoy playing the game for fun. Every aspect of the game was present to further this feeling of relaxation, enjoyment, escape. A break from worry and stress.

The essential aspect of a break, is that it provides a way to relax and recharge after the stress and worry of real life gets to be pretty big.

What happened to us was that, as more people applied to and were invited into Sidhe Devils, it went from being a very small guild of friends that required very little in the way of administration or oversight, and became a pretty large guild of people that we knew mainly from applying for their own reasons, and friends of theirs, and people who thought it sounded cool, or people that had wanted a new guild who were told that Sidhe Devils was a fun, relaxed place to be.

And that was fine. There were a few problems, but by far it’s been a good thing.

Our mantra was real life comes first. A close second is, be good to each other.

Along the way, we tried very hard to stay true to that feeling, but when you go from a small guild of close friends and family and grow it into a large guild full of people that you may never get to know aside from seeing them log in and out of game without a word most of the time, the way we looked at things like behavior couldn’t just stay on the “we know it’s all good” plan.

We had to start looking closely at applications, to look for signs that folks we didn’t know who were applying wanted to be in a fun guild for reasons other than scheduled raids, for example, since we don’t do that. Or that they were immature or didn’t really give a shit, and just wanted some place to score some runs and phat loot. You know what I mean.

That put us in the situation of having to judge people. Right there is where the entire thing began going straight to hell for us.

In the game itself, suddenly, impersonal situations cropped up. People are playing with people they do not know, and problems come up. Friction, misunderstandings get folks cranky. People have bad days, and because they don’t know each other, a misunderstanding turns into situations where lots of folks become upset.

It became what all guild leadership positions become; a guild where the officers either take an active role in investigating conflicts, which again involves judging people, and inevitably results in hurting someone’s feelings, or where the officers step back and do nothing, and you hope that people are good to each other, and that you don’t get a lot of ever more upset folks who feel that nobody cares if someone is rude, or offensive, or a ninja, or just a prick. 

Again, the playing with our friends part, including the new folks we were priviliged to meet; great. Just wonderful.

But we became a big guild, without ever really thinking about what it meant to be guild leaders of a big guild, and what it would take to try to tackle those responsibilities properly.

It grew slowly, so the work load grew slowly, and we didn’t even notice… again, until the first time we looked at each other and asked ourselves who the hell we were to judge other people, or make decisions that end up affecting the playtime enjoyment of other people in the game.

Playing WoW as the guild leaders of Sidhe Devils became a full time job. We routinely spend hours every week, mostly out of the game, reviewing applications, talking about reported behavior issues, worrying over how to do the right thing and the best thing and somehow not hurt anyone’s feelings, and above all, make sure that if someone in the guild acts to directly hurt the feelings of someone else, especially with inappropriate behavior, that it is addressed. Immediately, if possible.

I think this situation should sound very familiar. Every person that is a guild leader, an officer, or is in a position of authority or responsibility in a guild in game deals with the exact same issues every day. We’re certainly not special in what we work with.

What we have decided is that we just no longer can put ourselves forward as the self-appointed bosses that police the behavior of other people. To be the ones that decide whose applications should be accepted, and whose should be declined, to try and reduce the chance of future problems. To decide how to talk to people that other people, not us, complain of behaving intentionally offensively, and what to do about it next when, inevitably, the person says they had no idea, never meant it, didn’t happen, etc. 

We no longer want to affect the fun of other people by judging their behavior, by making decisions that affect other people in a negative way.

The problem isn’t the people in our guild. Far from it, a greater group of people I’ve never known. We have so many wonderful friends in the guild, and actually logging in and playing, that’s all great. It really is. Playing in the game is perfect.

It’s being in charge of having to judge. I know I do not feel, and I’ve said it many times in the past, that there should ever be drama because of having fun in a video game. And yet, as the guild leader… it’s my job to look for, root out and prevent drama if possible.

We both hate it. HATE IT.

I can’t think of a worse way to spend an evening in a video game than being on vent, talking to someone that I’ve had other players complain about, explaining that I need to talk to them about these complaints, and have them break out in tears, upset and sad and crying because of having this being dropped on their heads.

It only took one time like that for me and Cassie to look at each other and ask what the hell we were doing, and why.

And it’s almost never just a question of someone doing something obviously wrong, booting them, and moving on. As horrible as that is on it’s own, at least that would be clear cut.

