Welcome to patchville, hope you enjoy your stay

Logging into the game, for me last night, was a very surprising event.

First, I had me a new pet!

As I bet you already know, folks with Authenticators got themselves a little Core Hound pup non-combat pet in the mail, and damn but he’s the cutest thing!

You add him to the new Perky Pug you can get by being in random LFG heroics with 100 other players, and there is a new, welcome trend towards more diversity in the canine non-combat pet world.

Okay, he’s just cute, but I wanted to sound like there was some larger ramification there. Nah, just cute. I wouldn’t say no to a husky, or a malamute, or a golden retriever, though.

What next? A goldfish bowl on a floating mini-magic carpet to follow quirky Mages around?

Wait a minute… I like that idea.

Shake it off, Bear, shake it off.

The second thing I noticed was the changes to the UI.

Guild chat revolved around this, that or the other being broken, with wonky Cartographer and Quest Helper conflicts being the most common refrain.

What I did, and I’d like to re-address this later, is I shut down all the built-in Quest Tracking and helping tools from the Options/Interface menu. Just for the time being.

The second thing I did… was to make sure anything that conflicted with Cartogrpaher was shut down. This included opening the map, and looking at the bottom right corner of the map, where there was an option for using Quest Tracking for the map. Unchecking that let my Cartographer return to normal, with Questhelper working again.

Why did I do that?

Well, I’m very excited at the idea of removing a few memory-using addons, it’s true. And I generally love the professionalism of what Blizzard brings in, (built-in voice chat aside).

In this case, first, Cassie is map-challenged. Spacially, she gets lost quite easily in the game. She refers to the larger map all the time, and also makes extensive, and I mean EXTENSIVE, use of Cartographers ability to add your own notes and waypoints.

She also relys on Quest Helper’s minimap arrows to help her know which direction to fly next. In zones like Icecrown and Storm Peaks, it’s about the only way she can find her way back to the same place again.

I don’t know much about the new map system, but so far as far as I know there isn’t a way to add your own notes or waypoints directly to it. So finding a way to let Cartographer run was important for her.

For myself, I’d love to just shut down Quest Helper and Cartographer and dive right in.

What’s stopping me?


Lol… greed, damnit! And laziness!

I still Use the Addon Routes, coupled with Gatherer and Cartographer, to display my farming routes for Herbs and Ore. Even though I bloody well KNOW where they are by now, when I want some fast Saronite, or old school Ore like Thorium for someone that is leveling a profession like Blacksmithing, boom, I have a route and away I go. If I have to give that up, I’m going to miss it.

Still, got that working, found that X-Perl seems to be acting wonky, but nothing too bad.

Then I went and…..

Did Argent Tournament dailies. 🙂

NO, I didn’t go rush off to do the new instance. I figured there’d be plenty of time for that.

But the Argent Tournament… yesterday was the last day, the very last day I had to do any quests, to finally become a Crusader, Exalted representative of every faction. Woot!

Once I got that done, and cried inside over needing 150 Crusader Seals to get a pony for my squire, off I went to do a random instance!

Aaannnd…. crash. Stuck onloading screen, failed to enter instance, got the deserter debuff for leaving the failed group.

We tried a couple times, but it was clear that folks were having a lot of problems getting in.

I’ll say now what I said then.

This patch will still be here, a long, long, long, long, long time from now. I’m sure, somehow I’m sure, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to try again some other time.

In the meantime, well, I can tell you for a fact that mailing Bind on Account Heirloom items across factions… WORKS!

Time to send all that yummy stuffs over, and get a Tauren Drood leveled up.

I hope your patch night went well, and that everything you hoped to achieve went smoothly, my friends.

Take care, and have a happy!

16 thoughts on “Welcome to patchville, hope you enjoy your stay

  1. On patch day, I couldn’t log on, and was hacked later. The next day my account time expired, and after spending 40 dollars on a wow time card, found my bank alt empty and my main naked above WG.

    So no, I didn’t have a stellar patch day D:


  2. Lots of long comments to this post, so I’m sorry if it’s been mentioned, I’m just too lazy to read everyone’s comments… >.>

    Anyway, my point is, my first random group, we got kicked after the loading screen. We were still grouped across the realms, but in our original spots. Then one said “OH LOOKIT THE EYE ICON!” so we all clicked it, and zoned in. You don’t have to drop group and get the debuff. If you want to spread the word, it’d be GREATLY appreciated (considering you have a well read wow blog and I don’t) since people drop group the moment the loading screen drops them back in Dal.

