Loot rules have changed!

By the way, did a LFG run, and at the end, one of the party rolled Need on the Frozen Orb. When asked why they Needed it, the person, a very solid paladin tank from Kirin Tor, answered that other people have done it to her, so she does it now so she doesn’t get Ninjaed by someone else.

So… you decided to make sure YOU didn’t get Ninjaed… by being a, what? Pre-emptive Ninja?

When asked why she didn’t, you know, actually SAY “Everyone Need the Orb” before the last boss fell if she walked in intended to do it, her answer was, “It’s been three days, figured everyone knew by now.”

Let this be a warning to you in your groups, if you haven’t addressed this yourself already.

A Ninja is a Ninja. If you roll Need without that having been agreed on by the group in advance, you are a Ninja. Period. All else is bullshit justification.

If you announce in group, “Everyone roll Need on the Orb”, BEFORE the final boss drops, then its all good.

Maybe, to combat this, you could make a Macroed /party announcement saying just that, “Everyone roll Need on the Frozen Orb”.

Too bad, fastest damn Nexus run I’ve ever seen. Great tanking. Amazing DPS. I just healed at a dead run.

But having a Ninja at the end? Lame. Even if it’s just a Frozen Orb. Lame.

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  1. I had a dk need on a book of inscription. Everyone else passed (which was nice) and I needed since it’s one of my professions. The DK won the loot, then demanded that I link my inscription as proof that I really had that prof., but would never link his to prove the opposite(dick, haha dickknight), citing he had been ninja’d from too many times. I quickly sent a text to our tank and had him vote kicked. Maybe not technically ninja’ing. But I’d rather not have to deal with asshattery when I don’t have to.


  2. I would add though that if a weapon is an actual upgrade for you and no one else can use it, i.e. the sword that is the same ilevel as Mariel’s Sorrow, but has haste on it instead of mp5. I need haste right now. Shaman was the only caster they can’t use swords, and can get an uber awesome healing dagger I can’t use. I needed it. Group almost stopped. I explained it was an upgrade and had stats I needed. I even equipped it, though I need to get it enchanted today. If there is an issue just explain it. I only need on stuff I need otherwise greed or pass and set those rules at the beginning. Especially in the new 5 mans.
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  3. There is a guild on warsong us server called tofu mace and I heard them say u roll need on anything u can equip and greed everything else…. imagine a warrior outrolling u for a rogue dagger…lmao


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