One problem we had, that really kicked off the stress levels for me in a massive way, was when a good person in the guild, a really nice guy, had one of his characters involved in proven guild bank item removals, and AH selling. And I mean an entire operation of removing items from the guild bank, high ticket items, and immediately posting them under their own name in the Auction House.

I had to talk to them… and I didn’t want to. But it was my job to. It was my responsibility. And it turned out that it was their very young son, that was allowed by him to play on their account, on a toon that happened to be in the guild, that was doing it without the dad knowing.

It’s easy to put on a guild charter that a player will be held responsible for the actions performed by their characters, regardless of who was playing the game. But it’s a vastly different thing to be talking to someone in vent, and be told that the issue is that their son is playing on their in-guild character… and have to try to find some solution without hurting anyones feelings.

I am not the boys father. It is not my place to suggest any solution, in any way, outside of game. And you don’t really know the person, so is it really a son, or is that just a convenient excuse? How do you really, really know? When you set yourself up as the judge, you’re saying you can tell, aren’t you? I have to believe the father didn’t do it. The son did not apply to join the guild. You wish that only the people that applied to join the guild and were approved are actually in… but how do you knwo? AND, again, who are we to suggest to someone that they are welcome… but their children aren’t? Or their wife? Or brother? Or third cousin twice removed?

How dare we?

But at the same time, I have to do something to stop it happening again.

We had another, similar situation except that I was not online when events took place, and instead of items being taken from the guild bank, instead I was told that during a guild 5 person holiday run during Brewfest, one of the guild members ninjaed loot drops and then logged off. When investigating the complaints, I again am told that it wasn’t the approved guild member, it was their son, and the son is allowed to play on the in-game character without having sent in an app or being approved. 

And now some folks are upset at having that situation in the guild. Or are they? Some folks have conflicting stories of what happened, and I wasn’t there, and again, who the heck knows what was going on at the other end of the person’s keyboard? From the description, maybe the boy just got called to dinner and went afk and then disconnected, not realizing what had happened. Or maybe he didn’t know what was happening in the first place. Who knows?

So, what do you do?

These things happen. And you have to decide how you’re going to respond. Do your best to find a solution and inevitably hurt someone’s feelings, or do nothing?

It’s the no-win scenario. No matter how things turn out, we are the ones stressing over having to talk to someone about an issue, and somebody is going to get hurt feelings.

Over a video game. Over what is supposed to be fun and refreshing.

We’re the ones in charge. We’re responsible.

We don’t want to have to be the person to make those decisions for someone else anymore. We don’t want to judge other people. I can’t stress it enough. We don’t want to ever, ever think about the behavior of anyone else in the game in a judgmental way. If someone does something we don’t like… we want to have the option of… doing nothing. Nothing at all.

We want to be able to not let it bother us, because it’s not our problem. They’re not our child, we’re not their mommy, and if someone is an asshat, that’s they’re problem to live with. And if someone has drama… let it be theirs.

We talked for hours last night, and we just don’t see any way out except to step down as guild leaders. 

So that’s what we’re going to do. 

I guess you could say that we take things too seriously, or that we worry about things we don’t need to, or that by leaving we’re being selfish.

We’ve certainly said those same things to each other plenty of times.

But no matter how many times we tell each other not to worry about it, not to let it bother us, not to get worked up about about what someone said to someone else, or how someone acted to someone else, or what someone wrote on their app and just invite them… we still end up going around and around, worrying.

I think there is no finer guild than the Sidhe Devils, anywhere. And that’s the truth. If you can’t make it as a guild leader here, you’ve got no business being one, because these are the best damn people I’ve ever met.

So I’m left with the conclusion that as guild leaders, we’re failures. We can’t handle it.

And I’m okay with that.

What we hope is that the Sidhe Devils are not, as has been said, a cult of personality around me or other bloggers that will fail without us, but that instead it is what we always wanted it to be, a guild full of really nice people, and that everyone will continue on, having fun and enjoying the game as before.

I don’t know. I think so, but only time will tell.

I would sincerely hope that people are not just in the guild because I am. That’s silly, because I’m not that special. Clearly, I’m not.

Just ask any of the people I’ve removed from the guild in the past, or the people whose apps we did not approve, or did not approve fast enough, and they’ll leap forward to tell you how unspecial I am. That alone should show you that we’re not the people to be the leaders. All the people whose feelings we’ve hurt as guild leaders… all those lives that were negatively affected by us over a video game.