    On a related note: clicking that same icon while inside the instance allows you to zone out to the location you zoned in from, so if you wipe and need repairs, zone out, find repairs, then click the icon to zone back in. Presto! xD

    Grats on being crusader! I did the exact same thing, didn’t want to wait :o)


  3. Even with all the delays I was able to make it through two of the three new 5-mans. My random group one-shot the Forge and 3-shot the pit. After you kill the first pit boss you have to walk up a hill as I recall. Anyway, lots of mobs that can’t be separated. After the first “practice attempt” we decided to use some cc (woohoo for bringing back the glory days!) and got through just fine. I tanked the cave like the gauntlet in H CoS at a slow backwards walk and it worked fine. It may be a glitch but we also learned that the final boss, the dragon rider guy, can be dps’d while he is monologuing up in the sky. Just remember to kite the boss away from the mobs on the sidelines because your healer can pull them (hence the 2nd wipe). All in all, a total blast. Can’t wait to knock out part 3 tonight.


  4. Guys, if you try to enter an instance once a random pug is complete and it bombs out for whatever reason, look at your minimap. There is going to be a green icon on the border there. Click on it to teleport into the instance – thats how you get past the door boss without leaving the group and starting all over. If the instance servers are overwhelmed, it may take a few tries.

    Also nice to know is, you can zone in/out of the instance at ANY time using that icon. This is just so awesome for things like bags being full or needing to train if you ding in an instance. On my low level pally alt that I was playing with a friend linked through RAF, I parked myself next to a trainer and dinged twice in Gnomer – AND was able to train right away.

    This patch is AWESOME, it has made the game so much more enjoyable that it honestly does not even feel like the same game anymore.

    Being able to chain run Gnomer, Stocks, BFD all within 2 hours with no travel time is more fun than I believed possible. Since last night, I’ve cleared Gnomer thrice using that tool… as horde, Gnomer used to be something you never ran.


  5. Baerli, I had that issue. I found that the camera nw had a new default for me in

    Interface => Camera => Camera Following Style.

    It had changed to, or been set to read, “Only when moving”

    As I swivel my camera around to catch views of teh room while tanking, having it auto-shift every time my butt twitched to again look over my shoulder caused an instant investigation.

    Setting it to “Never Adjust Camera” fixes it. It’ll stay put when you move it then.


  6. @Baerli, someone in one of my groups last night was complaining about that also. I didn’t have that problem though.

    I actually had a nice time last night with the changes. It is hard going from carbonite because I miss my little minimap. I thought it redundant to have it off, along with a few other things. I was trying to get use to the new map system. You can make it a smaller window, it’s still a bit large though.
    .-= kaozz´s last blog ..First Impressions: Dungeon Finder (WoW) =-.


  7. Patch day went well, didn’t notice any addon issues, but I noticed something screwy with the camera. It seems to always default back into a rather awkward (for me) position. Anybody else noticed that?


  8. Once I was able to finally log on, I had some fun. Got the new pets Breanni sells (Albino snake and Calico cat) and played with my new puppy for a bit. Popped myself into the new LFD tool (to start work towards the Perky Pug pet) and got a group within 3 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize what instance we were in until we were well past the first boss (hOK). Still, aside from one wipe b/c people were adjusting to life without addons, it went smoothly. Honestly, one of the best runs I’ve tanked.

    Figured that since that went well, I’d try a PuG on my realm for the new instances. Saw someone looking for a tank for FoS and volunteered. I run Gearscore purely for ogling reasons: when someone has a score of 4500 or so, I like to check out their shineys. Up until last night, I made no judgements based on it. The group had decided on running heroic first BLIND on our way there. At the stone, I was checking out my group and noticed the one deathknight had a score of 2400ish. Which is pretty low for a level 80. So, I /inspect him to see what he’s wearing. Leveling blues and greens, but not just DPS ones. Nope. He had on tanking gear, green frost resist gear, and several pieces of caster plate. I mention something to the leader (who’s also the healer) and we think that based on the rest of the group, we can carry him.

    Since we were going blind, I was marking targets and taking it slow. However, the DK keeps attacking from the front and isn’t following kill order. I find myself repeating “attack from behind” and the kill order over and over and over.

    We make it to the first boss and have no idea what we’re doing. After about 6 minutes of fighting him and seeing his health go up, we asked how to kill him. Once we knew to kill the orbs, our plan was changed to move away when he targetted you and have everyone target the orbs. We go on to try the boss 3 more times, never getting him down. I ask for a DPS meter, to see if we have the DPS to kill a 50k orb in ~ 3 secs. The DK was doing 500 DPS, which was 200 more than the healer and well over a 1000 less than me, the tank.

    I never really believed there were people like that. People, who geared and specced so poorly and then joined PuGs for stuff they shouldn’t be doing and have no clue what they were doing. I just thought they were stories.

    Once we booted him, we were able to down the first boss in 1 go and since we continued to fly blind, two attempts on the last boss (one to learn, one to kill).


