I think I'm in love

Just a note while I’m in between emergencies at work….

Yes, I’m working this weekend. Many, many hours. Because after all, when you’ve got something going wrong on a weekend, whether it be work or family or home or even in-game, have EVERYTHING go wrong on a weekend. It adds just sooo much fun!

Anyway, when everything turns to shit, and the stress is crushing your head, “I squeezing your head, squeezing your head” (I miss the Kids in the Hall and The Young Ones), I find that thinking of something that brings a smile to your face for at least a moment helps a lot.

For me, right this second, this is the thought that brings a smile to my face;

“Add 2 gallons Durkee Red Hot sauce (now sold as Frank’s Red Hot).”

That is all.

4 thoughts on “I think I'm in love

  1. I grew up on a combination of “The Young Ones” and “Filthy Rich and Catflap”, both really funny :), if you like Vyvyan and Rick check out a series called “Bottom”, that was really good too (The wikki entry is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottom_%28TV_series%29 ). Glad my dad was such a comedy fan cos my mum couldn’t stand any of it, most of my best memories of him are when we were both crying tears of laughter at some oddball TV show so I blame him for being able to quote Young Ones, Python and League of Gentleman at any oppurtunity, good times.


  2. Kids in the hall…..epic
    One of the guildies asked what the should eat for lunch and i went on 30 minute binge of ‘sausages’. I think only three of us out of the thirty or so guildies got the references. Young uns nowadays……………………………


  3. I have been watching the Young Ones for quite some time now. I really enjoy that show its pretty damn funny. Of course Vivian is my favorite and who could not like Rick. Neil and the other guy are ok.




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