Screw that.

All I know is that I still love the game, I absolutely adore playing with my wife, and I still love all these folks that I’ve played with for so long and come to know well. I hope to continue playing with them for many long months to come, even years if I’m lucky.

But we just can’t be the boss of anyone except ourselves anymore.

For all those people who have felt that we were inspirations, or that we were some great guild leaders, or anything like that. This is it. This is the real deal. This is where we’re really at.

But as much as it feels like shit now, if I never have to talk to someone in tears over vent again, and be the cause of it, it’ll be worth it.

Take care to all of you, and Godspeed you safely home. It’s cold out there today.

31 thoughts on “Massive changes are coming, slow and sure

  1. Hey! First time poster, but I’ve been following your blog for a bit.

    I know I’m a little late in responding but I just wanted to say I totally understand where you’re coming from, having been part of the leadership of a similarly styled casual guild. The stress, the decisions, and the administrative tasks and yadda yadda and all that. BUT I strongly disagree with your ending! That ‘you are not something special’ and you’ve ruined people’s lives as guild leader. Don’t think that, because eventually they will get over their harsh feelings and realize it is a game and that you did what was right in the end. Towards the end of my sentence… err term as officer, I was told that I had become bull-headed and no longer fun to play with. That really hurt me for a while, and I had quite a similar thought process. Who am I? I’m not qualified to decide where we all go.. Maybe I’ve been making the wrong decision this whole time- and they were for everyone! How pretentious! I was shortly after forced into a hiatus by my busy schedule, but I went back recently with my 7 day free trial and that same person was so excited to see me and took me on several runs. So I guess I wasn’t such a horrible person after all. People say things in the heat of the moment, or even during long drawn out periods of tensions, they don’t always mean. So even if they say you’re a horrible person for declining their application, they may not think quite so lowly of you.

    You are awesome! And I love your blog. And not just because I’m also a big bear butt tank. =D


  2. Seriously, you are being waaaayyy too hard on yourselves.

    You said “I think there is no finer guild than the Sidhe Devils, anywhere. And that’s the truth.” So why would you think that as guild leaders, you have failed? Sounds to me like you have been doing a damn fine job. Being GL IS a full time job. In addition to your real-life full time jobs. In addition to family obligations. In addition to just playing WoW for fun. Eventually anyone is going to get burned out.

    I remember in my former guild all the things our guild leaders would have to deal with and thought “who would want that job”? There’s the major blow-ups and drama, but there’s also the little things like doing BRD runs at 1am because it’s the last night of Brewfest and a guildie HAS to have some drop. You know you have work at 8am tomorrow, but you are GM and you don’t want to let a guildie down….it all adds up.

    You are definitely doing the right thing.


  3. @BBB & Cassie: Speaking from personal experience, you will find that the game is fun again! You will have more time on your hands than you are used to (defacto you are still consciously unaware of just HOW much time leading the guild actually took, hence how much you have now freed up!). You will find that your true friendships continue to be and the ones offered to you solely out of convenience will conveniently go away.

    You basically just gave yourselves ‘an expansion’ of fun – before Blizz released the expac! nicely done and ‘gratz on a fabulous tour of duty in the lead seats and even more gratz on the comfy seats!!

    all the best, iron
    .-= Iron´s last blog ..Looks like Blizzard is bringing back some significant challenges to raiding! =-.


  4. I just wanted to ask, will you still be blogging though? Because I think things are going to get even more interesting now, and I want to hear the rest of the story!!


  5. Best wished to you guys, that must have been a hard decision.

    And unless you guys are switching servers, it’s not like all ties to Sidhe Devils are gone forever. I mean, the new GM isn’t exactly going to put up on guild info ‘These guys are the asshats who abandoned us and are now official enemies of the guild’, or anything. You’ll still more than likely be considered a good friend of the guild.
    .-= Kaitus´s last blog ..Happy Halloween! =-.


  6. Best wishes to you and Cassie. It’s a hard thing to do, but when you dread logging into a video game but feel you NEED to…what fun is that? I know exactly that feeling.


  7. Good luck BBB. I know it was a tough decision. I have been an officer and class leader in a guild, and had to step away saying almost the same phrase: real life first.