  9. As you know, our Naxx attempt for the weekly raid quest was a complete flop. Stupid loading screens. Maybe on the weekend it’ll come together…

    But after, our guildies went of to do the Forge of Souls. So we dropped into the new LFG… er… “LFD” now… and we got popped into a HCoS run. It took maybe 15 seconds before we got a “Your Group is Ready!” notice and off we went. It worked very well and once the instance issues get sorted out, I think it’ll be great. Less sulking in the /Trade channel. 🙂 I hope the LFR system works out just as well.

    Another weird issue we had is that we tried to run a Reg FoS run, but it kept switching it to Heroic. Sadly, we didn’t down anything but trash. 😦
    .-= Naturalregis´s last blog ..Pug it Up =-.


  10. I forgot to mention one of my very favorite patch change.

    I used to be the guild leader of a large guild that went under. The majority of members went off to new guilds but we all still kept in touch by creating a separate chat channel that we all join when we log in. One of the horrible things was we couldn’t link items in the custom channel. We can do that now, and people were bragging about upgrades all night with the links it was great 🙂


  11. I got to run 2 of the new instances with the LFG tool and I actually won 2 upgrades on my Elemental Shammy. Ok one was a sidegrade, but it was still nice. The LFG tool shows amazing promise once they get enough hardware in place to support us all.

    I love the new map interface but boy is it buggy when you are grouped with people on other servers. It was showing me in zones 3 zones away from where I was actually flying.

    I am hoping that I will make money with some of the new things that a lot of people didn’t read up on like you can buy artic fur in exchange for 10 Heavy Borean leather now and the titanium transmute for alchemists has no cooldown anymore. (if you guys are on Zul’jin stay off my AH 🙂 )

    I was kind of less than impressed with my new spell as an elemental Shaman. I thought it was going to be a directed blast (ie, I get to choose a circle with 30 of my totem) rather than everything within 30′ of my fire totem taking damage.

    The new items on the badge vendor look very yummy.

    I enjoyed the new instances and in general think I’ll like all the things the new patch did. So far a thumbs up when things get away from crashville.


  12. I did Argent Tourny dailies as well. The Cyclone battlegroup was one of the last to get the instance servers working (it was actually this morning when we started working), so I had some time to kill. Like you, BBB, yesterday was the last day to reach another “goal” – I picked up my 103rd mount (and now have 13 of 14 available from the Tourny). Soon, so very soon, I can leave those dailies behind and never look back. 🙂


  13. I just learned two things.

    I didn’t know that only people with authenticators got the core hounds. I just figured everyone did.

    I didn’t know you could mail heirlooms cross-faction now. I’ll be doing that very soon. Next will be cross-server?


    After the new LFG crashed my client twice and then just did nothing, I decided “One last try”. I got a nice group and we ran two heroic instances well. If it had worked right off the bat, I would have run maybe 3 or 4, but what the hey. It was patch day after all. I especially like being able to right-click the little eye on the mini-map and choose “Teleport to Instance”. OH so handy.

    I like the new map and quest stuff, but got my Carbonite running anyhow. Addicted? Yes. I went ahead and ran X-Perl, but the only bad part was my target never showed up. Since I’m the healer, that wasn’t optimal, but since I could see the little white circle under the tank and I had Healbot going we dove right in.

    I really really like the new LFG (once the bugs are ironed out). I think it will really stimulate people to do more. I also LOVE the /lfr interface. Since all of the LF matches you with people your gear level, it will make everyone happy (well, maybe not the lazy ones that want to get carried thru everything) and make for a very nice experience.


  14. I figgured i would keep it low key on patch day, i played baby katt and chatted with the bear a few minutes when he popped in. Baby katt is playing around in westfall… killing defias easily. the new map does work well, but I definintely will want gatherer back, and my old HUD.


  15. When my group failed to load into VH after forming up, we all just ran there, entered the instance on our respective servers and there we were.

    As an interesting side note to that, though . . . after we wiped once, the tank stepped out to go repair, expecting to find himself in Dalaran, and instead spawned on the far side of Zul’Drak where he had been when the group first formed. With his hearthstone on cd after running to VH the first time.

    So we chatted a bit about the patch while the tank flew back and still managed to have a good time. Overall, I was please with how the new LFG worked.

    Of course, PuGs are still PuGs. In addition to the tank showing up unrepaired, the hunter was out of ammo, the DK turned Lavanthor into spinning flame thrower with Army of the Dead, maybe one dps (if that) actually tried to kill the Voidwalker’s sentries and the healer (that would be me) QQ’d too much about sharing the disenchant ability.

    But everyone was still nice enough for it to be an enjoyable run.


  16. I had a great patch night. I farmed eternal fires for about an hour with zero competition. I argued with guildies several times that no, it’s not possible that the dude that just linked his achievement for killing Arthas is telling the truth, and then I logged off and read for a while.

    Oh, also got all the addons I want working, and as with every patch was able to have just a couple less that I don’t use any more. It was nice. And the new map, dude, give it a try, if even for a little bit. I understand your attachment to cartographer, but dang if the new map isn’t pretty nice.


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