This is so cool it freaks me out!

Back when the Raid for the Cure event was going on, I was contacted by a writer/journalist named Per Landin asking for more details.

He said he wrote for a Swedish print magazine called Level, and wanted to do a story about the Raid for the Cure for an edition of Level presents World of Warcraft.

Of course I said yes, and provided screenshots and answered a list of interview questions about the event, and sent it off and thought nothing more about it.

Okay, I did think, “How neat it is that someone out there sees what gamers can do together that is positive, and wants to share that with a larger community.”

Still, a Swedish magazine is not something I’m likely to find here in the United States.

At least, not in the bookstores *I* frequent.

Maybe I need to find a better class of bookstore.

I had an email today, out of the blue, from Per Landin, thanking me for replying, and letting me know that the article he wrote was published in the most recent edition of Level Presents WoW, and sending me a few pictures he took of the magazine in question.

I had no idea how awesome the feature was going to look. Now, I really wish I had some way to get a copy of that magazine, just because it looks like it’s really, really pretty. And because it would be awesome to try and pick out friends I know from the pictures. Even though I was there!

I don’t know what it is, maybe I’ve still got a bit of the luddite in me, I get a kick out of holding a printed book or magazine in my hand instead of browsing web pages.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures Per Landin provided me. No, I can’t read Swedish, but it’s just the absolute neatest.

Raid for the cure article 1-small

Raid for the cure article 2 small

Raid for the cure article 3 small

17 thoughts on “This is so cool it freaks me out!

  1. Hi people,
    I must say, in return, that I think it’s just as awesome that John published this stuff on his blogg. I am, in return, very honored =)
    As the writer of this text I will try to reform it to english, but it mostly just contains the interview that I made with John.
    I will check if my editor can send a copy to the states. Great event anyway. Warcraft needs more of this calibre.

    Best regards,


  2. That is a very nice looking spread. Congratulations!

    I was able to translate the site using Bing. Not helpful though. Making the site written in english does not improve site design, discoverability or content availability. Now, if only Bing would create a tool that would smack site administrators for putting together less-than-helpful sites…

    There is a screen shot of the magazine cover and a note that it is available, but I couldn’t find a means to purchase it online. Though you can purchase #44 on Mario.

    Good thing Larisa is to the rescue!


  3. I found what I think is their website, but it’s entirely in Swedish too. I was kind of hoping they’d have some kind of English translation thingie, a lot of European sites do. I guess when you are a print publication, printed entirely in Swedish, you don’t really see the value in publishing your website in languages other than the one your readership reads in 🙂

    Site is: if you want to take a look.

    Your best bet is probably that e-mail address above or may e-mail the author directly and see if he can put you in touch with someone in circulation that speaks English (he clearly does). I understand a lot of Swedes speak English to one degree of skill or another, so it’s quite likely you can manage at least basic communication with nearly anyone you get in contact with. I’ve never been to Sweden but I’ve been to several surrounding countries and we managed to communicate fine most of the time.


  4. The headline on the second page, “Wowlontärer” is a wordplay on volountaries – in english “Wowlountaries”. 🙂

    Nice layout, but I agree with Larisa, the mag is unfortunately very thin on info most of the time, and I’d rather read BBBB and other competent blogs.
    .-= Andreas Limber´s last blog ..Esters nya skor =-.


  5. That is indeed awesome.

    I promise to pick up a copy, if I should happen to find myself in Sweden any day soon.

    … I tried to Google it, to see where it is sold /facepalm


  6. You have every right to be freaking out about this! Well done Bear! And I’m happy you’re getting some happy, postive freak out news for a change this week!


  7. Well I might make a translation for you… no promises but I might do it. The only problem is that the magazine as a whole is quite crappy tbh. Soooo thin on information. There was one exception – a two part interview with Ensidia, which I wrote about on my blog. But generelly it’s mostly pretty pictures, nothing more. You can get so much more for free just by reading blogs. So I’ve stopped buying it, realizing I was paying too much for nothing.
    But of course this article sounds great, so I might make an exception, buying this issue! To be continued….
    .-= Larisa´s last blog ..Would you like to be Little Grey? =-.


  8. Best I could find for you is an e-mail address: maybe if you contact them you can buy one and have it shipped over to you. My Swedish is non existent, but I think that’s the e-mail you’d go for.


  9. That is so cool! I found myself in some of those screenshots so that would definitely be fun to see! Glad the event is getting some recognition elsewhere. 🙂


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