  8. Hey Mr Bear,

    I too was once a guild leader of a small guild and it was fun. When we wanted to start raiding I agreed to merge with another guild. Some people were upset and quit and moved on to a better raiding guild, some people followed me. But how nice it was to not have to deal with the issues. The game became fun again and not just a job. I wish you and Cassie well and hope that the fun returns very soon.




  9. After 3.5 years of being a guildmaster, I recently cried “uncle” and stepped down myself. It was a really difficult decision and I hemmed and hawed over it for a while; but in the month since I’ve done it I find myself logging in whenever I feel like it, I show up for raids, do my thing and head out after. I’ve been able to work on little side projects, chat with friends, etc. I’m starting to see the game … well… maybe not brand new but definitely differently.

    You have done your bit for King and Country, Big Bear. Take some decompression time and enjoy yourself.

    .-= Calardren, the Very Old´s last blog ..The End of an Era =-.


  10. B3 we are so alike, leaders of what used to be small friendly guilds, now giant guilds full of people you dont know, people coming and going. We’ve had some huge drama that I totally caused as raid lead. I decided that we needed to do TOC10. Just needed to. We were still screwing aroudn in naxx and ulduar and not really progressing. So i instituted raid policies that caused two people who lead raids to gquit, causing a huge blow up of drama. Now we were out several well geared people who everyone knew and liked. Just because I decided to change. And we’re continuing to bleed more. Because I suck as a raid lead and I can’t get 10 people to do what I want as far as the progression goes. So it’s pretty hard. Its supposed to be fun. But the vast majority of the time i’m online i am dealing with either helping people gear up, trying to herd cats, or dealing with drama (or causing it somehow).

    One thing I learned is no matter what you do people are going to be pissed. Its impossible to haev a raid time that everyone loves. Its impossible to have a raid instance that everyone wants to do. Hell even the raid philosophy is going to be mixed. But I think in the long run, the guild is healthier. We lost alot of drama makers, and people who weren’t really contributing to the team. We’ll probably lose more now that we have a more or less raid group established.

    I think one thing about leadership is make the best decision you can and never second guess yourself (at least in public). I am really grateful for the opportunity to expand my leadership skills which I can actually use in the workplace. At least there is that.

    But yeah, so many times I tend to run to my alts and let the drama storm blow out. So now I have a reputation as a flake. Then I come in and start more drama. I learn lessons every day in people management, I guess that’s a good thing.


  11. I know that it is a hard decision and I went through a period of time when the game gobbled up too much of my life and became less of an entertainment venture and more of a task. So, I know where you are coming from. While I never led a guild, I was an officer; and that in and of itself can make one thing it is a job than a lark. It took a break from the game to bring me back to a place where I enjoy the game as a game and not a chore.

    The problem of being a judge is easily solved though. Cold hard fast rules. If a character is out of line, they are out of the guild.

    Regardless if it is a player’s son who does the misdeed. It is the responsibility of the person who holds the account to control it. It is their fault that they did not supervise their account as a trusted member of the guild.

    The guild members who allowed this to happen have effectively caused far more problems than just the in-game shenanigans. They made the game less enjoyable for you, your wife, and I am certain with your departure as guild leader, less enjoyable for others.

    Heck, it even saddens people who read your blog.

    It just isn’t right that one irresponsible person causes so much discord. That I learned is the key to a leadership position. Let the rules be the judge. Zero tolerance is the only way to go. It is not you making the decision, it is the cold hard fast rules. A guild member violated XXX rule resulting in a gkick. No sob stories, no excuses, not you making the judgment, but a simple fact of the rules.

    On top of that, never let anyone who gets upset over a silly game affect your opinion of yourself. I can tell from your blog that you are a good person, if someone berates you for not approving an app, doing it fast enough or gkicking someone who violates a rule, it reflects on that person more than it does on you.

    Regardless of any of this, I am happy that you decided to love the game again. After all it is just that… a game.


  12. Totally the right choice… Totally understand…. from experience.

    Enjoy the free feeling of Wow again!

    The people that mean the most will still be there.



  13. I also want to thank you for sharing this story. I was in a similar situation when I was a GM, and hated it. The game stops being fun when it becomes work, and there is no point in paying money on a game that isn’t fun. I don’t think your decision was selfish, and I respect you for feeling bad about having to handle difficult situations. I would like to point out something you *and* the people who let their children play seem to have overlooked – a *character* applies to a guild, not a player. Anyone who applies to a guild knowing that another person will play the character without disclosing that information to the guild in advance, and being sure that the other person agrees to follow the guild rules has not been fair to the members of the guild that they joined. Even if they didn’t think about it at the time they applied.

    In the end, if you aren’t having fun as GM, you shouldn’t continue as GM. I made the same decision as you, and stepped down. It was definitely worth it. I also found that my friends remained my friends, and everyone seemed to understand my decision and respect it. I hope for your sake that you find the same in your situation. Best of luck, guys!


  14. Good on you both. Back in July I decided to leave the guild that I was apparently “the soul of, the mother of”, one that “would not be anything without you”, etc, etc. It was a hard decision, but living under that pressure in a game I play for enjoyment became too much for me. I joined another friend in making a smaller guild and became an officer in that. I do help with running bits and pieces, but have so much less pressure and stress. We in the smaller guild are doing well and enjoying ourselves. The guild I left has grown and developed further and all is good. You have to go with your heart and enjoy the game as best you can. I hope you still find time to have fun and remember why you play. All the very best to you and Cassie. Hugs.
    .-= Sephrenia´s last blog ..Guild achievements =-.


  15. Thank you for sharing your story, in a way that is honest, open, skinless and still respectful to the others involved. I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll find your way back to a burden-free, lighthearted approach to the game again, where laughter, friendship and relaxation meet you as you log on, rather than decisionmaking and duties.


  16. Sorry to hear that it’s been so stressful for you. Long ago Guild Leadership fell upon my shoulders in Everquest and it was a lot of work. I eventually stepped down because it wasn’t work I needed at the time. You are right, it’s a full time job. While mine wasn’t the magnitude of yours I still was looked to for planning everything and helping with this or that every day. People messaged my son or brother if they logged on when I wasn’t, to ask me when I would be on next. That’s when I knew I had to give that position up. Since then I decided I would never take up that position again because it’s just too way too time consuming for me personally. I loved it though, sadly the guild fell apart shortly after I stepped down.

    Don’t be so hard on yourselves. It’s a tough role to fill. I hope you guys enjoy your game more with out all the added stress. I am sure you will have some people upset, you have to do what you feel is right. Yeah, as you said, after all it’s a game meant to have fun in!
    .-= kaozz´s last blog ..12 Days of Frostfell =-.


  17. I can understand not wanting to have to judge people. I’m in a similar situation myself. I started out as just a player who raided. Eventually found myself an officer because I don’t mind helping people and I love my guild, but now as of 3 days ago I suddenly find myself the GM because no one else wanted it when the old GM suddenly decided to take a break for an extended period of time, and I can’t stand the thought of looking for a new guild if this one falls apart (been in for over 2 years). We’re not a hardcore guild we try and walk that oh so fine line between raiding guild and casual, and its rough. Now I am in the position of having ot tell people they aren’t right for the guild, or that they can’t go on a raid or whatever.

    Anyway TLDR version:

    I understand were you are coming from and know it was a tough choice. Good Luck in your future endeavors in the game.


  18. Whatever you do, just make sure that you are having FUN while playing a GAME. I’ve hated it when I was a guild officer, because guild leaders (and other officers) just get the job of dealing with drama – and the game shouldn’t be about managing drama. I’m not an officer of my guild, and I like having that freedom.
    .-= lissanna´s last blog ..Druid Healer Survey results (part 1) =-.


  19. Raw deal on having to make those changes, BBB – but completely understandable. When a game becomes more stress than fun, it kind of loses its purpose.

    Good luck to you and your while, as well as your now former guild!
    .-= Naturalregis´s last blog ..Main Management =-.


  20. I’m sorry to hear about it, but as a guild leader myself, albeit no doubt a much smaller guild, I get where you’re coming from. Quite frankly it can be one huge pain in the butt. You get to spend a large proportion of your “relaxing” time dealing with admin, sorting out problems, dealing with multiple whispers .. and thats in addition to the raid organising etc.

    What I did try to do at one point, which didn’t really pan out, but may in a larger guild, is have specific officers … delegating certain bits to them such as recruitment.

    We have also had occasion in the past where people have taken stuff out of the guild vault they obviously can’t use (mage taking out plate, not having any other characters in the guild), and often selling it on the AH. I’ve also spoken to these and had various excuses, from “it was my brother, we share the account”, to “my friend wanted it”. Each time, I’ve told them they get one chance – they either replace the item, or its value in gold, or they leave. Inevitably they leave. We also don’t allow the first rank-members of the guild access to the vault at all – and they only get promoted after they have been on regualrly for two weeks. They can’t just pop on for 10 mins here and there.

    We have an easy to follow list of guild and vault rules on our website – chances are that the majority of people don’t ever read them – however when they join, they are all asked to do so, and it is in our guild info as well, including the statement “ignorance is no excuse”.

    At the end of the day, you need to balance out whether the rubbish you get, is worth the fun you’re having. At the moment, for me, it is, and I have some great friends, that I’ve never even met, in the guild.

    Good luck with whatever you do, wherever you go – you never know, you may just need some “alone time” – once you’ve had that, and the new leadership has had time to bed in, you could always go back “on the quiet” 😛


  21. Whoa… this is quite an announcement…

    I know I’m going to miss the stories of all the fun you have in the Sidhe Devils just doing things off the cuff, and sometimes succeeding and sometimes not, but blazing a wonderful path of fun and friendship along the way. I do hope that part of the game continues for both of you, in or out of guild. And while I have poked my nose in on Kael’thas occasionally, joining the guild is not something I ever seriously considered. Not because you arent great people, because you are, but because the large majority of my time goes into my characters on Doomhammer. I take a guild commitment rather strongly and don’t feel if I can hang out and get to know people and make friends, I shouldn’t be trying to join.

    I am very sorry about your decision to leave the guild, though, and that it became such a burden you had to make this choice. Based on the podcasts, I do feel confident your circle of friends will remain just that, and that your fun times in-game are nowhere near their end. 🙂


  22. Sorry Kirk, I was unclear.

    Cassie and I discussed that, and we don’t want to be the people that others look to for decisions… because we would step in, and if not, we would feel guilt for not stepping in. We’ve decided to leave the Sidhe Devils as part of stepping down as guild leaders. The guild leader will not be burdened with us ever second guessing anything… or becoming people they need to talk to about behavior, but are unwilling to.


  23. Been there, wish you well. A small piece of advise – well, awareness, because what you do with it is up to you.

    You’ll be considered ‘guild leader emeritus’ — both of you. Some people will – for the best of reasons as well as the worst – try to get you to persuade your replacements. The most likely time is during Guild Drama, but sometimes it’ll come out of nowhere. The odds are (given what I know of you and how your guild feels about you) that you will be able to do that persuasion. More important, that your desires and requests will carry weight whether you intend it or not.

    Take some time to think about that and consider how you’ll deal with it. It won’t matter what you say, it’ll happen. Be prepared, be aware, then push it to the back and go enjoy the game.

    Oh – the simultaneously good and bad thing is that this emeritus status won’t last. Eventually you will become “just one of the old-timers”. My experience was it happened just about the time I was getting comfortable with having the extra weight. (sigh) Once more, be aware, be prepared, and then go on and enjoy the game.


  24. Good on ya, BBB.

    I can’t help but think of the Douglas Adams quote:
    “To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting elected President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.”
    — Douglas Adams

    Quite naturally, I map this to my estimation of your character, and conclude that you’re absolutely not a failure. If anything, your people are failing you. That’s not your fault. You can’t make choices for them.

    So it goes, and ultimately, that you feel a need to step down tells me you’re a better leader than these folk deserve, and better than you gauge yourself. (Perhaps most telling is that you decided this with your wife; that alone is more than many people would bother with.)

    Whether or not that makes sense, here’s hoping you keep having fun in the game. You two deserve it.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Allod of Questions =-.


  25. Yikes!!!

    First off, I understand what you uys are saying, and can only support your feelings and actions. One of the reasons I’ve been so late in simply JOINING a guild is that I hate dealing with drama. Real life supplies enough. I don’t need to join a virtual organization to get more online as well. As you say, gaming is supposed to be a break, fun, and all that.

    Good luck to you, your friends and your guild. I know from my brief experience with you guys (the Raid for the Cure) that Sidhe Devils are a great bunch of folks.

    It’s definitely a tough decision, but it is what it is, and if you can’t enjoy the role of guild leadership, then you shouldn’t feel compelled to do so.

    Cheers 🙂
    .-= Slikrx/Balthazario´s last blog ..Shake it UP, Cuz this is Learning! =-.


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